43 comments on “Another Man Chooses To Avoid Women

  1. “Hank’s actions resulted in him getting fired, yet he framed it in a way to blame me. If I had two kids, I wouldn’t tell ‘jokes’”

    Is she honestly saying that he was telling jokes because he didn’t value his job? Because if she is, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The jokes weren’t even being directed towards her…they were to another guy, and she was eavesdropping on their conversation!

    “No one would have known he got fired until he complained. Maybe he’s to blame for complaining that he got fired. Maybe he secretly seeded the hate groups. Right?”

    So a guy gets fired from his place of occupation due to a bout of verbal humor that an eavesdropper didn’t like, and he shouldn’t complain about the injustice of that? What, he should simply roll over?

    “As men discover this, we realize that our only option right now is to avoid women whether its just at the workplace or more broadly in our lives just like “Hank” did.  Interacting with women has no benefits and a growing number of dangers for most men.”

    I always wonder if this is why some of my customers are surprised at the jokes I make, or kind of get quiet/less humorous when I walk over. They probably assume all women are just like this horrible moron. It’s so frickin idiotic…women say they can handle being in male dominated fields but then forget this almost necessarily involves some comraderie or humor to get through the day. Then the shit hits the fan because most women don’t understand or find humor in male jokes/conversations.

    • Crazy women will use any stupid rationalization they can.

      Men better keep their heads down and mouths shout around her! lolol

      Sounds like a white racist talking about black men in the deep south to me.

      • The most idiotic thing in the interview was her assertion that it made her feel “afraid” for her safety because the room was largely populated by white males.

        Yeah…so? It’s not like that’s a strange demographic given where she was. The whole situation reeks of stupidity and thoughtlessness.

        • Again she sounds like a racist white person scared of black men!

          Why does she bring up the fact she is Jewish all the time, in an attempt to get victim points?

  2. The article that lists Richard’s history of aggressive tactics was written by a woman. And although it complains about Richard’s behavior, it’s still from the point of view that the tech industry is sexist and women need … wait for it … … more. More opportunities, jobs, money, help, etc. In the industry. In other words, men are still the problem, according to the blogger. More proof you’re right about women supporting the outspoken ones among them.

  3. I will add that Richard’s reports having a nightmare childhood. True or not, the resulting fallout when she acts on her fear impulses destroys other people, usually men, because women and white knights look the other way. A serious problem and avoidance is the right solution.

    • if she’s literally willing to claim that “Maybe it was [Hank] who started all of this” then I would not put it past her to lie about her childhood.

      pretty typical tactic for any woman who needs to play the victim. make up false accusations of past abuse.

      as a real life survivor of child abuse, I don’t recognize any of that in her behavior. she’s a tyrant. some abuse would have done her good, come to think about it. girls act that way because their parents never say no to them. she’s no frightened mouse, she’s a spoiled princess who always has to get her way.

      • she’s a spoiled princess who always has to get her way.

        I suspect it’s a combination of that plus the (perhaps dim) awareness that she’s around men who utterly outclass her intellectually. That drives her to envy and hatred.

  4. “Hank’s actions resulted in him getting fired, yet he framed it in a way to blame me. If I had two kids, I wouldn’t tell ‘jokes’”

    did she really say that?

    it’s impossible to tell the difference between a genuine feminist, and a parody. this is like HATEFUL parody. this is someone who wants to sabotage the entire movement forever because they hate women more than they want to live.

    you couldn’t find a man who was capable of creating a more disgusting impersonation of a feminist than this.

    • Nice blog, I like your posts. I will definitely be checking more of those out.

      On topic….it is impossible for a married man to be GTOW. By agreeing to the contract of marriage, you are at the whim of a woman’s decisions and ultimately the government. If you have kids, even more so. The very point of marriage involves sacrificing a man’s time and resources on another dependent(s). It is impossible to be a independent person in such a situation.

      All this is is various men and women trying to take the label for a number of reasons, the main being that ‘MGTOW’ is gaining in traction. For other reasons, the so-called “red-pill women” and “WGTOW” are equally nonsensical and complete falsehoods. I would elaborate but I’m sure everyone that reads this blog is already aware of why that is the case.

      Bottom line is being married, hell even being in a relationship means you are beholden to other people and their considerations. Whether it be children, the woman (and her extended family in many cases) or the state/federal governments. This whole attempting to co-op the MGTOW ‘label’ is a complete joke.

      I believe part of it is many of married men think “game” has them in control. It does not. As a matter of fact, as I’ve been thinking if you have to read up/study/apply certain types of behavior to keep your woman attracted and content then its simply supplicating to her. That’s what these gamers don’t get. You are not in control of anything. They are all pussybeggars and all of them are appealing to women in some form or another. I eagerly await the divorces to start.

  5. Why are you blaming White women for the actions of the half Jew, half negro mongrel Adriana Richards, which she basically admitted were motivated by her anti-White in addition to anti-male views. “Zoe Quinn” is also a Jew whose real name is Chelsea Valkenburg. Feminism is a heavily Jewish movement.

    • Female psychology is the same no matter what race. What women are some of the worst false accusers out there. They used to get black men lynched by pointing their fingers.

      • You are a racist, what I find interesting is the fact I got you confused for a feminist when I looked at another post you did.

        Feminists and racists are often hard to tell apart.

        • As a black guy that’s dealt with both I can tell you they are pretty much the same. Funny how this trash above tries to justify nonsense by saying the woman in question wasn’t white.

          And I’ve never been able to discern the difference between people saying someone is a jew and that makes them “not white”. Most jews walking on the street are indistinguishable from any white person so I don’t get it.

        • This is how black men should deal with white feminists!

          This fact bitch was being aggressive. She acts like she knows she is socially dominate and can bully. Low class men have nothing to lose and they know the true nature of women, she should stick to picking on privileged hipster simps.

  6. “Hank” is a married man. Workplaces are of course the most important places one should attempt to limit interaction with women (certainly never joke of have non work related conversations around them). This guy learnt that the hard way.

    W&N; do you get along with middle aged and older women? Older female colleagues never cause me any grief.(..feminist love to bear down on statements like that and accuse you of harassment or subconscious creepy behaviour, to which I would reply that it often involves women I’ve had zero sexual attraction to.) The “reproductive years” are where they seem hardwired to hate guys like us.

    • From my personal experience, even older women can be paranoid and flip out.

      I once had a fat ugly women try and befreind me, we both liked anime and started talking about it. She then became convinced I was stalker her, a few days later and just flipped out on me. (I wouldn’t touch her fat ass with someone else’s penis. I think she was late 40’s early 50’s)

      • Might as well tell this story.

        I got into a fight with an older woman recently. The crazy bitch attacked me. I think I will go to prison over this, even though the CCTV camera shows her attacking me first. Also she stole my mobile phone the police were not interested in this when I reported this.

  7. “…not many men take any notice of women spontaneously. Nine men out of ten would be quite happy, I believe, if there were no women in the world, once they had grown accustomed to the quiet. Practically all men are their happiest when they are engaged upon activities — for example, drinking, gambling, hunting, business, adventure — to which women are not ordinarily admitted.

    “It is women who seduce them from such celibate doings. The hare postures and gyrates in front of the hound. The way to put an end to the gaudy crimes that the suffragist alarmists talk about is to shave the heads of all the pretty girls in the world, and pluck out their eyebrows, and pull their teeth, and put them in khaki, and forbid them to wriggle on dance-floors, or to wear scents, or to use lip-sticks, or to roll their eyes. Reform, as usual, mistakes the fish for the fly. ”

    – H.L. Mencken

    • Pulling out someone’s teeth? Yeah…
      Bit too extreme, mate. Thankfully, this was very likely satire.

        • True, a lot of them are.
          The author’s “solution” was simply too extreme. That was my point, not that men shouldn’t have lifestyles that allow them to avoid women as much as possible.

  8. Well yeah, I think that was a joke part of it. The point being if you take away women’s sex appeal then one realizes there is really nothing particularly special or alluring about them.

  9. I hate the fact that you said “most woman”, no not most a few bitches out there want to destroy men, but there are also anti-feminist woman, and even meninist woman, I fight for male rights and equality, too many of my friends have been screwed because the legal system takes the females word as truth even if it’s a blatant lie with no evidence or anything to support it.

    I say good avoid woman in the workplace, but not all woman in general, some of us ain’t so bad.

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