68 comments on “Impotent Threats

  1. The science sites I’ve read say women choose. They choose first on body type. 2nd and 3rd are height and face and these two come in far behind the first criteria, body type. Then they check for other things, like ideology, for long-term compatibility. So the white nationalists, as little women as they get, since most men are not attractive, end up running off the few women that may be interested. Ideology is one of the worst ideas used as advice to get laid. It has the opposite results.

      • Agreed, my late wife loved my smile first, and in her words when I first laughed she could hardly control her legs.

        • Ha! Well, it was a little different for me since we were friends before becoming FwB, but yeah…a great laugh and nice smile are highly attractive. If I had to say why, it’s probably because these are generally indicators of a good, relaxed personality.

  2. “Thus, all these groups think that they can make threats to men denying them dating, sex, & relationships based on their political ideology. ”

    why do you think those groups are against prostitution (with consenting adult women). Well except the so-called sex positive feminists who seem to think highly of the Swedish model-the payee is the victim and the payer is an oppressive swine. Of course they are all “you go grrrl” when a womyn does porno or rips a man off, er charges for sex.

    • Obviously they’ve never taken the time to speak to the “highly oppressed, patriarchy internalizing, self-hating” ladies who work at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada…

      I did, for a social project in college. The 2 who agreed to do my little questionnaire seemed nice, and more importantly, quite concious of their job choice and all it entailed.

        • Yes, I do. I’m only a lurker there, but we share many similar beliefs: the importance of positive sexual attitudes, the desire for legalization of sex work/prostitution, the knowledge that women (and men) are quite capable of making sexual decisions for themselves, that sex clients deserve respect just as much as the workers, etc. I may only have had 1 partner compared to her many…but I’m of the opinion that having better thoughts about sex and physical intimacy would help us a great deal.

          When you think of sex as a pleasurable shared experience between lovers instead of a tool for manipulating men out of resources/time, prostitutes aren’t threatening whatsoever. 🙂

  3. When I first read this post, I went up to my (very much a fellow gamer) FwB and gave him a long kiss. Surprisingly, neither of us imploded from the irrational fury of the idiots who started this Twitter campaign.

    Maybe 2 gamers cancels it out?

  4. I guess they are at least admitting that girls don’t belong in the gaming industry after all.

    when they lash out against everyone else, they reveal their true colors.

  5. I wouldn’t say it’s an impotent threat. Many liberal women would not date a conservative man, let alone someone who disagreed with feminism or race mixing. This, along with fear of being purged from their jobs is what keeps these “Gamers” anonymous. I have also observed many conservative women who would not date a liberal, and certainly a majority of White women would not race mix, even many who claim to be liberal. Men also would rather date someone of their own political views if that was an option for them.(They have less options due to hypergamy)

      • Peterman,

        Can I ask you something? (Obviously don’t answer if it’s painful.)

        How do women reject you? Are they always mean about it, or are some nice? Just wondering, as I’ve only been rejected once by a guy and he was pretty amicable about it. (I’d offered him oral sex since he is a virgin, but he declined since I wasn’t offering a relationship.)

        • Also, look at what men experience to meet women in general. In my experience, if I ask a woman out, and she says no, she is amicable. Or she just sort of walks away without interest. In an environment with hyper stimulation, like a nightclub, women just turn and walk away.

          But, but, but, most men experience being ignored when meeting new groups of people. So if you go to events open to the public and act like a normal human being, you will still rarely meet new women, which you would have to do in order to “get” a new one. Eventually you run out of women to ask out in your social circle and you go out and meet new people. There are tons of new events to try, but at all events you generally don’t meet anyone, male or female, to be friends with… a lot of people don’t seem to have the interest or skills to meet new people, IMHO. This is somewhat understandable because people have only so much time or attention to meet new people. But this is the primary problem that is placed on men who are supposed to “try hard” to get a date.

          That is not technically “rejection” because no actual “asking out” occurred, but it is a very common problem (for both low-status men and low-status women) that “feels” rather uncomfortable. And I say that as a pleasant-looking white guy that comes across upper-class and is welcome everywhere. It is still a thin world with few options to meet new people, let alone get new dates.

        • Hmm. I’ve never been to a club…from the info I’ve gathered, it seems loud, impersonal, and crowded. Not really my type of place. Women literally just turn and walk away? Is this type of environment consistent with less manners?

          I can see what you mean about “not asking out I= rejection”. Many people forget this, including women who could very easily get a partner simply by being the one to start the conversation.

        • They run the whole range mostly, from kind of mean to semi-nice. One said we lived too far apart to start dating (she lived half an hour from me). Then there was the girl who just said “Aww” and walked away.

        • She said “aww” and walked away?! What an entitled bitchy princess. Dear Gods, where the hell is anyone’s compassion nowadays? I hope you don’t have to put up with many women like that…If this is the dating pool in your area, it’s probably better to be MGTOW.

        • Correct. The thing about “low status” men is that is usually only a reflection of their SMV…Most of the ones I know have very high AV (Actual Value). They are good people, have high standards of morality, speak many languages, are great at their jobs *and* hobbies, constantly improve themselves, etc.

        • SMV, hahaha that’s some IT sounding acronym. Man-0-spherians invent weird words. As far as morality, mines most similar to a stray dog. Great at my job? Nah. Cool hobbies, I suppose, it passes time.

        • I first saw it over on a MGTOW forum, and thought it made a lot of sense. People can have AV, SMV, or a combination of both…the issue I see with most women is they rely far too heavily on their SMV, and then have no AV to offer a prospective partner later in life.

          I’ve known a number of highly ethical strays. No worries there. 😉

          I thought you were good at your job, but hated it?

          Yup. You have some great hobbies. Not as much of a gamer as myself, but then again I *work* in a gaming store. Your music is cool, though.

        • work is a prison…

          I have a “nice” or is that Nice ™ resume…

          currently unemployed and cause I did “contract” 1099 work, no bennies….

          I’d like to stay unemployed but will probably go back to the grind before 2015…

        • Sorry you haven’t found a job you like, Stoner. I’ve had jobs that I hated going to in the past…in a way, they did seem like a type of prison.

        • I don’t think putting men or women into *either* gender role is cool, but unless we go back to a less materialistic society, just about everybody has to work. Thankfully, I really enjoy working at my job and volunteering at the spca. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still work/volunteer, because that’s what makes me happy and fulfilled. For others, having a family or doing their hobbies makes them fulfilled.

        • Tell me about it…my mom and sisters buy so much junk. It’s even worse when guys come into my store to pick up the newest Xbox game and their girlfriends openly complain about it being “such a waste of money”. Right…because those expensive shoes, massive dangling earrings, and designer purses are soooo necessary for your survival.

          Re: work
          I don’t know how I’d feel if I didn’t *have* to work. Obviously I’d have more time to do my hobbies…I could paint more miniatures, research more topics for my blog, finally just have a day or two to play videogames, get in on another D&D or Shadowrun game, do more with the animal shelter, go back to volunteering at the soup kitchen, work out more than twice a week…There’s a lot I could do. But I think my personality is too Type A to spend my days relaxing. Strangely, I actually feel guilty when I’m not being productive in some way, shape, or form.

        • puritanism, puritanism, puritanism…

          it’s even better to eff off work without guilt than watch lotts of porn and try dirty sex moves to tell everyone you are “sex positive.” Puritanism has made many people stick it out at awful jobs and enrich their employers while killing their soul…

          Funny how the man-0-sphere and feminism promote puritanism…

        • I understand you are at a job where you get to talk about video games and comics, I was at a job where I cold called people and they called me an asshole, then my employer called me an asshole for not bringing in enough results and I was told it was a “professional sales career” when I signed up.

        • Well, I do a lot more than that, but yeah, it’s a great job in general.

          Your boss should understand that many people don’t like being cold called, and people in general should be nicer to telemarketers. There’s no reason to be rude or mean to someone who’s just doing their job. That goes for anybody. I have customers who are rude, screaming harpies and giant jerkfaces during the holiday seasons…there is no reason for it.

        • well, I’m not “privileged.” I’ve done low pay shitwork….

          Mandy Marcotte, David futrelle and all the others can go fuck themselves with a rusty dildo….

        • Yup. It’s really pathetic that people say all men are privileged…there are so many layers to one’s life experiences, you can’t just qualify them based on sex.

        • well, the feminists have Huggs Skeezer and the WN’s have Jack Don-0-van–just because poop comes out instead of pee and said hole doesn’t belong to the gender they claim to love doesn’t mean they aren’t “getting any.” (Or maybe receiving.)

        • “just because poop comes out instead of pee and said hole doesn’t belong to the gender they claim to love doesn’t mean they aren’t “getting any.” ”

          Lol, I’m sorry but this just confused the hell out of me…What are you talking about? I know it’s a reference to them being “gay”, but my comprehension ends there. What female anatomy are you comparing this to?

        • They aren’t gay, per say…in fact the fact that they’d force their anal lust onto an unwilling male makes the “androphiles.” Funnny how Forney and Futrelle will bash low status men but they cahn’t resist the lure of the McDonalds Cheezeburger. And the female anatomy I am purportedly comparing this to i would not be able to name because my only knowledge of this would be looking at naughty things on the internet (according to real, masculine men like Roosh 5.)

        • Don’t worry, I know you don’t have an actual problem with real gay guys.

          I was/am confused because it sounded like you were comparing anal sex to vaginal sex (or equating one hole to the other for the purposes of sex, which is fair enough) but women don’t piss out of their vagina, so…yeah. Confused.

        • I wouldn’t want to be assraped, and somehow creepers like Skeezer only think enthusiastic consent applies to womyn. Also that Jack Don-0-van fucker is a piece of work. Stayed out of prison so I could avoid the male feminists and WN’s. I don’t care if that makes me a homophobe or misogynist.

        • I don’t think that makes you homophobic at all…anal sex/play can be fun for either men or women (my FwB enjoys prostate massage and I’ve mentioned before that I like anal in moderation) but it *has to be done carefully and consensually*. Same with anything sexual really…I unfortunately just found out this month that I get bad flashbacks from sharing a shower, even with the man I’d trust with my life. A guy I knew in college was afraid of getting blowjobs because of something that happened when he was young like myself. Luckily, we both have/had partners who are respectful of our issues.

          Too many of us have been harmed in some way…mental, physical, or sexual… and it’s too easy to break a person if they already have cracks in their armor because of another’s selfishness or sadism. Being cautious of women doesn’t make you a misogynist, just like not wanting to experience certain sex acts doesn’t make you homophobic or prudish. Tolerance, y’know? It goes a long way…

        • Tarnished,

          it’s not trauma but anger. Anger that these “social justice warriors” and man-0-spherian assholes are just bullies and use socially acceptable tropes to shit all over low status guys like myself. These bullies don’t deserve compassion, just a hard punch in the face. Or in Forney/Futrelle’s case, someone should hide their cheezeburgers and make them eat vegetables. Haha, cruel and unusual punishment…

        • I don’t think you’re low status, Stoner.
          Nobody here is. Until proven otherwise via cruel or mean-spirited actions/words, everyone is worthy of being treated with dignity.

          Just the way I view the world…I’m not naive by any definition, but I’m always willing to let people show what kind of human being they are.

        • by societies standards *I AM* low status and a worthless, disposable POS. I’ve not commited a crime like hugo Schwyzer as attempting to kill someone in a drug fueled rage. All the violence I’ve dealt back IRL has been in self defense. Yet still I’m seen as a threat because I’ll refuse my disposability for the greater good that views me as worthless…

        • I can sympathize with that.

          I don’t care that complete strangers “recommend” that I get married or have babies. I don’t care if “other” women subtly mock me for not wearing makeup, skintight clothing, or dresses. I don’t care that people think it’s odd that I act/talk/dress in a more masculine manner than they think I should given my female body. I don’t care that people make fun of me for not wanting casual sex. Nor do I care that it makes the people in my (highly feminist) area uncomfortable/angry when I point out double standards and misogyny.

          But these are still encounters and situations I have to deal with.

          What are some examples of the things you have to deal with that frustrate/worry you that you live with day by day?

    • Stoner,

      Are you sure you mean intersexed? That’s the term for people who are born with both male and female genitals (or unidentifiable ones). Formerly called hermaphrodites. Last I’d heard they only made up about 3% of the entire population…

      • from the article:

        “The study, headed by Ursula Virtanen from the Australian National University, surveyed a sample of 500 women who identified themselves as feminists. Close to 75 per cent of the women who were considered or considered themselves “radical” feminists also identified as queer – lesbian, trans, and intersex.”

  6. Nobody likes to be placed in a position where they “owe” someone. That’s
    the reason for the “cold”, or non-commitial response that women give to men.
    “What’s in it for me?” people ask? If you accept a “favor,” you owe a favor in
    Nature never intended what we have today. We have weaklings living
    simulated lives. It always was meant to be “survival of the fittest.” If we
    lived by that code only 65% of people currantly living would be alive, and
    there would be a lot less people whiening about not getting sex.

    • Fail.

      “Survival of the fittest” is a cliche. The real evolutionary pressures affect immunology (i.e. survive disease) and ability to get food/energy from the environment, as that environment changes. And nothing else.

      All of human history involves toolmaking. From flint stone knives all the way up to modern birth control. Ergo, nature did never “intend” anything except for what we actually do have today. Therefore, nature did “intend” it.

      Thanks for playing.

      • While I’m going to agree with greatshebang about nature/survival, I’m going to concur with Lon about the concept of being in debt. I learned at a young age that if you “owe” someone anything at all, it can be used against you in horrible ways. Better to fend for oneself.

    • Wrong. Nature is indifferent it does not intend to do anything. Don’t fall for the old Nature fallacy. Just because something occurs in nature does not make it right. If you are capable of adapting to your said enviroment you are “worthy” of life.

    • I’ve actually read about psychological experiments that show that most people think less of.someone who gives them a gift because of this very thing. Which shows.how.weird I am, because I like someone more if they give me a present.

  7. Well Anthony “Dream” Johnson is holding another 21 Convention in Tampa, FL this weekend and the cost is a whopping $1,500!!! He said there are only 50 tickets for 50 lucky buyers. He wants to keep it small and exclusive. He says there will be NO 2 for 1 deals like previously conventions because of the 21 Convention’s “worth”.

    Well that was months ago. Now he’s down to just days before and he is trying the 33% discount plea as a means for selling unsold tickets.

    Can you imagine that the “greatest panorama event for men on Earth” couldn’t even manage to sell a mere 50 tickets?

  8. I loved it when wii and Facebook games players went alongside the gaming press decided that ” We are not gamers anymore” and they just got blank stares by the vast rest of the community with many saying “Well, you never were Gamers to begin with so…”

    Being a kid from the late 80’s and early 90’s, I find hilarious when people threaten gamers with social isolation, we’ve always been pariahs, I had to put up with a lot of bullshit about people thinking I killed babies for Satan and bullshit like that most of my life because I played D&D, that I couldn’t function as a normal person socially because I played videogames, that I’ll never get a girlfriend because I owned a Nintendo 64 and a Playstation…

    Newsflash douchebags, we were already pariahs and we don’t care about social circles. We care about games, about skills and about your attempts of destroying our hobby. Funny how it is always corrupt assholes who cry for our destruction, from the left and the right, from fundamentalist Christians to Feminazis, stop calling yourselves gamers and get out, don’t let the door hit yoiu in the ass.

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