28 comments on “Scams Are Everywhere In The Dating Industry

  1. “When you use an online dating site, do you know if you are dealing with an actual woman or a criminal organization?”

    Shit – how do you know you are not dealing with a ‘bot? You know why you hardly ever get a reply from most of those girls you message? Because most of them are fake profiles and ‘bots, whom you pay $1 to message.

  2. One sure way to tell if a message sent by a “woman” on a dating site is fraudulent(99.9% of them are probably) is to copy/paste/quote a line or paragraph from the message & then Google it & you’ll see the exact text in the search results, usually links to scam watch-type message boards. This is how I discovered someone was trying to rip me off a couple years ago(before it was too late, thankfully).

    Also, look up statistics on pretty much any “online dating” site & notice how few(if any) actual women are signed up. Depending on where you are you might be lucky to find ANY actual women in your local area on most of those sites.

  3. they even said they were from nigeria and she fell for it? I don’t feel even a little bit bad for her.

  4. Reading the descriptions of the frauds brought to my mind the Nigerian scams of the late 90’s – early 00’s.
    WRT those scams AND the typical scams done by women on dates or on dating sites, it seems that some things just NEVER change. Leeches will always remain leeches.

  5. Dating sites have the following kinds of profiles:

    1) completely fake profiles
    2) women in relationships pretending to be single to get an ego boost
    3) super hypergamous women who only reply ‘selectively’
    4) women looking for “friends”
    5) women with baggage looking for a sucker
    6) women actually interested in dating

    #6 gets a TON of messages, a couple of messages a day, hundreds of messages a week. Studies show that even non picky women become more picky on dating sites, and even if you’re hot, you need to message average to below average women to stand a good chance of getting a reply.

  6. Absolutely correct. Men and Women DO NOT get together.
    Babies DO NOT come from sex because, (At the very least) no
    white man ever engages in sex. It’s a complete fraud to keep your
    hopes up.

  7. You ARE what you eat! Do you have ANY BETTER food
    selections then Paleo? You haven’t mentioned them.
    S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) will only bring you disease and
    Recomend an alternative. But I’m not holding my breath that you WILL!

    • You don’t need to offer an alternative to point out something is bullshit.

      We eat too much red meat in the western diet, some people stink from too much red meat.

      Eat fruit and veg, red meat twice a week, some fish, and some vegetarian dishes mixed in. It is quite simple really. Also lead an active lifestyle.

  8. I managed to get a female interested in me on match.com. Anyway we exchanged phone numbers. I was planning on making it a short term relationship for a few months, I would tap it for a while and then bail, the girl was no nutty, texting me all the time, I broke contact with her.

    Why are girls so fucked up? Men get accused of being socially awkward, but I think it is women who are.

  9. 1) Grass fead meat. The hormones and chemicals in regular meat
    will kill you.
    2) Pestacides in vegtables will kill you. MUST JUICE to get proper
    amount of nutrients.
    3) Must eat LOW SUGAR fruits. Cave man did NOT get oranges
    trucked in from Florida in the middle of Janurary.
    Frucrose can be just as bad as table sugar.
    4) No cake, candy, pastries-EVER! Empty “dead’ calories.
    Adult onset diabetus.

    5) You never know where the girl’s nose and mouth will go.
    20lbs of impacted fecal matter in EVERYONE’s body!
    Must get it peroidcally washed out.

  10. About all the scams and BS in the “game” industry, you get no argument from me. You do, however, ignore the role of the Jews and you have claimed that the Jews have nothing to do with game, when in fact it is just as much a Jewish intellectual movement as feminism. Roissy/Heartiste, Ross Jeffries (born Paul Jeffrey Ross), Anthony Robbins, Nick Benedict (Savoy), Jesse Krieger (Starlight), and the most important figure Niel Strauss are all Jews. Just as feminism has the fingerprints of the Jews smeared all over it, so does “game.” Do the math yourself, Jews are 2 percent of the population, what is the chance of that randomly happening if Judaism has nothing to do with it?

  11. Objective: Elimination of the white Christian male.
    Means: Media and social encouragement of white females to mate
    with black men and give birth to bi-racial children.
    Final result: Forced abortions of white male fetuses in the womb.
    Prermitting white females to be born for purposes of sexual slavery
    for minority men.

  12. It can-AND WILL-happen here.
    “Place a frog in a vat of boiling water, and he jumps right out. Raise
    the temperture ever so slowly, and he boils to death.”
    Societal decay prompted by our athestic/ degenerate/socalistic
    enemies will destroy western civilization.
    Divide and conqure! That is the methodology of the Jew.
    Charles Manson had a simular idea with his “Helter Skelter” theory.

      • Shame I can’t edit comments.

        Anyway I have had so many time wasters, women so disrespectful they promise to meet and then flake. (This is basically psychopathic as it shows a lack of regard for men as human beings, a lack of concern, I would feel guilt letting someone down.)

        When you meet decent women, it makes you realise they are outliers.

        I am poor and unemployed again, so I got no social circle, I would honestly say that online dating even then is a waste of time.

        This woman talked to me for a few messages, I sent a phone number she called and we met up in a few days. Don’t bother building long term connections online with women, they will rarely meet up.

  13. Are incels and TFLs (True Forced Loneliness) the same thing? I remember seeing TFL youtube videos years ago but incel seems to be recent. If not the same, what are the key differences?

    By the way just wanted to address your statement that “Africa is a very matriarchal place”. I’m assuming you got that erroneous idea from Roissy who used to peddle it. He’s not the most educated or well traveled bloke. I’ve been to several African countries and simply did not see matriarchalism anywhere. Polyandry for one thing is extremely rare and found only in a few isolated tribes. However polygyny, though not extremely common, is way more common than polyandry, and what I would call “soft polygyny” (having one legal wife but keeping some side women not officially married to) is even more common.

    It is simply unthinkable for 99.9% of African men to agree to “open marriage” or polyamory, as is the current relationship trend in the West.

    What can be said about Africa in general is that it is an extremely family oriented place and African men do not tolerate being treated how many men in the US are treated by their wives and girlfriends. In fact, that is the cause for a lot of break ups when immigrants from the Continent try to date or have serious relationships with American women.

  14. Christy, an adult film actress, frequently worked with Fleshlight, a sex toy company. They are offering a $5,000 reward for “any information that leads to his apprehension and arrest.”


    of course the manboob didn’t add that factoid, he thinks men who use sex toys are worthless losers, of course it’s okay fro “real men” like him to be flexisexual with Schwyzer and Don-0-van, and even other men who don’t want their dicks because, donch’ya know only womyn can be raped and only a misogynist MRA says otherwise…

    If I had a dollar for every lie this guy says, I’d be richer than you, Mr. Black Pill…

  15. also notice how Manboobz didn’t include this info in his article:

    We wish Christy the very best on her road to recovery.

    Fans who want to send cards and gifts (no flowers) can send those to:

    Christy Mack Gifts
    10120 W Flamingo Rd Ste
    4222 LV NV 89147

    You can also donate to Christy’s GiveForward page to help cover some of her expenses if you would like.


    feminazi’s hate strippers, porno actresses and prostitutes almost as much as low status men. But they’ll happily use their suffering to tarnish ideological enemies…

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