57 comments on “The Hypoagency Scam Women Use To Manipulate Men

  1. ” While in the DHMIAG example women have the equivalent status of a child or a pet, it’s important to remember that most people treat children and pets very well. And it’s not like women are treated like children or pets all the time. Women can move back between child/pet and independent adult status as is convenient for them. And that’s how all these examples work regardless of whether it’s on the feminist or the traditionalist side of the political spectrum.”

    Which is truly sad when you really think about it. One minute they can claim equality, and special treatment the next. A real adult accepts that life is difficult sometimes and prepares themselves in whatever ways possible to weather the bad.

    • This is how 99.99% of women think and act. It’s why gender egalitarianism is effectively useless. In principle, it makes sense, but women will have nothing to do with it.

      • A few will, but I’m going to agree with something you mentioned before and clarify that it is more likely to occur with those of us who don’t fit into gender roles.

  2. Hitting back is not self defense. It’s assault.


    And yes, men should be able to self defend against anyone. But hitting back isn’t self defense. Self defense is getting out of the situation unharmed. Sometimes this means having to push back your attacker. But once he’s stopped attacking, moving toward him and hitting him is assault. When he’s one the ground, sitting on him and beating him is not self defense. Revenge is not self defense. Self defense is mitigating the damage and getting out of the situation. It’s also avoiding the situation in the first place, i.e. getting out before things go bad. The website I linked above explains it well.

    • Phil, I’ve reread BP’s post twice and nowhere do I see him advocating for anything like what you state. He makes no mention of beating your attacker while they’re on the ground, nor going on the offensive when the threat they posed is nullified.

      Perhaps you are only casually talking about this, but the tone of your comment sounds like a response/clarification to something that was never said in the first place.

      For what it’s worth, I believe a man should be able to hit a woman with the same amount of force she is using to hit him. Many women have never taken a punch or kick in their life, and are somehow amazed when they scream in a guy’s face while slapping him/punching him/hitting him with an object…and the guy has suddenly had enough and pops her one back. Then it’s “did you see what he did to me” and accusations of abuse and threats of calling the police on his “violent” ass.

      I personally do not condone violence against anyone. I’ve never hit or kicked anyone except in one instance of self defense in high school, though I was mercilessly bullied by both boys and girls during my school years…including one time when a boy years older than me viciously kneed me in the groin 3 times. http://tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/experiences-with-bullies/
      But boys and men are taught to take physical abuse from women in stride. They are expected to laugh along when disgusting comments are made about a man’s penis getting cut off and destroyed. http://tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/this-is-justice/ If a man is in public getting beat up by his female significant other, passersby will not stop to help him, but will instead say things like “you go girl” or “he probably cheated on her and deserves it” http://tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/deserving-of-protection/

      This is one of many double standards that need to be gotten rid of. Neither men nor women, girls or boys, should ever put their hands on each other. Escalating a verbal argument into a physical one shows a distinct lack of self control. Using any form of abuse to get what you want or to keep others submissive is immoral. But boys and men should not be demonized for hitting their attackers back, just as a girl or woman should not be shamed for fighting back. Is getting out of a situation unharmed your #1 priority? Absolutely.

      But sometimes you need to hit back in order to make your escape.

    • Immediate retaliation could be considered valid self-defense in that it discourages your attacker from coming at you again, depending on the situation of course.

    • I have the moral right to smash anyone who mess with me into a million piece. I have been attacked in the past when I have tried walking away, I got kicked in the back.

  3. Another way feminism and society believe women are like children: they aren’t responsible for their own safety. “I shouldn’t have to take precautions, other people should convince criminals not to hurt people!”. That’s a good idea.

  4. I thought hypoagency was the female desire to inject her presence into male only spaces (agusta, video gaming, men’s only clubs, sports, etc). now I dunno what that’s called anymore.

    • You could probably just refer to it as “colonization”.

      I don’t think things like videogames or casual sports could be classified as male-only spaces since they are hobbies enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in them.

      • I don’t think things like videogames or casual sports could be classified as male-only spaces since they are hobbies enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in them.

        In theory yes. In practice, not so much. When women are invade video games and other similar activities (I don’t know if the same is true for sports), they attempt to force out men who they consider unattractive. That’s why you see all of the BS about “conference harassment”, for example.

        There’s a lot of men who need refuges from women. If it isn’t video games and the like, then where will it be?

        • I don’t know about sports either. I enjoy hiking, swimming, and biking…pretty solo activities.

          I’m not sure I understand this, so please forgive. I’ve always been an avid videogamer, ever since I received a NES for my 8th birthday. I currently own a N64, a PS2, a PS3, a Xbox, a SNES, a DS Lite, and the Star Wars edition X360. I have a gold membership and play online under my masculine avatar when I can.

          I guess what confuses me is how playing videogames (either on or offline) means I’m invading a male space? As far as I can tell from conversations, nobody knows I’m female-bodied, so can it really be said I’m invading? Xbox Live belongs to anyone with a membership, so you really can’t kick anyone off just because of their body.

          It’s an interesting topic. I look forward to your input.

        • What Estwald said, plus these women are trying to push out men they don’t find attractive or otherwise don’t like for some BS reason.

          IOW, women support Anita Sarkeesian, even if they think she’s full of crap. They don’t think like you do. You aren’t the problem, but women have collectivized everything they do so we unfortunately have to deal with this in such broad terms.

        • There are plenty of opportunities for male friend groups to pursue such activities without the presence of women. Excluding women from official conventions is overkill. Do you think women would really be bothered faking an interest just to stick it to the unattractive men about?

      • Women are not invading “male space” when they join in predominantly male activities; they are invading when they insist that the men involved must conform their behavior to feminists’ expectations.

        • Thanks, Estwald.
          That makes more sense. If one is going to join a club/organization/group, it should be because one likes what it’s already about…not because one wants to change it.

      • How do you answer the allegations made in the following article?


        Trolls like Sarkeesian are saying that women aren’t portrayed correctly in video games and therefore is getting a rise out of female video game players. There is a backlash that the community is facing right now in the fact that what was traditionally enjoyed by many is now being called into question at the sacrficial altar of political (feminist) correctness. When video games become political statements, off-limit marks have to be made with that non-sense. At what point can men be men and not be bothered by women? Does everything have to be open to women or can there really be legit male-only spaces not put together privately by a close network of individuals?

        • @crimsonviceroy

          I’ve seen 2 of her videos, and each simply raised my blood pressure. I agreed with maybe 5% of what she said…and that 5% was just random videogame facts.

          It’s pretty detestable that such an enjoyable hobby is almost literally being sacrificed to further modern feminism, as you pointed out. Can’t people just leave well enough alone? As I stated before I am the ordering manager for a comic/hobby/gaming store. I can see exactly what my friends and customers think of the attacks on our culture and community. Thankfully, since 98% of my customer base is male, I’ve had a decent amount of luck turning them onto the idea of men’s rights and double standards.

          I’m not a good person to ask about sex-specific spaces. I believe woman-only places and man-only places are sexist at their core. Why should someone’s genitals rather than mindset or personality be the determining factor in whether they are allowed? BP knows I have gender dysphoria and would despise being in a female-only space, or even a female dominated space. I’m polite online, but IRL I’m rough and tumble, not PC at all, egalitarian with a strong leaning toward the MGTOW/MRA side, and don’t take anything personally, including jokes that refer to sex and innuendos. The fact I was “accidentally” born with a vagina isn’t my fault…So I think like minded spaces are more important than like bodied spaces.

        • The gaming (and sports) industries aren’t obliged to provide male only spaces. The exist to sell products. If women want to take part as participants and consumers isn’t that a matter of civil liberties? Networks of individuals provide adequate scope for male centred recreation, bonding and so on.

    • The female gamers I know are into games for the same reasons as their male peers. Paranoia about such things doesn’t help.

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  6. On the traditionalist side, it’s even more obvious. In traditional Christian churches, for example, it is taught that women are the “weaker vessel” and are “inferior” to men. What ends up happening is that the church says that men are supposed to “lead” but if women sin, then it’s all the fault of a man (typically a husband) for failing to lead. Even though women are supposedly in an “inferior” position in church, women conveniently are exempt from all responsibility and accountability. This is why women are the biggest defenders of traditionalism.

    How would you know? Don’t you people have some kind of taboo where you aren’t allowed to even approach churches? Can you cite any historian or theologist, even a “YKW” historian or theologist for your delusional accusation? It’s just plain ridiculous. In biblical times the Jews would stone women who committed adultery. It’s in the Bible, go read about it.

      • It’s common for the white vagina worshipping nationalists to accuse me of being Jewish. They don’t realize that being called Jewish isn’t an insult to sane people.

        • Ah, I see.
          You’re correct, most would not think being called Jewish to be an insult. Customers have accidentally thought I was of the Jewish faith due to their apparent inability to tell a pentacle necklace from a Star of David. I was no more upset than if they had called me a Buddhist or Christian, though I do correct them about their mistake.

          The strange thing I’ve noticed about white nationalists is they seem to believe one can tell by sight if someone has Jewish ancestry. I technically do since my great grandparents on my mother’s side were both Jewish…but they were from Germany and had the blonde hair and blue eyes I also inherited. Luckily they came to the US before the holocaust started, but I wonder how these idiot white nationalists feel about “Aryan” looking Jews. Their moronic strategies for “pure race” children fall apart under the simplest of scrutinies.

        • So are you Jewish?

          Genetic studies have conclusively shown that Jews are a Middle Eastern people and not a European people. Blood is more important than phenotype.

  7. take a reading of this…


    Fraudtrelle seems more interested in shitting on MRA’s than offering sympathy to the alleged victim…

    But then again the alleged victim is the type of woman that femanzi’s like Marcotte is beneath them and oppress womyn-a porno actress, she’d actually be treated better IRL by MGTOW’s than by feminists…

    and War Machine allegedly also beat up a man-of course that doesn’t appear in Fraudtrelle’s story because the only men that matter in his world are alpha male feminists… It’s exactly the same world view as that POS Elliot Rodgers…

  8. hahaha,

    Lucy is obviously a troll…

    Now Fraudtrelle can sit here and say, by gosh, those womyn h8terz…

    Unfortunately, I’ve heard stories where someone wanted to hurt someone so they impersonated that individual and mentioned their “rape fantasy.” Then they tried to get guys (thinking this was consenting) to carry this out. The guys would get arrested and the unconsenting woman would get raped.

    Another thing is many feminists claim to have rape fantasies and love BD & SM–but we’ve all seen how they love to hurt low status men even more. I wouldn’t be surprised if some sicko like Clarisse Thorne talked some man into hitting her as SM play, then ran to the police and had him arrested. It probably happens every day.

    If a woman ever asks to be hit, suspect a setup and don’t walk the other way-RUN…

    and even if there was no set-up, I wouldn’t want to hit someone except in self defense….

    Whose the real misogynist-Clarence in Baltimore and Fraudtrelle?

    • @Stoner

      Do some feminists like bdsm? I’ve never met any…most that I’ve known tend to be sex-negative unless it’s all romantic and treats the woman like a delicate flower.

      “Lucy” is not only a troll, but is a bit messed up too. I’ll never understand why people say they have rape fantasies. Rape is an awful occurrence regardless of who it happens to. Not as bad as murder or prolonged torture or losing a loved one, but still horrible.

      I enjoy bdsm myself, but I actually know what it is and what rules there are. https://tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/my-views-on-bdsm/ It should only be done with someone you have complete trust in and trusts you in return. It’s certainly nothing one should ever engage in casually!

        • I’ll have to check out your link, thanks.

          I like light-moderate “tickle torture” too, but bdsm helps me to reign back my orgasms. I cum way too easily, so having a different sensation (such as light pain) to concentrate on aids in controlling my pleasure. Of course, none of what my lover does ever leaves any bruises or marks…neither of us is into real pain or hurting our partner. That’s no fun.

    • Dear Gods, what a frickin horrible article. *Nobody* should force themselves to “remain calm” or “be mature” when another person is literally attacking them! Being “a gentleman” never equals being a punching bag.


        • Thanks Stoner. I enjoyed it…or at least it made me laugh sarcastically and roll my eyes a few dozen times.

          Gods above, when are our fellow Americans going to stop being so damn repressed about sex and pleasure? So now it’s not only men who shouldn’t ever watch porn, but women too?

          Lol, well that’s just too bad, eh? I’m gonna keep doing it, and so is my lover, and nobody can stop us. Porn is good for a number of things
          1. Able to have erotic stimulation when your partner/a partner isn’t available.

          2. Can help people gain a basic understanding of sex.

          3. Aids in preventing spread of STDs.

          4. Can be fun to watch (anyone ever seen that hentai Frantic, Frustrated, and Female?)

          5. Gives lovers new ideas and positions to try out.

          6. Can help men and women practice orgasm control.

          7. Provides a safe, readily available outlet for sexual needs.

          8. Helps people who have been sexually abused reintroduce themselves to their sexuality and libido at a comfortable pace. (Speaking from experience here. One of my fondest memories is of me and my lover watching porn simply curled up together on my couch, only caressing each other, with me asking questions about the sex we were viewing.)

          9. Alleviates women from being needed for (most) men’s sexual satisfaction and vice versa. Plus, if men stop putting pussy up on a pedestal, equality between the sexes will be easier to attain.

          I’m sure there’s more, but those are the reasons I’ve got for now.

        • when are our fellow Americans going to stop being so damn repressed about sex and pleasure?

          Opposition to porn isn’t necessarily about sexual repression (at least as “sexual repression” is commonly understood). Of course, traditionalists and religious conservatives are opposed to porn. However, I have seen plenty of “sex positive” liberals opposed to porn just as much as the traditionalists and religious conservatives. Their reasons are different. They will tell you it is because porn doesn’t really represent sex or something. What it really comes down to on both sides is that they want to force men into a box controlled by women. The two sides just disagree on what that box should look like.

        • Why should it matter if porn doesn’t “represent sex”? Maybe high end, directed porn doesn’t but that’s why I enjoy the Amateur or Homemade category more. The men and women look real too, which I like…10 inch schlongs just look painful to me, and many actual porn actors and actress never seem like the they are enjoying it.

          People need to realize that trying to fit others into boxes really doesn’t work. Maybe it can temporarily, but certainly not in the long run.

        • Why should it matter if porn doesn’t “represent sex”?

          You would have to ask them, but their reasoning would include something about porn being “anti-woman”. The fact is that sexual repression is everywhere. It isn’t limited to America. It’s a bit different in Europe, but there is a commonality of believing that male sexuality is evil.

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