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  1. The thing is even if a man has strange sexual fetishes and wants to be dominated, he shouldn’t trust a woman to do it anyway. Women are not trust worthy and don’t respect the sexually of men.

    • But then a fellow man would have to do it, and many men are not at all interested in doing anything sexual with other men. If you’re very straight, it might evoke feelings of revulsion or self disgust to find your body can be pleasingly stimulated by another guy.
      One could always find top tier escort services instead, or sex workers who specialize in the “girlfriend experience”. Or if you have a fetish, there’s ways to find women who have the same one and would therefore be more likely to want to satisfy it together with you.

  2. I enjoy bdsm with my partner, but I just can’t understand those who get off on being humiliated. Everyone has experienced humiliation in real life…it’s not something most would want to experience again any time soon. The fact that there are those who actively seek it out is just mind blowing.

    And smaller penises shouldn’t be shamed. It doesn’t make the owner any less of a man, and it’s not as though this is a body part one can safely or easily alter (they shouldn’t have to anyway, so long as it works for him).

  3. Mr. Black Pill, I believe in this case you are overreacting to the harmless element of the story, and underreacting to the harmful portion. The harmless element is the professional, transactional fetish prostitution, and the harmful portion is how that is used to hawk Feminism to vulnerable people.

    Men ARE lining up to be abused by her; that is the heart of her piece. She is correct that many men have a great deal of difficulty with their sexuality outside of her professional service. In the piece itself she states that she believes that the only reason her job exists at all is because men are ostracized for wanting to express their sexuality. She incorrectly leads the reader to believe that men are the ones who would ostracize them, just as the small handful of women who actually don’t despise virgins often incorrectly believe that men are responsible for most virgin-shaming or that Feminism is against virgin-shaming. She appears to be one of the very few prodommes who manage to feel empathy for her clients. That she believes that other women would also feel empathy for her clients makes her naive, but not necessarily malicious. That she believes that Feminism could help her clients makes her dangerous; she is selling ideological Feminism to vulnerable people whose needs would be best met by honest, legalized, market-driven prostitutional Femdom.

    What’s really strange about this article is that she recognizes that the core of femdom is trust, but then somehow erroneously concludes that it is normal men whom sexually atypical men do not and cannot trust, instead of normal women. A professional dominatrix saying that a masochistic man ought to be able to trust normal women with his emotional wellbeing but The Patriarchy won’t let him is like a banker saying that an investor ought to be able to trust a highway robber with his life savings but the Sheriff won’t let him. And saying that Feminism will allow atypical men to trust normal women is like saying that the bandits just need to be elected to the office of Sheriff and they’ll give the money back. The banker is in cahoots with the bandits, but the problem is banditry, not banking. Just so the problem here is Feminism, not Femdom.

    There are male doms, just few to no pro-doms, for the same reason that there are male clients at cuddle cafes, but few to no male hosts.



    Male doms are willing to fulfill women’s unconventional emotional and sexual desires for free, often in the context of an otherwise normal and healthy relationship, while female doms are few in number and financial incentive. Equally, men are willing to offer women hugs and reassurance at will without requiring payment. The revolting thing isn’t that some men wish to be beaten any more than it is revolting that some men wish to be hugged or cuddled.

    Calling the author a “predator” for engaging in an honest transaction in which she provides a desired service at an agreed upon price for honest men is going too far. She, like the cuddle cafe prostitutes, is a scavenger.

    She would be a predator if she were shaming or blackmailing her clients for gain beyond the limits of their agreed-upon transactions.

    That is to say, she would be a predator if she were a normal woman who married and then divorced a man.

    Like many scavengers, she requires real predators to make her kills.

    • “…just as the small handful of women who actually don’t despise virgins often incorrectly believe that men are responsible for most virgin-shaming…”

      Which is odd, because anyone who’s gone to a public high school should be aware that it’s typically the girls who virgin shame. Boys do it as well, and to both sexes just like girls do, but not as often.

      • In my experience the women who don’t express some level of personal contempt for virgins tend to be odd people in general. I think many of them attended homeschooling or went to private or religious schools, or were in some way gender-segregated during adolescence.

        • Women who *don’t* think poorly of virgins? Hmm.

          Well, I am odd in that I have gender dysphoria and only male friends for most of my life. Never had to deal with segregation though.

          There’s just no reason to hold anyone in contempt for not having sex. Everyone is a virgin to start with, after all. I was one till 22, and encountered peers of both sexes who attempted to shame me because of it. Knowing how badly it makes one feel, why would I visit the same disdainful stupidity on someone else? It’s unempathetic and nonsensical.

    • Oh, a few other things I forgot.

      “The reality is that most men have no interest in being abused by women, being pissed on by women, or being ass raped by women. That’s not because of misogyny. It’s common sense. Any man claiming to want to engage in that sort of thing needs psychological help not abusive feminism.”

      Every time you refer to a consentual sex act as “rape,” the Feminists win and men lose. Every time a man’s atypical sexual desires are considered as intolerable psychological defects, the Feminists win and men lose. I’m not denying that most male subs are broken people, I think a good prostitute isn’t necessarily any worse than placing your future in the hands of a female psychiatrist working with female therapists indoctrinated in Feminist schools of psychology.

      This is who psychology is being taught by:

      This is the kind of student it draws:

      And this is the therapy equivalent to the Internet Dominatrix:

      You could probably find more stories of therapists betraying and undermining their clients than dominatrixes. The field of therapy offers at least as much potential for abuse as any legal professional dominatrix. If a man’s issues are slight enough that a domme peeing on him or stimulating his prostate can resolve them until the next session, I think he’s better off with the domme.

      You are correct that internet dominatrixes are to be avoided. 90% of them are scammers and the rest are worse. But the problem there isn’t femdom specifically, it’s that prostitution is a crime, so the current under-the-table system benefits the worst women at the expense of naive, vulnerable men. This is true of ALL varieties of online prostitutes, and many online dating profiles, not just femdoms.

      “Where are the male dominators doing the same things to women? They don’t exist because any such man would be arrested for abuse.”

      Jodi Arias tried playing that card during her murder trial, just as Shanley Kane is trying to play that card now. Fortunately the general public is becoming aware of the fact that consentual sadomasochism isn’t actual arrest material. This is good for men, as it means that one of the standard methods women use to abuse and destroy men–twisting consentual relations into abuse–is becoming less available. Describing a dominatrix’s consentual sessions as abusive damages the progress made on that front, which will benefit the most malicious women, such as the murderess Jodi Arias, at the expense of actual victims.

      The BDSM community has a long history of skirmishes with invading Feminists; the Gamergate movement you write highly of has actually taken some cues from this, as seen here:

      • Anon,

        Had experience with this on my own blog, specifically on my post about bdsm. Both my FwB and I partake in it (only with each other…we’re not part of a community or group), and it is completely consensual and enjoyed. However, a feminist commenter had a great deal of trouble accepting that we weren’t “eroticizing abusive patterns” or that I (the female partner) actively enjoyed being the Sub sometimes. It was a surreal conversation, to have someone tell you that your desires are wrong because it doesn’t line up with their ideology. Truly, it is pathetic that men go through this so much, to the point where healthy male sexuality is actually demonized.


    • Most of us have a problem with the fantasies and such that are centered around BDSM which results in women’s poor personal, social, and political choices which ends up causing society-wide consequences that we all have to pay for. Frankly, we don’t give a damn if you have these fantasies or what your sexual preferences are. It’s not really germane to the discussion, which is more centered around general observations about what’s going on in our society. Sex is used as weapon, point-blank against men. To throw your weight around here and start indulging us in what you do with your sexual partner’s not only is distracting, but is like pounding salt on open wounds for those who are incel, not by choice but by lack of reciprocal opportunity when it comes to the opposite sex. Point being, no one cares what your personal story or experience is as it is the exception to the rule when it comes to the BDSM community, which is filled with those who would use such a lifestyle to impose their ideals on others.

      • Crimson,

        Please accept my most sincere apologies if the usage of personal anecodotes to agree with what Anon was saying offended you. It was certainly not the intent. In the future trigger warnings will be bolded in my comments so this doesn’t happen again.

        I will readily admit to being somewhat naive about sex as it is used in public, such as what you speak of. While some parts are obvious from media representations and general consensus, as well as hearing about the strife of my friends in regards to how their own wives/girlfriends withhold sex, it’s use as a weapon is not something I encounter on a daily basis. This is why I read blogs like BP’s…to try and gain understanding, not “throw my weight around”.

        I didn’t think it’s an exception to the rule when I agreed with Anon. He/she said that Feminism is more dangerous for men, and I showed my reasoning for agreement. This obviously hurt you, so I apologize once more.

        If I may ask for further clarification, what “lifestyle” are you talking about? Not being in the bdsm community itself, I don’t truly know what you’re referring to. Do you mean people who use bdsm outside of the bedroom, or something more?

        • Tarnished,

          You’ll have to pardon my brusque tone in regards to dismissing your anecdotal accounts but it comes from acquiring defensive countermeasures against female intrusion into male space. Every time I have noticed females entering any sphere such as this blog, they tend to derail it and they tend to usurp it. If you want a good example, look at AVFM and what harlots like GirlWritesWhat (Karen Straughan) did once they sunk their claws in. Frankly, discussing the intricacies of your sexual life, such as how you don’t mind giving blowjobs or about how you enjoy BDSM is like talking about how you enjoy a nice tall glass of Jack Daniels whiskey when you’re at a bloody Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I’m not saying that the men here are addicts. Quite the contrary actually. But we are attacked each and everyday for NOT being addicts and then once we are addicted to this pervasive evil, then we are attacked again. It is pure reckless hate upon our own humanity and to discuss your sexual preferences or to even begin diluting the conversation with the intricacies of BDSM is to invite opening old wounds and pouring salt upon them.

          As for the 50 shades non-sense, that’s again par-for-the-course discussion that further exemplifies just how low your kind has sunk. Sex USED to be a celebrated PRIVATE thing between individuals. It would be no different than going to burn ward and lighting a cigarette while talking about making s’mores with your friends around a campfire. When I mean “sex is used as a weapon”, it has transcended to the point where even discussions of sexuality, sexual preferences, and personal sexual history illicit the same type of loss-based shame and guilt as when women go on-and-on about how all the good men are gone while addressing good men. I’m not saying you are intentional, but since you are keen on learning, than heed my words well. Take caution and care when replying and commenting. A good rule of thumb is to keep personal anecdotes to a minimum because outside of your experience and the impact that it had on your life, they usually don’t provide anything of relative importance to general observations being made nor are they truly germane to the discussion. When something as private, as well..human as sex is dehumanized and weaponized, then it has lost all of its inherent value and such is a liability..including discussions that would illicit temptous thoughts, then that’s where the weapon is armed and poised to be used against any man listening or reading to said discussion. This is ESPECIALLY true if the person discussing sex is a woman because of just how much men have been brainwashed to illicit sex out of women..even if it is a “run-of-the-mill” discussion.


          Do you think we will see, at least in our lifetime, a “sex bubble” just as we saw a housing bubble and the upcoming higher education bubble? I mean it’s a commodity on the free market that has become so cheap, so devalued, yet the prices are artificially raised to an absolute ludicrous premium, that the market is bound to push back.

        • Crimson,

          Thank you for taking the time to talk about this. I’ll absolutely be more careful in the future, and if it seems a personal anecodote is relevant (like my conversation with Anon), I’ll be sure to put a bolded warning and space beforehand just in case. Causing harm is not the intent, and to know I have potentially hurt my fellow readers here is horrifying.
          Mea culpa.

          When it comes to sex, I’m rather like a child who used to be utterly terrified of all dogs, but has partially overcome this fear and now wants to talk about his new puppy. This aspect of my personality is not helpful here, and will be strongly reigned in now that it has been brought to light as harmful. I appreciate you letting me know. There’s no need whatsoever for you to apologize for your tone. It is understandable and respected.

          50 Shades is indeed absolutely crap. The fact it is so popular, and is even being turned into a movie is simply nausea inducing. Sex education and meaningful discussion is one thing, but to cheapen it like Hollywood is doing? Disgusting.

          Re: your market example
          What would an example of this pushback be? Truly, MGTOW seems to be the only longterm one, and the media is just starting to acknowledge it (though with massive amounts of shaming and ridiculous discussions of “Peter Pan men”).

        • Tarnished,

          I would reckon to say that the marketplace would be very bleak, initially..at least for women it will be. MGTOW and anti-marriage is just the beginning. As long as there are NSA, FWB, BDSM or any sort of intimate and sexual congress between men and women, the rigged marketplace will continue trudging on. A TRUE sex bubble would be that the commodity of sex itself would be in incredibly high supply but the demand will have diminished after decades of “scortched earth policy” demands from women and their enablers. This means that sex from women would be in high supply and accessibility, but that men in a critical mass, would not be jumping at the seams for it. Unfortunately, the desire for sex has become so entrenched in our psyche that to overcome it and embrace a transcendent ideal of our own humanity (that which places us far above beasts) would be too Herculean of an effort for the average man. However, push a man far enough, and the willingness to adapt will surface and he will show the true measure of his resolve. Imagine a world where women continue to dress down to the lowest common denominator to illicit any sort of positive sexual affirmation or attention from men..and then imagine men, in general ignoring it. So much so that even media outlets, and major advertisers would have to throw away that age-old BS “sex sells” because in this new market..IT WOULDN’T.

          Oh boy, we would be looking at a Second Renaissance. A time in human history unparalleled wherein we would have to begin focusing our attention on higher ideals and facing the real problems instead of being encumbered with our sexual desires for the devastation wrought from the sex bubble will have taught us the true cost of desiring such a highly plebeian commodity at such a high premium. If we’re smart, we will enforce safeguards to prevent such a thing happening again as what we have now with rampant infatuation and saturation of pure bile and filth and perhaps restore it to the realm it is supposed to be in…educational (insofar has medical/biological for the sake of safety) and personal (wherein it is discussed primarily between two people committed to each other). This would have a ripple effect in politics as politicians would no longer be able to connive their draconian misandric policies under the shield of “it’s for the women”. For if they tried that in this new market, they would find themselves writing their resumes and going onto Monster.com for they would either not be elected again by the male masses or they would be impeached for their abuse of power and betrayal of the People’s Trust (as written in both the Declaration and Constitution).

          In any free market, the consumer controls what is going to be profitable and what is not. Artificially created demands only hold for so long because as the old adage goes..”you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. This means, there will be re-evaluation by what’s out in the media and even in the products we consume today. Hollywood will always cater to what is popular, and sometimes they define what is popular and the consumer eats it up. That’s because Hollywood knows the consumer better than the consumer knows himself. That’s where the problem comes in. People have far more power than they know, but power and freedom come at the cost of cultivating a character built on the cornerstone of personal responsibility and accountability and unfortunately, we live in a state of total barbarism pretending to be a civilization, where such qualities are disdained and even outlawed.

          Just take a look at how people interact with each other for the most part in common parts in our society. Every time there is a disagreement or argument, personal attacks take on the form of sexual insults either through shaming, through intimidation, or through sexual guilt such as calling a guy “gay” or saying he has a small appendage. When sex no longer holds the amount of sway and influence as it does now, our very language and indeed our very way of thinking will change…nay, it will finally evolve. We are more than our biology. It’s time we understood that and stopped giving sex the premium that it should never have had. Any commodity that is used to devalue our humanity is NEVER worth the cost, no matter what. Human life and humanity itself is too sacred to forfeit, no matter how “pleasurable” the experience. Does that answer your question?


        • It absolutely does.
          While it is somewhat difficult to think of sex as a commodity/resource, if one does then your words make perfect sense. Unfortunately, while it would certainly be better for our species to make sex sacred again, it likely will never happen on such a large scale. If sex is openly and freely offered by women, the majority of men will not turn it down, and will be content to use the system so long as the benefits outweigh the risks. We see that some men have already found that the potential for abuse by women is enough to either remove themselves from the sexual marketplace completely or to “go ghost” as much as possible. But these are the minority, and are still either shamed or mocked by the MSM.

          Going back to what you said about cultivating character, personal responsibility, etc…This is what must happen first, then the rest can surely follow. Getting people to realize that such characteristics are preferable is the true struggle.

        • Even when the new market arises, I’m afraid there will still be enough men out there in personal circles who are simply incapable (by their own choice) of evolving past their base desires to see the reality in front of them. The key is to hold out and to hold to our convictions and not yield. Even now, with all this non-sense with #womenagainstfeminism, it is nothing more than the plantation owner attempting to get the slaves back on the plantation under the pretenses of a kinder master. Such measure should be seen as insulting, but instead you will have white knights coming in and defending them because in reality, most men will succumb and become sexual Uncle Tom’s. It only takes a handful of truly dedicated to grasp the power in order to make sure the abuses of the past are not repeated by making sure such blasphemies against our Constitution as Title IX and the 19th amendment are PERMANENTLY REPEALED. That is the measure it is going to take to bring back balance and civilization to a land long bereft of any freedom, liberty, and justice. That includes the political, social and personal realms.

        • While I disagree with your desire to repeal the 19th amendment and would instead prefer to see a mandatory test to determine a potential voter’s political knowledge, I’m in total agreement in regards to your breakdown of #womenagainstfeminism. Looking at relevant Facebook pages or comments reveals not an egalitarian or male-sympathetic stance, but a desire to return to a traditionalist way of life. Men still lose under such a system, and are regulated to workhorses and resource providers. It is insulting, yet many men are lapping it up as “progress”. Do they not see, or are they so eager to be yoked again?

          I must get ready for work now, but look forward to more conversation later.
          Cheers, Crimson.

        • Tarnished,

          I’m on my lunch break so I figured I would flesh out the discussion a little. First off:

          “While I disagree with your desire to repeal the 19th amendment and would instead prefer to see a mandatory test to determine a potential voter’s political knowledge”

          TomA(i)to, tomaato, it’s all the same. Such a test would disqualify the grand majority of females anyways, so a total repeal wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. Besides, before that accursed amendment was FOOLISHLY passed by a Congress that pussy-footed to the whining fools of the day, the US was a very finely functioning society. We don’t need a woman’s vote to make sure things are running well. If an assembly of learned men in a hot room in Philadelphia were able to hash out the intricacies of a fledgling new nation against the most powerful naval empire at the time without the “noble know-how” of a woman, then I’m pretty sure our country will survive without the pedantic mewlings of a group of people long known for their entitlement tendencies. The few who aren’t, are not in a large enough quantity to outvote the excessive over-measures and freebies that the government is handing out like candy on Halloween. I stand firm on my permanent repeal of the 19th amendment. In a democracy, the minority don’t get to make all the rules, ESPECIALLY at the complete detriment to the grand majority. In this case..women..who I can’t even fathom to call a minority anymore since the most people who vote are women..and look what kind of hot water we have landed ourselves in. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to go from a correlation to causation when it comes to the introduction of women’s vote and the aftermath of it. Suffice to say we’ve had more war-hawking after women’s vote than we ever did in the history of the US before. Ironically, even with the “equality” that we have in the armed forces, it’s mostly guys who end up dying at the behest and command of women’s unilateral vote..all under the guise of “security”. So can that talk about any merit in the 19th amendment, cause frankly, if the founding father’s were to be present when such a decision was even brought forth by white knight mangina’s back then, they would have rallied a second Continental Army to resist such blithering non-sense.

          The thirst for sex is possibly one if not THE GREATEST PERIL to any free and just society. That thirst for sex causes men to overrule their rational and logical higher-reasoning functions..the same functions that are the cornerstone foundations of what it means to be human. The thirst for sex would have our leaders…correction, HAS our leaders jumping through hoops and stealing from the working majority to hand out to those bereft of any sort of self-reliance and self-awareness (ie most women). To put it plainly, because we wanted women’s approval (which again goes back to the Thirst), we forfeited our God-given rights as set aside in the Constitution and listed out in the Declaration. The greatest threats to any society come from within, not from without. In this case, it is a threat embedded into the very fabric of our biology..the Thirst. I demonize and criminalize it for what it has become…a true WMD.

        • Crimson,

          It is your right to believe the 19th amendment should be repealed. I have nothing against this, although to be sure I’d fight tooth and nail were there any true threat of this actually occurring.
          It matters little to me if 99% of women and 50% of men would fail our theoretical suffrage test. It would be enough that disqualification were not automatic, nor based on an aspect of biology that nobody (to date) can change.

          Likewise, the Draft should be abolished and not connected to whether one has the right to a voice in our politics anyway. Regardless, I registered for the Draft at age 18 alongside my (male) friends, and so should any woman till it is altered.

        • Crimson,

          It is your right to believe the 19th amendment should be repealed. I have nothing against this, although to be sure I’d fight tooth and nail were there any true threat of this actually occurring.
          It matters li

        • You wouldn’t need to fight tooth and nail..you’d have an army of pussy-hungry fools doing it for you. A woman who claims that she wants to get down and dirty and suffer with men in solidarity reminds me of how the aristocracy during the French Revolution used to put on the revolutionary Phrygian caps to fake solidarity just so they wouldn’t get their heads cut off by the hungry masses. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for most hardworking guys, the 19th amendment is here to stay..and leave a path of destruction in its wake. Where were the women clamoring to fight in the fields against British Redcoats and Hessian mercenaries while farmers with pitchforks who had just as little combat training as the women were fighting and dying for their freedoms? Truth be told, you had slaves fighting in the fields moreso than women, and they bled and died..and guess what…women got the vote in 1914..guess when racial minorities got the right to vote…1965! So you pampered lot not only did NO fighting whatsoever in the any of the wars leading up to the 19th amendment being passed, but the racial minorities that actually fought in those wars didn’t get the vote until AFTER WW2, when a whole generation of them had died off. Classy, real classy. Like I said..the Thirst is some dangerous stuff and I guess you can consider it fighting with nails..if you meant breaking a nail and then crying about it.

        • Sorry Crimson, but I refuse to be held responsible for what people in the past did, regardless if they shared my sex or not. I’m my own person, and while I accept full responsibility for everything I do or say, the same simply cannot be true for everyone that shares some similarities with me.

          I’m female, and will speak out when other females say or do sexist things, but am not in control of their actions.
          I’m white, and will speak out when other whites say or do racist things, but cannot control what they do.
          I’m 30 years old, and will speak out against either child or elder abuse, but am not in control of what other middle-aged people say or do.
          I’m a human being, and will speak out against animal abuse, but have no ability to control others who do the opposite.

          I do not automatically think you are a child molester simply because my stepfather was, nor do I think you are an abusive alcoholic who would strike a child just because my biological father was. If I am not going to condemn you for the actions of those who randomly share traits with you, I hope you would be able to do the same for me.

        • Tell that to your FemiNazi suffragettes sista’s who love to rile in that type of contempt and reckless hate against modern men. The same bra-burning malcontents who pushed for such ridiculous legislation as Title IX and the 19th amendment. And if you start attempting to justify the know-nothing degenerates in the early 20th century yankering on and on about women’s votes as somehow being different than the current manifestation of feminism, then you’ve got a rough road ahead commenting on here.

          I wasn’t holding you specifically responsible. I was saying that the 19th amendment is based on a right that was never fought for by those who enjoy it, whereas every man who enjoys the right to vote has volunteered service to their country. Thus it is an entitlement..not a constitutional right. There are many things that are entitlements, such as free birth control, which are and NEVER were constitutional rights. Such things are measures to actually rob others of their financial liberty through excessive taxation.

          You specifically have volunteered in the armed forces, and I commend you. But I can’t say the same for the grand majority of those who currently vote and hold no responsibility for that vote. Again, it’s about equal responsibility for equal liberty. This whole canard of women and men are equal is the same kind of bullcrap as saying an apple and an orange are exactly the same because they happen to be fruits.

          My stance will remain firm, so agree to disagree and move on. The majority of guys on here may not say it, but there is validity and solvency in the argument I’m making in repealing that abomination to the Constitution.

        • “It’s about equal responsibility for equal liberty.”
          Could not agree with you more, Crimson.

          I’m willing to agree to disagree in regards to the voting issue as well. Whether other men here believe it or not, or say it or not, it is your opinion and you have good points for keeping it, which I respect.

      • Sex is used as weapon, point-blank against men.

        This is what the problem is. When you look at the dominatrix who wrote the original article, that’s what she is doing. She is using sex as a weapon against me in a very sick manner.

    • In principle, I’m not against it as such. The problem is I can’t tell where BDSM ends and plain old feminism and misandry begins. There are a lot of things about it that don’t smell right. The author of the article is a good example, especially since she’s a dominatrix. Like I asked before why do we see dominatrixes with male clients, but never the reverse? That to me says it’s a hotbed of misandry.

      • Ok, that makes sense.
        The reason for this seeming inconsistency is likely that being a female Sub is deemed at least partially acceptable in the context of a typical hetero relationship, but being a male Sub is not. It could also have to do with latent misandric principles, like Tamerlame mentions above…male sexuality tends to be looked down on, and always deemed “assertive”. For a man to find a woman for a relationship who is comfortable with the knowledge that he sometimes needs to be “passive” sounds like a difficult undertaking. The woman may be confused about why he’d want to be lightly flogged or tied up, even if she enjoys this type of play herself, because it goes against common gender roles.

        Thus, there’s a demand for female Doms in a public sphere whereas male Doms are safely ensconced in the private (home) sphere. Just look at the crap that is 50 Shades…if the main characters roles were reversed, Christian would have probably been a paying customer rather than in a relationship with Ana. Spoiler: As it is, the second book revealed that Christian’s very first relationship was one where he was the Sub to a female Dom, and quite frankly was mentally abused, though he doesn’t see it this way until after discussing it years later with Ana.

      • The reason is simple, women have no need to pay for that kind of thing, they can easily get it for free. Same reason there are so few male prostitutes who serve women. Women LOVE dominance fantasies.

        MGTOW is only a “solution” for men who women won’t touch in any case, like Omega Virgin Revolt here.(I’ll give him credit for admitting it, most MGTOWs don’t) It would be like the unemployed trying to go on strike. If they could refuse to give their money to the feminist state that would be one thing but few have the balls to seriously go against the government. “There is no personal solution to systemic problems” is correct.

        The real solution would be to kick the Jews and the goy traitors out of our country.

        • Well, since Hitler was a Jewish nigger, does that mean that race is responsible for the wwII and the “holocaust?”

        • And it’s interesting that you people tell us that faggots, Jews, niggers, ect are so supremely wonderful, and then you accuse us of being one.

        • “And it’s interesting that you people tell us that faggots, Jews, niggers, ect are so supremely wonderful, and then you accuse us of being one.”

          Nope–I never said the people you slander are so wonderful. Go read my blog, it might be a little to high on the HBD scale for you to comprehend, after all it is written at the 4rth grade reading level. White nationalists are essentially the same as trashy feminists like Mandy Marcotte.


          and BTW- Jack Donovan sticking his dick up men’s asses is not men’s rights no matter how you slime balls try to phrase it. I’m sure you are going to cry to Esmay that I’m a hom-0-phobe. But the whole men’s rights movement is corrupt, that’s why you WN’s fit in so well. Please have an “accident” while cleaning your firearm.

        • We do that because it is an insult to you, dumb ass.

          And it’s a typical Jew response to attack the person when you know you can’t refute his ideas. Accusing goys of being homosexual has long been a Jew tactic ever since Freud.

        • I only offer the survival of the race.

          You have nothing to offer White men, nothing to say to the omega virgins like yourself other than to “just suffer through it,” which is exactly the kind of thing the feminists say.

        • I only offer the survival of the race.

          You don’t have the ability to offer that since the greatest threat to the white race is white women, and you are a slave to white women.

          You want white men to be slaves to white women. I offer white (and non-white) men freedom.

        • All you offer to miserable omegas like yourself is to tell them their current state of misery is really “freedom.” The same thing feminists tell them only you feign sympathy. I will tell them the truth, that misery is not freedom and diversity is not our strength. I will tell them that there is still hope for our race and civilization if we as White men band together, return women to their natural place and drive out the alien.

  4. You’re a far more patient person than I, BP, to constantly deal with these WNs who apparently want all (white) men to become unwilling providers and all (white) women to be barefoot/pregnant. Not to mention their irrational disgust with others who merely have different skin tones or non-European ethnicities…

    • It is worse than that. They worship white women. White vagina worshiping nationalism is a fertility goddess cult where the fertility goddesses are white women. The more they talk, the more evidence they provide of this, and collecting evidence is important.

    • My problem isn’t with different skin tones or ethnicities. I have no problem with Chinese or Japanese people as long as they do not agress against my race. My problem is with the subversive influence of the Jews and the savage behavior of the Blacks, my problem is not with what they are as much as what they do, what they promote: the crime, the wars, the corruption, the feminism, the faggotry, the comnon core, ect, ect and ect.

  5. I read through the article and it seems like she’s upset because she doesn’t have enough clients. But not many men desire to be tied up, whipped, or have objects inserted into them. Prostitution is also a very competitive business these days.

    If she were a real businessperson, she would try and specialize in something else besides the tiny, low-demand niche she’s in. But instead she’s chosen to write a screed where she fantasizes about “re-educating” men. Sailer’s law of female journalism comes to mind:


    • The mainstreaming of BDSM in Anglo-American culture is highly disturbing. I only hope the rest of the world doesn’t copy this unhealthy dysfunction in some sort of ill advised attempt at “competing with the west”.

  6. I see, my last shit-posting was too much. Got the message: No more shit-posting on this blog!

    On-topic: A few years ago, I attended some sort of an experimental music performance. The performer was a Japanese dominatrix. The music was not that interesting. Anyway, some poor guy consented to get himself whipped by her. He looked like a prime example of a so-called “Omega” man. He certainly wasn’t used to get any female attention at all. Hence it was easy for this chick to sway him into this sort of shit. I regret that I didn’t left the room when this thing started. It felt wrong looking at this.

    • “It felt wrong looking at this.”

      It was. I’ve always been disappointed in the Japanese for foolishly aping Anglo-American “norms” (which are mostly anything but normal) instead of sticking to their own beautiful and high-minded Shinto and Zen cultures.

      • It felt wrong in a way that a person gets humilated and the audience, myself included, took part in his humilation by watching it. I don’t mean it within the context you come up with. Why do you think that BDSM has anything to do with “Anglo-American norms”?

  7. http://www.avoiceformen.com/sexual-politics/m-g-t-o-w/this-mgtow-doesnt-understand-humans/

    Look at the comments page! Looks like MGTOW is a prop for AVFM to use to try and convince women to join AVFM, because AVFM is moderate! lolol

    This comment is very interesting, even did a blog post about it.

    “Kristal Garcia • a day ago
    Only got 6mins in have to run to work but looking forward to finishing this! This is fantastic. I’ve watched one of his videos before he’s really good. I fully support MGTOW and extremists like the above aren’t giving MGTOW space to be heard.”

    So because some MGTOW are “extreme” that is reason to ignore us. MGTOW is not for women anyway! lolol I don’t want women to listen to me.

    • Bah. She sounds like she supports MGTOW only so long as it’s adherents are potentially still open to hetero relationships. In other words, it’s similar to the #womenagainstfeminism. They want men to come back, not actually live for themselves.

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  11. This….Margaret Covid (the author of the linked article) is the typical dominatrix who tries her damndest to serve two masters. To her credit, unlike some of the women I’ve encountered online who engage in the same profession as herself, she seems to have a concern for men.

    But like all the other dominatrices I’ve (unfortunately) encountered, she entirely blames men and turns to feminism as the solution. She is a useful idiot. Like I said, I give her credit for expressing some compassion for men but her methods of dealing with the problem are ignorant and misguided. And frankly, I highly doubt she would even care if this error was ever brought to her attention. If anything, she would probably revel and rejoice in her error and keep on going with sadistic delight.

    At the end of the day, she’s yet another enemy foot soldier. Nothing more, nothing less.

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