61 comments on “If Women Can’t Leave WizardChan Alone

  1. I heard about the fact that Wizardchan was targeted during the #gamergate scandal, but never the reason why. Even if one/a few of those guys had “started it”, that hardly gives anyone the right to mock and harass everyone on a particular forum…especially one where the entire purpose is to provide solace to people who are hurting from lack of intimacy.

    • remember Social Justice Warriors aren’t bullies because like, kyriarchy and misogyny donchya know…

      And because they putt the ™ symbol behind things and the flashing SARCASM button.

      • On some things, I agree with them…Racism, sexism, and homophobia *are* aspects of society that benefit no one and should be eradicated.

        But when I’m told that using the word “stupid” to refer to a law is “ableist” against the mentally handicapped or saying something is “crazy good” makes fun of schizophrenics…or arguing that women aren’t actually “empowered” by frivocing their husbands of 25 years means I’m “misogynistic against independent women”…Yeah. No.

        • how is Mandy Marcrappy different than the WN’s that posted at IMF…


          (yes I’ve dropped this link a hundred times.)

          It’s just that creeps like Marcrappy and Schwyzer went to the right schools and bash the right low status men. As Mr. Blak Pill mentioned, the only stance that WN’s and femanazi’s take different is abortion. Notice how feminazi’s never talk about girls being aborted in shitty places like India and China? If they actually cared about girls, they would. I’ve talked about it. Of course a feminazi would say that the only reason I would care is the only way I could ever get an attractive wife who would cook for me would be to import her from the third world. But femanzi’s and Social Justice Warriors only care about rich upper middle class white womyn. Of course you cahn’t say anything bad about a guy like Jack Don-0-van because he fucks guys in the ass and hom-0-phobia is the worstest sin in their eyes. That’s why pigman Fartrelle has never critiqued Jack Don-0-van…

  2. Well it’s kind of like public school. The kids that had sex made fun of
    the social outcasts. You would think that if they were partaking of the
    greatest pleasure that life has to offer, they would have SYMPATHY
    rather then ridicule for the social lepers. That’s not how it works.
    Survival of the fittest. The reject is like an invading virus to the health
    of the body: “There but for the grace of God, goes I.”
    The freak must be vanquished at all costs. They MIGHT convert to
    Islam and set bombs at a “Girl’s Gone Wild Event.”

    • you cahn’t “slut shame” you kyriarchical misogynist. How dare you imply that she had sex to gain power and not to prove how empowered ™ she is.

      Of course she has to pick on virgins, just like Manboobz Fraudtrelle. I mean you are a kyriarchical misoginist because if you make fun of his weight you are really making fun of his lack of discipline-but that’s bad because kyriarchy. But if he makes fun of a virgin, it is because women don’t like him (in the case of male virgins) and he was too scared to visit/unable to afford the services of a prostitute. So it is fair game for a real man ™ –notice how he uses EXACTLY the same shaming tactics that someone he claims to hate like Roosh would use. So how is he different than Roosh, except that Roosh stops eating after the 15th cheezeburger.

    • Maybe she fears their magic defenses to her charms?

      I’m not a virgin, nor am I in my 30’s yet but sure as hell I don’t see how anybody can keep an erection with the lady in question…bitch’s fuggo as hell

  3. Let me be Captain Obvious here: WizardChan is not a happy place. In fact, they have the number of a suicide hotline on each page.

    And these are the guys the SJWs have chosen to target. They’re not speaking truth to power, they’re speaking truth to powerlessness. It’s a classic example of bullying, and it proves everything they ever said about power and privledge was self-serving crap

    • I had heard of Wizardchan before but had assumed it was akin to the Loveshy forums…Dear Gods, it is not. I read posts there for about 2 hours last night, and had to go get tissues numerous times.

      I just want to find every man there and give them really long hugs, and tell them they have value as a person…

      This wouldn’t make up for the rejections or lack of intimacy they’ve endured, but it is the only thing I could probably provide. People need love and kindness to live as well as minimal physical touch. That so many are merely surviving without it is wrong. 😦

      • I’m curious, but is it safe to go there? i mean there aren’t any dodgy links, right? ( I don’t want to go to a site with porn links, I’ve encountered that aat a couple of MGTOW forums )

        • To Genderratic? Yeah, it’s cool.

          I think I know which MGTOW forum you mean…every frickin navigation away from a page tries to redirect you, right? So annoying, especially since it’s usually the crappiest porn you can imagine.

        • Geez, I’m sorry man…I saw your question via the WordPress app on my phone and I thought you were talking about BP’s link. If you mean Wizardchan, then yes it should be safe too. I was browsing it using my phone (I don’t own a computer) and didn’t encounter any problems.

          Apologies for the miscommunication.

  4. “If women can’t leave the wizards alone, drastic measures are required to avoid harassment and worse by women and manginas working for them.”

    What do you think should be done? What would actually work?

  5. But aren’t SOME women individuals? Can’t they think for themselves?
    Isn’t Tarnished a perfect example of this?
    True enough, there aren’t enough compassionate women around.
    The most common question is: “What’s in it for me?” But men are
    also like that. There’s a reason why another word for obtaining sex is
    called “getting lucky.” Luck is unquestionablly involved. That’s the
    secret to P.U.A. Ask enough women and someone is bound to
    Given the fact that BOTH sex and gambling are located in the 5th
    house of the Astrological chart, it makes sense that most male
    virgins have Saturn in that house as I do.
    Would I do myself in, if there was some painless way? Sure.
    But there IS no painless way.
    Society should examine this problem, and find an “out.”

    • If you really wanted to “end it” painlessly, I can think of 2 ways off the top of my head…probably more if I actually do a little research into various over the counter medicines. But I wish you wouldn’t…I’m an advocate of euthanasia for those who really desire it (author Terry Pratchett, who is living with Alzheimer’s, makes an excellent argument for this in his film/documentary “Choosing to Die”) because it *is* your life, and thus your death. But it’s still incredibly sad to see an otherwise bright light be lost before it’s true time.

      Btw, Lon…I’m unsure if using me as an example for the existence of sane/compassionate women is a viable option. Still trying to figure that one out myself.

  6. What’s really scary is how much a role plain dumb luck plays in
    our lives. Some people really are handed the short end of the stick.
    That’s why a favorite line from the song “Standing In The Shadows Of
    Love,” by the Four Tops is: “Crying a’int gonna help me now.”
    It NEVER DOES-long term.

  7. Okay. Time for my two cents –

    Once you get to a certain age, and you are STILL not getting any DSR, it really is time to simply give up and try to focus upon other things. Now I am not going to lie to you good folks here; I’m going through a pretty tough time at the moment. My health is shitty, and the one thing positive in my life, my photography has really suffered. However. Unless a woman offers me sex, I really have no fucking use for her. I do not enjoy their company, and like a lot of men in the same situation, I now just want to be left ALONE.

  8. Further proof that if you’re not blessed with attractive facial aesthetics and are shy and socially awkward, then as far as the majority of women are concerned you may as well have ‘Rapist’ or ‘Untermensch’ tattooed somewhere conspicuous.

  9. The hardest thing for me is to be in the presence of attractive
    women especially during the summer mounths, and knowing
    I will never have any “private interaction” with them.
    I don’t believe that one should “wallow” in self pity, because
    “What does that REALLY solve?” But my “living” requirements force
    me to go out into the public now and then. Also, we all know about
    the media-even a simple newspaper. They say: “Just don’t think
    about it.” It’s like saying “just don’t breath.”
    It’s wonderful to have a choice about “Going your own way.”
    It’s not so much fun when the choice has been made for you.

    • How the heck are you supposed to see a woman dressed in typical summer clothing and “just not think about it”? I’m bi, and I can’t “not think about it” for both men and women…I guess that means I’m a double objectifier.

      Don’t listen to people like that. They do not understand how a male-oriented brain works.

  10. interesting video by JTO:

    also, he mentions Judgy Bitch, and I gotta tell ya, I really have my reservations against feMRA’s…

    at the end of the day, I don’t trust them.

    also very interesting that he mentions traditionalism as being as/more destructive to men than feminism. I’ve seen another blogger, Rookh Kishatria mention a similar idea that feminism is built upon anglo saxon puritanism and hatred of men.

    • I don’t know if traditionalists are more dangerous/destructive than feminists. Way I see it, they are two halves of the same misandric coin.

      In feminism, men are “the enemy”. If not on an individual level, then certainly on a global one. Teh Patriarchy, don’t cha know, is hurtful to men but is also run, enjoyed by, upheld, endorsed, and created by men.

      Traditionalism, on the other hand, needs men to feel wanted. While at first glance this may seem like a good deal, remember that a man under this system is only respected and sought after if he *provides*. Should you shirk your “responsibilities” to wed a woman, have 2-5 kids, buy a house, and have a full-time good paying job…Well, congratulations son. You’re a failure.

      Neither feminism nor traditionalism is helpful toward menfolk. Each has it’s own issues that make this a game where the only winning move is to not play.

      • Yeah, feminsm is “Anglo Saxon.” I guess Franz Boas and Betty Freidan were both “anglo saxons” lol.

        While at first glance this may seem like a good deal, remember that a man under this system is only respected and sought after if he *provides*. Should you shirk your “responsibilities” to wed a woman, have 2-5 kids, buy a house, and have a full-time good paying job…Well, congratulations son. You’re a failure.

        Expecting a man to have a full time job and have children! Help, help, we’re being oppressed!

        This just shows how you people are no different from other cultural marxists. The White race, especially the worst subgroup of the White race, “Anglo Saxon Protestants” are responsible for the evil in the world, and the historic traditions of the Germanic Peoples(expecting men to work and have children) are evil.

    • I think it’s wrong to think about feminism and traditionalism as an either/or. Think of it as being between a rock and a hard place or being punched from 2 opposite sides.

    • I have noticed that there has been a very long term house cleaning at AVFM, something I approve of. It seems like getting rid of John the Other could be a part of that, especially since he was using AVFM to peddle conspiracy theory bullshit. It’s possible that FeMRAs are becoming a problem and taking over AVFM, but given JTO’s history with conspiracy theory, I am not going to make that assumption yet. (Conspiracy theory is pro-traditionalism minus David Icke’s bullshit which is explicitly feminist so promoting conspiracy theory makes JTO’s opposition to traditionalism pretty hollow.) Getting rid of JTO logically fits with AVFM’s greater housecleaning, so I don’t oppose what AVFM did to him at this time.

      • Another thing they did was getting rid of Christina Hansen (Mendez) who went by Wooly Bumblebee. She started to rail against MGTOW and especially against Barbarossa and Stardusk who were also posting up videos and blogs against women and their non-sense. Wooly just didn’t like the fact that men were starting to bring the much-needed heat against women and their utter bull. Honestly, I think that women tend to be more of a detractant and distraction then conspiracy theorists..until they go off the reservation. Women, in general, are always off the reservation and respecting and listening to the vast majority of their opinions is an exercise in futility and lunacy.

  11. Mr. Black Pill, what’ya think of this dude?


    while he talks the talk, I bet he’d throw any low status man under the buss for a sniff of pussy. He talks tough, but he aligns himself with dudes like Roissy. Seems like Rooshiepoops, trying to get in with the HBD’ers like GL Faggy/Jack yaoff Don-0-van and all that by playing the “white guy with a tan” card. He’s also classist, a crappy mix of British and Indian culture. Advipoops would probably call him a Massy Sahib….

    • I have noticed plenty of attempts to pass off anti-Americanism (or anti-Anglosphereism) as anti-feminism in the so called manosphere. This guy is one of them. It’s just another scam attempting to recruit men via the so called manosphere.

  12. hahahahaha…

    if you critique Mandy Marcrappy for her views–you are evillle…


    “Anyway we can’t underestimate how anti-feminist it is to persuade women that they might dominate others in racist ways even against their own perception (on top of the fact that it reverts patriarchal blame on women). Trying to dominate someone else certainly isn’t something that can be done unconsciously, we’re always aware of when we want to manipulate, take power or assert our authority over someone. It means telling women to suppress their perceptions of reality, and that’s the best way to gaslight and assert power over someone. Once it’s legitimate to attack women in this way, to use the threat of racist accusation in order to obtain submission, it makes us vulnerable to scapegoating and opens the door to all sorts of power abuse: denying the right to speech, taking control over decisions in the name of anti-racism, etc.”

    and if you critique Don-0-van–it is because you are an evillle hom-0-phobe…

    Futrelle will make fun of low status men by calling them neckbeards but you can’t crack a joke about his lack of discipline (obesity).

    man, these fuckers will make up any kind of excuse just to bash low status men and murder fetuses…

    • Stoner, the feminists I’ve spoken to have always made it clear that their ideology is about equality for *women*. Most are fairly honest after a few minutes of run around, and will eventually admit that they don’t do things like campaign got men’s DV shelters because it would take time away from helping women. When it’s pointed out that this creates an inequality, they say it’s unfortunate…but splitting time and resources to help men isn’t helpful to their overall goal.

      • Of course they do. They aren’t equalists in all regards. They just want equality in terms of all of the benefits, but never to reach down and join men in their struggles and challenges. Even if it is their son’s and grandson’s that are suffering, they will still put the “sistahood” above all. Like I said, women can’t be trusted when it comes to the well-being of men.

        • Sad, but true. I’ve seen women almost literally throw their male relatives under a bus to preserve some facade of female superiority/honor.

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