15 comments on “Why Didn’t ManginaBoobz Write About My World Of Ptavvs Post?

  1. oh, pssh tah, feminists aren’t hom-0-phobic…

    that’s why we never critique Jack Don-0-van…

    In fact we encourage preists to have fun with boys because, y’know patriarchy and males aren’t fully human so they cahn’t be traumatized like womyn can…

    and as far as your Ptavs, anything beyond Asminov is beyond me. Sci Fi is for nerds…

  2. “I’m Gonna Love Ya”
    “Till The Heavens Start To Rain,”
    “I’m gonna love ya, till the stars fall , from the sky, for you and I!

  3. By the way, there is a strong anti-gay streak in feminism and social justice movements, oddly enough. Gay men are jerks for not letting women have parties in gay bars (they say), gay men who prefer feminine men are misoginysts, gay mem appropriate women’s style by dressing in drag, etc. In a few years I think gay men will stop.supporting feminism if this keeps.up.

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