77 comments on “The So Called Manosphere’s Supremacy Clause

  1. True. Hopefully, just as with the Kristina Hansen affair Paul Elam will be able to backtrack and correct course when it all comes to tears.

    I was about to write “Paul is not so much international, and can fall into the mistake of nationalism”, but that’s absolutely not true. Why would I say that, then? Because feminism has seized the moral high-ground – I *picture* feminism as being international, less “God, Flag, and Country” than southern-accented Mr Elam. The MRM attracts nationalist “UN is the antichrist” types just by being identified as being anti-femninist.

    The hidden strength, hidden moral high ground of the MRM is feminism’s *racism*, something that has been noted over and over. Racism, politically, is just a specific form of *classism*. (Indeed, feminism almost by definition is classist). Feminism may have international reach, but only within a very particular stratum of society. To rid itself of the pestilent white-vagina worshippers while simultaneously stealing feminism’s thunder, the MRM should pound out the message “Black people are poor because black fathers are unjustly thrown in jail, and we are here to start turning that around”.

    Maybe it’s time that courts – instead of sentencing black men to prison to enrich the prison complex at taxpayer’s expense – send them home with an ankle tag to spend their evenings with their kids. If momma doesn’t like it, maybe she shouldn’t have sexed him up in the first place. Step 2 is *assuming* that if momma complains about DV, she is probably lying and a worse offender herself .

    • UN is a fucking joke though. I got a friend who works in international development. It is feminist infested and it is all about giving rich privileged western people jobs. Most of the money given to NGO’s is wasted.

    • The MRM attracts nationalist “UN is the antichrist” types just by being identified as being anti-feminist.

      If it weren’t for abortion, these people either wouldn’t care about feminism or would be profeminist (at least for white women). They don’t give a shit about what feminism is doing to men. When I was in school I and other boys suffered under the yoke of feminist teachers. What did these people do to try to help? Absolutely nothing. They were too busy ranting about the Jews and the UN. I will never forgive them for their complete lack of action while boys and men were experiencing real suffering at the hands of feminists.

      • Biggest form of tyranny in the US is child support system. Men end up in prison, yet you get people waffling on about white genocide and all other sorts of crap.

  2. The Rational Male is a wordsmith–he writes things that sound fancy and complex and he drops allot of lingo and semi-obscure references….

    To me it is all style, let others figure out if there is substance…

    He seems obsessed with the red pill/blue pill dicotomy and such…

    His worldview is twisted in a similar fashion to a feminist who is obsessed with “patriarchy” and oppressor/oppressed class…

    it’s also funny how I left a link to one of my articles and said that it’s time for a split between MGTOW and MRA and that’s where Clarence in Baltimore threw his hissy fit–he woulda made misandrist-boobz proud…

  3. it’s also funny (as in intellectually dishonest) when a man-0-sphere/male feminist/HBD race Realist gamer like Clarence says that we don’t know the difference between an oldschool player like Social Kenny or Good Looking Loser who are primarily promoting hit on lotts of women and look your best–versus The Roissysphere/Rooshites…

    What’s the difference between an incel and an RSD student?

    While the incel knows he ain’t getting laid, the RSD student thinks he’s gonna get fucked but the only thing getting fucked is his wallet….

    That’s not negativity, that telling the truth…

  4. Your blog reminds me of something I read on Heartiste:

    The specimen spends the last minute rationalizing his dreary conformity and his obeisance to Hivemind goodspeak. An HDTV and a mortgage will make you a man. I suppose if you set the bar for manhood that low, anyone can qualify. Which is pretty much the fantasy of every sexual misfit and mutant manboob loser throughout history. To set the bar for normalcy and group acceptance low enough to accommodate their wretchedness.


    That’s basically the idea of this blog and it’s author. By blaming women for being the most horrible evil creatures in the universe, who you must go to other star systems to escape, the author of this blog can see himself as a heroic fighter against the “matriarchy,” rather than a loser who can’t get laid, an omega virgin. It’s feminism for men.

    You would benefit most from an actual system that assures social equality within the male population by enforcing monogamy. In other words, a TRADITIONAL society. But that would mean admitting that you are on the losing end of the sexual marketplace and thus you condemn traditional societies as being as bad as feminism.

    • You realise, of course, that if sexual success is your metric for defining loserdom, then that means Ghetto T Scumbag is a winner and Isaac Newton, Nikoli Tesla and the Pope are all losers?

      Funnily enough, there’s absolutely no evidence that anyone in traditional society actually thought that way.

      • Newton could have gotten a wife, he didn’t for reasons unknown to us, maybe he was asexual. But he choose not to. That’s completely different from Black Pill the Omega Virgin.

        Why did you bring up the pedophile Papists?

        • Black Pill can get a woman trust me. He just doesn’t want one.

          He might not be able to get a short term fling, I have no idea how attractive he is, but he could certainly get a relationship. Black pill is too smart for that.

          Also if a man is unattractive to women so what? Is he some sort of loser? It is the man’s fault?

          I don’t judge ugly/unattractive people as sub humans, only nasty people do that.

        • Anybody with an income can get a woman. The problem is how much worth you give to the benefit of assisted masturbation. I personally prefer escorts since they are better looking, cost an average of 300 euros per hour (significantly cheaper than my last girlfriend), fuck well instead of laying there like pillows, and don’t require me to change shit I don’t want to.

          And the average woman has seen the same ammout of cocks, so they don’t even have that excuse nowadays. You also don’t need to double dip.

          Some think that even that ain’t worth it, different men have different priorities and that’s fine, attributing a lack of girlfriend to being a loser is not understanding MGTOW and, honestly, more typical of Manboobs or Jezebelle than any part of the Manosphere. So go guzzle cum elsewhere.

        • Purely anecdotal of course. But you don’t even have to have an income to get a woman. If you live in a big enough city, you can see homeless dudes walking around with women.
          Cute girls too.
          Trashy as hell, and poor, but good enough looking that they could – if the income theory holds – golddig their way out of sharing a cardboard box and offering to draw people for cash while their fairly ugly looking boyfriend panhandles across the street. Definitely attractive enough for porn or escorting.
          And some of these guys have faces that look like PopEye.

          Lurking for ages, I’m sure Black Pill could get a woman. I remember he and Alek Novy had some ongoing comments on this.

          Black Pill doesn’t *want* to and I respect that far more than begging for pussy. I’ve done both, I’ve chased pussy, I’ve left it and not bothered, and I’ve had it chase me.

          Sometimes being celibate is the most intelligent choice a man could make. I’m not celibate now, but I will say celibacy opens opportunities. You save a lot of energy and a lot of money..

          A man has to be respected if he makes a choice. Your manhood isn’t defined by who or what you are sticking your organ into.

        • Lurking for ages, I’m sure Black Pill could get a woman.

          You have to ask questions like is it really “getting a woman” if she’s looking for marks to drain money from. I don’t think it’s meaningful to say that I could “get” a woman like that.

    • Feminists look at all societies and see them all as “patriarchal societies,” some they say are worse than others. Black Pill looks at these exact same societies and concludes that they are “matriarchies.” Question for you Black Pill, does it ever occur to you that if “matriarchy” is always present across all time, maybe that’s because what you call “matriarchy” and the feminists call “patriarchy” is natural human behavior. And you identity African societies as more matriarchal but it has NOTHING to do with race. Why are they more matriarchal I ask? The reason is r-selection.

      • Nice way of saying nothing.

        Reason Africa is more matriarchal, is because less developed more violent societies are more female dominated.

        • That’s a huge generalization, it depends on which part of Africa.
          The Sahara, North Africa, and to some degree the Sahel are *very* patriarchal. That’s like half of the continent.

          The rest of Africa, for the most part, is pretty matriarchal though.

          Also the endemic violence tends to be in resource heavy regions, some societies even in the most matriarchal parts of Africa are pretty peaceful, others are horrifically violent.

          The place is unbelievably huge if you look at the square mileage. It’s hard to make generalizations about the whole of it based on Uganda, Congo, Central African Republic, or some other Cannibal infested machete hack-a-thon quagmire.

          In general, though, your observation holds for significant portions of Africa. Europe’s pretty Matriarchal though, when you think about it. Especially Northern Europe. Not too violent there.

    • You regard him a loser because female preference is thought the measure of a man’s worth. Nothing new there, but shouldn’t you be happy with the status quo then; does W&N deserve a wife – and for that matter do you?

      Why else would you support a return to a traditionalist model if you weren’t also at the wrong end of the sexual marketplace. I guess omega virgins who complain a lot are considered the next wrung down, but it’s likely that either yours and his situations are very similar, or that you’ve managed to marry but only because of some religious obligation imposed on the women around you.

      • Serial killers get more attention than respectful, handsome low status males.

        Female preference is mentally ill. Any manosphere mangina who supports female preference as a measure of manhood is mentally ill.

        • They’re also (often covert) traditionalists, who don’t seem to realize that under the new paradigm women are a punishment to men for being bad.

          Whoever gets stuck with them loses. That’s one of the many reasons why feminism fails: exorbitant and unjustifiable carrying costs.

        • Female preference is mentally ill. Any manosphere mangina who supports female preference as a measure of manhood is mentally ill.

          Yes. But nNot just mentally ill, but on some level close to evil.

      • I am(or was, when I was younger and in the sexual marketplace) probably a “beta male.” I see no shame in it. In a traditional society W&N would have gotten married and we would be spared all of his resentment. Unless he is extremely autistic. A traditional society isn’t just better for beta and omega males, it’s better for because civilization advances at a greater rate.

  5. Interesting Black Pill’s logic. It’s not “men are depraved because they killed six million Jews”, but “women are depraved for sleeping with men who killed six million Jews.” Of course the holohoax didn’t actually happen, but the shabbos goy Black Pill obviously believes it did.

    This show’s Black Pill doesn’t really have an absolute moral standard, he applies one standard to his own gender and one to the gender he hates.

    • I love how a manosphere reader is acting like a feminist. You even use feminist shaming language you mangina.

    • You’re getting confused because you want to suck Nazi dick. You forgot that Nazi men are evil to me and 99.999% of the rest of the population. That’s independent of anything women do. Women who choose to have sex with evil are evil.

      But you already know this is what I think or else you wouldn’t be trying so hard to twist my words.

  6. Is the extermination of the White Christian male “apporiate?”
    Everybody worships the white vagina. The survival of the white male
    is dependant on cooperative white vaginas. But feminism (inspired by
    Jews) is turning white vagina’s against white penises.
    This isn’t happening by accident. It is a delebrate plan.
    The non-white is lionized by the media, to excite the imagination of
    the white woman. The white Christian male is vilified as evil incarnate.
    This is the constant drum beat of media, school, and politics.
    White male-EVIL White female-the epitomy of BEAUTY. Black male-
    How agressive and manly he is! Every white woman must have him.
    Result? The eradication of the white male. Genetic engeneering of
    a continueous supply of white geshia sex slaves for the pleasures
    of Jews and blacks.

  7. Yes, what lon spector said+ the template for sedition was first set upon the black community, IE:
    The disenfranchisement of the male as the head of the nuclear family,Big daddy gumminit as the ultimate alpha male, and the rise of The Police State.

    Since govt becomes stronger through this process things WILL get much worse before it gets better.

    Really, it is a SIN women are mindless animals set upon self contentious destruction.

    Oh most high leader of the miggy toes;
    The troops grow restless and await your orders.

  8. Also,the latest article at AVFM by a self proclaimed ‘transgender lesbian’ is a real abortion of a proposal of nazbol misandry.
    I don’t comment there anymore since they have gone to the disqus system,it is not computer safe.
    What I would say to the thing that wrote the article:
    No it is not the ordinary man that goes MRA,it is the ones with the most righteous indignation brought about
    by misandrist Policies and Procedures.
    No, it is not the exceptional female that goes MRA, it is the self serving would be nazbol misandrists who want the slaves back on the Plantation.

    Really, the only redeeming portion of that page was a comment by judgy bitch, who admitted she wanted a fair system for her son.
    How benevolent for the rest of the men?

    Damn,this shit burns my gears.

  9. I got mistaken for Alek Novy when I commented on that article! I am honoured. Also I think Black Pill clicked my link to Return of Kings.

    The comments on that article are pretty vile.

    PUA/Gamer types are the mirror image of feminists, they are just as nasty.

  10. @Paul Murray.

    Really, no rebuttal ,just the slinging of the racist slam?

    How very low brow of you,not so deep thinker.

  11. Just open your eyes.
    we have an open border. By design. A contrived plot to swarm this
    country with human floatsim to increase the ranks of the Democratic
    Party. Hordes of disease carriers and gang bangers flooding the
    country under the guise of “humanitarism.” “Don’t you like children?”
    A smattering of terrorists manage to get through. What humanitarian
    plans do they have in store.
    We live in George Orwell’s 1984. Every posting and text message
    intercepted. The rule of law has for all intents and purposes
    broken down. Only investigations against white conservatives are
    The jewish fix is in. In so many areas of our lives. And you say that
    a euthinasia program against the white Christian male can’t happen
    here? It’s ALREADY happening here!

  12. This is a stretch and a contradiction. The guys on game sites are always going on about how garbage white women are, and how some Asian woman would make better wives. Even you acknowledge this in other posts. But they’re also worshipping white vagina at the same time?

    What’s clear is that racism or at least tribalism is a part of masculinity. You don’t see it that way because you are a minority, and that racism is directed at you. But it’s not hard to see that the entire manosphere leans right, towards ethnic chauvinism. As long as it doesn’t go too far, it’s healthy and normal. I for one favor my own race, and I don’t begrudge white guys who do the same. Being nationalistic does not imply hating each other, and in either case, leftism is still the greater enemy to men everywhere. Keep in mind that most countries do not adhere to American sensitivity on race, we find it rather absurd and strangely masochistic.

      • I beg to differ my friend.
        This ‘raciss’ has a serious case of the yellow fever.
        Why? you may ask?
        Because submission is the sexiest thing on the planet.

        Will add, I do not blame the black man for banging white women,his own women has turned upon him.
        Not a worshiper of white pussy, or any pussy, just making academic statements on the intertubes.

        The one fellow is correct in that other cuntries are not so race-phobic,however one big homogenous race does not appeal to me either:
        God said
        “To each his own” and so all the races do indeed prefer to stay with in race fellow members.
        We can hold hands and sing kumbia all day long,but when the cards fall the races divide back onto themselves.

  13. In the 1980’s there were people who actually believed that U.F.O.’s
    were abducting women and harvesting human/alien hybreads from
    their bodies. This is a cultural myth that goes back long before the
    U.F.O. era. Before that it was “faries” and the myth of the “Changeling.”
    What was the supposed motive of the aliens? To upgrade their race.
    Mixing with humans was suppost to strengthen their strain.
    Such a thing is occurring NOW-in real life.
    People of other races want to reproduce with the APEX of God’s
    creation: The beautiful white woman, who for all intents and purposes
    IS the epitomy of FEMALE PERFECTION. Let’s face it. When the word
    “woman” enters your mind, do you think of Hedi Klum, or do you think
    of Ophra Winefry? You think of summertrical faces,propotunate bodies
    sliky hair and beauty beauty beauty!
    You want the white man to give up that? To give up his most precious
    posession to negro’s and Jews who are just dying to reporduce with
    Just look at South Africa today. That is the blueprint for this country’s
    future. A 40 year prision sentence for employing a white male.
    How many white males do you see employed in this country now?
    White women, and the blacks that work along side them are
    How long before the South African white woman gets the message
    that they can step out of the miserable shantytowns they live in if they
    “cooperate.” With the constant barriage of white male bashing and
    victimazation, how long before white women HERE get the idea
    that thier best bet is a choose a man that’s still allowed to be a man?

    • Lon spector said

      Let’s face it. When the word
      “woman” enters your mind, do you think of Hedi Klum, or do you think
      of Ophra Winefry?

      To be honest Heidi Klum’s about the last thing that comes to my mind, I mean she comes before Oprah Winfrey, but pretty close.

      What comes to my mind is probably Asia Argento, or Isabelle Adjani, Nancy Ajram, maybe Olga Kurylenko, and Alek Wek.
      Yea, Wek’s the only token blackface there. But she’s hotter than Heidi Klum.

      Seriously, the whole Nordic Germanic Valkyrie as the Ideal Beauty never made much sense to me. I don’t feel it, I don’t respond to it, and I’ve always thought it was more of an auto-suggestion propaganda thing “let’s all pretend and say that this type of woman is the most attractive in the world” and eventually everyone believes it.

      But I guess to each his own..

  14. Well there is no arguing with that lon.
    Just to add that Judah seems to have betrayed the other 11 tribes, he believes he,and he alone,is the apex of God’s creation..

    Brother Judah,examine thyself.

    • That video looks like every online marketing scam video I have ever seen.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just an opportunist, but how do you tell the difference between a true believer and an opportunist who is so limited in skills that he can only scam the so called manosphere?

      • Scam Game–look out for the new article from Fartiste, you heard it here folks…

        Not to be confused with serial killer game or male feminist ™ game…

        anyways you’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t cheat an honest man.” That’s probably why you see the histrionics from someone like Clarence when you question the fake religions of game and HBD…

  15. You are sighting Return of Kings as an example of the manosphere’s “White nationalism?” Okay. Are you aware that that website is run by a nonwhite Iranian/Turk? Or that it welcomes Black people as commenters and authors? Just look at this piece by Roosh if you think it is “white nationalist:”


    They are just a bunch of playboys and wannabe playboys who fiddle while Rome burns. They don’t care about race or nation or opposing the Zionist order, they only care about getting laid with White sluts.(Race “doesn’t matter” except when it does, to all hypocritical shabbos goyim, “diversity for thee, but not for me”) They ought to call the publication “Return of the Rootless Cosmopolitans.

    • Why are you ignoring the comments? It doesn’t matter that a few authors of Return of Court Jesters disagree since they’re outvoted by several orders of magnitude.

      • Manospherians love shity brain-dead arguments that anyone with half a brain can counter with no effort. “Return of Kings isn’t racist because Roosh is a turk. Uh, what racist comments? I don’t see any.”

        Are they really this dumb, or is it that they just think we’re so dumb they don’t even have to make a logical argument?

      • I can point to articles on slate.com that have a lot of pro-White sentiment in the comments. But the opinions of the authors is what you ought to judge the orientation of the site on.(There are no pro-White authors on the site, are there?) I commented on that site and they banned me for telling the truth about the Jews. ROK, and the manosphere itself seems to be controlled by supporters of the Jews and enemies of the White race.

        • ““I’m going to be compared to Hitler,” Daryush Valizadeh told me recently. In one sense, he was referring to Godwin’s Law, the Internet adage that states that any online discussion will eventually devolve into Nazi comparisons.”


          or we can extrapolate this further and say that Roosh 5 is part Jewish like Adolph…


          Tall Dave, do you also believe in HBD like Clarence in Baltimore? How come you don’t also believe in phrenology, is it because just like Clarence, you have an oddly shaped head????

        • Anyone who is reflexively “Pro-Group-I had no choice other than to be born into”, whatever that group happens to be, without thought or analysis, is a drone.

          Whoever is willing to stand on his own feet and call reality as he see’s it, as an individual first and foremost, and takes or leaves other groups or individuals on his own terms – not theirs – that person is a Man. Doesn’t matter if you are celibate, a virgin, or have fucked 100 chicks. Sticking your cock into something doesn’t make you a man.
          Standing up and defending some abstract loosely defined quasi-biological/quasi-social group you didn’t even have a choice in belonging to doesn’t make you a man.

          Finding your own principles to live by and having the guts to stand by them makes you a man.

          You cannot be Pro-Man and only Pro-White, Pro-Black, Pro-Jew.
          Think about it.

  16. this post was linked to on the mgtowhq forums. the thread instantly devolved into holocaust denial, anti-semitism, and conspiracy theory bullshit. within a day, the thread was deleted, most likely out of fear of showing the world how deranged the manosphere has become. it’s a bit of a shame, because I assumed a mgtow forum would be a center of rationality, but it’s just as drama packed as the average feminist site.

  17. Since white vagina worshiping nationalism, antisemitism, and conspiracy theory overlaps

    Hmmmm… In my experience all pu**y is pink,,, But hey, I’m just a guy that enjoys what he enjoys…

  18. When you refer to White Nationalism you are dealing with some very ignorant people. They are completely ignoring that its the neanderthal percentage that counts for superiority.

  19. oh, this is too funny…

    M Forney claims he is moving to the Philipines…

    he has this article at his website:


    yet in this area of the world, ladyboys are common…


    anyways, I don’t even think Tansgendered are trying to fuck Matt, maybe Chuck Ross and Jack Don-0-van just so they can get their “husky guy” notch but, yeah, even most gay dudes wouldn’t want Forney. (Obviously I don’t speak for all gay dudes.)

    …and besides, if you have to learn “game”–isn’t that proof that no one is trying ti fuck you???

    If I was trying to insult these guys, I couldn’t even come up with the off the wall stuff even a cursory glance at their blogs give me…

    • He probably thinks he will find a suitable 8yr old sexual slave to buy fresh from her parents. Or maybe he is up to find Philippino Wurst as you said.

  20. oh, this is too funny…


    the former rad-fem man hating site is now an e-cigarrette site…

    I guess if femanazi’s can’t give ya throat cancer by demanding cunnilingus, they will try to give it to you via smoking…

    shockingly, the only thing more appropriate was Inmalafide having the goastse (sic?) thing–or was it forney’s selfie in his skinnydays?

    we’ll never know…

  21. I don’t care if white men survive. I care if non-mangina men survive.

    Could you ever imagine a Black man saying he doesn’t care if his race survives? How about a Jew saying he doesn’t care if his race survives? Only Whites are told that our racial survival is unimportant. 14/88

    • just think dudebroe…

      if you hook up with a lovely philipina or mexican you can still have kids-although they’ll be halfbreeds like me. (sucks for them BTW.)

      but if you keep on bootie bangin’ with other WN’s like Jack Don-0-van or Chuck Ross–all you’ll get is herpes. Sucks for the herpes I guess. So keep on buttbangin’ like a proper WN.

      But if you do decide to go back to Europe–take Mandy Marcotte, Jill Filipovic, Lindy West and all the other purebreed feminist womyn with you.

    • Daily reminder that white women aborted away 1/3 of the millenial generation.

      But I guess thats the fault of the jews too. Those 1/3 of all white women were manipulated! They didnt know any better!

      The greates crime and genocide ever perpetrated on the white race was by white women themselves.

    • Blacks and Jews tend to fuck white women over black women to the point that in case of blacks, most black communities have to stigmatize it.

      That should tell you how many shits they give about their race.

    • WN, you really need to get out more and get more exposure.
      The Black Pill, I’ve heard this too.

      I’ve heard a few Black men say things like this. I’ve heard a few Arab and Berber men say similar things. A Lebanese guy, an Iranian guy, I was hanging out with a North African Berber the other day near campus and the guy let slip “fuck the Berbers, they are all idiots.. most of them anyway.” He then said “You can’t really be a Man if you can’t tell your own people to go fuck off.

      You know, over the years, I’ve heard this sort of sentiment from men of a number of racial or ethnic backgrounds. Their common denominator was this, in each case it was an *individual* who was unusually individualistic, intelligent, and all over sick of bullshit from a *group*.

      In each case the individual in question realized that racial or ethnic solidarity was a scam. The guys I’ve met who have expressed these sentiments were all fairly proud of their people’s pasts or cultures as part of their background, but somehow came to realize that most people, including most of their own people, not only were assholes but couldn’t give a damn about them.

      I will say I’ve never heard a North American White say something that strongly, though I once heard a former White Nationalist (who still pretty much disdained other races) admit to me that he thought most Whites today were “useless fuckers”. I’ve never heard a Jew say anything like that, but I’m sure eventually I will meet someone who will. I’ve never heard a Latino say that – but then again it hasn’t come up in a conversation.

      I once heard a Punjabi guy outright say most “Desis” Indians and Pakistanis, were useless lazy and if he could he’d kill half of them, Punjabis included. Draw your own conclusions.

      I’ve heard one Black man outright say he’d throw a party if most of the other blacks around him were exterminated. And I once met a guy who was a former Black Nationalist, had a newspaper, was an activist, the whole nine yards. He burned out on it and just gave up on the whole idea of race solidarity.

      I’ve traveled a lot in Europe. Outside of a few, I’ve rarely saw any sort of real idea of “white solidarity” or even “european solidarity” It was always “I’m French, I’m Castilian, I’m Deutch, I’m British, I’m English (more specifically), I’m Scottish. And so on.

      The same with Africans. But they don’t even identify with their nation, much less their race, it’s “I’m Ebo” “I’m Wolof” “I’m Tourareg” “I’m Kabyle” “I’m Arab” “I’m Fulani” “I’m Hausa” “I’m Zulu” or whatever.

      I think this is the natural state of humanity, supra clan, supra tribal, supra ethnic pan-racial solidarity are always artificial constructs and there is always someone, somewhere, who sees and knows for a fact that it’s horseshit.

      • I’ve traveled a lot in Europe. Outside of a few, I’ve rarely saw any sort of real idea of “white solidarity” or even “european solidarity” It was always “I’m French, I’m Castilian, I’m Deutch, I’m British, I’m English (more specifically), I’m Scottish. And so on.

        White nationalism is basically a North American phenomenon. One of the biggest complaints by Europeans about the EU is that the common area allows people to come into their countries without a passport and take their jobs. They would laugh at the idea of white or European solidarity.

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