26 comments on “An Inability To Understand Things That Aren’t Conspiracies

  1. Well its a subtle concept.

    That individual women control individual men to promote an identical agenda, yet without any collusion, organization, or even perhaps conscious knowledge or intent, is something that is hard to grasp. Such female control would exhibit all the signs of a coordinated approach so its hard to understand that it is entirely unconscious, like ants. Its a subtle concept.

    Of course, I think you’re wrong anyways, and I think you misunderstand whats going on because you don’t have a lot of experience with women.

    Women no more control men than men control women – each sex has a certain amount of unconscious power over the other. I have seen plenty of men who have women in thrall to them, and vice versa. Both sexes are enmeshed in a complex, interconnected web of force and counter-force – i.e each sex feels attraction, repulsion, desperation, desire, passion, lust, infatuation, and experiences a willingness to surrender self and independence.

    As a man who does not interact with women it seems to you that women control men. I’ve heard women whine about how they are in thrall to men. Both you and they are right.

    • As a man who does interact with women, I am calling bullshit on your post.

      Women have legal power over men, they have emotional power over men too.
      You come across as an mangina.

      • You’re pretty dumb. I agreed women have emotional power over men. I just said men have emotional power over women too.

        You’re too stupid to understand that.

        • Men have emotional power over women? That is why women are able to discard men on a whim when they divorce them?

          Whatever power men have over women it is not equivalent.

          The “equal suffering” scam that trick is not going to work mangina.

        • You’re out of your mind.

          I’ve been in tons of relationships where the girl was more attached to me than I to her. So have lots of guys.

          What a joke.

    • Blackpill has a lot of expercience with women. He gathered in the form of false rape accusations and open ridicule, for example. It’s one of the reasons why he started to write this blog.

      Why doesn’t this count, Mortimer?

  2. I agree with Gregory. I work for an insurance company. In theory it’s run by men, the boss is a man, as are most of the administrative staff. One could imagine that the female employees are secretly running the company, but I think it would ground to a halt if that were the case. The majority of the female employees don’t have much in the way of work ethic. Even the hardworking ones aren’t very bright or competent, despite many possessing advanced degrees. I couldn’t imagine any of them being more than a figurehead. They are always making “suggestions” that if actually followed would be detrimental to the company. In many instances I had been the one who had to explain to them, in as nice a voice as I could muster, why their ideas wouldn’t work. They often get worked up and angry as if it’s a personal insult to them. But usually they calm down and the men quietly roll their eyes.

    You need to make a distinction between having privilege and having control. A 6-year old child who is heir to a fortune had a lot of privilege but little control of anything. Women have privilege, both in the legal system and in the cultural sphere. What they don’t have is control of things beyond their own family sphere. Important institutions of a first world-society will always need to be run by men simply because only men are capable of running them.

    • Is there a shortage of applicants who can replace the “majority of the female employees” who “don’t have much in the way of work ethic”?

    • Arthur is the classic example of the clueless, proud man who allowed women to take the system over.

      We need to make a distinction between privilege and control? Wot? Control is the privilege, something that women have. Women have work place legislation on their side, females use sexual harassment laws as a social weapon to dominate the work place.

      Women control the family unit and any sphere they colonize. They control the print media now, the mainstream media is pro woman. Women control the romantic gender roles too. (MGTOW is trying to destroy this, by refusing to take part in the fame framed game.) Also control of the family unit is the greatest power one can have.

      “Important institutions of a first world-society will always need to be run by men simply because only men are capable of running them.”

      That statement means nothing at all. Men keeps things running, women benefit from it, even while women try destroying it.

      Women are useless at running things, but the system is still pushing them into positions of responsibility. Look at this link for example.


      Women are not clueless silly children, they are dangerous, mentally ill solipsistic, child abusing, man hating tyrants, who are doing their best to run civilization into the ground.

    • You’re like a slave in the antebellum South arguing that since the slaves do all the work, the plantation owners aren’t really in charge. I don’t doubt that the women at your office are useless and lazy. However, that proves my point. If women weren’t in charge, those women wouldn’t even be working there. The fact that women can keep jobs while being lazy and incompetent proves my point. The Thrint were also lazy and incompetent but because of their power created a galactic slave empire. It’s the same with women.

      • Your reply is so much more concise and better than mine! lol

        Your point is a good one, women do not get fired for being useless. Being kept around in an organization even though one is useless is a trait of being a member of a higher caste.

        • If you watch the video, you will notice he hints, that he has gotten threats from MGTOW, even though he provides no proof. He is using the same threat narratives that feminists use.

        • the whole MGTOW+ scam was–oh, you hate womyn because you cahn’t get laid because you are a filthy misogynist and they can see it and that’s why they won’t have sex with you–but if you subscribe to MY beliefs and leave your brain out the door-you might land yourself a fine traditionalist womyn who expects you to be a provider/protector no matter what the cost to your health. Next thing, he’ll have Hugo Schwyzer and WN’s writing articles for his shitty site. As far as threats, he is the one who loves violent language….

      • Perhaps you should do a blog post denouncing A voice for men.

        There are some good guys doing good work there, but that doesn’t mean we should put up with Paul being abusive towards other men.

        I think a voice for men needs defunding frankly.

  3. Amanda Marcotte, writing about a man who said he couldn’t get a date in high school:

    “Translation: Unwilling to actually do the work required to address my social anxiety—much less actually improve my game—I decided that it would be easier to indulge a conspiracy theory where all the women in the world, led by evil feminists, are teaching each other not to fuck me.”


    Now, she doesn’t come right out and capitalize “game”, but there it is and not for the first time. And she can’t help but accuse him of believing in conspiracy theories–but why shouldn’t she? She believes in one of the biggest conspiracy theories ever–that Western society is a patriarchy–and people tend to think everyone is like them.

    • I noticed there are racists on that comment steering the conversation towards race.

      The women in Swedeen getting raped by Muslims nonsense gets played up.

      I love how racists use feminist threat narratives against brown men when it suits them. Racists are crypto feminists basically.

      They always have to derail topics to attack men of other races. This is an another example of the male dominance hierarchy in action. Instead of working together men have to passively aggressively snipe each other online.

      Sweden is a feminist country, I don’t take any rape stats seriously from there.

      Even if Muslims are raping Swedish women at a higher rate, rape is such a rape crime that Muslims raping Swedish women would still be a very very rare crime.

      Also why should I waste on second being concerned about anyone female? I don’t see white women are a valuable prize worth defending.

  4. Here you go:

    1) individual women find out that as daddy’s little princess they can get away with a ‘gimmedat’ approach to getting stuff they want. Hey, it’s easier than working. They grow up to be entitled little madams.

    2) women’s in-group preference (herd mentality) means that she approves of her sisters getting free stuff as long as it’s not from her personal provider (single women vote Dem for freebies, married women wanting to keep their hubby’s earnings and her own are more likely to vote Rep. Not that it makes much difference, both are crap for men). What’s good for women is good for her. Apart from maybe a few males, what does she care about the cost to men in general? Didn’t they used to oppress women all through time, or some such shite?

    3) politicians note the herd mentality and realise if they pander to the fem-herd’s gimmedat mentality (by extracting cash from men to finance it) they’ll get the votes of the herd. The herd that can’t see that sooner or later the money will run out. Big Sugar Daddy Government is born. A government that grants every whim from the fembots’ deluded ‘minds’. VAWA because of ‘1 in 4’ bullshit. Quotas for women in subjects few women are interested in. Title IX shutting down men’s sports because women just aren’t interested in women’s sports (either).

    So, you have a society that panders to women without needing much of anything except greed from entitled women and principle-free politicians. Do you believe we have a shortage of either? I don’t.

    Don’t need much of a conspiracy at all to produce a gynocentric, pussy pedestalising culture.

    Just an opinion, like.

  5. I spun a post at my place from my comment here (it links to your post, doesn’t copy anything from it). If you want to reblog it here with comments allowed here, please feel free.

    That includes if you want to rip it a new one 😉 I don’t think you lot will dislike it at all, I’m just saying that I don’t require a positive response in order to be okay with the reblog. And I’m not trying to force your commenters into commenting on my blog (though they can, it’s just a different atmosphere, that’s all. I want to keep the tone upbeat where possible).

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