81 comments on “The Feminist Time Machine Crashes On Scott Aaronson

  1. I think a misogynist is far more likely to get laid than a nice humble guy, one who isn’t pushy and who respects women.

    If a female is really attracted to a man, she will fuck him no matter what, his beliefs will not put her off.

  2. Holy crap. From Amanda’s post;
    “I’m not a doctor, but I can imagine that it’s nearly impossible to help someone who is more interested in blaming his testicles, feminism, women generally, or the world for his mental health problems than to actually settle down and get to work at getting better.”

    This is what she writes in reaction to someone stating they requested chemical castration due to intense social anxiety and almost abject fear of the sex they’re physically attracted to? How the hell is being willing to essentially give up one’s natural sexuality because of fear “blaming feminism”? A man who agrees with 97% of Feminism isn’t good enough? He must apparently prostrate himself while declaring repentance for the sin of being born with a penis and therefore all the privilege…despite said “privilege” being the main cause of his issues.

    The ideological and mental gymnastics required to pick apart his very open and empathy-inducing comment and turn it into yet another example of “man bad, woman good” is too labor-intensive for myself. If this is how regular, non-radfem feminists see the world, where even a sigh is taken as evidence of the patriarchy, there’s little hope for any meaningful discussion.

    • Feminism is hatred of low status/weak men.

      Also she refuses to empathizes with him, because she would have to admit that feminism is the cause of his anxiety, self hatred.

      • It seems like even more than that, though. When I read her article, I see an entirely separate reality not just a refusal to empathize. They are the words of a man who was fearful and ashamed of his very maleness/sexuality yet through perseverance in his career field became confident enough in himself to seek out the relationship he desired. But his touching story is twisted by her to reflect only her own worldview, which necessarily upholds the ideology of “men can’t be oppressed based on sex”.

        It’s just…unreal, how she has no sympathy for his past issues and seems intellectually incapable of understanding where he’s coming from.

        • Female invalidation/social dominance in practice.

          Why do feminists go on about powerful men who control everything and deny women stuff? Because it is projection, it is females who are the sex who play power games against men. (Men play their power games against other men to win the approval of women.)

        • Well, she isn’t “formally” a radfem and is, from what I know, a sex positive mainstream feminist but also claims there are no radfems. Google Amanda Marcotte Duke Lacrosse btw.

        • “There are no radfems”? I suppose she’s never heard of that Femitheist woman…

          Huh. Just from the way she seems incapable of empathy towards socially awkward men I’d have assumed she was sex negative.

  3. I did the “chemical castration” thing. I take anti-androgens daily and am loving life. I didn’t do it because I’m afraid of women. I did it because I phucking loath women’s entitled, narcissistic attitudes and I didn’t want my biology overriding my brain.

    I’ve lived completely free of women in my personal life for five years and could not be happier. If there were a way to get rid of them in my professional life, I’d do that too. Can’t stand being around women anymore.

    It’s great not to be a slave to my libido anymore.

    • Rick,

      If you’re comfortable answering…what is it like? Does it take a few weeks to have the anti-androgens take effect or is it a “same day” response? Are there any adverse side effects like loss of muscle mass, or is it more of a purely psychological thing? Did you have to wait till a certain age before your doctors would prescribe it?

      Glad you have found something that works for you, though it’s truly a sign of the times that you found it necessary in the first place…

      • A doctor will not prescribe you this medication (or any other) for the reasons I take it. You’d have to make up an excuse to get blood work done. For these reasons, I self medicate. I take 50MG of Siterone per day. I up it to 100MG per day temporarily if I start getting nocturnal erections. This is a low dose and I’ve personally had no negative side effects. I did a ton of research on it before starting and order online from another country. I’ve no prescription and have been on it for years. To start out with, I cut 50mg pills in half and took 25MG for the first month. The maximum dosage is 300MG per day, but that’s the extreme dose and only for those with prostate cancer. I’ve never taken more than 100MG in a single day. As everyone is different, it’s best to start low and very gradually work your way up.

        It took a couple of months for me to stop getting nocturnal erections. Daytime erections stopped mostly within a month. It’s definitely not an overnight thing. Most body hair either disappeared or greatly thinned. Scalp hair thickened immensely (I was not already bald or balding though). I have twice the head hair now than I used to. You will not regrow hair from already dead follicles. Facial hair remained thick and coarse. Any acne vanished within two weeks (thank goodness). You cannot get acne on this stuff. My skin is far, far less oily. Man stink goes away (unless you don’t bathe for a week or two). Testicles, scrotum and penis all shrink (what you don’t use, you lose). Don’t know if that reverses if the med is stopped.

        I work out five days a week and haven’t noticed any muscle mass loss, but I’ve always been on the thin side. I’m guessing that someone that doesn’t work out might notice loss of muscle mass and strength however. Body builders would likely notice difficulty gaining muscle mass (I work out for tone, not mass). I didn’t start taking it until I was in my 30s – so there were no growth or maturity issues to consider. If I’d been wiser and if the drug was available in my 20s, I’d had started it at around 25.

        I didn’t start taking the medication until I was already single for several months – so there were no relationship issues to consider.

        If you stop the medication, the effects reverse. If you had acne, it comes back. If you had a lot of body hair, it comes back. If you were losing or thinning on the scalp, that starts up again. Erections come back. In short, when you stop the medication, everything gradually goes back to the way it was. The only thing I’m not sure about is fertility. As I’d already decided that I didn’t want kids, I didn’t worry about that part. I think you lose fertility permanently at some point however.

        As this is a powerful medication, it’s mandatory to have a friend, room mate or family member living with you when you start (in case you have an allergic reaction). I don’t know what excuse you’d need to get your own blood work done. I never tried it. Asking your doctor for blood work for no particular reason would likely raise questions. I do know that the thing you’d be looking for are signs of liver problems (negative liver enzyme results). Anyone with existing organ issues would not be able to take the drug I’m taking.

        I was looking for a greatly diminished desire for sex and that’s what I got. Solved the problem for me. I’m very comfortable without an intimate relationship now. I’m low-T on purpose.

        • Thank you very much for this information, Rick. I appreciate it immensely.

          My FwB joked last month about how he “wishes he could stop having boners” at random times during the day. This interested me, because obviously if this was a real issue I’d want to help him. So I looked into chemical castration for him…some of the effects (like thinning of body hair, thicker head hair, and a better control over his erections) seemed like what he’d desire but he doesn’t want to completely eliminate his libido. Fertility isn’t an issue anyway since he had a vasectomy before we even met.

          The straight information you’ve given here is fantastic, and I’ll be sure to share it with him. Once again, thank you.

        • Hey Rick, interesting post! I was wondering, though, if you’re OK with answering, whether or not you found other thoughts filling in the “gap” that was left by the absence of sexual desire? Did you have to train yourself not to notice women- does the brain lag a bit behind the body in that regard?

          Also, on blood work, really you can have that done anywhere if you’re willing to go private (in the UK, expect to pay about £200). Doctors are bound by oaths not to reveal things about their patients, and while you might get a telling off from the good doctor, the matter ends there. I’ve known people on androgenic anabolic steroids and when they were serious about it, they would get bloodwork done to check T levels during the cycle and during recovery. Even though it’s illegal, nobody was ever reported to the police or suffered consequences outside of a telling off.

    • Sorry, but I find this extremely tragic. There is nothing good about this. You’ve forfeited your normal desires and went on paying taxes for the slutdom.

  4. Making claims of misogyny nowadays is like yelling “Leprechaun” in the hopes that people will actually believe that leprechaun’s are actually real. The fact of the matter is that most women don’t truly know what misogyny and actual hate looks like….yet. But they will, if they keep this up. And I for one can’t wait. And yes, I mean women..ALL OF THEM. I don’t really give a damn if you think you are the one special snowflake in a million.

  5. from Marcrappy’s farticle…

    “Despite saying he’s steeped in feminist discourse, you will find that the only feminist whose name he appears to remember is Andrea Dworkin’s, i.e. a woman modern day feminists reference rarely (if ever) but misogynists tend to obsess over because they want her to be the spokeswoman for feminism.”

    well, I’ve seen plenty of feminists reference Dworkin…



    I actually find “rad fem’s” far more tolerable than creepsters like Marcotte/Schwyzer et al…

    It’s comparable to the David Duke WN’s being less insufferable than all those HBD/race realist manuresphere types…

    • That is pure gaslighting, a classic feminist trick. Feminists do something, and then they deny it when men point it out. What is worse they imply men are paranoid getting worked up over nothing when they do point it out. A really nasty form of invalidation.

  6. Oh, real story from work today…

    the sleazy co-worker guy whom I complained about at tarnished blog was showing internet youtube vid’s of probably a very passable transvestite, and with his typical machismo saying, “C’mon, dude, if she approached you at a bar and offered you a BJ, you’d decline? What kinda fag are you?”

    I actually told him that if a woman randomly approached me at a bar, I would think she was only trying to get me alone to rob me. I went on to tell him two times that happened, one time verifiable by a guy we both know and another I wrote on my blog…


      • I got him really good a little while back…

        He was mouthing off “innuendo” and I said, “If your mom and sis need a green card, they know who to do…”

        I thought he was going to punch me, instead, he didn’t say anything for 3 days… It was great…

  7. Just a few pedantic critiques…

    “Feminism” contains not one scintilla of femininity and is therefore a diabolical euphemism used as cover for dyke “nature.”

    Only females (or males) can embrace dyke “nature,” i.e., “feminism.” A real woman (and man) is evidence of a rejection of dyke “nature,” i.e., “feminism.” So when one asserts that a “woman” embraces “feminism,” he is actually saying that said female has rejected womanhood and embraced dyke “nature.”

    And because this is first and foremost a psychological war, a command of our liberated language is a must.

    To continue sliming women with the acts of degenerate females while also attributing manhood to he who embrace 97% of dyke “nature” is a wrong move.

    • Feminism is very feminine. You are just a woman worshiper in denial about female nature.

      Feminism is relational abuse practiced by females on the political/sociological level. In fact the more feminine women tend to be more aggressive. This dike stereotype is incorrect. In fact from my understanding in lesbian relationships it is the fem lesbians that tend to be more aggressive.

    • lemme guess, you wandered here from The Good Man Project after getting testosterone shots from Jack Donovan and now you are gonna skewl us low status men because you are alpha and once nailed a passed out drunk feminist, because like Rooosh…

      • Men who are pro male, and anti gynocenteric have so many enemies. Feminists, tradcons, white knight thugs, pua hyper macho idiots.

        I get depressed thinking about it sometimes.

        • the enemy of my enemy is not my friend-I learned that the hard way at IMF….

          Being pro-male really means being out for yourself because so many creeps like Jack Donovan, Paul Elam and Hugo Schwyzer have ruined it. They expect you to drop your pants, bend over, touch you toes while they “check yo’ privilege.”

        • When I read about Malcolm X and how the Nation of Islam killed him, and how that cult worked, it made me realize that history repeats itself all the time.

          The nation of Islam used violence and men to beat up other men to police their behavior and make them conform. Yet when Malcolm X tried to get men together to retaliate against police murders, the cult leader canceled those attacks.

          I may be stretching the analogy a bit here, but a voice for men seem to be more focused on attacking other men, than attacking feminism Malcolm X was murdered for going his own way, when he broke away from the nation of Islam cult, Paul Elam has turned on MGTOW because he can’t control it.

          PUA/Game acts like a cult too, with the shaming, the male on male hostility towards people who question them.

          I would it if men organized somehow, and worked together, but the male instinct to dominate seems to kick it, and people seem to fall prey to psychopaths. A lot of A Voice for Men cult followers have swallowed Paul’s shaming tactics.

      • I bet that these testosterone shots were 100% organic and have been injected analy with Jack Dun-Nut’s meat syringe.

    • thordaddy, you are still in the denial/negotiation phase. I think you will be stuck in it forever sadly.

      The desire for a “feminine supportive woman” is the desire for a slave master. I do feel sorry for you.

      Feminine submission is a fake trick, it doesn’t even exist, you basically slave and look after the woman, and she calls that submission. In fact it is a form of gaslighting.

      Females do the same gaslighting trick when it comes to the family and kids. She declares looking after the kids male oppression, while in fact she forces to man to work and she is glad she gets to stay at home and look after the kids, as living off someone else is a privilege.

  8. “Tarnished says:
    January 7, 2015 at 4:29 am
    “There are no radfems”? I suppose she’s never heard of that Femitheist woman…

    Huh. Just from the way she seems incapable of empathy towards socially awkward men I’d have assumed she was sex negative.”

    The myth of sex positive feminists. A sex positive feminist still wants to shame and demonize male sexuality, but she wants to have sex herself with men she finds attractive. That is the only difference between a “sex positive feminist” and a sex negative one.

    Sex negative feminists are mentally ill solipsistic women who hate sex. Since these women are solipsistic, they can’t understand that other women can enjoy sex and just assume all sex is rape.

    All women gain from the shaming of male sexuality as it cheapens it, and gives women more power over men.

    • Does it truly give women more power, though? The more natural hetero male sexuality is demonized, the more we will see “extreme” MGTOW become the lifestyle of choice. Even MGTOWs in FwB or casual girlfriend arrangements may decide it’s just not worth their time and self medicate to become low-T like commenter Rick has done. He’s not alone…there’s been other men who’ve elected to go this route. Sometimes they do it chemically, other times they only interact with women at work/family gatherings, and still others simply remove all women from their lives apart from minor dealings with cashiers or cleaning women.

      If women honestly wanted to have sexual power over men, wouldn’t the rational response be to accept male sexuality alongside female sexuality? Perhaps there’s a step I’m not seeing here. Then again, the concept of sex as a manipulative force is disconcerting, regardless.

      • as long as men “on average” have higher sex drives than women–and as long as things like prostitution/porn are shamed, women will have the upper hand. It’s just like employment–with unemployment rates above say 6%-employers can keep wages low, but if unemployment goes to 3% then they cannot. (this would be almost inverse to rent and unnoccupied dwellings.)

        This essentially is why MGTOW is so threatening without ever threatening violence.

        The “sex positive” model is based on a “you go grrrl, men are pigs mentality.”

        ie-a woman can be a stripper or porn star but the men who are subsidizing her career are the scum of the earth. Sex pozzies seem to want the Swedish model–womyn are the vyctym’s who get paid large sums of money. Men are the kyriarchical oppressive pigs who are nothing more than walking ATM machines.

        I knew some strippers IRL and the guys who dropped lots of money on them-well they thought they were the biggest pieces of shit…

        That goes back to a comment I made that Manboobz Fatrelle twisted to suit his bullshit agenda. Anyways notice how he never attacks Jack Don-0-van-that’s because he has similar white supremacist views and fags and feminists both think low status straight men are pieces of shit…

      • It gives women more control. Women have an instinct for social dominance and control. Women indulge in this instinct even if it harms them or harms their kids. (For example women who divorce for no reason harm their own kids, but the women don’t care as they love using their social power to divorce the man.)

  9. Women are incapable of feeling any empathy towards men as a group. Children and other women, yes, men no. That’s ok and is, unfortunately, a survival strategy. But it is insane for anybody to expect me to feel any empathy for them in return. I do feel some naturally but am suppressing it in a very brutal way. I need to feel able to completely destroy them without any regret.

    • I don’t think women feel empathy for children either to be honest.

      They feel a possessiveness of their own kids, like they are their own property, but that is about it.

      Women are the vast majority of child abusers. Also if women had empathy for their kids, they wouldn’t divorce their fathers and break up a child relationship with it’s father.

  10. I’m no fan of the SPLC and their golden faucets but the hypocrisy is amazing…


    Elam demands tribute because he is the screechy self proclaimed voice for men along with his harem of feminist rejects, the harpy badgers. I wonder how much he pays Judgy Bitch for, erm “housework”–or is the contract written in legalese “whatever other things happen between two consenting adults”…”the monetary payments are for companionship and, um, French lessons”…..

    Yeah, Elam doesn’t even claim how much tribute money he manipulates out of broken men. He’s the same as Fatrelle, but at least with Fatrelle, you know a substantial amount is going to cookies and soda….

      • I wish I had “financial statements.” Anything I say is heresay, and yes, the FC guys are technically right to not allow my posts until I have something substanstial…

        The only people who could help here would be someone who is/was part of AVfM and is willing to reveal “insider knowledge.” I do know that AVfM hasn’t done anything positive in the real world. Something like Innocence Project has proof of results-ie wrongly convicted now free…

    • Ginko is a fascist basically. He believes in enforce military conscription for the vote. He is for male disposablity basically. Why should I be forced to serve a feminist, anti male state?

      I don’t like being judgmental of believe but I don’t trust military types.

      He is an older gay man, yet he was willing to serve the military at a time when homosexuality was criminalized? When you serve the military you don’t just kill innocent people in the name of the state, you also endorse any laws the state enforces.

      • I don’t trust the gov’t or military either…

        it is possible he was drafted–and that’s why it is so important to end selective service.

        he was married, IDK if it was so he could have kids or she was a “beard.”

        He unfortunately likes questionable people. Both Toy Soldiers and Ginko had Jack Donovan as some kind of “alpha male” at their sites….

        Gay nazi’s-pass, “angry” MGTOW’s-go back unless you are ready to pay tribute. Yeah, the MRM needs to fail…

        • Who cares if he was drafted or not. He still claimed he only wanted men who did military service to get the vote.

          He does some good posts, but I don’t trust him.

        • I don’t trust him either…

          He was a FakeRA pushing somoene like Donovan as a “real man” and worse still, someone who refuses to stand up to Elam…

          There’s still a bigger point that Real Men’s Rights needs to end Selective Service…

        • I almost said something cruel to the person who’s friend is a prison guard. (How can anyone befriend someone like that? Is that cruel of me to say so?)

          I don’t have empathy for anti male men. I don’t have any regard for police officers, or prison guards who enable prison rape.

          It is police who kidnap men and cage them on the word of women, they are the enemy of all men.

        • I don’t think it’s “cruel” necessarily, but it is a confusing stance to take. A good number of my family members are/were involved in the military or police force. Not a single one of them is anti-male, as you say. They believe/d in protecting the laws of our nation to the best of their ability (the actual word of the law, not the girls get A, boys get B crap you’re talking about), and in voluntary service rather than a forced Draft. In fact, my uncle who was a state trooper is the one who first told me about the organization Just Detention International, which seeks to eliminate prison rape everywhere.

          I get what you’re saying, that many laws can be and are misused to protect women over men or to condemn innocent ones. This is an atrocity and must stop. But it’s not as though every man in prison is there on a woman’s word…What of the criminals who are anti-male, in that they have raped men/boys, shot men, stabbed men, mugged men, or killed fellow men and children? Even if we don’t count any men who legimately harmed or killed women/girls, there are many who deserve to be behind bars for the crimes they’ve committed against men/boys.

        • There was a book by Howard Zinn-and I knowby mentioning his name, I will be called a “commie faggot.” However, he called the cops and military the “guardian class” as they enforce rules unfair to the poor. The concept is essentially right if you modify it to “unfairly enforce rules against low status men.” There was an old 20/20 video where a woman was hitting a man and an off duty cop thought nothing of it. Of course he would’ve responded with violence against the man if he was hitting the woman (even in self defense.)

        • How much of the problem is the rules vs. their implementation? And when the problem is the implementation are the police the problem or the lawyers? Enforcing rules like “don’t rape” and “don’t commit domestic violence” are fair (and just) rules. However, it seems like the problem is often not in terms of police enforcement but at the judicial level. For example, the police weren’t the problem in the Duke Lacrosse false rape case. Nifong, the DA, and university professors were. Or take the UVa case and all the other university rape tribunals. The entire point of those things is to avoid the police.

  11. Just look at the article/video that that idiot Aaron Clarey the so-called “Captain Capitalism” did on how he calls men who are Going Their Own Way without having dated are cowards. Funny how guys like him end up becoming PUA “guru’s”. The most sickening thing he has to say on his video is that he still enjoys women’s company and then goes on how good the pussy is. If there was ever a wolf in sheep’s clothing attempting to commandeer MGTOW philosophy, it’s him.

    • I think I know the one you are talking about…

      probably not the best analogy, but I’ll go forward with this…

      it’s like saying…

      A guy like Ron Kovic who is maimed in war gets to be anti war because he was maimed…

      A guy who was his brother or best friend and saw what happened to him also gets to be anti war because they saw how badly he got maimed…

      But the third group is just a bunch of hippie, commie, pussy assed faggots who are afraid of breaking their finger nails in basic training and they don’t get to be anti war because whatever…

      That’s his fucking “argument.”

      at least the PUA’s proper have said, “yup, we’re gonna pursue pussy whatever the consequences.”

      –that is to say they’ve come within an inch of admitting their gynocentrism…

      It’s as ironic as that Ginko dudebro arguing the evillles of social justice warriors when he is a member of the M(h)RM and a follower of lord Elam…

      • EXACTLY!
        Hell it’s like saying that BP can’t be trusted to offer MGTOW advice because he hasn’t been to the shredder or had people he has held close been to the shredder. This sort of exclusivity is exactly what MGTOW guys attempt to stop because that’s again shaming tactics. In the end, Clarey is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has nothing to offer.

        As for those in the military…sorry but you can’t use the whole Nuremberg Defense on me in saying those poor men are only doing their job. The Nazi soldiers each had an opportunity to make the right choice, but they chose evil over good. I don’t give a damn that you have family in the armed forces. Enforcing unjust laws makes you an accomplice. You won’t have me crying a river or patting you on the back because they are just such a swell group of guys. Our system shows no leniency to accomplices to criminal activity so, we the public, hold the same system to its own standards when it comes to their army of Jackboot thugs.

        • “Hell it’s like saying that BP can’t be trusted to offer MGTOW advice because he hasn’t been to the shredder or had people he has held close been to the shredder. This sort of exclusivity is exactly what MGTOW guys attempt to stop because that’s again shaming tactics.”

          Well said. After all, a wise person learns from others mistakes without having to make those mistakes themselves.

        • This again is why I see repealing Selective Service as so important. It now means that men in the military are in fact accomplices while those in past times were drafted under the threat of imprisonment and violence.

        • Selective Service and the threat of the Draft should absolutely be repealed. At age 18, I signed my name alongside my friends as a show of solidarity…the ownership of a clitoris instead of a penis doesn’t mean one shouldn’t have to put their freedom and life on the line just as they did. The very concept of the Draft is misandric, as only males must sign up. It cannot stand. Either make women sign up too, or have it be that nobody is forced to.

        • Hell it’s like saying that BP can’t be trusted to offer MGTOW advice because he hasn’t been to the shredder or had people he has held close been to the shredder. This sort of exclusivity is exactly what MGTOW guys attempt to stop because that’s again shaming tactics. In the end, Clarey is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has nothing to offer.

          That’s a good point. I think one of the things that is going on here is that a lot of old men like Paul Elam (and even de facto old men in the manuresphere) are pissed that young men are figuring out that they should avoid women without having their lives ruined. They’re angry that young men could figure out what they could not.

        • Which is even anti-male in itself, if you think about it. Younger men learning from their elders mistakes without having to go through them personally should be celebrated, not condemned.

        • Hmm. Could this explain why AVfM employs tradcons to write for them, has an entire radio show dedicated to their Honey Badgers, and is seeking to alter the original message of MGTOW so that married men can still claim to be “going their own way”?

        • I think the old men would just as easily cowtow to get pussy as they think their lesser’s in the PUA community chase after. Just look at how much pussy pandering he has done with those God awful Honey Badger brigade. Hell, Honey Badgers even sound like a FemiNazi Girl Scout Troop. Karen Staghn is probably one of the worst examples to hoist up. She’s a single mother for crying out loud. Did no one ask the simple question of what the hell happened to the father?!

        • I have noticed the same thing in churches. Single mothers are bad, but the ones who go to church (and by extension blame their single motherhood on men) get a pass.

  12. Black Pill you might find this interesting. As Dr Mangina is mentioned.


    Here is a sample of the article.

    “I feel your pain, bitter, lonely, nerdy guys. I really do.

    It sounds corny to say it like that, but I don’t know how to say it and be believed. I know that because, having experienced this emotion from the inside for most of my life, I sure as hell resisted believing it when I heard people saying it.

    There’s no one more resistant to being empathized with or more prone to call attempts to do so “patronizing” than the bitter lonely guy, especially when women try to do it but even when other nerdy guys try to reach out. People like Captain Awkward and Dr. Nerdlove and the founders of the Good Men Project spend huge chunks of their lives trying to help nerdy guys, but still get regularly blasted with extreme vitriol as “feminist SJWs” by said nerdy guys”

    Ha hahahaha the gaslighting here is amazing. Also women and manginas, refuse to empathize with humble low status men, so therefore the humble low status man is to blame right? lolol

        • I have long decoded these people. Instead of trying to understand the message, just pay attention to their motives.

          The motive of the message is invalidation of low status men, so that is what the message is about. You can ignore the rest of their waffle it is pure cognitive dissonance, and non sequiturs.

          The female imperative is helped maintained by female social domination, invalidation and gaslighting are just two of the tools used to keep female social domination intact. If you treat someone as an equal that means you communicate with them clearly and respectfully.

          If you lack respect for someone and you want to control them, you don’t communicate with them at all. You just lecture them one way.

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