32 comments on “I’m Thankful For #GamerGate

  1. That’s great news!

    I’m thankful for the community I have met online in the past 2 years, including the awesome men here. Hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or for my non-US brethren just a relaxing/good day.

  2. Since going my own way, going vegan and going Buddhist last year I’ve not been online much. I did recently see the term “gamer gate” and read a few articles. They said they were mad at that one girl for bing a “fake feminist” which means they are not anti-feminist, only anti-fake feminist. Plus they got some feminist group to jump on board and they support them in their “diversity in gaming” endeavors. Plus they said the guy the girl had a relationship with was giving her game positive reviews but he had not reviewed it at all. That was what supposedly started the whole thing. If what starts something is false, whatever follows is a house of cards.

    All these people are in maya and need the 4 Noble Truths to release them from suffering.

    “They take a tortured dead bird, stuff its ass with dried bread and call it a symbol of abundance and gratitude. And then they say vegans are the crazy ones?!”

        • Truer than you might suppose. My personal theory is that one of the foundational notions of myth and religion – sacrifice – comes down to the discovery of cooking the meat. The BBQ.

          You give something precious to the gods, and they take a price and return it to you, but what they give back is changed, made clean, made holy.

          The distinctive thing about humans is not that we think – plenty of animals think. The distinctive thing about us is that we cook.

        • Yes Paul, cooking and abstract, philosophical thought (religion, god, musings) are distinctively human.

        • That’s an interesting thought, Paul. I often barbecue in my yard, and everytime I blow on hot coals.to stir up flames I’m reminded of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. Its no wonder such a legend arose.

        • I love watching the flames in my firepit for the same reason, Peterman.

          What is your (or anyone else’s) opinion on the belief that the Christian myth of Satan the Adversary convincing Adam/Eve to consume fruit from the Tree was based on the preceding myth of Prometheus.

          Both were of a demigod-esque status.
          Both took pity/saw more potential in humans.
          Both gave type of gift.
          Both were severely punished by the God(s).
          It’s just something I noticed a while ago, and thought it made sense.

        • Christians would not consider that an accurate description of the Garden of Eden story. In Christianity, Satan hates humans so she will never take pity or see more potential in humans (except as something she hates). Beyond that I’m a poor choice to explain some of this as I don’t have a degree in theology nor have I spent the equivalent time studying it. I know there are theologians who argue that the tree of knowledge wasn’t about “knowledge” in the usual sense, but “knowledge” of free will. In other words, neither God nor Satan was trying to give humans knowledge via the tree. There was no knowledge in the tree or its fruit. What God was doing was putting Adam and Eve in a situation where they had to make a moral choice.

          Personally, I think there’s an important aspect of the Garden of Eden story that gets missed that doesn’t have a parallel in Prometheus. It’s a warning about the nature of women. (There’s a few other stories in the Bible that give similar warnings IMO.) Imagine what would have happened if Adam never listened to Eve. The Garden of Eden story makes it clear the world would have been a better place. That alone makes the story “true” for me.

        • It’s all just mythology to me, since I’m a Pagan. I go by science, research, the scientific method, new advances in actual knowledge and technology that we’ve created and dreamed of. That’s the only race I have a horse in, honestly. My belief in the God and Goddess could be proven 100% false tomorrow, and it would effect me in relatively minor ways.

          Another interesting aspect about Satan the Adversary is that he doesn’t always seem to be working against Yahweh…There was an excellent YouTube video that spoke of the original Hebrew words for “the devil”, and he is sometimes simply portrayed as the one who is willing to get his hands dirty in various circumstances. If I find it tonight, I’ll post it here. It was truly interesting.

        • A big part of this is that the Bible was never intended to be a science textbook. That would have been the position of people in the early Church (and is effectively the position of the Catholic Church). In fact, I even heard a Catholic priest say once that “the Bible is not a science textbook”. Those were his exact words. Despite the views of American protestant evangelicals, this is how the Bible should be treated.

          Thus, what you have in the Bible is an attempt either by Yahweh or human authors (depending on your position on that) attempting to pass on wisdom, morals, and ethics. One of these pieces of wisdom is a warning about the nature of women as we see in the Garden of Eden story. Whether that’s a message from Yahweh or the discovery of a super genius ancient Hebrew man does not matter in this context. It’s obviously correct in either case.

        • It certainly does warn of part of the negative aspect of women (the willingness to become part of a hivemind, and bending to peer pressure/authority despite knowing it’s wrong). But other parts of the bible speak of the positive aspects, like in Esther 1-8, 2 Timothy 1, 1 Samuel 25, or my personal favorite, the woman from Proverbs 31.

          Just as there are horrible women in the bible, there are horrible men. Likewise, there are virtuous and moral women and men. If we consider these fables as metaphors for how to act/how not to act, it is generally a good book.

  3. The thing is Gamergate is a consummer revolt, the money and therefore the power is on the GamerGater’s side on spite of what the Game Journos think and say, they started insulting the hand that feed them when they were called on their bullshit.

    Worse yet, they begun to insult people in wheelchairs, autists and other disabled people, which seriously doesn’t make anything good to your PR.

    But the fight is not over, until Gawker Media falls, we should stand with our guns close.

  4. The “equality in software” laws made sex bots come with mandatory nagging coding since Skynet became aware in 2015.

  5. it’s funny how the manurespherians jump onto a trend in an attempt to make money…

    Roosh 5 has his Rexxion (you have to say it with a lisp otherwise it’s not “alpha”) site up…

    hope the manophags and femanzi’s stay away from heavy metal

  6. The FTC is controlled directly or indirectly by feminists, so I’d be suspicious of anything they do. Feminists commonly conduct purges of their own, just as the communists in the USSR purged fellow communists.

  7. The manosphere can be thought of best as a giant role playing game. The typical commenter on these manosphere sites like Chateau Heartiste or Marginal Revolution pretends to be a bodybuilder with some source of six figure income who is constantly banging beautiful women, who openly preaches his hatred of niggers and Jews and can’t wait until the return of “traditionalism” or “fascism,” but who somehow has the time to spend countless hours on an internet forum, and knows all the fine points of the history of anthropology in Germany in the 1920s. That’s hard to believe when it’s one guy, when it’s 80% of the website, you know it’s all bullshit. The actual guy is a 30 year old nerd in a has a dead end office job, angry at his wife for only rarely sleeping with him, his kids for misbehaving, the local gang bangers at the gas station for acting so scary, and anybody richer or more successful than himself.

    It’s so obviously fake that 99% of men can see it for what it is, and so that even though they might agree that feminism, multiculturalism, and leftism in general is stupid, they will stay the hell away from the manosphere.

    • Are there many White Nationalists in the manosphere? I haven’t seen it in most of the sites I roam. then again I may just be dipping my toes in the whole shitfest, instead of swimming on it.

      On the other stuff, I mostly agree except that said nerd is usually angry at his ex-wife more than his actual wife. His actual wife is a pillow. Possibly with anime characters printed on it.

      Not that I condemn them, men who get fucked on court should have a way to vent their frustration in a healthy way, and trash talking on the internet is usually more healthy than buying a gun and killing people in Santa Monica because you’ve been repressing anger for too long and it had ended up fucking your brain up.

      The problem begins when those guys go around giving wrong advice to young men or pretend they are there to fight for other men when they clearly are not, or when they use Anti Feminism to push for their own political agendas.

      For the record I don’t think Feminism is stupid, I think it opened many people’s eyes to Female true Nature and people blaming Feminism are just the ones living in denial and still pedestalizing women, thinking that it was brainwashing what made women do what they wanted and that “putting chains” again on them is going to reverse the process forever and make their sweethearts love them more, and for what they are…stupid mentality from a person who doesn’t get too much contact with humans outside of the internet.

      I neither think Multiculturalism is bad, to me actually its been convenient since I can enjoy and pick up things from other cultures without having to visit their shit ridden countries. It also increases miscenegation which makes societies more healthy in the long run. What I am against is Race Quotas, and special racial treatment. If you want to be treated in a special way for your skin color, chances are you have an entire continent where your kind are majority and get a lot of goodies, you are welcome to leave, don’t let the door hit you in the ass. I also have zero white guilt, not on blacks, not on Jews, not on anybody, and mind you that it is possible members of my family participated on pogroms, and other stuff (slavery, at least in America, it is harder to assest since AFAIK the oldest part of my family that arrived to the US was during the Civil War…), do I think Antisemitism is bad? Of course I do. Do I feel any guilt for what my family members may have done to Jews? Fuck no. I haven’t done shit to them, why would I care?

      Leftism is stupid. Unless you can’t get a job easily, are old and have been stripped of wealth, or become disabled and don’t make enough money yourself to actually have a mildly comfortable life. Leftism is stupid unless you are not a Christian, or believe in a lifestyle that is not the Traditional where you are seen as a pack mule for your family. Leftism, as understood nowadays is bad, but Sparta is a shitty place to live too, and the Dominionist Theocratic Conservatism that we are seeing nowadays is shit in many many ways.

      The world has progressed from the Middle Ages, don’t reject change straight away, don’t embrace it either, simply seek the reasons of said change, and see what is good and what is wrong for most people. Spending money so more people get access to Asthma treatment regardles of their social level is good, spending money so some whore can have sex unprotected is not IMHO.

      • Are there many White Nationalists in the manosphere?

        There are a lot of “soft” white nationalists in the manuresphere. Most of them won’t be going around saying “Heil Hitler”, but they are white vagina worshiping nationalists.

    • This is pretty accurate.

      Many of the manospherians have social media accounts. On one afternoon I looked through IG, twitter, and facebook and it was painfully obvious to me that they’re unexceptional people. In fact, that’s putting it extremely mildly.

      I’m sure some of them have laid a dozen or so chicks over the course of their lifetime but that’s no accomplishment. Most average guys can easily lay that many chicks without going out of their way.

      As for the bodybuilding thing. This is spot on. Most of them hit the gym a couple times, do a few deadlifts and proceed to write a 3000 word blog post about their alpha physiques. A classic example of this kind of keyboard jockey is Matt Forney. He’s been sitting on his fat ass for years, writing the merits of the paleo diet and HIIT and this is him in real life.

      Well done Matt.

      I’ve never heard of the other guys in this photo but apparently they’re all from the manosphere. The guy next to Forney is even more obese. The second from the right also looks to be overweight. That’s 3/5 that have failed horribly at something so simple and basic as exercising self control and occasionally putting the fork down.

      The entire manosphere is a constantly unfurling comedy show.

      Look, some of the Manosphere guys are fairly bright and their social commentary can be pretty interesting but they are the last sort of people you want to take life advice from.

      • Lol,
        The guy next to Matt has the physique of my FwB. I actually find bigger guys a lot more attractive than “chiseled” or ones. If a man is too muscular he reminds me of the jocks who used to bully me and push me around in high school. I prefer men who are overweight (though not grossly so). They are less narcissistic and enjoy food as much as I do…though obviously they eat more of it than I, ha!

      • It’s funny how two of the biggest (pun intended) bullies on the internet don’t even have the self discipline to stop shoving McDonalds cheeseburgers down their throats every day….

        Forney and Fraudtrelle….

        I remember when I was in High School, I was constantly bullied by a fat slob. On day, he called me a little fag. I had congestion in my nose so I covered a nostril and shot a snot rocket flying onto his fat leg. He threatened that he was gonna get me. I said, what are you gonna do, sit on me, you lard ass. Haha, he probably would’ve had a heart attack trying to get off his fat ass.

    • You’re description of the Chateau Heartiste commenter is mostly accurate, but it’s completely untrue to apply it to Marginal Revolution. I’ve been an MR reader for years and while those types exist they can’t be more than 5% of the MR commentariat.

    • It’s official. I can’t tell the difference between Futrelle and Hawaiian Fat Blob anymore. What’s the difference between Futurelle saying Eron Gjoni is the secret leader of #GamerGate and Hawaiian Fat Blob saying the Rockefellers are leading a depopulation conspiracy? Nothing except the names. Actually, there is one important difference. The Rockefellers won’t get hurt by Hawaiian Fat Blob’s crap. Eron Gjoni could be hurt by Futrelle’s conspiracy theories.

      This is so fucking disgusting.

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