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  1. “… even if a conspiracy theorist believes that they’re taking direction from extraterrestrials or demons”

    Or they *are* extraterrestrials, demons, lizardpeople, subterraneans, etc. The list of craziness goes on…

    • Or Subterranean evil demonic lizard people from outer Space. Who also happen to be Jewish. Bar Mitzvah from Hell. Coming soon.

        • These aren’t “movies”, but just watch any video by David Icke. He is always talking about how the world is run by shapeshifting lizard people from outer space.


          Because of Lizzard Elisabeth II and her Satan worshipping ways of course. She feels it’s too close to reality to allow it and Lizzard Satan Obama, her mate, does comply with his Queen’s wishes and forbids such a crossover for being made.

          Our only hope would be that Wallmart, the company of resurrected George Washington, manages to amass enough money to create their own militia to counter the evil subversive Jewwy lizzard invaders, but the invaders keep sending workers who ask for minimal pay in order to starve the revolution from money before it even ignites.

          You know the sad part? Somebody, some day, will read this and think ‘it makes sense’ and then we have a problem. You know the type, the one who thinks the Sleepy Hollow series are a multi part documentaries…kinda like History Channel’s ‘Hitler received Alien technology’ ones?

      • This is closer to what conspiracy theorists think than you realize. There’s a strong theory with a lot of evidence that the lizard people from outer space in conspiracy theory is really code for the Jews.

        • I know man, I wasted a lot of time in /pol/ back when I thought it was for honest political discussion, then realized that it was Nazi cuckooland.

        • About the same, but with some exta content. Roughly:

          Stormfront + Info Wars + V = /pol/

          I think they dropped the lizard people for the most part now, or so I’ve been told.

  2. That’s why I’m a Fascist not a Nazi. Nazasim is the religion of
    “Hitler” worship. Fascism is the greatest political system ever devised.
    A Nazi would kill his “enemies,” no questions asked. A Fascist would
    give them, a couple of “corrective” wraps with a pipe, like the movie
    “Cape Fear” (1962).

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Authoritarian_Personality


      ya’ll need to man up and marry a fat white womyn and raise her 20 kids who are also white but have IQ’s below 80 because like HBD….

      ya’ll need to die in a war killing innocent people so bush and obombya can make more money….

      ya’ll need to be more sensitive men and cry anytime Marcotte chips a finger nail…


      so how are you different from a feminist? they eat mcdonalds 7 times a day and you 8???

  3. also Judgy Bitch goes out of her way to claim she’s not a trad con but I don’t believe it for a second….

    She’s all being mean to femanzi’s on Twitter while hubby goes out and pays the bills.

    Do you really think thaat she see’s a guy opting out as human?

    I don’t.

    • Did you see the #WomenAgainstFeminism stuff? It was fun stuff, but plenty of the messages there expressed a really disturbing view on men that wasn’t that far from the Feminist views.

  4. Just like feminism, the man-0-shpere is run by irrational authortarianism…


    Tarnished asked me if I would ever be involved in an MRA political group….

    I would never submit to the “dudebroes”* in AVfM….

    It was ironic that a disgusting submissive male, Clarence in Baltimore threw a headgasket that I dare critique lord Elam…

    He cried that I think racism is far worse than “misogyny.”

    He is a feminist, liberal authoritarian…

    But what would be true men’s rights would be decriminalizing drugs and releasing non-violent drug offenders. Putting the real creeps in jail, murders, rapists (not Mandy Marcotte claimed she was “drunk” because, like mouthwash has alcohol) and child molesters.

    That would free more wrongly imprisoned MEN and a few women too. But the man-0-sphere and lord Elam would never have it. They don’t want more men who aren’t upper middle class and white to gain more freedom. Note I said upper middle class. They disdain poor white men almost as much as black men. Look at all the cognative dissonance a loser like GL Piggy would go through. He’s a poor white man-a waiter in debt and he thinks people care about him because he is white. He’s so stupid, his idoicy by itself almost proves “HBD don’t real.”

    *crybaby, authoritarian socialists might be a better term…

    • Society as a whole, in this generation at least, seems to be blocked in a continued struggle between the people who want to live their lives in peace, and those who can’t stand the mere thought of people living their lives in peace.

      Hakkuna Mattata, don’t get what’s so hard about this.

  5. Modern “leftism” and “rightism” come from the Enlightenment. For example, neither want a return to monarchy.

    • Soo…the parties in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan are neither left nor right?

      Nor are in Canada, Australia and so on? That’s an…interesting view.

  6. Being a conservative or a right winger has never required support for uncontrolled lassiez faire. More than that it has always been abut defending the family, the church, and the nation. The catholic church was always a force of the right in European politics. The National Socialists were considered right wingers. They defended and conserved the traditional German way of life from the threat of the Jews. You, with your anti-White, anti-family anti-tradition ideology are closer to the left.

    • Except that Traditional German way of life included Prussian Aristocracy, and complete loyalty and subservient nature to a Monarch, and very very few holydays, with a limited meritocracy for non nobleborn people, all of which was contrarian to nazi ideology which was way more interested on race and ideology than class.

        • Yeah, I don’t think many would consider Ron Paul a leftist…or most libertarians who actually know about the philosophy. Then again, to me Libertarianism isn’t left or right, since it doesn’t like big states, nor does want a Status Quo, but I am in the minority here so…

        • What I want to know is which half of her is ebul…Is it her torso and not-blonde hair? Her left leg and right arm? Is Ms. Johansson cut in half on a metaphysical level, so she would look like the goddess Hel from Norse mythology?

          Inquiring minds need to know!

        • Is her evil Jewwy soul, since the moment she completed her pact with Demon Stalin by having her penis vagina circumcised. Shut up it makes total sense!

          If you knock her up, thousands of nigger eggs is what she will spawn.

        • Is like in the LOTR movies when Saruman was making Uruk-Hais, but with Scarlet Johansson popping them out in the background.

          Then a Rabbi comes close and says “Shalom goy! We have created you from Aryan pure blood to destroy the white race by impregnating their women and stealing their taxes. You are perfect because, unlike us, you can stand the light of day, but don’t forget to eat your White Aryan babies raw so you never forget where you come from. Go” and the he rides to the horizon with the Anthem of the Soviet Union playing in the background.

          Seriously, it’s kinda like talking to Cartman most of the time.

  7. I find hilarious when a Neo-Nazi complains about Communists for being statists…like, for real now

    The problem with WN’s is the same woith fundamentalist Christians, they have seldom read their ‘Holy Books’, the ones that define their ideology, they don’t have an idea of the history of their movements and, overall, are into it just for tradition.

    Let’s be honest here, most anti-semites think Scarlett Johansson is hot, if your ideology takes a backseat to your hormones, you may want to rethink them.

    • She is only half Jewish and it is possible to be both physically attractive and evil at the same time. And did you know she isn’t a natural blonde?

      • So mongrels are OK now? Because sure as here weren’t before. Does that mean that half blacks are OK? So much for racial purity…

        Neither were Hitler or Goebbels, your point?

        • No, there’s nothing OK about mulattoes. For half Jews it depends on their behavior, are they, as many are, hostile to the White race? Do they identify mainly with their Jewish half?

          My point is that Jews often try to make themselves look more European than they really are. Dying their hair, nose jobs, ect.

        • Why are mulattoes a no-no, but then half Jews are ok? Mein Kampf is really explicit about Jews, (and Slavs for that matter) while Negroes were left in limbo. So, exactly the opposite.

          Maybe forthe same reason Europeans try to “look more European” themselves. Or to you only whites dying their hair and getting nose jobs are Jews? (Who are not white)

        • So this entire discussion is lowering our collective IQs, bayz. Seriously, it makes no sense…It’s like a frickin Wookie on Endor.

        • My point is that Jewish beauty, like that of the girl above, is irrelevant to the reality that they are waging a race war against us.

        • The fact that many of the most beautiful “Jews” dye their hair blonde is evidence of the natural beauty of Nordic features. Look at Israeli fashion models and you will see blondes more often than not.(This wasn’t always true, in the 50s and 60s there was pressure within Israel to make Mediterranean features the exemplar of beauty, but it has mostly gone away)

        • I am not making any assumptions about her, I’m making it about your kind. If you consider a Jew hot it means your “racial values” take a backseat to yor hormones. It means you use race as a shield to cover up your own mistakes (like you say blacks do) in a supposed value of the White Nordic Race over the rest.

          Then when blonde women dye their hair black it isn’t to enhance their features, but because they are longing for superior semitic beauty? I know more natural blondes dying to black and (gasp) curlying their hair. Obviously it isn’t to change their looks’ character, but to worship Middle Eastern standards.

          As Tarnished said. Wookie in Ender.

    • It’s propaganda, pure and simple. You can tell from the edits that they admitted to. Plus, it’s like looking for rats, finding one, and declaring a place to have a rat infestation. It’s a logical fallacy. On top of that the video is racist and attacks the poor.

      There’s this thing called gang stalking in conspiracy theory. They believe that the conspiracy has an organized campaign of multiple people harassing and gaslighting them. If conspiracy theorists had gang stalking videos then it would probably look the same as the street harassment video.

      • Anything that portrays the wonderful vibrants in a negative light, no matter how factually accurate, is racist.

        • what’s factually accurate is skeezers like you and Chuck cRudd pay PUA’s guru’s thousands of bux just too talk to a womyn without peeing your pants and then post on Fartiste all your deranged thoughts. So yer just jealous those guys are playing “alpha game” by actually saying hi to a woman without peeing their pants. Of course when the “alpha’s” from RSD rub up against drunk women, that’s kino. But when a guy who isn’t white says “hey, girl, smile”–that’s rape. How the fuck are you any different from Marcotte again???

        • Because I believe in the preservation of the White race. And because what happened in that video was aggression, an expression of racial aggression targeted against a presumed* White woman by non-Whites. They know their “advances” won’t work, the point is racial aggression. And that’s what libertarianism is about, freedom for aggression.

          *She was a Jewess, but the vibrancy didn’t know that.

      • This comment shows how you are anti-White. If it was some feminist ranting at the evils of a group of White males, you would never accuse them of being anti-White, but when they complain about vibrancy, you condemn them as racist. Anti-racist is a code word for anit-White.

        • just because I don’t like you or Jack Don-0-van doesn’t mean I’m anit-white…

          but I suppose that makes me hom-0-phobic….

          I wouldn’t accept an offer of liquor from you or your efete boi Chuck cRudd–I wanna keep my asshole cherry…

          now go back to stormfront or feministe, I can’t tell the fucking difference…


          please have an “accident” when you are cleaning your shot gun and drinking whiskey. Don’t be a sissy and shoot yourself in the arm so you can collect SSI-man up and shoot off your fucking head…

    • The internet response has been quite impressive. Everybody seems to be taking a piss about it. Well except Feminists who see a woman walking beside a black man for 10 minutes and cry of desperation.

  8. Collectivism by another name. White Nationalists; shamelessly taking collective credit for achievements of the race while subjugating and stealing from others.

    You would consider me socialist. Obscenely wealthy libertarian oligarchs don’t get much sympathy from me. It’s always men from low socioeconomic backgrounds who get hit worst by feminism anyway, state sponsored or otherwise.

    I can’t believe people in the US think women have a right to contraception paid for by employers, what is the crazy justification for that?

    • ” It’s always men from low socioeconomic backgrounds who get hit worst by feminism anyway, state sponsored or otherwise. ”

      Real Men’s Right’s would be decriminalization of drugs and releasing non-violent drug offenders. Of course feminism is closely tied with prohibition. And you got the man-0-sphere crybabies whining about porno addiction. Haha, if they can’t keep their hands off they’re peepee’s long enough to go to work, I’d hate to see what would happen if they smoked a joint. Of course Typhon Blue has to say that the worstest thing evar ™ is a younger guy hooking up with an older womyn. Stopest the universes, it is theee kyriarchical oppression worstest that when Schwietzer ™ coerces his students for an A+. Of course you’ve got to keep donating to the Elam Machine, lest you be a Blue Pill Beta Misandrist….

      (and don’t twist my words and think I think men can’t be raped, why else do I advocate you not take shots of hard liquor from Don-0-van or the “alt right.”)

    • Yep, it’s collectivism. That’s why it all looks the same regardless of whether it presents itself as left wing or right wing.

      What wealthy libertarian oligarchs? The only person I can think of who MIGHT fit that description is Peter Thiel.

      Women demanding that employers (and government) pay for their contraception is an example of why socialism doesn’t work. Social programs and social mandates from government all end being directed primarily if not exclusively to women eventually. Imagine how many homeless men could be helped by the money that women want to be spent on their contraception.

      • “Social programs and social mandates from government all end being directed primarily if not exclusively to women eventually. Imagine how many homeless men could be helped by the money that women want to be spent on their contraception.”

        Good point, but yours is the usual libertarian perspective. Our government spends less per capita on healthcare than yours yet we have a free First World standard system (taxpayer funded) that benefits everyone whereas you have 40 million uninsured. Of course there are potential downsides to government spending, namely the potential social engineering , I don’t deny that.

      • I could argue that extreme individualist Libertopian ideals are just as toxic, particular to working class men who would find themselves at the bottom of the heap without any labour protections and subject to scorn from other men further up the totem pole. But perhaps you would argue they are lazy.
        Who do you think benefits most from men competing with each other, having no empathy for other men?

    • Wealthy “Libertarian” Oligarchs, the one who don’t want the State to regulate worker’s rights, or how much taxes they pay, but are totally cool with the State giving them tax money when they earn less money they expected that year and regulate Internet so they can criminalize Consummer Reviews, I guess…

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  10. Nazism is a cult, but Fascism is a sensable political system that WORKS.
    You DO NOT have to be an antisemite to be a Fascist. Beneto
    Moussolini had two Jewish girlfriends that helped him develop his Fascist
    theories. (See “The Jewish Connection,” by M. Hirsh Goldberg.)
    Fascism has worked in many countries but Nazism was only applied in
    Under a Fascist system both crime AND Feminism would be curtailed.
    Animals like Philip Chism and Jessie Matthew would be hit fast and hard.

    • Except…it doesn’t…all fascist countries have ended up collapsing. Isolation isn’t a senible option if you want your country to make money.

  11. “Full disclosure before I say more: I at one time considered myself a diehard liberal Democrat (of the U.S. variety). I got older and I became a libertarian. I got older and became a Republican (again, of the U.S. variety). Then I got older still and threw it all away, and now refuse to self-identify as anything but a classical liberal and a pragmatist, which is where I’ve been for more than 10 years and will likely be for the rest of my life. I think Ayn Rand was as nutty as Karl Marx, and I think Von Mises and Keynes both had valid points of view. Sorry, ideologues, you don’t have to like it, I am who I am, so if you need to split the world into binary “you’re either this or you’re that,” then fine, assign me your favorite label and just walk away.”


    He calls himself “classical liberal” –I guess that’s the PC term for Elam’s unquestioning sidekick…

    • The only label I apply to myself are supposedly derogatory ones that I don’t really think are, such as Neckbeard, which to me it always meant ‘guy who likes P&P, and wargames games for maybe what it’s been too damn long’, now Gamer which to me is ‘any person who is invested in playing videogames and certainly MGTOW, which to me means ‘guy who does’t sacrifice all of what he is just to meet an external standard’.

      Politically I can’t speak, because I’m kind of a whore, I look at what the candidates and parties’ programs are and pick and choose what I find myself agreeing the most, or vote blank like in the last election. I was kind of an anarchist, and I used to hold strong libertarian values, but I am kind of seeing the point on the State having control in some areas more and more during the years. I would just like the State to exercise said control more often on big corporations than in the local people but hey.

      • Politically, I do the same as bayz. Never found that voting straight across for any party was the best option. Usually it’s a mix of democrats, republicans, and independents on my ballots. Now if only one of these candidates would actually do something about the welfare state we have going on…

        It’s interesting how the term “Gamer” typically refers to “people who play videogames” in the general population, but in the social circles I belong to it means “people who role-play, own too many boardgames, do miniature gaming, play TCGs, or some combination thereof”. And of course when you’re in the manosphere you have those guys who call themselves gamers, but they mean “the playa/pua” kind.

        I think this last group is hijacking the name, imo.

        • Aye I hear you, one of the things I hate the most is when I try to search for news on the Gaming Commounity as a whole and my google search takes me to roosh…I really grew tired of seeing in my google page his ‘advices to get laid in X’ which you could see he pulled out his ass when I am more interested in monitoring the flow of how people who play videogames are evolving. I really would have preferred that they stuck with PUA instead of this crap though…

          Curious that, your ‘Gamer’ is what I usually call ‘Neckbeard’, despite not many ‘Neckbeards’ having a neckbeard, and a lot being female (specially in D&D groups, which make me laugh at the accusations of it not being inclusive, every time). I’ve honestly never seen it used as a derogatory until all this gamergate fuss…and seriously those people try to make ‘Gamer’ a derogatory so…but yeah, after all a gamer is a person who plays games so it makes more sense to share denominations here, than it does with the PUA Community.

        • I follow the rule of never vote for a gynocratic political party. That leaves the Libertarians, maybe. I should write a follow up about leftism in disguise in libertarianism and libertarianism in disguise among socialists. Pretty much every political party subordinates their core values to the interests of women. This is why on the left wing side things like “healthcare for all” doesn’t really exist and right wingers aren’t serious about small government despite those things being part of their respective core values.

        • The problem I find with Libertarians is that while there are plenty of people who hold Libertarian values to heart, most of the self proclaimed Libertarians are really uneducated on what the cores of the philosophy are, and are just average tradcons who criticize Obama for enlarging Government’s ability to directly fuck up citizenry lives, while supporting big failing companies sucking tax dolars, at least in my opinion.

          Without a totally free market, where every product stays in the market by its own’s merits, how are you going to have a Libertarian system?

        • There isn’t a political party out there that upholds its values because their real primary value is gynocracy. Everything else is secondary to sucking up by women. You will never find a consistent political party unless they kick the women to the curb.

        • Well the values of the parties tend to change with the times or dissapear, I really don’t think anybody, not even the guys who are actual libertarians, would actually start to give away power because to work in politics I think you need to be a control freak on some level, otherwise you’ll just fail to see worth on enduring the bullshit you have to endure IMO.

          In fact most people I can think of as true libertarians are actors, animators, that kind of thing, for normal well balanced human beings I think there start to arise a lot of moral questions when you are given a responsability, and I believe this would be true with estrogen intoxication or not.

          I never bought the “sex is the only motivation for ambition” that many Manuresphere guys subscribe to, because I know plenty of people seeking power for power’s sake, of both sexes (although women have a higher tendency to want to control other people’s lives, I grant you that).

          What I don’t see happening is the Government relinquishing their control on economy, with rampant pussy or not, and while markets are being steered, and protectionism is extended to some companies, I don’t see Libertarianism being actually applied.

          May be wrong though.

  12. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Black Pill blogger:

    I am not Left . I am not Right. I am Pro White! And that includes White People with vaginas who your Tribe try to defile constantly and persistently throughout ever media and information outlet in the Western World.

    You are right about me in thinking that Judaism and its menfolk are obsessed with your penises. Why are so many gay men Jewish? Why are so many men who use and abuse ‘rent boys’ in England Jewish? The imagery throughout Judaism is completely phallic centered.

    But let us not focus the physicality of the phallus oh vey boy. Instead, let us focus on what is symbolizes that being aggression, penetration, and punctuation. Yep. Everywhere you Hebes go, you must PENETRATE and then PROLIFERATE your agenda which is to DOMINATE.

    Black Pill Blogger, I know you are Jewish so you cannot hide and pretend to be friends of the White Man. Many of them follow you because unfortunately, they have been cajoled and brainwashed by your porn that purposefully denigrates White Women while your other Hebified Info Outlets glorify Women of Color.

    Many of us that can ‘see’ are on to you.

    Anyway, some may claim Judaism is matriarchal, just like the Hebe Hijacked religion called Catholicism. Yeah right, you all play that matriarchal mirage so as to ‘fit in’ and ‘pass for white’. You all are not far off from the Muzzies for whom you fake hate.

    The old nature based religions of the Vikings recognized the ebb and flow of Nature. You Jews don’t respect Nature or the feminine principle of ebb and flow and just letting things BE. Every culture your Culture Virus has infected is now at war with itself and everyone else and that is how you Jews try to dominate.

    You are right. My blog may be ‘feminist’ but it is NOT the feminism you and your Boys in Beanie caps have concocted and presented to the White Man to stir up hostility and hate towards his women, the so called feminism that I am writing about on my blog is the Anti White Woman hate that you all fomented. My blog is about illuminating the day to day microaggressions from DieVersity that me and my White Children have to endure because of Jewish White Hate.

    Spin it any way you want to because everything comes out in the wash!

    • http://historicromance.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/viking-attitudes-towards-homosexuality/


      Sooo we have vikings thinking that getting manbutt ass is a OK as long as you are the one giving tail…Jews on the other hand stoning gays to death ala Islam until fairly recently…

      Yeah, you may want to read about the cultures you compare before you actually compare them, I remember Spaniard texts in the 16th century saying that homosexuality was a sickness typical from northern Europe, especially England. At the time they burned alive both Jews and Protestants, but they declared that Jews were for eating Christian babies and Satan worshipping, Lutherans were the ones they said took it by the ass like champs.

      • there you have it…

        Don-0-van and viking poop…

        Nazi buttloving feminists….

        outtakes that didn’t make it to Futrelle objectifying “kitty porn”

        birds do it, bee’s do it an WN’s like to eat it…ewwww

        • Now seriously, what circumstances in life lead a man to film stray dogs pooping and upload it to the internet? I mean, seriously. For all we know the dude may have been the developer of some innovative secret software that revolutionize internet as we know it, or have a fully working Ebola vaccine sitting in the basement, but what he decides is important to share with mankind is stray dogs pooping.

  13. Are you Jewish? I am Jewish. I remember being like you, today I am a happily married father of seven, but when I was in college girls, both Jewish and gentile, would avoid me like the plague. I only was the omega virgin loser. But my Rabbi taught me the truth about women. What they do is simply their nature, and you really can’t hate them for their nature. In sane societies women’s control over their own society was heavily restricted. If you decide to turn over control of an institution to a classroom full of eight year olds, and they, being eight year olds, reck the institution, can you hate the eight year olds? Instead of hating women, you should hate the people who instituted the current system.

    The simple fact is that women don’t run society, that’s why this blog is wrong. To start off, they couldn’t run a first world, industrial society. Not smart enough. Look at any powerful figure, CEO, military commander, powerful scientist, media mogul, or politician and there is a 90% chance you will find a man. That’s an objective fact. These men are mostly feminists, but they are still men. Whining as you do about how women are oppressing you, it’s simply not true. The country is run by an unholy alliance of rich WASP men and rich Jewish men, working happily together. The women who made fun of you in high school were mean, but the real long term oppressors, the ones who run society look like this:

      • Martin, I don’t think anyone here ever said anything about hating women. Most people here probably share your opinion of female nature but then simply decide they want no part of such nature. Understanding female nature does not lead, as it bizarrely did in your case, towards being happily married, as you seem to think is the inevitable outcome of understanding female nature, it can also mean, much more reasonably, no longer having to a desire to be around women, as it has for most people here.

        For myself, I don’t think women are nearly as bad as what is commonly claimed on this site, but interacting with women in today’s world can be socially challenging, confusing, and just plain “weird” in ways that simply aren’t the case with men, and for men who consistently find themselves having these off-putting “weird” reactions from women even though they are normal and socially well adjusted with men, it makes perfect sense at a certain point to just look elsewhere.

        In high school both men and women can be cruel, but women it seems retain into adulthood certain features of the high school mindset, which is regrettable.

    • I think the real reason all you people want me to stop being angry at women is because you are scared. You’re like slaves who are too scared to run away from their masters because they would have to think for themselves. You’re scared that people like me will creates a better civilization elsewhere in the universe proving you wrong.

        • What for? Deciding not to marry and reproduce? Dude I don’t know how are the rules in Israel, but blowing up people for lifestyle choices was something one would think Jews would understand as not desirable…

        • See you after your impending divorce takes everything from you and forces you to educate yourself on the subject matter then. If other men’s experiences don’t teach you anything, you’ll have to get a taste to draw your own conclusions.

          Not that it is a bad thing, most pre millenials actually respond better to this approach due to some odd “ain’t gonna happen to me” optimism inherent to their generation so please, don’t see this comment as dismissive.

        • No, other possibilities include death one of the partners due to ilness, accident or war too, I’m just trying to go by what is most probable to happen.

          But as I said, your internalized misandry is not going to fade away until you experience on your own flesh what other men are suffering. And even then, the chance may be small.

        • My grandfather died two years ago. He was 92. He survived 63 years of marriage, I guess he was lucky he died before the inevitable divorce. But it is very sad, in all those 63 years of divorce, he didn’t even realizing he was being oppressed!

          You just don’t want to admit that people, both men and women, were happy before your tribe came in and ruined our country.

    • Are you sure this answer was for this blog buddy, because I don’t identify anything you used to describe our position here…

  14. Left, Right, Center – its all an illusion. The 4 Noble Truths can release all these people from their suffering.

    • “The 4 Noble Truths

      In an age where terms like “supreme gentleman” evoke negative associations, such a concept can’t be taken seriously from the get-go.

      • So you are saying the left and the right are meaning political terms?

        The left has been utterly destroyed. The right has passed laws that jail men for not paying child support and passed the divorce laws. Typical right wing retard has been silent on this for 40 years.

        Mainstream politics is completely pointless for men.

        • So you are saying the left and the right are meaning political terms?

          In theory, yes. In practice, no. A big reason for that difference is that each side will abandon their supposed principles for women. Thus, both sides end up in the same place. I have been meaning to write another post that shows how the same thing is happening from the opposite direction that will probably be called Libertarianism In Disguise. While in theory the right and left are different, for all practical purposes they are all gynocrats full stop.

  15. Oh white nationalists like a free market- only when it works in their favor. As in the British Empire which banned Indian exports to Britain but imposed their goods on India thus wrecking India’s economy. Or the 1950s in America where U.S lead the world in manufactured goods while much of China, Japan and Germany were smouldering ruins and thus U.S corporations were able to charge whatever they wanted. Of course this cant be compared to the gangterism of the British empire but the point is white nationalists had no problem at all in a lop sided world which supported white economic supremacy.

    Of course they are least interested in meritocracy and hence their love for unionization and hatred for globalization where they would have to compete with rest of the world for their livelihood. Over at Takimag , you hear such gems of economic wisdom such as “tariffs built America”!

    A lot of racism directed towards Chinese and Indians stems from this type of panic. And even the racist charges are nonsensical- Chinese never invented anything!
    Indians suck at programming…their IQ is little higher than Africans…. amongst other well reasoned, informative, nuggets .

    Another thing about them is that they are interested in free speech. All of these WN blogs are heavily moderated as they are a bunch of thin skinned crybabies.

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