6 comments on “Women Define “Sexual Harassment” As Anything They Don’t Like (Which Can Include Your Existence)

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  2. I think females have an instinct to socially destroy men they see as surplus.
    If women can’t keep their ingroup bias and out group hostility under control, they should have their rights stripped off them.

    • Not so fast,

      We need the beast that is the primitive female collective urge to feed on the White Knights and Manginas for awhile before anything like that happens.

      Those guys not only NEED to be ripped to shreds by their “goddesses” but DESERVE it.

      This is why MGTOW is the best solution, we can effectively side step the worst parts of this monstrous behavior, while reserving them for the men who deserve it.

      It makes me think of a bunch of Aztec priests, realizing that their running out of human sacrifices and beginning to sacrifice each other. Maybe its unrealistic, but a man can dream.

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