21 comments on “Anita Sarkeesian Is Connected To The Dating Advice Industry

  1. If what you said about PUA or Dating Advice sites is correct, this doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always said that Dating Advice sites are like asking your mother why that cool girl at school doesn’t like you and what can you do for her to like you…that is a lot of lies that would send you straight to the Friend Zone without any brakes, because women delude themselves into believing they like some kind of men, when what tingles their jimmys is a very different kind of men.

    As for the PUA, the only thing I know fro mthem is that Mistery dresses like a fag and The Game from Neill Strauss, which although some of the stuff he describes may be useful to some, it is boring, too much hassle, and you’ll end up spending more money and going to bed with fuglier women than you would if you spend the money on Escorts.

    Her attacks on videogames are a form of attenttion whoring, they had managed to get her dooey-eyed to be with Colbert and gather her money when she plays the vitcim card, I really don’t see why a tremendously narcissistic and self important spawn like herself (who said once that “Every gamer devised a game where she was the final boss”) wouldn’t involve herself on telling people with a completely different set of hormones, societal expectations and life experiences to behave.

    Also, although I don’t like to bash leftists, it is a pretty normal attitude with most Liberals in America, and I daresay, the rest of the world, it reminds me of that part on Southpark’s episode Butt Out (s7 ep13) where Rob Reiner said a sawmill worker that instead of smoking in a bar to relax he should relax in his expensive second residence in Hawai like he does, as if everybody could do the same shit.

  2. M.Forney purtended to be womyn online….


    wonder if “she” met any of “her” admirers IRL and had a Don-0-van styled “masculine” encounter…

    anyways Forney does make a good feMRA Honey Badger….

    shit on low status men and get attention from all the AVfM losers….

    How’s he different from Manboobz again?

    Must be the drive through Paleo…

  3. We all know Dr. Nerdlove is a stooge, but in his latest column he basically confesses to having a very hard time believing there are men who have any trouble getting dates at all:

    “It’s tempting to wave it away, to tell them that they’re just whinging or feeling entitled to women’s attentions.

    However, rather than simply being a case of men complaining that they’re not receiving the attention that they “deserve”, it’s becoming increasingly clear that more and more men are getting caught in the same traps that have ensnared women for generations… ”

    I think the contest for “Worst Advice Columnist” is over.


    • That article made me so sick I almost vomitted. Seriously. AGAIN even when discussing difficulties that men have, HE HAS TO TURN IT AROUND TO “yeah but its all men’s fault”.

      So when men are treated like crap, pressured, made to feel bad, etc… It’s men’s fault, and half the article is basically empathy apartheid – you’re not allowed to feel bad for the crappy dynamics FORCED ONTO YOU by women, in fact, you need to take 1000% responsibility for it.

      Apparently, women’s laziness is 1000000% men’s fault. The FACT that women proactively hide interest IS 100000000% your fault. Why? Because apparently some men don’t like being approached.

      EXCEPT dr NERDSHIT – the research differs with you. The studies show IT IS WOMEN who prefer the old roles. IT IS NOT MEN who are keeping the old roles, IT IS WOMEN, THIS IS A FACT.

      Research shows most men WOULD PREFER if women showed more interest, and stopped being the lazy, conniving interest hiders who force you into creep-risk. IT IS WOMEN who prefer and keep the old roles alive.

      • Research shows most men WOULD PREFER if women showed more interest, and stopped being the lazy, conniving interest hiders who force you into creep-risk.

        Dr. Manginalove basically admits this, but tries to still blame it on men (or the “patriarchy” which is a synonym for men). If women are doing X, and men want them to do something else, men are not making women do X. BY DEFINITION. At this point what a mangina usually does to resolve this conundrum is invoke conspiracy theory, which means blaming a traditional conspiracy theory boogeyman like the Jews or bankers. In other words, Manginalove is now one step away from antisemitism just so he can continue to blame men.

  4. Alek, I would love to see you rip guys like Nerdlove a new one on twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that even if he blocks you, everyone else can see what you’re writing anyway as you tear him to shreds.

    Anyway, it’s great to see you commenting again. I’ve missed your writing.

    • Thanks, but I’ve actually caught a nasty infection and was mostly bed-ridden, which is why I am home all the time and can comment and write. For the first time in years I’m actually doing nothing, i.e. watching online videos and “killing time”.

      As soon as I recover and can leave the house, i’ll probably be back to the regular hectic lifestyle.

  5. It appears that some MGTOWs don’t want to go their own way and “just be left alone” but rather seek quite bit of attention.

    “BTW, MGTOW is also part of the androsphere and they don’t want anything from women, just to be left alone. I notice no mention of MGTOW here. I guess without the strawmen of ‘psychopathic women abusers’, talking about MGTOW would require an honest examination of the issues instead of the disingenuous feminist white-knighting and ad hominem man bashing on display here. ”


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