20 comments on “Why Conspiracy Theorists Don’t Want To Talk About Manginas

  1. Fidelboggen and all the old men M(h)RA’s refuse to see this…

    They won’t talk about women, it’s only feminist’s…

    and they’ll never talk about how other men ruthlessly throw low status men under the bus…

    Barbarrosssa is starting to ask the really tough questions and it ain’t gonna be pretty…

    Also, in my view, blaming “SJW’s” is like the majick conspiracy theory boogey man…


    Now, of course, I ain’t suggesting that there aren’t horrendous, hateful feminists–we see that day in and day out…

    But the olde men at AVfM refuse to look at reality and call flinging pooh at feminists “activism.”

    • You are worried about low status men being thrown under the bus? Why are you here? If we believe him, Blackpill is an strange rich dude with odd politics who thinks he can run the world better than anyone else. Do you think that you would be better off under the rule of the Blackpill dictatorship than the rule of the current 1%? Blackpill will throw you under the bus when he no longer needs you.

  2. Good post.

    The Rockerfellers turning women into sluts meme is getting tiring.

    I’ve posted the link below multiple times to multiple sites and no one has been bothered to read it. It is by a reputable economist and historian and basically debunks the whole ‘conspiracy’ theory, it effectively shows that women choose the social structure that benefits them, including promiscuity.

    David de la Croix
    From Polygyny to Serial Monogamy

    Click to access delacroix-mariani.pdf

    • Read through the whole thing at lunch break during work last night.

      Basically, its saying that types of marriage (polygamy, monogamy, serial monogamy) is decided by a variety of factors, not just social structure but things like wealth.

      It basically reinforces what we’ve all been saying in regards to the 20/80 rule. The progression from polygny to serial monogamy pretty much correlates from when women got more say in the social and legal circles along with entry into the workforce.

      When women no longer have to rely on men (directly) for wealth and economic support you see what we have today. Of course, most women are in make work jobs and/or supported by affirmative action while men continue to the necessary and difficult work that keeps society running (not to mention we pay over 70% of taxes last I checked) but I’m sure everyone here is aware of that. 😛

    • I thought technology caused feminism, because it made women less dependent on men for their raw survival. The ability to use contraception to have sex with strangers with reduced risk doesn’t help either.

      • That is most certainly a factor. Another problem is even despite technology devaluing the traditional stay-at-home mother role women still want have their previous privileges that relied on their status as being dependents. They want to ape men’s roles in society when it suits them but keep the preferential treatment as a protected class of society.

        The problem is it all relies on the corrupt system of white knights and manginas holding it all together and the rest of the men not complaining. If women were really able to replace men’s role in society they would have done it years ago. Women may be less dependent on individual men for survival but men as a whole still prop women up in almost everyway imaginable. Even single guys like me are forced to support women’s interest against our will by way of extracting our wealth through taxes.

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  4. Curious to see if this will be delete. But as one of these horrible feminists, I have to ask; what exactly are women responsible for, that is so bad, that CTs are blaming on reptilians (or aliens, or the government, or secretive rich dudes)?

    Compared to men, women have really not murdered, waged war, commited genocide, or commited other such acts of evil.

    You really think women are “bad” just for existing, prioritizing their own lives and freedom, and having agency outside of men’s control?

        • Nope. You are a troll unless you really believe that women from Cleopatra to Margaret Thatcher never existed, the white feather movement never happened, and there were no women who took part in the Holocaust.

        • Front man fallacy has long been debunked.

          Men in power favour women not other men.

          You are a female projecting your own traits onto men. It is women who have a proven ingroup bias.

    • “Curious to see if this will be delete. But as one of these horrible feminists, I have to ask; what exactly are women responsible for, that is so bad,”

      Refusing to take responsibility for their own actions and blaming them on the Patriarchy.

      Manginas a.k.a some White Knights are content to blame themselves and in particular cis white straight male ect. for the the world’s problems instead of ever daring to bother in a moment of self-reflection.

      Hell, this isn’t even limited to manginas. This, “It’s not me, It’s everyone else” attitude is rampant.

    • Did you know, that when the Romans first encountered the Germanic tribes, they would find that the women of the Germanic tribes would pull up with carts behind their men during combat and prevent them from fleeing? The women would literally push their men to their deaths against the Roman legions.

      Women have played a Major role in conflict, much of it may have been swept under the rug as most (feminist) historians are consumed with looking for any and all instances where women have been “oppressed” but every once and awhile it slips through.

      Just today I was I saw an article about a Matriarchal kingdom in Peru some thousands of years ago, this kingdom was ruled by female priestess (they know this because they have ONLY found lavish tombs filled with jewels and WEAPONS for women, no tombs have been found for men). Based on the researchers findings this kingdom was BIG on human sacrifice and torture, and all this instigated by a female dominated upper-caste.

      But people like you with your “women can do no wrong” narrative will never notice things like this.

      But even your narrative is flawed: In law, a person who observes a murder and does nothing can be considered an accomplice;

      following this, it stands to reason that even if women were not DIRECTLY involved in conflict (which they sometimes where, but as us men are learning women prefer to manipulate men to do their dirty work – see Cleopatra as BP mentioned) then by most legal standards today women would still be considered accomplices; because women have never done anything to prevent or protest violence. In fact, most evidence suggests they were heavily involved.

      Hitler is quoted to have said “first you get the women, then you get the children, and then the men follow.” This comes from a man who launched one of the most brutal despotic states to have ever existed, and he considered women to be one of his most, if not the most, important demographic in instating his regime.

      But in your little world, I have no doubt that you absolve female Nazis, because women can do no wrong right? They were just poor, manipulated women, and the men were not manipulated AT ALL right!?!

      Anyway, this is my first comment here. Normally I prefer to observe, but this comment was just too ignorant, troll or not.

    • The mental illness in this post is amazing.

      Women refuse to practice agency, they love being the protected caste, and then they blame men for it.

      Why can’t women let men have their own spaces? Why have women hijacked the domestic violence industry even though women are the more violent sex?

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