46 comments on “Women Have No Right To Free Contraceptives Or Anything Else From Men

  1. Women demand contraceptive “rights” not so much so that they
    can engage in “hot” sex, but that they can avoid unwanted
    pregnancies. Many have sex with men of other races, so they
    don’t want to be saddled with an unwanted child.
    Eliot Rodgers believed that he was entitled to as much “no hassle”
    sex as he wanted just because he was “THE GREAT ELIOT RODGERS.”
    It doesn’t work that way in the REAL world.

    • Hi Stoner.

      Thought there was male contraceptives in the making…Vasagel, I think? Honestly there doesn’t seem to be any real reason that a male Pill is taking so f-ing long to make.

      • I’ve read things like this:


        and things like this:


        Feminist’s have even stated that they don’t want/don’t trust men to use birth control….

        Given how shitty feminists have treated men, I won’t stand within an inch of the “pro choice” crowd as it is all freedom for women and slavery for low status men…

        • Stoner-

          The first article you linked to shows just how much dissonance is between the medical field and society…the idea that trials are going slowly/not being as well funded due to the notion of “men don’t care about or want contraceptives” is bogus. Men have spoken. The mere number of followers on the Vasagel Facebook page says as much.

          Barbarossaa’s page had much better information (including that pregnancy chart…I may have to use that in an upcoming post about contraceptive responsibility). I think it’s odd that so few types of potential male birth control are being investigated. What about delving into the roles that the sperm chromatin plays? If the DNA is damaged just so, no fetus can result from fertilization. Or what about the seminal vesicles? Many men are impotent due to the liquids contained therein shooting off too closely after semen ejaculation, which leads to severely decreased motility in sperm. Can’t this be replicated in healthy males, then stopped when/if children are desired?

          I don’t know. Something doesn’t gel here, and I have a feeling it can be traced back to feminists. The video on Barb’s blog was disgusting in it’s stupidity…birth control rights are not a zero sum game. In giving men access to contraceptives, no one is advocating taking contraceptives away from women. “Oh, I don’t trust men to take the Pill! How do I know my random sex partner is really on it?” For the sake of the Gods…men can’t be assured of this *now*, yet still have to trust their partners. Here’s an idea, it’s pretty radical: If you’re worried about the guy not being on birth control, don’t stop taking your own.

          When used correctly, the Pill is something like 96% effective…injections that stop your menses for 3 months are also available and are about 98% effective (though more expensive). Combine either one of these with a condom or a spermicidal gel and you have such an incredibly low chance of pregnancy that the Gods Themselves would’ve had to bless you if you get with child.

          I’m pro-choice, but only because I don’t think anyone should be forced to remain pregnant if they don’t want to. However, I have no problem keeping tabs on women who use abortions as birth control and creating a mandatory birth control seminar for them to attend. If you are using abortion clinics more than twice in a year, you obviously don’t understand how to use contraceptives…

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  3. Women consider it their “social obligation” to give sex to men of
    other races. In the 1990′s many High School girls were in the
    habit of giving oral stimulation to black boys.
    These boys weren’t even their boyfriends. It was just the trendy
    thing to do, and all their peers were doing it.
    “Social Proof” places people in a qusi hypnotic state, like the Judas
    Goat. The masses are followers, rather then leaders. How do you
    suppose Shaback Burack got elected to begin with?

    • In the 1990’s many High School girls were in the habit of giving oral stimulation to black boys.

      I was in high school in the 90s, and this never happened. You are full of shit.

      • Is he trolling? Where are all these stupid white vagina worshipping nationalists coming from lately on the blog? You don’t especially target them even so why are they the wing of the manosphere that’s become most obsessed with this blog?

    • oh hai lon….

      yeah, just like chuck ross, you are a size queen and you are projecting your desires and behaviors on womyn…

      just remember for every hegemonically masculine WN that goes for the dark guys on the down low, there is a Jack Don-0-van feeling there is something wrong with his androphilic “masculinity” when they call him the lil irish boi…

      good thing us male feminists are used to sub par men like roosh 5…

  4. Obviously, they did this in secret. They didn’t do this in front of white
    guys. If people engage in behavior they might be criticised in
    doing, they find a private place to do it.
    I tell you this did go on. People do the “in” thing and woe to those
    that DON’T follow.
    Parents would faint away in shock if they knew what their little
    darlings were up to.

  5. I read a newspaper article (written by a woman) about what young
    adolescent girls were doing at the time. Sick pathology is much more
    common then you know, especially among teens.
    Everyone should see a movie titled “Bully” (2001)

  6. Anybody who takes on Hobby Lobby of all things is batshit insane. I mean, for crying out loud…

    Femi-communism: where all men are somehow collectively responsible for the well-being of all women, but no woman is responsible for the well-being of any man.

    That’s the system. It is impossible to imagine the current Republican/Democratic regime EVER asking for anything from women for the betterment of men, either individually or collectively.

  7. Philip Chism. Why aren’t the details of his crime being shouted from
    the rooftops? He was a 14 year old beamuth 6’2 inches tall.
    He raped and murdered his beautiful 24 year old white teacher right
    on the school grounds. The monkey planned the whole thing.
    It happened like this:
    Philip took a change of clothes, gloves, a mask and a box cutter from
    home. On the appointed day Philip’s 9th grade math teacher showed
    up for work. She had no idea it would be the last day of her life.
    She was a pretty 24 year old teacher named Colleen Ritzer, much
    loved with a sterling reputation.
    Colleen asked Philip to stay after school. He had trouble with math.
    Colleen was filmed on school cameras going into the girls bathroom.
    (The faculity bathroom was locked.) Philip was caught on camera
    following behind her. He was wearing gloves and a mask.
    He surprised Colleen by punching her in the face and began to rape
    her. While raping her, a girl entered the bathroom momentarily, and
    saw Philip’s naked backside. She couldn’t process what was going
    on and quickly left.
    After Philip completed the rape, he began to cut Colleen with the
    box cutter. A box cutter doesn’t cut too deeply, so Colleen must
    have felt maximum terror and pain. Philip took a janitor’s supply
    cart, and put Colleen’s body in it. He took it too the rear of the
    school (All caught on camera) and dumped it on the ground.
    He pulled up her top, and spread her legs. He shoved a 3 foot long
    tree branch in her vagina, and left a note near the body saying:
    “I hate you all!” He changed into clean clothes and took in a film.
    Colleen’s parents reported her missing. Philip’s mom reported
    him missing. He was later picked up by police at 11 PM walking
    down the side of the road. He had Colleen’s underwhere , cell phone,
    and credit cards on him.
    The subhuman is being held in a juvenial facilty. At 15, he’s too young
    to be with adults. Just a few weeks ago, he attempted-and almost got
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    A female social worker was getting off her shift and heading towards
    the bathroom. Philip, crouched down, passed security and followed
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    My question: “Who is my enemy?’ “The luschious white Colleen Ritzer
    or the animal Philip Chism? Or the Jews that supressed this story?

  8. “Women even think they’re entitled to sex. You just don’t notice it most of the time because they don’t want to have sex with most men, but they quickly get violent when a man they want refuses to have sex with them.”

    Holy crap, that article is terrifying. I’m surprised her bail is only $3500…shouldn’t she be charged with attempted rape too?

  9. You will be pleased no doubt, when all white women belong to black
    men. Where does that leave white men? Should their hatred of
    white women be so great that they are delighted when they die
    horrible deaths? Have you completely sworn off ALL women forever?
    This insn,t a homosexual site, is it?

    • Lon, dearheart…this isn’t a “homosexual site”, it is a MGTOW type of site.

      As you may recall from some of my commenters, various MGTOW *do* swear off all women. Just look at all the different responses to my MGTOW Survey post or wait till next week when I compile the data. Some date, some remain celibate, some move to foreign countries to marry. It’s all about what that individual man wants out of life…hence “going his own way”.

      I doubt that anyone here cares about the “plight” of white women that you’re speaking of, and that is their prerogative. Honestly, it matters little to me as well, but I understand how you communicate and am willing to be politely blunt about it. I have no qualms about interracial relationships, so long as they are good relationships where both partners are respectful and loving towards themselves and each other…the same standard I hold any relationship to.

    • hahahahaha,

      go visit Jack Don-0-van, Chuck Ross and Clarence in Baltimore…

      they have the scam answers you want-HBD/race realism and game.

      Now kindly go fuck yourself….

    • Lon Spector wrote:
      You will be pleased no doubt, when all white women belong to black

      Blacks are less than 14% of the American population and a disproportionate number of black males are in prison. Which means your idea of white women belonging to them all is a fantasy.

      Where does that leave white men?

      Usually when they go interracial, they go for Asian women. I say whatever floats their boat. Or if they don’t want any woman in their lives, that’s fine too.

      Should their hatred of white women be so great that they are delighted when they die horrible deaths?

      My impression is that hatred of white women isn’t the urgent social problem that you think it is. In fact, excessive concern for their well-being is more the norm. Google ‘missing white woman syndrome’ if you don’t believe me.

      Have you completely sworn off ALL women forever?

      Some may have, some haven’t. I can’t speak for all the men who come here, but it’s likely that the majority simply don’t want to revolve their lives around women. So it’s not a welcome place for trolls like you who demand otherwise. And no, lame appeals to racial purity aren’t going to work.

  10. I really don’t see what the big deal is. Its very easy for women to get free contraception. All we have to do is require our male partners to bring condoms.

      • Yeah and pills can fail too. The likelihood of a condom breaking is less. Besides, he can double up. Or wear a condom and also pull out.

        So many options are there. No need to pay for pills with serious side effects that risk our health.

        Its a man’s responsibility to bring the condoms.

        • Janet-

          Yes, the Pill can fail, but it’s exceptionally rare and is typically caused by a woman forgetting to take 1 or more pills on time, especially in the beginning. By month 3, if she forgets 1 it doesn’t have much of an impact…if she forgets in the first week, it’s bad. But I’m of the opinion that 2 forms of birth control should be used at any encounter anyway, unless one of the partners has had a vasectomy or tubal ligation. In which case then you only have to consider your risk of STDs/STIs, and if you’re clean and monogamous with your clean partner this is not a threat.

          While health risks and side effects are present, just like with most medications, these are gone over with your doctor during the mandatory physical exam prior to receiving your dosage. If you are under the age of 30, have no family history of blood clotting diseases, and aren’t currently taking medication that affects your blood coagulation, you should be fine. Most of this information is on the Planned Parenthood website if you want to see for yourself.

          If a woman wants sex, she should be an adult and have some form of birth control. I see absolutely no reason why it should be only “the man’s job” to provide the condoms…he’s not having sex, *they* are having sex.

        • “In which case then you only have to consider your risk of STDs/STIs, and if you’re clean and monogamous with your clean partner this is not a threat.”

          Wrong. HPV can be contracted between a clean monogamous couple.

          Having your doctor “go over” the negative side effects of birth control pills is not going to prevent them from occuring.

          I am VERY responsible about contraception. I do not have sex unless my partner is wearing a condom. No glove, no love. Its that simple. I never had a problem or received any kind of flack from my partner about it.

          If you want to take birth control pills, knock yourself out.

          I never have and I never will. I simply don’t need the expense or the possible negative effects on my health when my partner is more than happy to purchase and wear condoms.

          If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

        • Janet-

          HPV can only be contracted between a sexually monogamous couple if one (or both) aren’t virgins AND one (or both) previously had unprotected sex with a HPV positive/carrier partner. If two virgins had sex, there’s no threat of HPV…In my case, I’m in a sexually monogamous relationship with a man who’s my only partner but he has had 12 previous partners. Thus, he couldn’t get HPV from me but I could potentially get it from him (if he’d ever had unprotected sex, and if I hadn’t gotten the vaccination when I was 17).

          I do not need birth control, as my partner got a vasectomy long before he met me. I *did* take the Pill for 3 months, just to see what it would change in me. Other than not bleeding once a month, I could detect absolutely no side effects.

          I never said you had to use the Pill, only that it seems unfair to constantly put the onus on your partner to provide the birth control. If he is indeed fine with doing so, then I suppose there’s no issue. If it twas me, I’d pay for half of the cost for the condoms as I’d be benefiting from their purchase too, that’s all.

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