33 comments on “At Least Elliot Rodger Didn’t Reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin

    • That was a pretty stupid movie in a lot of ways. As soon as the guy decided to finally do it with a chick, women started throwing themselves at him. That hasn’t been my experience, and I doubt many men have had it either. Barring a miracle, I’ll be a 40-year-old virgin at my upcoming birthday and no one has ever thrown herself at me. Despite what the tools at GMP would have us think, it doesn’t always get better.

    • Never seen it. From the hype I saw, it seemed like the typical tropey swill served up in and for Stupidville, which is Carell’s schtick.

      I have wondered though what happens if you view the main character as a woman instead of a man; is it any more believable that way? Hollywood can never make movies like that so they often resort to the gender-switch stunt.

  1. And then there’s this from the author himself in the comments:

    If there was a lie I told, it wasn’t that direct. In fact it wasn’t one that I actually wrote, rather it was something that I omitted, and for many it is based on a cliché many men not only know, but are living. Once that sex goes from simply the act of making love to the act of procreating, that’s pretty much the end of your rampant sex life.

    But hey, with procreation sex you get kids in the end as a reward, so that’s pretty cool. And eventually all that time that you were wishing that you could be having sex will be filled up with soccer training, ballet, music lessons and swim school.

    So, basically stay in the reserves long enough and you too will have the chance to be a sperm donor then a nanny.

    Where do I sign up?

    • It’s actually worse than that since there’s between a 1 in 10 to a 1 in 3 chance your not the sperm donor. And that assumes you end up with a childless woman. A single mother is likely to be done with having kids so in that case you don’t even have an opportunity to be a sperm donor.

  2. I’m planning on checking out of the reserves through suicide as well. I suffer from satyriasis but I’m nearly 25 and still a virgin. And I’m sick and fucking tired of the psychological torture inflicted upon me by society (especially all of the PUA scams that tell me approach 100 more women after I’ve been rejected by the last 100). I’ve met every goalpost expected of an adult male but I don’t get anything in return. My life is a complete waste.

    • Don’t do it. Ignore the PUAs and stay away from their advice. They only teach self-hatred. Mystery, the godfather of PUA, tried to kill himself once, that life is toxic. Get some qualified help and work through your sadness. You can do it.

    • I’m terribly sorry that you got bad advice a bout SSRI’s. I really am because it’s understandable as the truth about them is obscured. But now you know the truth about SSRI’s and how clumsy they are in treatment. It’s also terrible to hear that you haven’t found the right person to talk to yet.

      However, you did come onto a blog dedicated to looking for the truth about society and the truth about your experience of that society. And discovering the truth about the world is a search worth living, no matter what is the nature of the truth.

      So since you came on here to talk about it I must believe that you want to keep looking for the truth and not check out. Keep asking around until you find the help. Start right now.

    • Don’t do it. MGTOW is the answer not suicide. Think about this. If you commit suicide, while it’s true you won’t be in the reserves, you will still be giving them a consolation prize. If you commit suicide, then you become propaganda for the reserves. They can use your suicide as an example of how not wanting to be in the reserves is “proof” of mental illness. Don’t commit suicide. Don’t give them that consolation prize. Go your own way and deny them both your presence in the reserves and the ability to use you as propaganda.

    • try to find something to live for…

      It can be weird to others-collect records from obscure thrash bands, play oldschool video games, I don’t know…

      Just don’t let your life revolve around pussy and all the bullshit others say, hire a prostitute if ya have to but don’t shoot yourself…

    • I will give you a very controversial advice: contact Dr. Spector for surgical castration, and use your status as eunuch to infiltrate the highest circles.

    • Please don’t. I cannot in good conscience promise that your life will “get better” but to throw out your life when there’s so much to learn and do is just sad…And no, I don’t mean pathetic, I mean depressing. Every one of us is a bright flame and if you snuff yours before it’s time the world will be that much dimmer.

      I was a virgin till I was 22, but now I’ve been with a great FwB for over 7 years now (still my only partner, too). The same *could* happen for you, or you could meet someone who wants a similar relationship. You never know, but if you’re gone then so are your chances.

      I have a contact me page on my blog if you need to talk. Don’t let your spark fade. It is precious.

      • I know you’re trying to help, and I’m all for you helping him if you can, but being a virgin at 22 doesn’t mean you know what he’s going through. There are plenty of male virgins here much older than him, and you have insulted them. This isn’t meant an attack, but you really not in a position to assume you have experienced anything similar to them.

        • This is true. I was incel due to many years of childhood sexual abuse and the resulting fear of sex and physical/emotional intimacy, not from societal factors. I apologize to anyone reading this who might have thought I was making light of prolonged virginity…I was not. My condolences, love, and sympathy go out to every man who has been unable to experience sexual intimacy and compassion.

    • @TestosteronePropionate

      If you are still with us and receiving updates to the comments here, I wanted to extend a personal apology to you since I already did a general one. I am very sympathetic to your situation and though I didn’t suffer from incel as long as you did, I understand what it’s like to not receive (good) touch from other humans for many years. Struggling with suicidal thoughts is also no stranger, especially when one is alone or feels that nobody could possibly care if you’re gone. I do not know you personally but I would care if you were gone nonetheless.


    • Brother, I sure hope you are still with us and haven’t done anything rash. I would not judge in the least for the thoughts you have now. This society is sick and twisted and sees you as nothing more than a sperm donor and wallet. More specifically, the women in general adhere to this attitude. You’ve gotten a wide range of advice, much of the advice here is good. I’m sure the advice that society gives is doubling down harder upon you. So I’ll pitch in with my 2 cents since I can’t provide advice worse than what society has already been lying to you about. What helped me move through my period of darkness and embrace MGTOW was growing love and faith in God. You can call me a quack or a Bible-thumping a-hole, but He’s not the one demanding you sacrifice yourself for the Almighty Pussy. Through Him I realized that I was a unique creation made in His Image and that He loved (loves) me to have died for my sins and offers purpose and true life. Through Him I realized that He has known women’s destructive nature far longer than we’ve been around. Through Him I embraced a purpose and reason that far transcends the plebeian and base desires for the evil creatures that are known as “modern women”. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain in seeking Him out, and trust me, when you do start the journey, you will be amazed at what is revealed to you.

      When I learned the truth about women, I was despondent and deeply depressed, not because it shattered my illusion of women, but because it shattered my hopes of ever being truly loved. However, while there is great suffering in truth, there is greater hope. Every ounce of evil and corruption that the truth sheds light upon is met double-fold by the mercy and grace that God provides in love and eventually His divine justice. He sees everything and He NEVER forgets or will ever forget what you are going through. I share this with you in love and offer you the only advice I can, based on my own personal experience. It has not been easy, and suffice to say that I applaud men like BP for the work they do in exposing women and more importantly their fanatical-sex-driven horndog apologists like Dalrock. Your desires are very much natural and very much a good thing, because it is part of what makes you human. Unfortunately, your desires have now been weaponized against you. When that happens, the PUA still portend that since your desires are an inherent necessity, but to that I say that what was once a noble trait of human value has been weaponized against you. You have to become more than your biology. What does it mean to be human? Are we bags of flesh or are we more? God showed me that I was much more and that the desires of my flesh, albeit natural, were used to keep me enslaved and used to get me to reject my own humanity.

      I don’t know who you are, but I know of the journey and struggle you are going through. As BP has said and others have said, your death will not bring about peace but your life can. Your survival and your resistance against misandry and against modern women can prove to be a worthy life lived in pursuit something truly noble and honorable. PM me so we can chat some more.

      Blessings and with Fraternal Love,

  3. At Testosterone Propionate:

    Call the Suicide Hotline or go to the hospital. Get help NOW. Not today, but NOW! Suicidal ideation is very painful, and I do empathize but it is just your thoughts spinning and spinning. There is help. Do not check out. You can get 100% cure by talk therapy and going MGTOW.

    I’m not blowing smoke up your ass dude, I had thoughts of suicide even with getting laid and some female attention. It’s not the lack of sex or female attention, it is the spinning thoughts.

    • Oh gawd, don’t call any hotline to the suicide industrial complex!

      That was what led Aurora theater shooter Holmes to a whole university full of feminist psych chicks who were too stupid to figure out the guy probably just needed a girl to like him and maybe give him a bj.

      • He has to find a person to talk to in person and who will listen to a hard topic. The hotline is free. The doctors and therapists costs money but are also available.

        All of these sources can have incompetent people who will say something stupid or won’t listen. There is no perfect source that I endorse. But he has to start trying to find that person who will help.

        • The solution is far from navigation of the labyrinthine mental health system (which already failed me and fucked up my brain with SSRI treatment). Checking out now is the only way I can escape because I’ll never have my sexual needs met and always be a slave to a society that hates and rejects me.

        • Well, we had an incident here ~1 month ago… some guy calls 911, the operator somehow picks up a “suicidal tendencies” vibe, and they send the police out — who shoot him.

          There was no indication that he was hostile, threatening, violent, armed, or had any prior history either. No explanation has been given. That’s pretty much the extent of the info which has been released. The whole thing will be buried in the “internal investigations” report when it comes out in 6 months or a year.

          Twenty years ago I lived next door to a DV murder-suicide. The guy had tried to check into county mental health services 2-3 days prior, and they turned him away. It was the same whitewash after all the committee reports were finally issued (“mistakes were made”), and it was back to business as usual ASAP; no one was even fired, much less charged with criminal misconduct or wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a useless operation.

          The official channels of help are not really there to help. Avoid at all costs.

          Maybe find a good (male) bartender?

    • Try 5 HTP (serotonin precursor) pills in the morning Works for me so far. I couldn’t care less what any woman thinks, none except those that matter (family, a couple of better friends.)

      You check out, you give those that get off hating guys like you satisfaction. NOTHING pisses women off more than indifference.

      • I thought you were going to say nothing pisses ’em off more than your mere existence in Femtopia.

        • From pharmacies and health food shops. They’re meant to be taken at night to help with sleep, but I find the most benefit just before breakfast, stabilizing mood somewhat during the day. Antidepressants like Prozac are claimed to raise serotonin but can deplete it long-term and have nasty side-effects plus are addictive due to the sudden drop in serotonin upon cessation.

          But it’s not a cure all or anything. Expectation is the killer of happiness – expect nothing positive from women and you’ll find some measure of peace. (indeed learn to laugh inside at the narcissism)

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