20 comments on “The Patriarchy Is A Conspiracy Theory

  1. I know I’ve left this link many times before…


    not so different than this…


    of course if you critique Marcrappy you are automatically a misogynist ™

    and if you critique donovan, a homophobe ™

    They are hypocrites and low class racists who will weave any type of lie to bash low status men…

    and all to happy to play vyctym if called out on their bullshit…

    • Yes you have. It never gets old, though. How does someone who spends their life loooking for ways to spin anything a man does into an act of terrorism to keep women in line allow drawings of black people chasing a white person into their book? Hypocrisy? Being used to special treatment?

  2. ManginaManboobz is being incredibly sloppy here even for him

    Are u sure he’s being sloppy? I think Futrelle is really a MRA in disguise to make feminists look bad, and this is an example. He “used” to be a MRA. I think he never actually stopped.

    • hahahahahahahahahahaha….

      well, if he’s an MRA trying to make feminist’s look bad-does that mean Elam and Judgy Bitch are feminists trying to make the MRM look bad?

      Just saying…

    • apparently he had some complaint about a bookstore…

      well, I don’t think it’s men’s right’s if he wanted copies of 100 days of sodom…

      (perhaps a freedom of sppech/free speech for the dumb arguemenat could be made though…)

      he’s a creeper, not an MRA, maybe an M(h)RA…

  3. So true, BP. Belief in a patriarchy that spans the whole world and all of history is central to feminism. It underlies all their proposals. Yet how crazy is it to believe all men are enrolled in this plot to keep women down, usually getting nothing in return?

    And this guy uses distortions and dishonesty because that’s all he has. There sure aren’t any facts to back up the notion of a worldwide conspiracy of all men to hurt women.

  4. Patriarchy isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s a psychological tendency created by a biological fact. Men are more easily able to commit rape than women, and weak women are more easily able to be raped than strong women. Therefore, women end up being weaker and more submissive than men, and this will always be true without some artificial intervention to restrain men (such as laws that prosecute date rape). What feminists are trying to do is reverse biology (which is evil, depending on whether you are fond of biology).

    • “Patriarchy isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s a psychological tendency created by a biological fact. Men are more easily able to commit rape than women, and weak women are more easily able to be raped than strong women.”

      Bullshit, men get raped more than women. Women have more social power than men. Physical power means jack shit in the scheme of things.

      Men love and worship women. Patriarchy theory is female projection onto men, as women have an ingroup bias proven by science and they hate men.

  5. There’s another important similarity between the patriarchy and every other conspiracy theory out there. If you drill down enough, conspiracy theorists will admit that they believe that some group with superhuman powers, usually aliens or demons, actually run these conspiracies because anyone who knows about group social dynamics would know that people can’t run a multi-generational conspiracy successfully. (Even the Nazis while believing Jews to be inferior, effectively believed that Jews had superhuman powers of cunning and trickery.) Feminists do the same thing, but they ascribe superhuman powers to men (or white men or white and asian men).

    Seems like what you think about White women, that we have some kind of superhuman power to control men.

  6. Black Pill

    Have you ever considered going onto youtube? That is the platform of the future. Your anti game/pua conspiracy stance would be welcome in the MGTOWsphere.

  7. LF&M had it more correct, namely that patriarchy was a confederacy — it was destroyed by 1st wave feminism — not a conspiracy:

    “I think patriarchy is God’s anti-communist policy. Patriarchs represent the pinnacle of decentralized control: each landholding male head of household is the sovergn of a mini-state [a family]. I believe the United States in it’s original incarnation (before universal suffrage), could be classified as a confederation of patriarchs.
    “Socialistic societies are defined by Central Control, where citizens are subjects of the state. Patriarchy is the most concise system of Decentralized Controls that can be imagined. It is based upon free association, where women and men freely and voluntarily form a “traditional” social structure.
    “A free society will automatically evolve into a Patriarchy. Just as a socialist society will automatically evolve into a matriarchal/hedonistic society.”
    – Liberty, Family, and Masculinity

    Under patriarchy, men have supreme authority in families. What we have now is the opposite, where any woman can run the man out of her family on a whim, have the totalitarian police state of thugs and criminals kidnap his children and turn them over to her, while hunting him down and making him pay child support extortion.

    “We will find you, we will catch you, we will make you pay.”
    – Pimp-Daddy-in-Chief Bill Clinton

    Feminists are unable to distinguish between “patriarchy” and an organized crime syndicate with a few men at the top run for the benefit of women, who keep them in power via their stupidity and gullibility.

    If the aliens ran everything we’d be way better off! lol

    • There has never been a “patriarchy”. The “patriarchs” were all manipulated by their wives. This is why all over the world monasticism appeared independently of each other. A lot of men unconsciously (or consciously) realized that they need to separate from women.

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