14 comments on “Zoe Quinn Is A Thrint

  1. Your hatred of women is not going to change the world.
    You can vent all you want, and preach to the converted, but
    nothing is going to change the fact that men need women like
    they need oxegen.
    If a man goes without a woman it is like forceably holding a cat’s head
    under water. Nothing can stop the phamacy of the male body’s
    glans from producing hormones.
    If people, especially males KNEW they could never have sex again,
    the suicide rate would quartrupel.
    There is nothing, no intellectualizing that can atone for that fact.
    Albert Camus said, the ultimate philospohical question is whether
    life is worth living, given all the grief it causes us.

  2. All true, but I prefer to use her real name ‘Chelsea Van Valkenburg’ – apparently, that wasn’t proletarian enough for ol’ Chelsea’s purposes (professional victimhood, mostly), hence the phony blue collar moniker.

  3. While I agree with much of the sentiment, the problem with the gamer community is that they are very much like the Roissysphere in that they are full of ridiculous troll types who drown out the more reasonable voices of criticism. Much like the manosphere red pill community were useful idiots that could be used to make regular men’s rights types look like loons, many gamer subcommunities like 4chan are full of ridiculous trolling types and shock types that make Roissy and Roosh and Matt Forney almost seem reasonable and nuanced.

    A lot of those guys’ antics have been so over the top and stupid and childish that Zoe Quinn and others have been able to highlight the worst of their critics and win lots of sympathy, while the more reasonable of their critics get tarred with the same brush. For example Quinn was able to produce a 4chan chat transcript where they revealed all the massive trolling and sockpuppeting campaigns they were planning to do.

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  5. “Zoe Quinn’s” real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg. Funny how all these “eeeevil women” have something in common……

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