62 comments on “Where Are The Grandmothers?

  1. BP,

    This reminds of the movie “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise. I love the history behind it because it shows that if a subset of a large group of people disagree and want to show that they are truly NOT LIKE THAT, then they have to take decisive action, through personal sacrifice. The German officers in high command did not want to be labeled as war criminals and genocidal monsters that Hitler and his SS would certainly be tried for by the world. They knew that if they took no action in removing Hitler and his SS, that they too would pay for the sin of omission and compliance. They weren’t willing to stick to the “Nuremberg Defense” of saying “well I was just doing what I was told”. They knew that crap wasn’t going to fly when it came to the hangman’s noose. So they took action by personally sacrificing their lives to assassinate Hitler and remove the SS from power. They died in their attempt but there is a memorial in Berlin for the German Resistance with the following inscription:

    “You did not bear the shame.
    You resisted.
    You bestowed the eternally vigilant symbol of change
    by sacrificing your impassioned lives for freedom, justice and honor.”

    That first verse in the quotation demonstrates to me that NAWALT can be acknowledged…but ONLY through decisive action. If good women wanted that kind of recognition from men regarding not being clustered with the negative stereotypes of their gender, than they will have to show it by their actions. Where are they when the men in their lives are imperiled by misandric laws and manipulative women? Where are these good women when it comes embodying such noble character? The officers in the German Resistance had FAR more to loose than half of these stupid “good women” who keep saying that they would be putting their loved ones at risk against feminists. Did the officers of the German Resistance risk any less? I mean, hell, they ended up in front of HItler’s SS Extermination Squads.

    BTW, “female MRA” is a total oxymoron. They are completely incapable of thinking outside of their own self-interest to ever truly empathize with the pain and struggles most dudes go through. To them, they only do so because they have personal skin in the game. Matter of fact, I saw on twitter the other day the following quack with her stupid “anti-feminist” rant: https://www.facebook.com/couriermail/photos/a.347662832701.152382.90004797701/10152523086517702/?type=1&theater

    If you aren’t able to go onto the website, it’s a picture of a potential slut who is holding up a sign which says the following:

    “I don’t need feminism because feminism promotes making men our enemies. Men aren’t our enemies, they’re our friends 🙂 – an anti-feminist”

    This would be no different than if a Civil War plantation owner was holding a sign saying “I don’t need abolition. Abolition promotes making slaves our enemies. Slaves aren’t our enemies – they’re our friends. ” “Good women” like her just wants her slaves to get back to work for her and her privileges. This so-called anti-feminist wouldn’t care about men’s humanity or integrity if her life depended on it..oh wait, men’s ingenuity and protective instincts are what her life depends on, and yet she’ll never recognize our humanity. The frailty and sacredness of the human condition is only relegated to the female of our species…males are still disposable. Whether that disposability comes with a smile or a frown, it doesn’t make a difference.

    • That’s a good point. The Valkyrie heroes when they failed still considered themselves as having a measure of success in that they showed the world they weren’t like Hitler. Women have clearly chosen the opposite path.

  2. I can no longer trust women because of this. to call men like me bitter is like confronting a child who had his feet caned in one of saddam’s dungeons daily, and as the little boy is being wheeled out on a stretcher telling him not to consider all dictators bad.

  3. my guess is female MRA’s aren’t in it because they like men. They do “like men” as there are certainly women who will try to get into boys clubs, then allowed in love the attention. So presumably they like being around men rather than mixed groups or women but they still have selfish motivations. That is to say they can like the attention of men and not particularly care about the best interest of men but still parrot the lines because they love the attention. Just look at how Girl Writes What is no where near as sharp as Barbarosaaa or stardusk. She can water down an idea an obscure male blogger wrote and then everyone surrounds her and calls her a genius.

    • There is some small chance that Karen Straughan might actually give a damn about her two son’s future ;-D

      • She certainly didn’t give a damn about those children’s father. Oh wait he was a “deadbeat”…right? Me thinks there’s more than what meets the eyes with that one. You can be married to a female MRA and she’ll STILL divorce-rape your ass and justify it by calling you a deadbeat. How’s that any different than a feminist..at least you can see the feminist coming a mile away. This whore would just as soon stab in the back while talking a good game about men’s rights.

  4. oh, yeah, that commentor, Race Mixing is Treason is a first class idiot. Probably either Lon Spectre or Clarence in Baltimore trolling after a night in the man-o-sphere hottub with Roosh 5, Don-0-van and GL Piggy. Phreneology was proven the religion of idiots, the same thing will happen with HBD and I’ll be laughing…

    • Paternal grandfathers aren’t off the hook (unless they’re dead since women live longer than men). Nobody is arguing about good men so they aren’t relevant to what I wrote.

      When it comes to paternal grandfathers, it’s important to remember that old men are some of the worst manginas out there. If you compared by age groups, old men have the highest percentage of manginas compared to all other age groups.

      Paternal grandfathers have plenty to answer for as well.

      • There are good women around. My mother sacrificed a great deal for me. Unfortunately she passed away a couple of years ago. My Aunt is always looking out for me. They both explicitly warned me about these things (divorce court, loss of children and assets)… not that it applies. Generalizing to all individuals is most typical of feminist rhetoric IMO.

      • That said the my most toxic everyday experiences are almost always involve women. Suffered character assassination at work because I sent a friend request to the wrong person; then of course thanks to female solidarity other women stop talking to me. Her friend spreading the rumours, which could have got me fired, hates me literally because I didn’t return a smile some time back in 2012. And just small things like I’ll spend time helping female coworkers at their request but they don’t even bother with basic social etiquette.

        Daily experience has taught me that women in my age group are unrelentingly negative, posses excessive self-regard combined with a narcissistic victim complex, but expect nothing but affirmation from the pieces of shit otherwise known as teh menz.

        I have to believe this is mainly socio-cultural in origin, as women in my mother’s and grandparent’s generations don’t seem to behave this way.

  5. That’s not a reflection of the real world. I know many men who have gone through divorce, every single one of them had the support of their female relatives. Even if they were leftists. This one feminist woman I knew from my work was always complaining about how evil men were and how righteous women were, with the exception of her brother, whose ex wife had stolen his property in a divorce using false accusations of abuse.

    Blood is thicker than water. Very few women are going to go against their sons, brothers, and fathers because of an ideology. Very few men are going to confess hatred of their mothers as eeevvviiillll. You need to rethink your ideology if it’s based on telling men their mothers are evil. Most men love their mothers.

      • There is always some sort of rationalization with them. I’d honestly have a higher level of respect for a feminist who was honest about her hating men…so much so that she was even willing to cast a wide net out and say ALL men. At least I’d know that she was being point-blank honest with me regarding her misandry.

  6. Why should your mothers help you? You boys because you can’t be called men have abandoned your families, your ethny, and your race. Your mothers know your children are better off without you. You boys are destroying the white race so white women are taking action to save the white race.

  7. Haha.
    The highlighted comment is actually pretty rational if you coniser it long enough,but comment #8 above sure fits the looney tunes profile.

    I know mothers will side with ANY other wimmin before sons, I have seen it first hand.

    It is the persecution complex,combined with the desire to be the perfect perpetual victim,combined with a touch of penis envy and also an innate resentment at being the one penetrated,not doing the penetration.

    Thus the castration fantasies,they *could* make women out of men, HARDY HAR HAR.

    (but they cannot make men of women,heavy sigh/resentment)

  8. I know my mother is evil.

    But in her defense,women do not think,logically.

    And Oprah,Dr.Phil,and The Police State all cheer on the perpetual victimology,and thus the hated of all things male,husbands,sons,and grandsons I would imagine,but mother dearest has made sure she got no grandchildren by her aggressive insanity.

    I rule ‘full time insanity’ due to misandrist media,and females
    “Thinking” with their cunts.

    All hail the feminist Police State!

    May many pigs soon be caught in their own nets..

  9. What are grandmothers supposed to actually do about it? What do YOU actually do about it other than publish a blog?

    Most men really could care less about “Men’s Rights Activism” issues. I’m sure a solid majority of men would laugh at the idea of “men’s rights” never having heard of it. Even if you look only at the politically involved the main issues are race, economics, religion, ect. It’s like those old marxists yelling at the workers “your’e oppressed, you’re oppressed, that guy is oppressing you,” but the workers rarely listened.

    Since men aren’t doing it, you expect grandmothers to do it? Of all the people to make a revolution, grandmothers?

  10. Another word for “grandmother” is “mother-in-law”, and they are routinely shocked by the way that the laws put in lace to protect their gender target them. Mother-in-laws are despised.

  11. So let’s see. You hate white women, particularly beautiful ones.
    So you’d like to see negro and Jewish penises having interplay with
    God’s greatest creation. The most joyful item ever created.
    White man-no! Negros and Jews-yes!

  12. Feminism is based on telling White women to hate White men.

    The “omega virgin” tries to convince White men that White women hate them.

    Both ideologies are based on turning Whites against their own family. I don’t need to tell you who is behind them.

    I’d bet Omega Virgin was molested by his mother as a child. And he thinks that kind of thing is normal, that’s why he hates all women.

    • You blame the Jews, but If white women loved white men so much, Jews wouldn’t have been able to get them to subscribe to feminism and turn on white men to begin with. White women are above accountability and expectations of agency?

      • Feminists believe women have no agency and aren’t responsible for anything they do.

        White Vagina Worshipping Nationalists believe white women have no agency and aren’t responsible for anything they do.

        The only difference between the two is the word, white. Feminists and White Vagina Worshipping Nationalists are exactly the same.

    • Ethno Nationalism is based on telling White/Arab/Asian/Black men to hate each other while women of said races act as a group.

      “Stormfront” and “\pol\” are trying to perpetuate this dividing trend amongst the only rational forces behind civilization so men can still be in shackles.

      They use shaming tactics and insults to avoid unified resistance against Feminism and engage in NAWALT every time they can. It is clear who is behind them.

      I’d bet White and Proud was molested by his black step father. And he thinks that kind of thing is normal, that’s shy he says he hates blacks while secretly coveting a black mamba through his mouth.

      • No reason really, as I said, curiosity. Although most women treat me like a piece of dung, I have had a few of female well-wishers who didn’t seem to mind me, as have most beta-virgins at a guess. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with you, just that you seem to have been extremely unlucky.

    • Why would he waste time on such fruitless endeavors? A female friend is an oxymoron for a friend as most men would ascribe to, is one that is bound by honor, fellowship, and loyalty..ideals that women even in their romantic or motherly relationships don’t adhere to. What makes you think that women in mere friendship roles would do the same? Matter of fact, because of the distance involved in such a relationship, all you are left is a quasi-parasitic relationship, a sort of “holding pattern” or “limbo” to keep a guy in so as to reap material and emotional benefits without any sort of reciprocity.

      • ” all you are left is a quasi-parasitic relationship, a sort of “holding pattern” or “limbo” to keep a guy in so as to reap material and emotional benefits without any sort of reciprocity.”

        In terms of most women, perhaps. But I’m wondering why individual variances have to ignored in order to draw that distinction between the sexes. As men we should be able to take a step back, not generalize purely through personal experience or emotion or because the it’s useful rhetoric ( typically feminist) It’s like saying men are aggressive, completely ignoring individual differences and factors involved (like the fact that violence just isn’t an option for most women)

        Women have minds and agency, and therefore some should be capable of loyalty, fellowship etc.

        • Saying NAWALT and discussing as to why we don’t take a more “nicer” approach to them is akin to saying that our wealth generation strategy should include playing the lotto since, “hey not every lotto ticket is a losing ticket”. The costs to female relationships with men, regardless of their intimacy level far outweigh any potential benefits. And I’m just discussing material benefits, I’m not even talking about putting yourself in the position of potentially becoming a woman’s emotional tampon to unload her crap on. We’ve all had this NAWALT talk a long time ago and it has been thoroughly debunked in the lack of practicality in taking that route. BP, do you want to chime in some links cause I’m sure that you already discussed how useless NAWALT truly is?

          As I said in my original response to BP, women can certainly take more decisive actions using their self-agency. The German Resistance did, and the WORLD acknowledged NAGALT (Not All Germans Are Like That). They bloody erected a damn memorial inscribing it in stone as a living testament to the self-agency that EVERYONE has and that evil men prevail not just because good people do nothing, but that those same good people are further corrupted by such inaction. It’s too much drama and far too much work to weigh out exactly which woman is NLT and which one isn’t. Most men don’t have those kind of resources, and as I’ve said before the potential benefits of such relationships are far outweighed by the costs. Women have nothing to fear by deciding to act against the herd, as the government will only support them whatever they do cause you know “women can do no wrong” according to our national policy.

          So what stops them…they’re too comfy with the privileges they enjoy and so they don’t want to rock the boat. When personal interests almost ALWAYS outweigh the sense of establishing or defending a common good, what kind of friend can that person really be in their personal relationships? We can sit here and pine about the probability and numbers, but at this point we’ve clearly established that the grand majority are indeed like that..must we continue to play this game of statistical semantics? Instead of calling it a day and establishing for all PRACTICAL purposes, unless they make themselves known (which any honest to goodness upright individual would seeing as how they would value their own personal integrity not to be lumped into the same cesspool as the rest of their gender), must we continue to chase rainbows in search of the fabled pot of gold?

          I wouldn’t consider BP unlucky by any true standards. He’s avoided a lot of headache that men in his age group classically fall into. I’d say he’s very fortunate in that regard. Of course, I’m not one for luck so I’d say he was wise and was given a unique opportunity to observe the perils that other men were falling into and made a wise choice for himself. If all men could be so lucky, our nation would truly prosper. When wealth and opportunity are transferred from the useful to the useless, nothing is gained, but much is lost.

          As for the new crop of “women against feminism” on Twitter, I’d caution men to really consider whether they’re allies or not. It’s easy to post up selfies with cute boards talking trash about feminism. Mind you, a lot of these women, like Karen Straughn (Honey Badgers on AVFM) divorce-raped a guy before they “found the light”. But of course, those guys were just “deadbeats”. Ignorance is not a virtue, and I’d go so far as to say it’s a sin. They’re nothing more than rats scurrying off of the sinking ship of Feminism 2.0 and are scurrying onto HMS Feminism 3.0…a kinder more gentler version. Moral of the story…they want the slaves back on the plantation and instead of outright belligerent rhetoric, they’re now instituting what most major companies do to shut up whistle-blowing employee’s…”pre-emptive settlement”. Are they redeemable..certainly. But redemption and forgiveness have a prerequisite of a truly contrite and repentant heart. Else, it’s nothing more than corrupting the good and calling good evil, and evil good.

          Unlike feminism, we’re not advocating a criminal-justice system hell-bent on denying women their constitutional rights as they are when it comes to specific crimes against them perpetrated by men. Don’t believe me..take a look at college campuses and how many cases have been brought forward to the state supreme courts about unlawful and unconstitutional practices in these witch-hunts for would-be rapists.

        • “I wouldn’t consider BP unlucky by any true standards. He’s avoided a lot of headache that men in his age group classically fall into. I’d say he’s very fortunate in that regard. Of course, I’m not one for luck so I’d say he was wise and was given a unique opportunity to observe the perils that other men were falling into and made a wise choice for himself. If all men could be so lucky, our nation would truly prosper. When wealth and opportunity are transferred from the useful to the useless, nothing is gained, but much is lost. ”

          Are you serious?

          BP is almost a 40 year old virgin. Women avoid him because he’s an unstable misogynist. No one buys it when you and him try to propagandize it as “wisdom”.

  13. Who can make war with the beast?

    Enjoying this post very much.

    Humans are innately ignorant and self serving,thus civilizations always get over turned by bloody revolution.


  14. There is no one more justified in hating women then me.
    I am a 56 year old virgin. In all my net searches, I only heard of one
    person older (67). I have done NOT ONE THING. My whole life, I
    was never even able to get the time of the day from a woman.
    At age 22, I was seething with self pity and rage, just like Eliot.
    Why was I the ONLY person in the world who couldn’t get sex?
    Everybody on T.V. certainly did.
    All too late I discovered the explaination: My Astrological chart.
    I have the world’s worst chart for women. Moon square Venus, and
    Venus square Saturn in the 5th house. It simply was never meant to
    I urge the people here to have their Astrological charts done. Then,
    you will understand there is order in the universe.
    Why shoot a bunch of collage girls in the back because you can’t
    “get any,” when God, Himself never meant for you experience it?

    • I thought you were an idiot when you were talking about your white vagina worshiping. Now that you’re finally talking about something else, you’ve managed to prove yourself an even BIGGER idiot!

      Shut the fuck up, white vagina worshiper.

    • Lon Specter wins creeper of the year award…

      Even Jack Don-0-van wouldn’t let him participate in the gay nazi reindeer games…

      anyways this is proof that what Fatrelle says about us is all lies.

      Specter is far closer a feminist and admits his fondness of pitycase Rodger’s. But just like Rodger’s, he really hates low status, non white/mixed race men.

      If your “pain” and “suffering” was real, you would’ve dealt with it like Robin Williams. Just like Schywzer your a bully and a narcissist. Your pain isn’t real but your need to hurt others is. You try to make us feel bad and try to make it look like we are defectives, well we see right through you…


    • Are you trolling us, or are you really this stupid?

      You must be trolling us because you have gone on and on about how much you love white women, and now you expect us to believe you hate women. I’m not falling for that.

  15. “I suppose none of us should really be shocked that the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager literally shot in the back by a white officer, has caused barely a ripple in the world of the Men’s Rightsers — there are only two small threads on the subject on the Men’s Rights subreddit at the moment, and the only active one is filled with a lot of tut-tutting about “violent” protesters. It’s hardly news that MRAs, almost all of them white men, are more interested in lamenting their own imagined oppression than they are in dealing with the real injustices faced by young men of color.”


    once again Fraudtrelle is proven a liar…


    Notice he never critiques Jack Don-0-van, probably because he has the same racist, er race realist views as Marcotte. And he doesn’t want to be left out of the WN reanactment of the buttrape scene from American History X…

  16. Ghosts pay me heed even if living women don’t! See what I posted
    on the Tarnished Sophia.
    I have an entre into their world. Bet you don’t
    BTW, can anyone of you “experts” answer this question?
    Once, I was cutting across a field. A woman was walking in the
    opposite direction. She had just emerged from a gymanisium of the
    junior college we were both attending.
    As we passed, I felt a genuine sensation of HEAT from her body.
    It shook me up. I didn’t want her or anything, but her body gave off
    DEFINATE HEAT. There was something about my make up that
    was ripped apart by her make up. What was it?

  17. I should say that the girl’s hair was wet like she’d just washed it.
    Her eyes were as wide as saucers. Coming out of the gymanisum
    I would suspect that she’d engaged in alethetics and took a shower
    afterwords. Return Of Kings DOES say that female alethetes DO have
    more testosterone then the average girl.
    I love female sociopaths. Oh, I forgot. You believe that 99% of
    women are sociopaths to being with. How did they get that way?
    I remember a time when they were NOT. Did my favorite “Mangina”
    songs of the 1960’s make them that way? Listen to the songs of
    Tommy Roe. Particularly, “Dizzy.”

    • yer boi forney on ripping people off…

      he putts his money where his mouth is…


      yeah, go donate to him, he mentions Steve Sailer…

      maybe the fact these assholes have to beg for money is proof that pure breed whites aren’t superior because of HBD.

      (and it is funny that just like Clarence in Baltimore, you’ve never mentioned phrenology. Is that because you have a funny shaped head?)

      Fuck You Lonely Spectator!

  18. This article raises some valid points. The problem lies again with the women (Grandmothers), and the covert feminists in the faggotsphere. Most of them (99.99%) are not scientifically or statistically inclined so they do not know the facts of the matter. They have been conditioned to only listen to the TV, and the authorized elders. So the men are not raising valid points because the TV and the authorized elders say everything is fine. Even if you do get through to them they go back to the party line instantly because the other forces are always there and you are only a blip and are over powered by the other influence.

    I have only known a few exceptions to the rule in all my years who thought otherwise, and they even mentioned feeling like they were being controlled to follow the consensus sometimes. Women are hive minded creatures and allmost all of them follow the rule of AWALT. However, NAWALT is also true (my mother actively despises my nephews mother), but that would require the faggotsphere to actually have some self control and excellence once in a while.

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