35 comments on “The Middle Of The Road Alternative Scam

  1. I’ve been uncomfortable with feMRA’s for a long time. I’ve voiced that concern here and other places–of course the default response is that I’m just a sexless loser and my bitterness has made it impossible for me to see that these womyn really do care about men and are sooo not out ta get me.

    I think anytime that women have a prominent place, then gynocentrism is introduced. A place like TGMP becomes “what about teh menz” and the same progression/regression happened at AVfM.

    On another note, a feminist Daisy Deadhead said that MGTOW seemed allot like Radfem-wether or not I should take what she said in good faith or not isn’t the bigger point. The bigger point is that there are many differences from Rad-fem and MGTOW. Infact, it’s the manuresphere with Jack Don-0-van that seems closer to “rad fem.” That’s why I don’t want “all male spaces.” I don’t want some WN homosexual like Don-0-van trying to talk me into dropping my pants so I can “learn about masculinty.” MGTOW is more about trying to safely navigate a corrupt system. MGTOW exists in a far different atmosphere–ie as “atomized individuals” we can share ideas over the internet w/o meeting.

    When someone who has clearly stated themselves as an opponent such as Daisy Deadhead and tries to challenge what I say, well, that is “fair play.” When someone tries to paint themselves as an ally such as the scumbags at AVfM but uses shaming language that feminists would be envious of such as MGTOW+–well, that is insidious. They have shown themselves to be despicable.

    I’m not into activism but I will do what I can to show how bad that place is and actively hope it fails…


    • With FeMRAs, on the one hand I don’t want to kick out women who legitimately believe in mens rights. On the other hand, given how many times I have seen women act in an entryist manner to the MRM, they’re hard to trust and the evidence against them piles up. AVFM is just the latest example.

      On another note, a feminist Daisy Deadhead said that MGTOW seemed allot like Radfem

      There’s a lot of reasons why she’s wrong, but the biggest has to be government. RadFems (and feminists in general and tradcons and white vagina worshipping nationalists, etc.) want to control the government and institute a totalitarian state. MGTOW have no such desire. MGTOW want to be left alone which also means government leaving them alone. Someone like Daisy Deadhead (or the tradcons or the rest of the gynocratic groups) don’t want to talk about government since that would mean admitting that they’re all about gynocratic totalitarianism whereas MGTOW are about freedom.

      • here’s one of her political articles:


        yeah, if you vote democrat, everything is honkey dorry-NOT…

        and in another she says there should be more minority cops…

        What she and all the race realist losers don’t realize is there is no “group love” between different racial groups. Losers like Clarence in Baltimore and Chuck Rudd seem to think I get a huge check from the government because I’m a halfbreed. Whereas the truth is I work allot harder than they ever will and, have unfortunately probably paid more into the corrupt system.

        • Reformist pussies want more minority cops. I want no cops. Why should I be forced to pay taxes for a bunch of thugs who hassle low status men, and don’t apply the law to women?

          Black cops beat people to death just as much as white cops. I don’t care what colour a thug in a uniform is, he is still a thug.

  2. anyway, here’s point I tried to articulate and Tarnished’s blog…

    It is theoretically possible that a White Nationalist is merely an isolationist and not a racist/white supremacist. It is also theoretically possible that a feminist is an egalitarian and not a gynocentrist. However, what is theoretically possible is so rare that it may not exist in the real world. Hence no one is surprised when a WN is revealed to be a White Supremacist nor when a feminist is revealed to be gynocentrist.

    However when a movement that promotes itself as inclusive/anti-racist is revealed to be white supremacist then you have a problem. The analogy continues that AVfM has revealed itself to be gynocentrist. The hypocrisy is astounding…

  3. I am pro family and pro community, that is why I object to women destroying families and the community. I wish men had control of the family unit not men.

    Asking men to get married when they have no power in the relationship is telling men to be slaves. Then it is victim blaming to accuse them of being separatists. I suppose Jews who wanted to flee Nazi Germany where just separatists not willing to engage in the system? lol

    Women have use the state to destroy families and rob men, this is female nature unchain. Women do not care about men, they are too selfish.

    I believe men should form their own communities and communes and keep women out. If women are so selfish that they destroy everything, for the good of civilization men need to build their own space.

        • You are really entry level Tarnished, thought you was know this stuff.

          Many different reasons to be against single mothers. One it leads to worse life outcomes for kids.

          The fact single mothers discard fathers treating them like sub humans, with no regard for fathers.

          Also men have to pay the taxes that goes towards the state replacing fathers with various different services.


          Single mothers are vermin, who should be shamed, and the should not be enabled to live their disgusting life style.

          *disclamer* I don’t consider mothers who lose their partners top natural causes single mothers, I call them widows to differentiate them from single mothers by choice.

        • “I don’t consider mothers who lose their partners to natural causes single mothers…”

          Okay, that’s one of the things I was wondering. I’m assuming it’s the same for mothers whose husbands leave them, or mothers who must divorce for the safety of their child and themselves?

  4. A common thread unites you and MGTOWs with AVfM and others, endless triangulation, the root of which is the refusal of either group to concede that a truly non-feminist society will require the complete disempowerment and subjugation of women to men.

    • Ni,

      Why would this be the case? Whatever original Feminism used to be, nowadays it is gynocentric. I say scrap feminist ideology and instate egalitarianism in its place.

      Rights for men and boys.
      Rights for women and girls.
      Treating each other the same whenever possible, and acknowledging differences when we can’t (including individual ones). Teaching both sexes to have an internal locus of identity, rather than one determined solely by peer pressure or societal expectations.

      • Female nature is dysfunctional, women are not equal to men, women have proven this. Women have more rights than men and they are complete failures, child abusing, narcissistic failures.

        • I think female nature is more limited than male nature. Nurture can only improve females a tiny bit.

          There are outlier females that I respect, but they are rare.

          On a sociological level women destroy organizations and society.

        • But if there are outliers, how did they come to be? What are some of the core differences between them and typical women…is it culture, personal experiences, family background, genetics? If studies were done about this, it’d make it easier for men to select for these traits. (True, men aren’t usually the selectors in the animal kingdom…but I don’t know of any other species where mgtow occurs.)

        • I think it is brain wiring. I think some females have a more masculine brain.

          Anyway artificial wombs, and female sex androids will make it a moot point. lol :p

  5. ““I don’t consider mothers who lose their partners to natural causes single mothers…”

    Okay, that’s one of the things I was wondering. I’m assuming it’s the same for mothers whose husbands leave them, or mothers who must divorce for the safety of their child and themselves?”

    Women do not leave men for the safety of their children, that is very rare.

    Women tolerate violent men for the sake of the relationship, when the relationship breaks down, the women might pretend she is dumping him for the safety of the child.

    • It’s why my own mother says she left my father, and why she left my stepfather (for my safety and my younger sisters, respectively). Apparently she’s “good” at choosing abusive men as partners…I think there’s statistics about that as well.

      It just reinforced in me the concept of looking for “boring”* rather than “exciting”*, and amicable rather than “powerful”*. If you seek these qualities, you’re more likely to find a truly fantastic lover.

      *Obviously we all know what these words are actually code for.

      • Do you believe your mother? One of the most common things abusive women do, is claim that their male partners are abusive.

        My mum liked abusive men too, she liked fighting with them. That makes her abusive.

        From a statistical point of view, women are the more likely to be the violent ones, the ones more likely to harm the children. The woman gets the children no matter what, even if she is abusive. Men are so sub human that even good fathers can be driven away on a whim.

        • True, and I certainly don’t believe the hype of “men bad, women good”…that’s not how it works. Domestic violence is not a one-sex issue and should never have been treated as such.

          But I’ve been on the receiving end of my father’s alcoholic/bipolar rages and he readily admits to have beaten both my mother and my ex-stepmother, but he’s “all better now”. I stopped seeing him when I was 15…tired of being afraid all the time, walking on eggshells, and coming home with bruises every weekend.

          I am sympathetic for good fathers who have been screwed over by the courts, but that doesn’t mean my own father (or stepfather) were good fathers themselves.

  6. this is funny…


    the social justice warriors at gawker got a womyn fired from her job when she said something “ironic.” I wonder if the femmies will defend her and turn on the gawkercrites who think it’s misogyny to look at a leaked actresses photos but go out of their way to spread hulk hogans leaked porno…

    • I wonder if the femmies will defend her and turn on the gawkercrites who think it’s misogyny to look at a leaked actresses photos but go out of their way to spread hulk hogans leaked porno…

      Doubt that’s going to happen.

  7. this is funny…

    I read this….


    and this…


    it parallel’s exactly what sleazebag Elam is trying to do with MGTOW+….

    He is trying to say we are “exclusionary radfems.”

    That is exceptional misandry….

    One point where I do have empathy for the rad fems, I don’t want to share restrooms with rapey creepers like Hugo Schwyzer and Jack Don-0-van….

    I guess it’s back to pooping in bushes and peeing on trees. Whatever I have to do to keep my butt chaste…

  8. would you call this a coincidence or a strategy????


    This guy is bashing atheists–and that’s a battle I have no dog in the fight so to speak…

    however, he’s trying to pony up to Authoritarian Elam and Elam is trying to mock MGTOW’s with the +

    So it seems to me that the next move is that Elam will try to recruit “alternative Christians” into his failing movement…

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