53 comments on ““Street Harassment” Is A Polite Term For Gang Stalking Conspiracy Theories

  1. I am learning about so many conspiracy theories from you, BP. Never heard of “gang stalking” before now…sounds like something your more ‘special’ commenters would believe in, lol.

  2. y’know I watched this video and took it to heart…

    When I saw Jack Don-0-van and Chuck cRudd try to isolate, intoxicate and use all those RoK “game” tactics on a buzzed young Marine, I stepped up and stepped in, cause y’know “it’s on us.” But of course I was accuse of hom-0-phobia for spoiling their plans and saving the integrity of the jarhead’s sphincter. Of course I was careful not to vyctym blame the Marine for downing 17 beers or being “on the wrong side of town” or for wearing that tight clothing that drew in those alter-righty creepers like fly’s to shit. I’m a Good Man, goddamnit but the wankers at TGMP didn’t think so, they said I hampered the young man’s chance of “exploration” and learning that he is really bi. They said because of the hom-0-phobia inherent in “patriarchy” this guy wasn’t in touch with his inner gayness and needed alcohol to bring it “out.” They said I stopped him from learning who he really is. When I screamed that a drunk men can’t give consent, they berated me and said only womyn can be raped. Those men claiming they were raped in prison were really hom-0-phobic and not in touch with their feelings. They said only a hom-0-phobic misogynist would stop masculine men like GL Creepy and Don-0-van from having a good time. They said the only way I can repent is by voting Hillary in 2016.

  3. You are a White man.(or at least “look White” if you know what I mean) Go into a vibrant neighborhoods and see now many vibrants say “have a pleasant evening” to you as a White man.

      • It’s one of their code words for immigrants or minorities. I think it’s supposed to be related to people talking about “vibrant cities”.

        I expect there to be an uptick in white vagina worshipping nationalists. Yesterday, I decided to go to Viking Bitch’s blog and impart some facts and wisdom to them. They didn’t take it so well.

        • Ah, I get it now…the slang, not the racism. Seriously, when the hell are people going to evolve beyond such irrational hatred and stupidity?
          Boggles my mind…

          Lol, why are you poking the hornet nest?

        • I couldn’t help myself. She is honest in a way that most white vagina worshipping nationalists aren’t. She hates non-white men which I have a problem with, but her own words make it clear that she thinks white women are superior to white men and is willing to throw white men under the bus. I realized that I care about white men than she does.

          And that answers your question about how long people will hold on to racism. Every form of race nationalism requires the subjugation of the men of a race to the women of that race. As long as women benefit from racism, it will continue to exist.

        • Dude don’t give that filth traffic. Hope you use donotlink.com, adblock+ and cookie badger, otherwise you’ll get Aryan internet AIDS.

        • It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t expect it to protect me against the NSA (but if I need protection from the NSA I have bigger problems than anonymous internet surfing), but it works for hiding information from mentally ill assholes on the internet.

      • As have I.
        Not really sure what Julia is trying to prove?
        That when you walk by other people, they will sometimes exchange smiles or pleasantries with you, especially if you look friendly?

        Geez, how terrible…casual human interaction.

        • That when you exchange a smile with a vibrant, you’ll get your vibrant pink button to vibrate and, therefore, you’ll want to vibrate with his vibrant organic vibrancy, but you should be strong and vibrate yourself with your non vibrant fingers or your non fleshy vibrator, so you don’t commit the evil vibratination of give birth evil half vibrant brigands.

          Or so I gathered.

        • Lol. So did I commit a Vibrant Blasphemy when I had my very first crush at age 14 on a handsome young black boy with whom I shared Honors science and english class? I think, if I’d been able to overcome my fear of touch, we would’ve made a good couple…

          May the Gods forbid anyone find someone of a different pigment attractive! /sarcasm

        • Apparently. The funny stuff is that in what I’ve experienced it isn’t uncommon. Hell, I had a vibrant friend when I was 13 who, due to her vibrant vibrancy had huge, plentiful, generous kno…uhhh…vibrant chest and overall her body developed a lot faster than non vibrant girls so she got incredibly popular with the guys thanks to her personality. Not only the right personality, and the left personality, but also her rather laid back attitude.

          The funny thing was that when other vibrant guys started to come they also were rather successful with the chicks, hell they were probably the first people we saw that didn’t turn flashy red when the sun touched their skin for too long, and were ,by default, rather relaxed in a sea of puritannical shame and paranoia that permeated the rest of the attitudes there for the most part.

    • Would you maybe like to explain how you go from “Brown people don’t wish me to have a pleasant day ;__;” to “EXTERMINATE NIGGERS, KIKES AND BEANERS!!!!!”? Because to normal people, that doesn’t look even remotely like a balanced reaction, just saying.

      By the way nowhere I lived anybody other than my neighbors and family have wished me to have a pleasant day. Both of which regardless of race.

  4. if you wanna see something funny, manpigz fraudtrelle ™ photoshopped Roosh 5 onto alter-sex icon GWW…

    hahahaha, now how come he never says anything bad about Don-0-van, could it be because he has almost exactly the same views as Marcrappy?

    Intersectionality motherfuckers!!!

  5. Good point, BP. Now that you mention it, don’t these “street harrassment” activists claim that the horrible things they experience are knowingly done to keep The Patriarchy going? Its not some guy spreading his legs on the bus, it’s a man purposefully telling women to go home and stay in the kitchen, etc.

    • Not quite. The dude grabbed the girls hand and tried to block her from walking away, while telling her she’s good looking. That’s harassment by any sane definition, but the guy was just clueless and I’m extremely pleased the police were sane enough to realize that he was probably just some dumb Roissy disciple trying to be alpha. The balanced reaction of the police – they even gave him advice on how to approach girls! – makes this story an encouraging one.

      • The grabbing her hand thing isn’t too uncommon…it’s happened to me a decent number of times (8+ in the last 2 years alone). I don’t like being touched, but since someone could be having a medical emergency, it’s better to not freak out.

        Most of the time it’s guys who are very awkward and don’t grasp the concept of personal space. Once it was a definite pua…him I didn’t stick around to talk to since he was acting very “superior” and entitled. The action that would set off my “alarm bells” is having someone preventing me from walking away.

        Now, we don’t know how he did this. For all we know, he didn’t actually make moves to stop them…he could have just been standing really close to them. If it turned out he truly did try to block them from leaving the immediate area, that is bad and hopefully the cops let him know this in a polite way.

        • I agree. We can’t know what happened. Since its two totally unrelated girls it seems probable that he blocked their access in a too aggressive manner. But it could also be that his behavior was innocuous and the atmosphere on that campus is inflamed by feminist rhetoric and the girls overreacted. The one thing that pleases is the seemingly mature and reasonable behavior of the police.

        • Agreed. This could have been handled terribly, and the young man could’ve gotten seriously harmed…even killed. I’m glad nobody got hurt.

        • “it could also be that his behavior was innocuous and the atmosphere on that campus is inflamed by feminist rhetoric and the girls overreacted”

          And it could also be that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

        • Men don’t grasp the concept of personal space?

          You realize men who don’t invade personal space of women will not get sex?

          I have grabbed a woman’s hand and stroked it and then I got to fuck her. She did give obvious hints of her attraction though.

          If a gay man grabbed my hand I wouldn’t freak out. If a woman did that I wouldn’t freak out. I am not scared of people or hostile towards them.

          Women are complaining about unattractive low status men interacting with them.

          Also phoning the police on someone for grabbing your hand is spiteful and a act of violence.

        • Yes I did.

          Lots of Women want pushy men.

          Lots of Women have sick rape fantasies.

          Do you deny this?

        • I don’t know if I can deny this or not. I’m not “lots of women”. I’m me, which is technically a woman, but I don’t like pushy men or have rape fantasies.

          I would be willing to say that many women like men that show dominance, strength, and toughness. I have no clue whatsoever if the assertion about rape fantasies is based on any real evidence, like a study/peer reviewed paper…or if it’s just an oft-repeated “statistic” like the false “1-in-4 women will be raped” one. But if you have any links to information on this, I’d be happy to read it and discuss.

        • I will dig some stuff up, but I have no home internet access. (Lost my computer and all my saved bookmarks.)

          Romance novels have rape in them. Overpowering a woman and fucking her is rape under the legal definition, doesn’t matter if she really wants it or not.

          I remember a stat saying 40% of women admitted to saying no when they wanted the man to try harder.

          That type of rape is sometimes called pseudo rape.

        • Thanks, I’m actually looking forward to what you find. It might make for a good conversation. Sorry to hear about your computer. Believe it or not, I don’t even own one, nor do I have internet/cable at my home. I use my phone for everything I do online. Why the heck should I pay for services I’m hardly ever home to use? I prefer to read or spend time with my pets anyway.

          I wouldn’t know, I don’t read romance novels. Tried a couple when they were all I could get my hands on as a young teen…they didn’t have any rape in them, but they sucked. A lot. It was the corniest, most juvenile fiction I’ve ever read. Literotica.com is much better for reading material of that sort, and of course there’s numerous porn sites I have saved on my phone.

          As I said to Alek, it’s frickin stupid as hell to say no/have negative body language when you want sex. I can understand saying “I’m not into doing X” if it looks like that’s what your partner wants to do, but trying to play “the good girl” is all kinds of dumb and manipulative.

        • I didn’t say that. I said that most of the time when people invade my personal space, it’s guys who are awkward…sometimes it’s also women who are awkward, and sometimes it’s idiot PUAs who are “initiating kino” or whatever their term for it is. I never said it was all men. That would be ridiculous.

          I fully admit to not understanding dating techniques. When I tried dating in high school, I went out with 2 different guys but the “relationship” in each case only lasted a week…precisely because they kept invading my personal space, even when I looking them straight in the eye and said “Please stop touching me, I’m uncomfortable with close contact”. I later learned that these boys were disappointed I wasn’t an “easy” date…they’d assumed that just because I was a nerd who never dated (like most of my friends), I’d sexually throw myself at any guy who gave me attention.

          I’m glad you got to enjoy sex with someone, but if she isn’t pulling away or looking uncomfortable, you’re probably not invading her space. You said yourself that she gave obvious hints…that’s escalating someone’s level of attraction, not forcing someone to accept your advances.

          I try not to freak out. It’s not that I’m scared of people, and I’m never hostile to anyone. I’m a naturally caring person and I strive to help others whenever possible. But I have a touch phobia…it doesn’t matter if it’s a homosexual man/woman or a straight man/woman. I just can’t stand being touched without permission or time to prepare myself for it. I’m getting better about this personal issue, but the only person who can touch me without setting off any “alarms” at all is my FwB. I realize this isn’t typical, but it’s what I live with.

          Yes, women do complain about this.

          I agree, and wouldn’t phone the police for someone simply grabbing my hand…like I said before, they could be having a medical emergency. They might also be a special needs person, an awkward person, a mute person who needs my attention, etc. There’s many reasons someone might grab ones hand…but if someone does that while simultaneously blocking your way out, or pulling you in very close, or refusing to let go, it’s a different situation. Depending on what happens, calling the police may or may not be the best course of action. It would depend on many factors, too many to go into here.

  6. The woman in the video: Shoshana Roberts, is a “Finn.”

    Zoe Quin is also a “Finn.”

    But of course, you couldn’t be bothered to notice that.

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