40 comments on “This Could Have Been Partially Inspired By My Blog

    • Meanwhile, stupid ideas are pretty much unique.

      For the record, there is much more evidence that Anita is a con artist than there is that any MRA has made a single credible threat against her.

  1. on a different note….

    Doosh 5 just admitted he hasn’t had much luck with attractive woman…


    yet he’ll make fun of “losers” who don’t want to learn “game.”

    My prediction is that when he gets tired of “tricking” the HBD/race realist guys that he’s really a white guy with a tan so that he can join their hot sweaty discourses on masculinity in a hot tub…

    ….well, he’ll join ISIS…

    ….and get the head he so craves…

  2. ” Was part of the reddit entry inspired by this blog? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter. My ideas are based on observing reality. That’s why someone on the KotakuInAction reddit can come up with the same conclusions as me.”

    If you actually have your eyes open and aren’t drinking the koolaid that SJWs peddle, it’s easy to see the connections.

    • I guess for the same reason people who maintain websites that depend on Gamers decided to say that all Gamers are the scum of the Earth.

      • Website owners most likely did this because even people with their thumb on the pulse of the industry still tend to think of Gamers as “overweight white cis heterosexual boy-men who are socially inept and live in their mom’s basement”. I wonder how their collective feet tasted, when the #notmyshield campaign showed that some Gamers *are* the stereotype, but then some of us are also black, Hispanic, Asian…homosexual, bisexual, asexual…female, intersex, trans, dysphoric…and every conceivable combination thereof?

        Way to go, media. Not only did you manage to piss off nerdy straight white men, but you had the gall to think you could speak for everyone else. Idiots.

        • Do not mix the corrupt self righteous hipsters with overblown ego who compose videogames journalists with the people who put so much effort into raising the industry. The latter being scared shitless of the former since bad press has proven to sink sales.

          I think the industry itself tends to see how multicultural gaming is, mostly because the studios themselves look like United Colors of Benneton commercials if you pay attention to the people involved, you got several of different colors, genders, sexualities and social backgrounds, while the journalists are mostly white manginas and feminazi drama whores with a bunch of self hating asians to add color.

          Honestly, pay attention to credits in games, the Whiter the cast, the most SJW bullshittery it pushes. Yes I’m looking at you Bioware.

          The funniest part is that the majority of vidya journos get pissed by Japanese games. They FUCKIN HATE Japan with all their might. Not many whites in Nihon last time I checked, but apparently it is Het White Cis male paradise…ahhh well.

        • Oh, believe me Bayz, I know.
          Notice how I said those with their thumb on the pulse of the industry, not those who help it flourish and grow. Were that they were the same group…

        • “overweight white cis heterosexual boy-men who are socially inept and live in their mom’s basement”

          I don’t live in my mom’s basement, I live in her spare room.

        • Fair enough. 🙂
          Truthfully, I know many men who still live at home (usually economic/financial reasons, sometimes medical ones), but only 1 who dwells in their basement. And heck…it is a *nice* basement. Hardwood floor, cool toys/electronics, mirrors set up to catch the most natural light from the windows, a mobile wall to separate his living area from his bed, a small personal bathroom. It’s pretty awesome.

        • I actually like my parent’s house’s basement. I just can’t find a job in my hometown so I can’t live there, but hell, it i has good enough ventilation air conditioning for the summer and heating systems for the winter, toilet room, it’s own kitchen…is like a little apartment inside the house…

          On the other hand the wifi doesn’t reach down there so…I don’t think many stereotypical basement dwellers would like to live there…unless they like pool that is…

        • Bayz, that sounds pretty cool.
          I’ve seen “basements” that are essentially homes by themselves, including one in my stepgrandfather’s house. It had a living room, small bedroom, small kitchen, bathroom, it’s own doorway into the garage, and even a fireplace that continued into the upstairs one. It was great for having guests over.

        • Or the “hobbit homes” that I’ve seen on the Travel channel. So very awesome…the latest from the Tolkien line, don’t you know. 😉

        • live in their mom’s basement

          Unfortunately, my mom sold her house and downsized into a condo so she doesn’t have a basement for me to live in anymore. Instead I had to buy a really nice home for myself. However, at one point I did live in an apartment that was in the lowest floor of its building, that kind of felt like a basement.

        • That’s great that you have a nice house, BP. So long as that’s what you actually wanted and weren’t pressured into getting it.

          My home is still an apartment (fourth floor), but it’s really all I need…bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, crap ton of closets to keep my books in, room for my animals to fly/run around. My mother keeps insisting I need a “real” home and a “real” job.

          Yes, because the answer to happiness is having more money to randomly spend or square footage to clean, not being content with living within your means. *roll eyes*

        • I am using the word home instead of house to be a bit vague on where I’m living so that I don’t even give away personal information by saying whether it’s a condo, townhouse, a single family home, or something else.

          What you should do to drive your mom nuts is buy a condo with the same configuration/size as your apartment. In all seriousness having too much square footage can be a real burden, whether it’s heating and air conditioning costs, property taxes, etc.

        • Yup, only give away the info you’re okay with.

          Ha! I *should* do that.
          Now what course of action do you recommend for my father/stepmother? I don’t see them more than twice a year, but they are both highly offended that I don’t want children. How do you deal with that, besides just repeating that it’s your life not theirs?

        • If it was me, I would tell them that I would have children, but only via surrogate mothers. It has the desired effect since I’m a guy and “children” are part and parcel of a scam to transfer my wealth to women. In other words, I’m calling their bluff. I’m not sure it would have the same effect for you.

        • True…plus, they want “real” grandchildren (aka blood, not adopted/surrogate). Sorry, but the amount of dissonance I’d go through is already enough for me to want a tubaligation. There’s no way I’d ever want to undergo a pregnancy. *shudder*

  3. The surprise is the people who still give her credibility, despite the huge evidence that everything that comes from her mouth is a lie…

    I find funny that many KiA mods tend to refer to MRA’s as mysoginist assholes like oxymuncher has…even to this day after having all the shit being thrown at him by feminists…the trees not letting him see the forest.

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