87 comments on “50 Centillion Shades Of Black (Pill)

  1. 50 Shades is what a weird mix of harlequin romance + erotica would be lIke if written by a 12 year old. How it ever got published is beyond comprehension. It’s also rife with issues about psychological abuse and unhealthy dependency related to control, bastardized bdsm, sex, relationships, and “dominance”. I only read it because my beloved did…and now I can’t unread it.

    MGTOW is the way to go, regardless.

    • Frankly I don’t know what to say about this book. The analyses of it that I’ve seen show it to be so poorly constructed and haphazardly written that it’s hard to draw conclusions from it. Except maybe that Christian Grey needs years of intensive psychotherapy and Ana Steele should become a nun.

      You cant unread i but you can just bonk yojrself on the head and you’ll get amnesia 😉

  2. MGTOW all the way.

    You addressed “window dressing” to “confuse” the issue. An argument can be made that women are erratic in order for their “soft” power over men to work at all. If not, men would’ve seen the light long ago.

    • Greatshebang,

      That new Taylor Swift song gets it right, then…Isn’t it terrifying how this type of personality is just blatantly accepted now?

      “Screaming, crying, perfect storms
      I could make all the tables turn
      Rose garden filled with thorns
      Keep you second guessing like oh my god
      Who is she? I get drunk on jealousy
      But you’ll come back each time you leave
      Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

    • You addressed “window dressing” to “confuse” the issue. An argument can be made that women are erratic in order for their “soft” power over men to work at all. If not, men would’ve seen the light long ago.

      Absolutely. Women’s soft power wouldn’t work otherwise.

  3. Mammoth eater Futrelle was throwing a fit over a murder suicide fantasy story Rooshiepoops wrote…

    When I read it, the first thing I thought, Rooshie is a broken “man.” He is trying sooooo hard to be accepted as a “white guy with a tan” by all the HBD race realists like Chuck Rudd and Clarence in Baltimore.

    Fruitrelle is too dumb to see it is a bad parody of a white women who got fired because of what a white man at gawker wrote about one of her tweets…….

        • I don’t know when it happened, but it seems strange for it to be happening now. As utterly stupid as the manosphere was years ago, I can’t deny that it generated a lot more energy than it does now. It was growing quickly, it’s defenders were impassioned and cultish and were at a fever pitch. Now however it seems to me to have jumped the shark. Sure it gets more attention from the mainstream press than before, but to me it seems to be a shadow of its former self. It seems strange that Elam would want to join forces with it NOW. How much traffic can they provide him? Or are they more popular than I’m giving them credit for?

        • Wish I knew…
          It’s just pathetically sad that a group that had such promise for literally being “a voice for men” has essentially turned on the very people it’s supposedly been trying to help. Remember when they actually raised enough money to start a legitimate men’s shelter and were very vocal about DV rates? Or when they allowed real discussion in their comments, before this MGTOW+ crap?

          Apparently this isn’t good for pageviews.

        • There is no way the manuresphere can generate significant traffic for AVFM. Roissy has not said anything new in a long time. Roosh and Fornedarmu get attention only by being trolls. (How many manurespherians are just sock puppets of Fornedarmu?) The Spearhead and Hawaiian Fat Blob are constantly flirting with packing it in and go for long periods of time with no new content now. The Susan Walshes and similar people have completely abandoned the manuresphere even though they still blog. The Dalrocks and the Vox Days are heading back into being plain old tradcons. Just4Guys’ activity dropped signifigantly when they (sensibly) got Obsidian to leave. That leaves a set of no name blogs that do not survive long or get noticed. Almost all of the manurespherians that come to this blog to attack me have completely vanished from the manuresphere including their blogs.

          The manuresphere has imploded yet AVFM suddenly wants to get involved with what can only be described as a failing enterprise? I do not get it. And, to make it worse, AVFM adds Obsidian as a writer, a man who has been run off of 2 manuresphere blogs. That is scraping the bottom of the manuresphere’s barrel. It makes no god damn sense.

        • “As far as helping men, it is my experience that men who develop a strong sense of self by drawing lines in the sand about what they will and won’t accept from women, and from themselves, usually don’t need it. They are doing just fine.” And the irony of all irony… if that advice means not to accept leadership from an idiot who calls himself A Voice for Men-he has just explained MGTOW, or, hehe, PIGTOW….

          I won’t accept a movement thart accept’s WN’s with open arms (or is that open legs, lying face down) to WN’s and puts the voices of feMRA’s as above the real life experiences of low status men…

          Just when you think those fuckers can’t sink any lower…

          eagerly awaiting the articles featuring Jack Donovan and Hugo Schwyzer…

  4. The manosphere is imploding because they tried to sell gynocentrism to men, but under the disguise of the red pill, which as Black Pill has said, is really not that different than the blue pill.

    Married men like Elusive Wapiti tried telling men that married men lead happier and wealthier lives due to marriage, but men called Bullshit. Married men like Dalrock referred to MGTOW as immature boys who are throwing temper tantrums, and how you could be a happily married man living in a feminist world, as long as you knew Game, and men called Bullshit.

    Fathers with daughters beat their chests and would drone on and on about how they hated feminism, but would also try and tell you how their daughters were the personification of NAWALT. When men called Bullshit, the same fathers with daughters would call men losers who weren’t worthy of their Special Snowflake.

    Women would show up in comment sections and tell you they really hated feminism and profess their love for men, until you disagreed with them on a certain topic, and then they would get all pissed off and accuse you of having a small dick and living in your mom’s basement.

    Guys like Paul Elam would go on tirades about doing away with chivalry, and how white knights were just as bad as feminists, but then would suit up in shiny armor, hop upon a horse, and come to the rescue of any female author/commenter who felt uncomfortable at a website specifically designed for men.

    Then you have the PUAs, who are arguably the biggest two-faced backstabbers and phonies in the manosphere, droning on and on about how “alpha” they are and how every other man in existence is a “beta.” They don’t even understand the terms they use. They tell men how Game is a magic potion, but is something you can only understand by buying their crappy books and videos. And when you have valid criticism of it, their only response is either “you can’t get laid” or “you just don’t get it.” Yeah, we only hear the same things from feminists when we criticize feminism, but whatever.

    I think the silent majority of men have been observing these things occurring over the past several years, and realize what the people of this blog have realized: the red pill is not much different than the blue pill.

    • I always found it amusing people like Elusive Wapiti always made such great posts about how marriage is a raw deal, how women these days are not worth it, how the legal system is unacceptable.

      He does this all the awhile having to pay support to his ex and tolerate the fact she is using his kids against him. I understand being angry at that. What I don’t understand is going back and getting married a second time; having two more children.

      All this while still paying lip service to how bad the legal system is, etc. I suppose the argument these types use is since they’re religious, that means it is a requirement for them to be married to a woman to gain companionship? Or something?

      Let’s be honest. The root of it is, these men had no problem with women or feminism until the moment their marriages broke up. As long as they have a wife, kids and happy little home that’s all they care about. They were never against the stuff they pay lip service to in the first place.

      • Tradcon men are the one good man! They assume they will not get screwed over beacuse they are good. They always find out the hard way though.

        Anyway I owe you apology for being rude. I assumed you was a troll in the past.

        • No worries. Tradcon men indeed believe that, but what gets me is that even when they’re hit with reality they go back a 2nd (perhaps multiple times) for another helping.

          Someone I read awhile back referred to these types as “breeders”. It seems no matter what happens they cannot be dissuaded from feeling they need a woman. I really don’t understand where their irrational desire comes from.

  5. “The manuresphere has imploded yet AVFM suddenly wants to get involved with what can only be described as a failing enterprise? I do not get it. And, to make it worse, AVFM adds Obsidian as a writer, a man who has been run off of 2 manuresphere blogs. That is scraping the bottom of the manuresphere’s barrel. It makes no god damn sense.”

    This is because Paul has sold out to the tradcons. The tradcons are a bunch of useless nobodies, who got nothing done for years. They just bitched on about right wing politics and did nothing for men. Now that MGTOW has taken up, they tried to co-opt it and failed hard, Paul misjudged the situation and decided to back the tradcons. (I think his second wife properly influenced his decision. )

    Tradcon ideas are dead and stale.

    I was talking to a tradcon, he accused me of being anti family, I pointed him to links about single mother child abuse. I then told them, that it is immoral to find the single mother machine, men have no control over their family, the woman does, so having a family is too risky. This idiot was just banging on about how mothers are needed over and over again.

    The thing is, the one important thing that mothers need to do for their children, most mothers do not bother doing anyway, that is breast feeding.

    • And that is why AVFM is now in bed with the manuresphere. If AVFM just wanted more game content, there is plenty of non-manuresphere/non-roissyite game content out there. Sure it is still useless and wrong, but it does not come with the baggage of tradcons, conspiracy theorists, white vagina worshiping nationalists, etc.

      Of course, by involving the manuresphere, Paul Elam didn’t sell out to the wider tradcon community. At least if he did that, he might benefit from the large amount of tradcons out there. Instead he is scraping the bottom of the barrel of tradcons who most tradcons do not want to be associated with.

  6. hahaha…


    at some point (if it hasn’t already happened yet) Fraudtrelle is going to take our thoughtful observations, twist them to his hateful ideology and not give credit where credit is due…

    of course he wouldn’t openly acknowledge where we have been right. We don’t want no stinkin’ cookies-we are keen observers and have seen what they’ve done to his waistline….

    • hahahaha, these creeps pull the exact same shit as feminists like futrelle. First you are a misogynist with a micropenis because you complain you can’t get a date. Minor complaint=hateful misogynist. Yet you observe guys like Warmachine and Hugo Schwyzer are eyeball deep in pussy. If you mention that discrepencey, you are told you are ugly and need to lift weights/women can read your mind and see the kyrarchical transmisogyny deep within your soul. Then if you go your own way you are told you are a mysogynist for not “donating” half your paycheck to some fat, sleazy dominatrix who wants to ass rape you with a strap-on/Support some trad con broad while she “gets her doctorate,” yells at feminists on twitter, has affairs with the “alphas” at AVfM.

      anyways Clarey misses the point that is right infront of everyone’s faces. A man can be a lifelong virgin and have plenty of experience dealing with women. A man can be an “alpha” and be left to die by his prostitute mistress like that exec guy. Or he can get the booty and get hacked up ala Travis Alexander. (Of course I’m not comparing all women to what’s her name.)

      It’s easier for him to shame everyone. “Oh, your broke-must be because you didn’t get a STEM degree-and your micropenis.”

      Infact, Mr. Black Pill can probably attest, not every guy is cut out for STEM, even many smart guys…

  7. The Tradcon MRA’s have really stuck in my craw lately for two reasons.

    Reason #1
    They will gladly trade nominally one bad law against men for an even worse law.

    For example, they will gladly trade no-fault divorce for a harsher law against “deadbeat” dads. Except under fault-only divorce it is now well established that a man can be accused without proof of almost anything as “abuse” and as “fault.” Thus it makes the situation worse for men.

  8. Reason #2

    The Tradcon MRA’s don’t have to change anything to get the same deal they were getting before the latest feminist laws.

    Before many of these laws, men got duped into buying houses for frigid women and sexless marriages. The tradcons were patted on the head as good little tradcons but everyone was snickering behind their back. Plus they were asked to donate time and money to organizations that helped single moms. A certain percentage of these men went to jail for interactions with women that went wrong.

    Since these laws have been enacted, men get duped into getting divorced into buying houses for ex-wives. The tradcons are patted on their head as good little tradcons, but everyone is snickering behind their back. Plus they are patted again as good little tradcons if they sign up for a new divorcee wife and pay for college for their feminist stepdaughter. And a certain percentage of these men go to jail for interactions with women that go wrong.

    So what’s the difference? They can be good little tradcons either way.

    Bar Bar (Barbarossaaaa) nailed it when he said they are just asking for their slave masters to be nicer to them and not rub it in their face so much.

        • From someone who really is ugly, I’d say Roosh isn’t that ugly. Unkept, a mess, sure.

          His far right opinions are gross (I’d say he’s an actual misogynist also as opposed to the unattractive beta male “misogynist”)… but.going by facial structure alone, he’s probably above average. And women make sexy time with him.

          Ever notice how feminist allies are usually attractive hipsters too – do you think they’d be allowed into that sphere if they weren’t? Even Roosh gets off lightly considering his opinions.

          I couldn’t be a feminist even if I wanted to be. If for example I, as an unattractive loser were to attempt to join in the parrot the right rhetoric, the FIRST thing feminists would accuse me of is doing is trying to trick women around me to drop their guards. It wouldn’t fly.

        • well, dude, I suppose if you earn some ca$h, you can bang some smokin’ hot prostitutes. Cause from what I read, money and hygeine is what makes you a good customer. Who cares what some feminists think? Advocatus Diaboli-who is probably ugly in real life has scored a whole bunch of high class hookers. He probably paid a small fortune to do it, but he did it.

          That is the irony though. Real misogynists get a free pass and MGTOW’s/low status men get told they are worse than a serial killer. Look at how men convicted of DV are no where near as hated as “Nice Guys.”

        • Which is just stupid at hell, because people who just want to go their own way seems to be precisely what radfems think men should do anyway…

        • That reveals the hypocrisy of feminist’s…

          as soon as a man takes his utility off the table the femmies and creepers like rooshiepoops throw a fit. There’s an old joke-there aren’t no frikkin’ feminist’s on a sinking ship. They all want to be the first on the lifeboats. When equality means a high paying easy job-they demand it. That’s why it’s such a betrayal to have a trashy trad-con like Judgy bitch “advocate” for men. She wants to send us off to war while she paints her fingernails. Trad-cons and femmies are different side of the same coin…

        • Been saying that for a while.
          If a woman truly supports men, she’ll support MGTOW and likely be anti-marriage/cohabitation. At least till society stops being so gynocentric and the pendulum swings closer to the middle…

        • women don’t really want equality, they want privilege. I even said that to my feminist mother-since your a feminist, you shouldn’t expect me to hold the door open for you. She was all, “That’s just good manners that a boy holds a door for a woman, blahblahblah.” “Never hit a womyn, even if they hit you.”

        • Yup.
          One of my blogging friends, Unfortunate Virgin, had a few dates with feminists like this. They claimed to be all “rah-rah women can do anything”, but then still expected him to pay for the whole meal…pick every location they visited…hold open doors, etc. Pathetic, honestly.

          I work with a woman like this who has a live-in boyfriend. She makes me want to slam my head into the wall on a near daily basis.

        • that’s one thing I always see when I read prostitution blogs like Maggie McNiel, they always have someone saying “the most honest relationship a man will have is with a hooker.” Probably because the good ones tell a guy the price point upfront and he can either agree or disagree. All the other womyn are angry because they see one woman naming a price and they get mad. It’s like a scab breaking a union block. I think that’s the real reason women get mad about prostitution. They don’t care about “exploitation.” If they did, they’d demand companies like Walmart pay higher wages….

        • Sounds reasonable.
          Then again, like we’ve said before, sex shouldn’t come with a price. It’s something you do together with another person you care about/are attracted to who also wants it. That’s all there is to it.

        • Sex shouldn’t be bartered fr but if that is to be the arrangement, better to hire a prostitute than get into a “relationshit” with a trad con like Judgy Bitch…

          But since sex is something women freely barter, men don’t owe them protection…

          I would not risk my safety if I saw a strange woman being attacked. And it is unreasonable for society to expect me to do so…

        • I would, just like I’d rush to the aid of a strange man or even animal. Were I in a situation where I truly required help, I’d want someone to be empathetic enough to. Be the change you wish to see in the world, right? But I don’t judge you for not thinking the same way.

        • Strangers are dangerous…

          I’ve even heard of women pretending to be attacked to lure a guy out in her defence, then the guy gets robbed/murdered. I’m Shrodinger’s Rapist, yet we still have Janet Bloomfeild and Amanda Marcotte demanding they go first on the lifeboat. Nope, I don’t owe them my life….

        • Yeah, I’ve heard of women doing that too. And pretending to be an injured man in an arm cast was a favorite lure of Ted Bundy. Our species is very devious and cruel.

          But it’s in my own nature to be helpful…I mean, I help 3 or 4 people a day on average. Today I shoveled out a neighbor’s car, helped an elderly man with his groceries, gave a donation to a veteran outside the mall, and stopped a toddler from going off the sidewalk while her dad got his mail. Maybe this part of my personality will get me killed one day, though obviously I hope not, but one doesn’t have to be stupid or ignorant of potential dangers to give assistance, so perhaps I’ll have a serial killer free life after all. 😉

          Anyway, have a good night all.

      • Wow, Roosh really is disgusting. I actually just read that article and wanted to throw up.

        I agree with Grizzly, I’m not a MGTOW either, but I respect them. Roosh loves making bigotry comments and moronic generalizations.

        Not only is is Roosh’s “game” advice complete bullshit, he’s also a vile, vile human being.

        Anyone know what guys actually see in him? I certainly know what women don’t see in him 😛

        • In comparison to other game gurus, Roosh is small time. Remember, most of the game community has nothing to do with the manuresphere. Roosh can’t compete outside of the manuresphere so most guys, even those into game, don’t see anything in him.

        • He is responding to the lowest common denomonator…

          He makes racist statements against Indians when he is Iranian/Armenian. It’s all an attempt so low class racist who read Steve Sailer will think he is on their side. He is trying to win over the race realist/HBD crowd. He’s also buddy buddy with Jack Donovan-a neo nazi.

          He has also complained about having problems getting boners and then he makes a comment that MGTOW’s have hormonal problems.

          Also, I’m not a very handsome man. I tried online dating. I got a tiny bit of female attention-older women flirting with me and a few larger girls saying I could take them to dinner. I wanted to quit the site, but it was a hastle to do so. I put Roosh’s picture up in my place. No more flirting. I guess I can almost empirically say he is uglier than me. That’s probably why those nutcases say it is all about “game” and not about looks. It might not be “all about looks” but all things being equal, women do like handsome men/tall men/wealthy men. Anyone saying that isn’t the case is feeding you a line of bull…

        • Stoner,

          Aspects about oneself that can’t be controlled shouldn’t matter (to a point, obviously a hetero person isn’t going to want to date the same sex) an absurd amount. Traits like height, skin color, ethnicity, hair type, and even weight to a certain degree are what they are and not something one can change easily, if at all. If you’re a 130lbs 5’4″ half black-half asian male born and raised in the US, that’s who you are. Tamerlame may be right about the money = easier to get pussy thing. I wouldn’t know…doesn’t matter to me, but that’s probably a minority opinion.

          Roosh’s problem isn’t his looks, necessarily. It’s that he is (supposedly) a slut who likely has had numerous STDs and is a potential carrier for others, only posts pictures that look like he *just* crawled out of a tent in his backyard long enough to throw on pants, and just has a scummy personality. And if I’m remembering correctly, he also posted a mini-rant about how it’s “unfair” he has to do basic hygienic things like shower, wear deodorant, and clip his fingernails so women will be attracted to him. Frickin weird…

        • well, specifically, tarnished…

          on one point I don’t think we disagree-as in a person’s looks don’t really count as to what kind of person they are.

          It’s just that specifically, I had the experience where my picture did better than Roosh’s picture.

          You mentioned you prefer a guy who is a bit Chubby-so then looks do matter to you to some degree, even if your taste isn’t conventional.

          As I’ve grown facial hair, some women have told me it is handsome-usually girls with dreads or pothead/hippy types. Other women have said I would look much better if I shaved it off.

          So to say “looks don’t matter” is absurd. To qualify it with different women have different opinions in what looks good or to say a person’s looks don’t determine their character is a valid thing to say. As far as hygiene, when I’ve read prostitutes discuss what makes a good customer, that is usually second on the list after tipping well.

        • Yeah, that’s why I put in the “to a degree” part. 😉 Looks do count, they just shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all factor. A douchewad “adonis” is still a douchewad when all’s said and done, just like a bitchy 9 is still a bitch.

          People definitely have preferences, sure. My preference is male, slightly chubby, no facial hair, good teeth/skin. Other than that I couldn’t care less about shortness (I’d actually like it if my lover was closer to my height instead of taller than me), color, ethnicity, etc. If I was “in the market” I’d date a black guy or asian guy just as soon as date a white guy. Heck, maybe even a girl if she wasn’t crazy. (Fat chance, I know).

          Hygiene is important in all areas of life. One should strive to be physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally healthy and clean. (No intended dig at your use of recreationals, Stoner.)

        • haha, shrooms are “clean” when they are on a pizza and non-psychadelic….

          and recreational, I consider that spiritual…

          anyways, yeah, it’s as much about a “type” as “looks.”

          ironically, I wasn’t treated so bad by the jocks or cheerleader types growing up. it was usually the fat guys who had an axe to grind.

        • Lol. Hey I’m being considerate of our differences here, man. 😛 A lot of other Pagans in my area also view recreational drugs as spiritual, it’s just not something I do personally.

          Heh. Opposite for me in school. My friends were all male, nerd/geek/goth/some combination thereof, and we all got pushed into lockers…had our homework stolen…tripped down stairs, etc. by the jocks and cheerleaders. Middle and high school for us was like a frickin living cliché.

        • Looking back on HS-I had a sticker that said Pantera Rocked XXX City. One guy always made fun of me for it, so I said “they rocked your mom after the show.” Another time, three older guys ganged up on me and were pushing me into lockers. After they thought they won, I waited, then ambushed the smallest of the three and pushed his head into a locker. Then ran away. Then the gym teacher yelled at them. One of them cried so they wouldn’t get in trouble. He then closed the door in the office and said, “I’m supposed to tell you you were in the wrong and give you a warning. But you did what I would’ve done.” Then this really fat guy used to always call me a fag and other shit. So one day I blew a loogie on his leg and said, “That loads for you, who’s the fag now.” He threatened to kill me. I said, “what’re ya gonna do? Sit on me?” Obviously he didn’t as I’m still alive. It’s always funny how the bully’s would act badass but when they were infront of a teacher or principal, they’d play victim and the tears would run down their cheeks. Seems like M(h)RA’s in training…

        • Wish I’d had the stones to do that.

          However, it wasn’t a total loss. Graduating in the top 30 of a nearly 500 person senior class could’ve been worse. I also learned to be quick-witted, run fast, be ultra observant to my surroundings, and that the majority of women/girls will stab you in the back or use you as soon as it benefits them, even if you’ve been friends for years previously… As I recall, your experiences are different in this regard. Wonder if it’s a by-product of the areas we grew up in?

      • Yeah, I knew the manosphere was a bad joke right from the get go. Cool site though. Just found out about it yesterday and really like articles I’ve read so far!

      • Wow! Look at what Elam said within the last 24 hours on one of the latest post on AVfM,

        “There are several organizations I work with regularly who won’t have public affiliation with us, all because of smear campaigns. Fuck our critics, we work others in different ways. Wanna tie us to Roosh? Lace that shit up and wear it because I don’t give a fuck. We will interview who we want at AVFM. Feminists can suck it. MRAs that want us to bow to that kind of pressure can suck it, too.

        This is our house.”

        Real classy Paul! Paul is losing his marbles. I think AVfM will seriously be non-existent in the near future if he keeps this up. Getting slimeballs interviewed and then going off in tangents.

        • Lol, that’s just amazing.
          Holy crap…They just don’t give a shit anymore who they push away, do they? I wonder if the next article will be about “the future of MGTOW+”.

        • Haha it doesn’t appear like he cares at all.

          Another money quote in the comment section,

          “What is this place now? A Voice for Pick-Up Artists?”

          Who’s up next for AVfM? Mystery? Nick Savoy?

          I see Futrelle really enjoys bashing Elam. I don’t understand why Futrelle bashes Sluthate? I personally like the Sluthate forum. Isn’t Futrelle kinda like the Sluthate guys? He seems to bash PUA’s a lot too. It seems like he’s attacking his own kind.

        • Well, there’s a lot of PUA bashing that goes on. I find it quite funny. A good “open mic” policy. I’m very anti-PUA though, so perhaps that’s why it appeals to me so much.

        • Mitchel,

          Fraudtrelle enjoys bullying low status men-sluthate, as I understand it is puahate revised. Elliot Roger, yeah that Elliot Roger posted at puahate. So if he endorsed sluthate, he would be, by extension, be appearing to endorse Elliot roger and he would never do that as it would make Queen Bee Marcote vewwy, vewwy mad and that would mean no rusty strap on for his male feminist arse….

          Fraudtrelle also has a habit of lying and misquoting…

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