14 comments on “Dating Websites Are Useless

  1. Even worse, if you do meet a woman, you are more than likely gonna meet one that is chronically single for obvious reasons and / or is just looking to get something from you, like a free meal, status, free entertainment, drama with her boyfriend, etc. None of this looking for a life-companion nonsense is going on. The women want what they want and they don’t care about much else.

    And what do women offer? Sometimes maybe sex and maybe the possibility of the simulation of faking to like you. Not much else except a waste of your time and resources.

    Like Stardusk said, the product women offer is obsolete and not worth any value at any price.

  2. Also every woman I met on a dating site was a nut job, and it took a lot more effort than the real world.

    Create female profiles on dating sites and a lot of time you will have extra options that men do not, like searching for income. Women can search for income but on plenty of fish older men and younger men are age restricted in their searches, apparently men have no business having their own preferences outside bounds deemed acceptable by the sites owner, yet somehow a man’s income is a woman’s business.

    Anyway women use online dating to play games, to gain validation, shoot men down aggressively to pump themselves up.

    • “…women use online dating to play games, to gain validation, shoot men down aggressively to pump themselves up.”

      Just like in real life.
      And when they reach their thirties, they wonder why there are so many MGTOW…but it’s never THEIR fault!

  3. This is off topic but I want to ask people this.

    Would the USA anally rape a female terrorist? (Yes stickng things up someone’s bum is rape. Also force feeding strikers is against international law.)

  4. Is Christian Mingle a dating website scam? Yes, I know that just because a Christian label was slapped on X, it does not mean X is better than its non-Christian counterpart. I am just curious if you know anything specifically on Christian dating website like Christian Mingle.

    • You know, SecretSquid, I’ve seen you recently post several comments here about Christian blogs and other Christian info.

      Here’s my take on the matter.

      I’ve read the majority of Dalrock’s blog, Rollo’s blog and the arguments for Game and “red-pill Christianity” (aka Christian Married Game).

      The arguments on those websites are bunk. Furthermore, they have no way to prove that they aren’t lying. They may not actually be married, nor having sex in their marriage, nor having any “success” in “gaming” their wives. It’s all an ideology with a thin veneer of plausibility on the Internet. Because it is the Internet (and books) and they are looking to sell you something, it is reasonable to presume it is bunk and hogwash. And when you work out their arguments, it is all bunk.

      There is no special or secret benefit to screening a woman through a Christian website or in person at a church. Furthermore, on one of Black Pills’ posts, he linked to proof that Christian websites have fake female profiles.

      If you want to be a Christian philosopher or theologian or encourage other men to do so, go right ahead, but note that doing so won’t have anything to do with getting married nor with finding any women interested in the theology. The Christian women are enthusiastic about materialism, success, fashion, socializing on their husband’s dime, having pre-marital sex and getting divorced. They won’t care about you nor any other man.

      Here’s an anectode:

      I have an acquaintance who is a hardcore Catholic conservative. He got married at 35 to a 19 year-old virgin through a website. He is obese, dense and broke. He has a useless degree and is incapable of getting anything but a minimum wage job. How did he score such a catch?

      Well, his “virgin” bride is obese, autistic, strongly socially awkward and quite dumb. I’ve met her and she can barely work a part-time minimum-wage job. She is sexually repulsive. He wanted kids and lo-and-behold after 6 years still has no kids. He inherited a free-and-clear $250K house from his grandmother. She got a free house and can divorce him at any time and get his house. At the present time, she has him wrapped around her finger because he is so delusional about love. His marriage has nothing to do with his conservative views, in a fundamental sense, since he wants to get laid and have kids and wanting to get laid and have kids has nothing to do with reason and philosophy (and theology). Well, have at it, I suppose. She may never bother to divorce him and that will be counted as “success.”

      Should you believe my anectode? No, because it is the Internet. Except that it is a typical example of what is backed up by data in links on this blog, divorce data, MGTOW videos and other MGTOW websites.

      Marriage is a shitty, shitty, shitty deal, man, at a fundamental level, Christian or no.

    • The only women I have met via dating sites, are craigslist, one after arguing with her and calling her a cunt.

      Another met up with me and brought me drinks, as she liked what I posted in a none dating section. (Sex was never on the cards.)

      I have never met a woman acting normally on a dating site, that is for sure.

      Most truthful men i have spoken to on craigslist have admitted to never meeting a woman online. The odds are really not in your favor.

    • I’ve met lots of women online, well back in the blue pill days or as an experiment. They are the same women you meet everywhere, often in the profiles are women you’ve already been on a date IRL.

      Yet all the dating sites are fake. They have to be fake or outright add fakery. They can’t make women be responsible for their dating behavior or their profiles because if they did there wouldn’t be any women. So they can’t screen out women hiding something, ulterior motives, phishing profiles, etc.

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