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  1. I call female hypo agency “fake feminine submission.”

    A lot of dumb PUA.s tradcons want to be manly men in control of feminine supportive women. These men are looking for a slave master, as women are not submissive but socially dominant.

    Women offload all the risk onto men and call that being submissive.

    PS: When it is used it regards to women, the word supportive means leech.

        • I see. I don’t really agree that this is the most sensible solution but it could be the only one if people don’t gain back their senses… I have two more questions though – do you think this is realistic and, if so, when do you think such technology could be developed… I mean in how many years?

        • Single mothers are horrible but single fathers will be fine? Strange theory.

          Even if the technology is developed the hostile elite will ban it or restrict it to “approved” settings.

        • When you compare how the children of single fathers do compared to the children of single mothers, it’s no contest. Single fathers are far superior to single mothers. That is what the evidence says.

        • Most violent criminals, drug dealers, drug addicts, and prostitutes were raised by single mothers. The overwhelming majority of people in prison (over 75%) were raised by single mothers. Most troubled youth were raised by single mothers. This is documented in Father-Child Reunion by Warren Farrell among a multitude of other places.

          Anything is better than having children raised by single mothers.

  2. You wonder how people could believe a group that can make people do whatever they want would get sold into slavery, but you also have to wonder how Americans could think there is a war on women when women live five years longer.

  3. I understand what these metaphors really mean. The hostile elite is made up mostly of men(look who controls the media, the banks, the government, the military, ect), but you refuse to hold these men responsible for their behavior. You talk a lot about “manginas” which you seem to define as referring to almost everyone but you don’t hold the men responsible for their behavior or for the dominance of feminism over Western societies, blaming it all on “women.” This Orion metaphor is a way to not blame the hostile elite for their behavior as if they were helpless slaves being mind-controlled by women, as if they had no agency. It’s a clever way to be a shrill for the hostile elite. If people think it’s “women” who are the cause of all the problems they will not see any solution. You have no solution beyond running away to an island somewhere with your fellow MGTOWs and hoping you’re out of the range of the mind control rays. But if people recognized that it is the hostile elite who are responsible for feminism they will seek the overthrow of that elite.

    • First, you are arguing the frontman fallacy.

      Second, you haven’t proven the elite are hostile. They could be victims themselves or trying to free themselves. Traditionalism was as bad as feminism so this problem predates the elite.

      Third, no member of the elite can escape biology any more than a homeless man can. (At least that hasn’t been an option that could even be worked on until a few years ago.) That is the fundamental problem. The existence of MGTOW proves that it is possible to break free of the chains of biology, but having a billion dollars does not make that more likely.

      • you haven’t proven the elite are hostile.

        They don’t seem to give a damn about non-elite white men like me.

        They could be victims themselves or trying to free themselves.

        LOL. Those mind control rays again.

        And if these men’s sensitivity to the mind control rays is a product of biology, why is that? Why did evolution select for “manginaness.”

        In reality the hostile elite are hostile because they benefit from feminism. With feminism they can turn White women against White men. White men won’t fight for the White race if they feel their women aren’t worth fighting for due to slutty behavior. They also personally benefit from the promiscuous behavior feminism encourages.

        They must be ran out of our nation before a healthy society can be restored.

        • I don’t give a damn about you either.

          Evolution is not a conscious thinking entity. It does not care about civilization or your life because it can’t. You may be fine being a slave to evolution and biology (and by extension women), but forward thinking men know that biology must be conquered to move civilization forward.

        • Your question makes no sense because you treat evolution as a form of de facto creationism. Evolution only “cares” about reproduction, and that has been a fight between having to deal with the reality of external threats and women’s desire to create male slaves (manginas).

    • Blame the elites, when it is women who control the family unit lol

      Women have agency and have power. Control of the family is the most important power one can have.

      When a child ends grows up a thug, that is most likely due to a single mother.

      • You are putting the cart before the horse. Why do women control the family unit? Men are smarter and stronger than women, the idea that women should naturally control the family unit is ridiculous. The reason women control the family unit is the hostile elite created that system.

        • Men stronger than women? Doesn’t mean a thing.

          Hostile elites? lolol The elites are given women free resources, and women use those resources to kick fathers away, when the women could use those resources to build a stronger family unit.

          It is female nature at fault, not the “elites.”

    • The author of this peice is a race realist piece of shit. He has been on record saying that some men deserve to be divorced for being losers. So if you are a loser you deserve to have your assets stolen, your kids taken away from you? Being forced to pay child support with the threat of prison rape hanging over you if you don’t?

      • next thing they’ll have Jack Donovan writing for their piece of shit website, they couldn’t get David Duke, he does have some journalistic integrity after all. This is great news-MGTOW’s saw straight through them, now they have to recruit from the bottom of the barrell-race realists and manurespherians….

        • hahahaha….

          By Don-0-van’s own logic–I am being more masculine by openly stating I dislike homeosexual white nationalists and male feminist AVFmer’s. It’s funny/ironic that manblobz Futrelle hasn’t critiqued Don-0-boi, maybe it’s because he sectretly holds many similar “race realist” views. Or maybe in his worldview, saying anything bad against a homosexual is almost as bad as disagreeing with a white womyn.

          You wanna hear something funny? When I was a little kid, my older cousin who is now a dishonorable member of the US Warmachine used to call me a fag and sissy. The irony is that he spends more time “among men” and I doubt his long, lonely nights on deployment were all that lonely. But since he did it all with a fellow “bro” he technically didn’t cheat on his wife. Haha, if his ugly face get’s blown off by an IUD and he winds up like the guy in Metallica’s One Video. Well, I’ll be the first in line to show him mercy and pull the plug…

        • I was surprised when I’ve found Jack-0-shittier on heathenharvest promoting his “hawt key”-action. On a second thought, it’s actually expectable, considering that on this website the neofolk-genre is covered and how many artists in the neofolk scene are into BDSM & military fetish wear. Take gay Doug P. from [i]Death in June[/i], for example, who plays around with Nazi-imagery for edginess and profit since decades.

        • I just checked out one of those Death in June songs…

          quite frankly I like this much better…

          and the funny thing is Kurt woulda tried to kick my ass if I called his music metal…

          Same with Soundgarden, but goddamnit and fuck if those guys didn’t have as much in common with Sabbath as Metallica and Megadeth did, I must be deaf…

    • Somebody needs to put a bullet into AVFM. At least the tradcons are a political force. There are defensible reasons to work with them, although not the way AVFM did by throwing MGTOW under the bus. The manuresphere is nothing but a small collection of failed con artists. There is no benefit to working with the manuresphere ever.

      AVFM now needs to fucking die.

      • “Somebody needs to put a bullet into AVFM.”

        I know you are speaking metaphorically but I wouldn’t put it past Esmay and the AVfM spin machine if they tried to imply that it was a threat. They lie just like feminists and want to steal the “vyctym card” from feminists…

  4. Kenne social power has nothing to do with strength or intelligence. Women have far more social power than men.

    Women control the family unit, every father in the west is a guest that the woman can kick out at any time.

  5. “Single mothers are horrible but single fathers will be fine? Strange theory.”

    Nope, a single mother is a single mother by choice, a single father is rare, because men do not have that option to kick the woman away.

  6. Only an autistic who has never spoken to a woman could buy the ridiculous notion that they run the world or are even capable of running the world. Any organization run by them is bound to collapse due to that gender’s lack of competence, intelligence, and leadership ability. I’ve known that since elementary school for chissakes.

    • You have no counter argument, so you resort to autism shaming? Classy.

      Women control the family unit. Have more rights than men ansdlive longer than men.

      Women do 80 percent of the consumer spending, while men 70 percent of the waged labour.

      Also the media is female dominated as well.

      You are a cluelss mangina.

      Also you are clueless about women. I am an elite expert on them.

      • Don’t forget that autism shaming is really a proxy for attacking masculinity. ASD have been described as having a hyper-masculine brain. If a person autism shames, they are by definition attacking masculinity.

        • Good point BP.

          I think the word autistic is used as a codeword for unattractive male.

          Here is a classic fallacy. Assuming that fucking women make you understand them. That is not the case at all.

        • Here is a classic fallacy. Assuming that fucking women make you understand them. That is not the case at all.

          That’s a big time fallacy, especially when you consider the phenomenon of The Reserves. It’s very likely that an average man gets laid because a woman is trying to manipulate him. Assuming that this means that a man understands women is very dangerous.

    • Women get men to run the world. Rulers have always used slave castes to run things.

      Also things are collapsing. Look at what mentally ill single mothers are doing to their kids.

  7. Another example in science fiction is found in the Stargate franchise: The parasitic Goa’uld use their hosts for stealing technology and agressive galactic conquest.

    • That’s a good example. The Gou’ald never really invented anything on their own. There’s one episode where they discover that the Gou’ald have started using robotic probes. This was only because the Gou’ald were able to steal the idea from the USAF. The Gou’ald would never have thought of the idea otherwise.

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