73 comments on “It Costs Roosh $6500 To Get Laid Each Time He Gets Laid

  1. You are misrepresenting Roosh’s argument, he said it costs 6,500 per woman not “every time I had sex.”

    But you do have a point that it costs a good deal of money to get laid in modern America for the beta male.(Lucky for me, the 47 year old married white guy from South Africa!) The fact that most are still willing to pay that cost should lead you to question your ideology.

  2. If this comment shows how naive I am about the actual dating world, so be it…But how does it cost $6500 to have sex? That sounds more like what each partner might (very big “might” here) spend during a 1-2 year long relationship. Hell, I buy my lover dinner 2-3 times a week and at the most that comes out to roughly $3900. To spend $6500 just sounds exaggerated and ridiculous.

    • Roosh only goes after women in clubs and the like, and in the rare cases he gets a woman, only has sex with them once. It takes Roosh forever to get laid so that is why his cost is so high. Roosh has a combination of putting lots of constant effort to get laid and getting few if any results.

      • Ah, okay. So he spends huge amounts of money attempting to find a one-time sexual partner, only to have to repeat the entire process later again. I try not to be overly judgmental of other’s lifestyle choices, but this just sounds like a waste of time, finances, and resources in general. Such things could be far better spent in efforts of improving oneself…

        • Pursuiting romantic relationships with most modern women is a waste of time, finances, and resources in general. That’s the whole point of BP’s blog. The fact that you still have SIMP (Someone who Idolizes Mediocre Pussy) men out there shaming and belittle BP by calling him “gay” or “loser” just demonstrates the fact that most men don’t want to admit to themselves that they have lost so much money and time and are continuing to do so. They don’t want to admit their chances of success are abysmal because average women have BEYOND average expectations, and above average women have IMPOSSIBLE expectations.

          Most women in the majority of men’s lives have betrayed and ditched them, and wasted a lot of money and time in the process. Thus, the men have very little self courage and the only thing left is the faux-confidence they get by belittling other men, even when those other men are attempting to help them see the truth of their own condition. That illusion of confidence that men have, like Roosh, is all they have left to hold onto. Break the illusion, and surely you have broken the man. My confidence and courage come from a place that no earthly power can hold sway over. It is not from re-imaging myself or coming to some magical epiphany. It’s not even of my own spirit. But I leave it at that, since I’m sure BP wants the thread to remain on topic.

        • Is it other men who are mocking BP with those terms? I’d have imagined it to be mostly women…then again, I’ve not read all his posts so I could be missing it if he has previously spoken about the sexes of his detractors. What you say makes sense though, I see this in many people who had just about dedicated their lives to finding “The One” without then realizing relationships take work, compromise, and care to flourish. The expectation that this other person will have every trait you lack and will magically make you “complete” is unrealistic to the extreme. I refuse to shoulder such a burden of perfection, nor would I ever demand it from my lover. That women consciously do so, and society praises them for it, is quite frankly disturbing. That men accept these lists of “necessities” from women who do not offer them the same standards is sad.

        • Yeah, I remember that particular woman…what a whack job. Throwing people in jail for having a different opinion than yours? That’s absolutely fine to do, right? Let me tell you, BP, you don’t sound anything like Rodgers or Sodini. As you’ve said before, you just want feminists to leave you alone…There’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. hahahaha,

    does this count his lays with HBD race realists like Clarence in Baltimore when he used forged HBD paperwork from Steve Sailor–Clarence shoulda known better that it shoulda been Sailer but hence more proof HBD ain’t real…

  4. Don’t forget the time. The average man spends time driving around, making money, paying taxes, and waiting for the women to show up. Even if a man gets laid it is a minimum of 8 hours.

    Most men don’t realize it is a minimum of 8 hours (remember the time spent making the money and paying the taxes on it).

    But that time is not free. If you enjoy a woman’s company, well then you’re in the lucky 5 – 10% of men, go figure. But still it is all of your free time after a while. All of my single guy friends with women (married or single) disappeared. They’re kept busy.

    The time is the key factor because it is irreplaceable and constant, regardless of how much income an individual man makes or holds in a trust fund or how often that man is successful with women. The time has a cost.

    • Indeed, very true, my friend. In fact, we are all living on borrowed time on this mortal coil. If you live your life for women, you will fail, and you will die doing so. A life spent pursuing women is no life at all, and is one devoid of true meaning or nobility.

    • Greatshebang, I agree with all your points but women have jobs/pay taxes too (not all of them drive though, and the vast majority don’t chase guys so those parts make sense).

      It’s the only thing you wrote that is confusing to me. Are you only talking about unemployed women here?

      • I will attempt to clarify.

        BP wrote in the OP: “Consider all of the expenses a man has just to get laid and/or get a girlfriend.”

        My comment was meant to address men in this quote. Not women. Like all economic decisions, there are trade-offs. Or put another way, there is an opportunity cost. And the biggest cost not mentioned in the case of chasing women is time. It is decades of free time for many men.

        This is not a particularly original idea of mine. Many others have mentioned it here and other places.

        But to me, the loss of time is the only regret for years of chasing self-absorbed women that never even had the intention of adding value to my life. Getting laid, whatever the financial costs, was not worth the wasted time.

        Now for further clarification.

        I am not really concerned with a woman’s opportunity cost since society is focused on shaming men to subsidize the costs of whatever role women choose in their 20s, whether it is traditional wife, single mom, or career socialite.

        • Okay, thanks for the clarification. The way I read it, it sounded as though you were of the opinion that women don’t have jobs/pay taxes just like men do. Your clarification clears this up, which is much appreciated.

          Were that men weren’t regulated to being the chasers 99% of the time, or that these dating games I read about were less rigged/unequal…Honestly, they sound terrifying or at least extremely disconcerting.

          Trying to think of my relationship in terms of opportunity costs or returns on investment isn’t something that’s easily done, but it’s obvious that doing so helps others to weigh the pros and cons of constantly dealing with women vs being a MGTOW.

        • It isn’t only the time spent in chase, there’s the activities that need to be given up so as not to attract scorn. Gaming is an obvious one, time spent with male friends another. Basically anything that isn’t to do with career progress, status, or proving what an exciting ‘dynamic’ guy he is. Once a serious relationship begins for a man so to the sudden requirement for personal growth, with once-enjoyed hobbies becoming just fond memories. Meeting women’s standards is meant to be a life changing process a man must go through, synonymous with maturity, responsibility, but of course there’s no equivalent expectation for women; they’re considered worthy just as is and really don’t have to change a thing about themselves.

        • @Destructo

          “It isn’t only the time spent in chase, there’s the activities that need to be given up so as not to attract scorn. Gaming is an obvious one, time spent with male friends another.”
          -If the woman you finally chase down believes that your hobbies and friends aren’t worthy of your time, you were chasing a bitch.

          “Basically anything that isn’t to do with career progress, status, or proving what an exciting ‘dynamic’ guy he is. Once a serious relationship begins for a man so to the sudden requirement for personal growth, with once-enjoyed hobbies becoming just fond memories.”
          -What use is career progress if it means working oneself to an early grave? What use is status when it becomes more about material goods and less about being a decent member of ones community? Why should one have to prove how “dynamic” one is if that’s not your true personality? Maturity entails knowing when it’s time to work/fulfill responsibilities as well as when to relax/unwind. Life must be balanced…Work hard, play hard.

          “Meeting women’s standards is meant to be a life changing process a man must go through, synonymous with maturity, responsibility, but of course there’s no equivalent expectation for women; they’re considered worthy just as is and really don’t have to change a thing about themselves.”
          -Ha! Anyone who thinks they are perfect is most assuredly the one who needs to work on themselves the most. Should you practice compromise in a relationship? Yes. Should you be forced into changing who you are to appease your partner? Absolutely not. Besides, who the hell do they love if not you for who you are, flaws and all?

  5. Please listen to the old Beatles song, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”
    Those Beatles could DO ANYTHING, have ANYONE!
    They weren’t sour grapes, mopy crybabies. They pursued their dreams.
    The Black Pill is correct in one thing: Women have NOT CHANGED!
    What “works” 50 years ago WORKS TODAY!

    • y’know strippers probably look at the men who go there as chumps…

      that’s probably why you feel bad afterwords…

      better to buy a video game instead, at least if you don’t like it, you can trade it for another or get a few bucks on ebay…

  6. I hate no one. Hate is a tragic waste of time and energy.
    The taste of sour grapes is BITTER! There is nothing more tiresome
    then to carry around a bundle of resentment 24/7.
    If you were REALLY free of your urges towards women, you wouldn’t
    obsess about them so much, you’d just go out and live the most
    enjoyable life possible.
    In my own case, I’ve come to grips that I am going to die a virgin.
    I had to come to terms with this VERY early in my life, say about 15
    years of age. I USED to hate. Not anymore. I came to see that negative
    feelings harm the person who has them.
    And those people that you envy have plenty of their own problems.
    You might be surprised to find out how many people are BARELY
    holding it together.
    There is ALWAYS one option EVERYBODY can take, but few have the
    courage to do. So if you DON’T have the courage to take it, you have
    no business complaining.

    • Dr. Manginalove is 100% of the way towards complete and total bullshit.

      Another thing that’s 100% complete and total bullshit is the story about the red pill brother. Only a moron would believe a story about a red pill man where he supposedly got successful via the red pill. Not to mention the anti-MGTOW propaganda of saying that MGTOW is half the red pill.

    • From the article:
      “As I’m fond of saying, dating success is 80% attitude and 20% skill, and a lot of that attitude involves both issues of masculinity and also understanding and empathizing with women. The people who do best with women are the ones who not only understand them but, critically, don’t view them as opponents, enemies or inferiors.”

      My observations:
      1. 80% attitude and 20% skill is just another way of telling guys to “be confident”, which you either have or you don’t. I suppose some could ‘fake it till you make it’, but to me that’s not the same as actually being confident in oneself. Also, sometimes it really doesn’t matter how much charisma, confidence, or skill one has…if you’re not what that particular chick finds sexually attractive, it’s probably not going to work. For example, I usually like guys who are slightly overweight and have nerdy/geeky personalities. If a muscular jock approaches me, he can be the nicest, most charismatic, confident, ‘skillful’ man in the world…I still will not be sexually attracted to him because he’s just not my type. This doesn’t mean he’s less of a man, he’s simply not one *I* would want to be with.

      2. It is all well and good to tell men to not view women as inferiors/enemies/opponents. I think this is actually decent advice. But it *must* be given to women too! So many times I’ve had my male customers come to me with questions about why “my kind” are cruel, cold, arrogant, or rude. As I’ve no female friends, I can only direct them to sites like these since I don’t understand women who act like this either. Informing one side that they should have good manners is rendered utterly useless if the opposite side is allowed to act however they wish.

        • I used to, when I was younger. Some of them were pretty close friends too. But around 8th grade, they all started to become really different. Catty, rude, backstabbing, trying to steal each other’s boyfriends, telling lies about me/other people to get themselves ahead in our peer group. Even girls who I’d been friends with since 1st grade…one of them, Kelly, poured milk over my head at lunchtime on a dare from the cheerleaders and another, Catherine, sprained my ankle by pushing me down the stairs at school when I refused to do her homework for her.

          My guy friends were the only ones who remained “sane”, so I began hanging out exclusively with them. We had sleepovers, camping trips, built treeforts, had real sword fights, went to the Renaissance Faire every summer, watched anime, played videogames…it was awesome. And they treated me exactly the same as if I was really a guy, which made me so incredibly happy.

          I am currently 30 years old, and still don’t understand women. Hence, still only have male friends. It’s cool though, since I do not consider myself a chick unless someone specifically points it out, so having all guy friends means having all same gendered friends.

      • “Informing one side that they should have good manners is rendered utterly useless if the opposite side is allowed to act however they wish.”

        Very true. It seems the consideration and compassion is supposed to be entirely one way. How are are you, as a man, supposed to feel a deep sense of empathy with a woman who appears to have none for you? Just incredible.

        • It is possible to feel empathy towards someone who professes to have none for you, but it can be…difficult. For example, I have felt empathy for evangelical Christians that have specifically told me that I’m necessarily immoral/evil/soulless because I’m Wiccan. However, I certainly don’t do this for them, but rather because I believe it is the right thing to do for myself. It can be harmful to one’s state of mind to harbour feelings of resentment or apathy against others, even if they do/say something to deserve it.

          Of course, I can understand that it may get to the point that an individual has been so consistently maligned by a particular group that no empathy or compassion can readily be given to them…Even individuals who offer empathy/compassion in return. Such circumstances aren’t the fault of the previously harmed unempathetic one, but a result of the diseased system we live in.

        • Yes it’s possible to empathise with those who don’t reciprocate, as it is of course with complete strangers, but in the dynamic of a relationship one would naturally expect some sort mutual bond. Nothing conveys to man how just how isolated he is more than being expected to chase someone who’s entirely indifferent towards him on a personal level.

        • No argument there. That’s why I support MGTOW…not all women are like that, but enough *are* that the marriage/dating scene is stacked against men in a nearly absurd fashion.

        • Would you still feel empathy if Evangelical Christians still burned Wiccans alive, pressured the State to do purges of Wiccans, forced them to pay extra taxes, made Media to say all Wiccans are pedophiles and rapists, said that the ” love nature” message of Wicca is one of zoophilia etc?

          Would you feel empathy for whom feels actual antipathy for you? For those who hate what you are simply for being?

        • That’s an excellent question, Bayz. I have met Christians who specifically state that they hate me for my religious beliefs, and spread cruel rumors about my sexuality. I have done a 5 hour long babysitting job when I was 16 only to have the mother tell me she found out I was Wiccan whilst at the neighborhood party and she wouldn’t be paying me because she “doesn’t fund evil doers”. (She was also “nice” enough to tell everyone else I babysat for, causing me to lose 3 other jobs.)

          I had boys and girls literally spit on me and my school books and throw rocks at me in elementary/middle school because of my pentacle necklace. I’ve had teachers try to give me bibles after class. And more recently I’ve had customers give me tips for carrying their packages out to their car, only to actually ask for/demand the money back once they notice my necklace isn’t a Star of David or “just a star”. Yup…I’m 30 years old and have found that it doesn’t matter how old you get. People still suck.

          In all these cases, I have been upset. I’ve been angry and frustrated. I’ve tried arguing politely or giving them books about my faith to clear up the gross misconceptions…to no avail, of course. You detail different injustices in your analogy of Society/Women vs Men, and they are not lost on me. I am not saying a man who has encountered even a quarter of what you speak of should accept things as is, or to automatically trust random women. Hell, if any of you met me IRL I’d fully expect to have to prove myself…It’d be foolish to grant trust so easily given standard relations between the sexes.

          But yes. Unless your Christians are quite literally murdering, imprisoning, or torturing me and mine, I would feel empathy for them. It would be horrible to live with such hate and bigotry in ones heart, and I would both pity and empathize with them in their darkness.

        • But yes. Unless your Christians are quite literally murdering, imprisoning, or torturing me and mine, I would feel empathy for them.

          This brings up an important point where the analogy between Christians vs Wiccans and Society/Women vs Men breaks down. I have noticed in all of the things that you have described Tarnished, that one thing is missing. None of the Christians suggested making Wicca illegal, throwing Wiccans in prison, or having the NSA track Wiccans whereas I have plenty of examples of women suggesting those things about me, virgin men in general, or large groups of men. Use of government is the difference between someone not liking you and something trying to exterminate you.

          Another point where the analogy breaks down is that it’s easy to find Christians that strenuously disagree with how you and other Wiccans were treated. With women, not so much. What it comes down to is that women are significantly more collectivist than Christians. There’s a lot of women who won’t take action against me or other men, but that’s only because they’re cowards. They will support any action another woman decides to take against me regardless of how evil it is.

        • There have been Christians who want us to lose our right to vote, be deported (to where, I’ve no clue), be unable to adopt, have children, or practice our faith in the military, and have our religion be made illegal but you are correct…No Christians here in America have suggested having the government throw us in prison or track us (that apparently is reserved for Muslims). I did not intend for my analogy to be comparable to yours on a case by case basis, it is simply the prejudice that I encounter enough to have any actual impact on my life. I’ve encountered sexism of course, but it is incredibly minor and other than temporarily hurt feelings it has not impacted me yet. Misandry is by far a worse prejudice, precisely for the reason you mention.

          Your second paragraph brings up an interesting point: that of women supporting other women just because. I’ve seen this in action myself, and can attest to how disturbing/powerful it can be (violence by proxy is another female crime I’ve witnessed, but it can be easily done by a single woman rather than a group). What do you think of “Women against Feminism” and female MRAs or MGTOW supporters? Are most of them true, or just attempting to get attention/a husband?

          (Note that I’m unsure if anyone wants to classify me as one. I obviously do support MGTOW and men’s rights, and have the unintended benefit of being female-bodied, but I know my reasons for supporting these ideologies are not based on attention/marriage.)

        • What do you think of “Women against Feminism” and female MRAs or MGTOW supporters? Are most of them true, or just attempting to get attention/a husband?

          The “women against feminism” are just attention whoring or trying to get a husband. I looked through their tumblr once, and it was filled with meaningless claptrap of “I’m not a feminist because I like men” or crap about abortion. There was nothing about how feminism harms men.

          Female MRAs and MGTOW supporters are so rare that I believe most of them to be sincere. I have noticed that they are almost always atypical for women in some way like with you and your gender dysphoria. At least a few female MRAs identify as genderqueer, for example. I don’t think such things are coincidence.

        • Tarnished I am sad to hear you’ve been treated like that, especially from Christians, those who are supposed to be the ones practizing non hatred ( albet we know how many of them roll). I have been confronted to similar attitudes due to my atheism, but also some have shown open mindedness and don’t seem to mind me for the most part in enough numbers that I am not militant in my atheism (yet).

          Like you I don’t feel that a life with hatred is worth of living, but I certainly will not offer support and succour to those who seek to do harm, on the other hand I will not do active harm to anybody unless it is on reactive self defense (as opposed to preventive self defense which, is not self defense in my view).

          I don’t know you but I don’t see why wouldn’t I give another fellow man a chance, in my vsion you shouldn’t prove yourself to anybody that isn’t you, let us leave self hatred and herd mentality to Stormfront and Feminists.

        • “I don’t know you but I don’t see why wouldn’t I give another fellow man a chance, in my vision you shouldn’t prove yourself to anybody that isn’t you, let us leave self hatred and herd mentality to Stormfront and Feminists.”

          As far as I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong) you are a fairly new commenter here, so you may not have realized from the comments yet, but I’m physically female. My point about having to prove myself should any of us ever meet (very unlikely, but stranger things have happened) is due to my sex, not internalized misandry/self-hatred or herd mentality.

          In other words, *I* know I’d never shoot the gun the government/society has forced upon me, but it would be foolish for a random man to trust me to not pull the trigger just because of what I type here. I’d like to think my words are a good indicator of my true self, but deeds always speak louder…Always.

          I may not consider myself a woman, and I am certainly not a lady, but I am a female and there are too many “NAWALTs” with pretty words out there. *shrug* To be offended by cis men’s caution when dealing with me IRL would be solipsism at it’s finest. I don’t like it, but none of us like the current socio-sexual atmosphere anyway.

        • OK I admit then that I may then be skeptick about you, but my point is that you should not really care about getting approval, nor from me or anybody for that matter, in my case it is unlikely that I would trust your intentions ever as I would if you were a man (just being honest), but this doesn’t say anything about you, just about my own prejudice, there are people, like some of the Christians you mentioned up there, or like myself, who would never truly accept you to heart, but by your experience I am not saying anything you don’t know.

          My convoluted point was that as a human being so long as you feel right with yourself, and others will learn to deal with it or leave and if they do leave, it is better to be yourself and attract like minded people than putting on a mask and base your human interaction on deception, it saves time to others and it saves time and grief to you. And no, having a vagina doesn’t change this fact (I think I puked in my mouth a little by admitting this but I know it to be truth deep inside)

          Should you be as you come and attract a mate, well, both will have to make compromises, the only thing both need to remember is that said compromises will change over time, as do the conditions. You may feel at the start that having children is not such a good thing and he may agree, and change your mind over time, or he may change his, you may think it would be unfair for you to abuse the legal privileges the State granted you, but he may do something hurtful to you, hereby changing conditions etc etc etc…

          Do not enter human interactions by having a fixed principle, neither do identify them as anything other than a blank slate (ideally, I know I cannot do it myself) and definately DO NOT suppress your personality totally or partially to appease anybody. I know that it is hard, we as humans think in categories and we are social, we as non Christians have been blamed of things we are not by Christians, instilling some guilt, which leads to feels of inadequacy when we meet other people etc, but we must strive at least to be over that, I think.

          Enough ranting I don’t know how much of this projection fest hits home to you, just chill and don’t enter any relation thinking about having to prove jackshit, because you don’t and neither does your partner.

          Peace and sorry for the ramble.

        • It’s cool, Bayz. I appreciate honesty more than pretty meaningless words. Like I said before, I wouldn’t expect trust automatically…it’d be a poor survival mechanism on your part. You can’t be a female men’s rights/MGTOW supporter without thick skin and the knowledge that when guys talk about “all women” they don’t necessarily mean you. And besides, I don’t have quite the same life experiences so when I come to cis male spaces it’s time to listen and learn. Possibly ask for clarification if it’s allowed (for example, it’s okay for me to talk here but not on most MGTOW forums).

          In regards to relationships, I’ve been in a FwB one for the past 8 years with an incredibly extroverted, lovable geeky man. You are correct…relationships all involve some compromise, even in egalitarian ones. I do not have to change myself for him in any major way (he likes my hair long, but that’s about it), and we are definitely on the same wavelength. Pregnancy scares me…he had a vasectomy before we met. We both like our freedom, and have no desire to cohabitate or marry. In order to keep the scales of power balanced, I do whatever I can to not accept the loaded gun that is continuously offered from the government. It’s better that way.

        • That was an interesting read about a condition I didn’t know about. So basically you are a woman with similar mental growth than a man but still don’t feel yourself constrained by your femayle body enough to be a transexual, is that correct?

        • Basically.

          As I wrote in my post ‘Wrong Body, Right Mind’:

          “…DSM-5 proposes that teens and adults who have it experience 2 or more of the following:

          1. A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and primary and/or secondary sex characteristics.

          2. A strong desire to be rid of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics because of a marked incongruence with one’s experienced/expressed gender.

          3. A strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the other gender.

          4. A strong desire to be of the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).

          5. A strong desire to be treated as the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).

          6. A strong conviction that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).

          I experience #s 1, 4, 5 and 6. I’ve never felt #3, but during puberty I felt #2 nearly every day. It was only in the past few years that I’ve (mostly) gotten beyond it…though whenever someone tells me I’m “pretty”, “beautiful”, shapely”, or otherwise comments on my feminine body it makes me shrivel up inside.”

          As for going the transsexual route…If there were a way for me to truly become a male-bodied person, I’d do it. But I’ve done my research well, and this is not the case. For one thing, it is “easier to dig a hole than build a pole” aka it’s more difficult to create a penis than a vulva. Most (not all) post-op trans people of either sex report feelings of despair, inadequacy, mental anguish, and unfulfilled physical goals because the results are still not up to par with the expectations they cultivated. Many commit suicide due to unrealization of what they wanted to have and experience. If those are not reason enough, the vast amounts of psychological evaluations, insurance claims, surgery preparation…hell, even just hormone therapy costs…are more than I can afford to do at this point in time. I may not ever be fully “at home” in my body, but I feel like it would be disrespectful for me to treat it as such since it is otherwise very healthy and fit. Heck, I don’t even have any piercings or tattoos. If this is what the wheel of life has brought me to this time around, it’s probably for the best that I experience it for all it is.

        • I think, even by low numbers, the number of Female MRAs that can be counted on is really low, I can just count by my own experience Straughan…and that’s it, I think there is another one who makes good points, the problem is that most jus regurgitate the same of what they’ve seen in MRA websites. Karen is in this because of her male child, I can accept that, the thing I believe is that they are good for is to provide a platform that will make men start accepting the message, something that if it were a man telling them the same, they would dismiss it as a cuckoo, and with them at least they will start to look into it.

          The important thing is to learn what motivates a woman to support men, this is what will tell you if she is legit or not. If what motivates her is that she has to work now instead of sitting in her ass while hubby is out building the Pyramids, then she is just as misandric as the Feminists. Claims of things like ’empathy’ also don’t fly since to many it seems that women tend towards solipsism in huge numbers, making it impossible to empathise with anybody.

          Lesbianism is even worse, lesbians for some fucked up reason see us as sexual competition, apparently thinking that women would somehow turn lesbian if there were not enough suitable men. Also most lesbians had bad experiences with men in the past, hence why most of the worst Feminist ideologues are lesbian, with very few Camille Paglias here and there, but I would consider lesbianism a red flag honestly.

          Bisexuals on the other hand have a different life outlook overall, and since they are usually discriminated against in Gay and Lesbian communities, and tend to be better accepted in mainstream than there, except by some who think they are still in the closet and treat them like they treat others in Queer communities.

          The thing is, Female MRAs are OK at least as a way to give exposure, what I can’t tolerate is them giving life advises to anybody, simply because for the most part they have no way of knowing and empathising with what we suffer, and I’ve found many using NAWALT cards nonstop, and their advice turns out suicidal most of the time. They are ok to breastfeed you your first red pills, but you need to grow up from them after a while.

    • “On gender dysphoria”

      Interesting, my parents are both psychologists so I may ask them whenever I return to my home country in a month or so, if I am lucky and they don’t treat me as the spawn of Satan again for not giving my mother grand children…I tend to have an anthorpological interest on human sexuality and social interactions, have been reading a lot about asexuality lately on my free time because I kinda roll like that (no I am not asexual, just interested). I’ve studied gay communities (luckily I had a lot of gay friends in my homeland, who introduce me to the gay scene probably on hopes of “converting me”, and a couple of Lesbian coworkers where I work at for some reason so it was kinda easy to gather info there) and this is kinda new to me.

      That’s what I meant, you are not uncomfortable enough with your female body as to go through all the process of surgery, the meager results matter, but just because you are kinda comfy at this point at least with your body and have accepted yourself in it. If you were as desperate as the transexuals I’ve known (granted all except one male to female) you really wouldn’t think much about the consequences, so I would say it is kinda in between between being cis gender female and transexual route although I am just speaking from ignorance, until I read the DSM-5 and studies about it (if my job gives me any respite, that is)

  7. Spends 65k bucks AND has to surrogate his nature to get laid? That‘s pathetic in a whole new level. It costs me 900 euros a month to go with escorts and that accounts for six lays with six different women…I’ve even had threesomes and it just adds 300 bucks on top of that. Jeez man, that guy should revise his priorities.

  8. check this out:


    appears this “empowered feminist womyn” had an encounter with some Hugo Schwyzer like professor…

    And yet low status men are still the “bad guys.”

    I bet Fat Futrelle is secretly fuming at this article but won’t say anything as he doesn’t want to be kicked out of Team Feminism ™

    also of note with Futrelle, notice how him and Forney are two of the biggest bullies and they can’t even control their diet or get off their huge asses to do excersize. I wonder of that’ what those social justice creepers call “intersectionality,” Forney and Futrelle–oppressessedessed by teh cheezeburger….

    • Nope.
      See my post here: http://tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/a-poem-for-mgtows/

      And my comment from a friend’s blog:

      I know. Don’t you just love it?

      “Feminism helps men too!”
      (a few minutes later)
      “You can’t judge the feminist movement based on what it does for men!”

      “Feminism is the only ideology that works for true equality!”
      (in the same paragraph)
      “Egalitarians are closet misogynists!”

      “Men are hurt by patriarchal attitudes!” (followed closely by)
      “Men are privileged by patriarchal attitudes!”

      The best one? “Those who have privilege are blind to it!”
      (non-feminist points out possible examples of female based privileges and beneficial double standards)
      “That is benevolent sexism, women have no actual privileges!”

      Feminist arguments are Gordian knots…

    • “Just remember, you are privileged because you might be conscripted for a draft…”

      Oh, oh! I found out the “reason” for this via a random blog yesterday! The concept of the Draft being male-only is *actually* oppressive to women because it harkens back to the days when women were considered too delicate and weak to fight for their tribe/village/country. So it has been said.

      • I got in an argument with a femanazi about that and she claimed men were privileged because, like, donchya know “benevolent sexism.” The womyn and gays can have the miltary-I don’t want to spill blood for O’Bombya’s war machine…

        • I tried to inform one of them that numerous aspects of benevolent sexism and chivalry didn’t necessarily have negative connotations…Many really were for the benefit of women/potential mothers.

          Nope. I have “become one with my oppressors as an act of survival”.

        • If women think dying in the military is such a privilege, then they can go and fight ISIS. I will put up the money to send them to Syria, although there will not be enough money for them to return to the west.

        • I never claimed it made sense, BP. Only that it was said. There’s far better things to do with your money anyway…I send some of mine to the local SPCA and the Wounded Warrior Project every month.

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