14 comments on “Another Reason Game Won’t Protect You From False Rape Accusations

  1. 5 year old boy falsely accused of sexual harassment by 13 year old girl due to her sexual frustration at her poor performance.

    From https://j4mb.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/misrepresentation-on-mumsnet/

    “It was 1955, and the sun shone on the houses that were our homes. I played outside and enjoyed the world of a five-year-old. [Our emphasis.]

    From a few doors away, a girl of 13 started coming to our house, presumably out of a teenager’s fascination with small children. I can’t remember what we did, but one day I put my hand up her skirt from behind. She stiffened and then relaxed as the frisson of pleasure took over her body. After that we engaged in rudimentary sexual activity regularly in the back garden in a den that we had made.

    I was too young to have proper intercourse. She was frustrated with my pathetic efforts and, accordingly, one day she calmly got up and went to the back door of our house. My mother came to the door and the girl complained that I had sexually interfered with her. In the background, I hopped up and down, thinking that now I was in big trouble. My mother didn’t understand, or pretended not to, and the girl went off down the garden path, defeated. My mother took me into the house and told me not to do it again. It was one of the few good things she did for me.

    That day I learned that:

    – Females lie brazenly about sexual matters

    – They believe that sex is something bad that males do to females

    – They believe that they are absolved from all complicity in such matters””

  2. this is why I state that repealing women’s rights is the only way to safeguard men.

    women consider rights and privileges to be a zero sum game. men cannot be safe from female tyranny as long as women have the authority to ruin anyone they feel snubbed by. they just don’t have a grasp on responsibility.

    • This is what I’ve been saying all along. Of course be careful, cause there’s a whackjob around here who still foolishly and arrogantly believes that the 19th amendment isn’t one of the most failed and abysmal pieces of legislation that has ushered in an era of so much government oversight that we have to be cognizant of everytime we sneeze. But that’s what you get from someone who revolves their life around BDSM.

      • Personally, my problem with with repealing the 19th amendment is that it doesn’t go far enough. A simple repeal won’t automatically deny women the vote without additional legislation that will not pass due to manginas. And more broadly that’s the problem. It’s not enough to deny women the vote, manginas also need to be denied the vote. Otherwise women will just manipulate men and be voting by proxy. There used to be this woman, Alte, in the manuresphere who said that she wanted her vote taken away. However, if you read what she said carefully, it’s clear she would just manipulate her husband and effectively vote by proxy.

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  4. There are some basic tips that the manosphere has come up with – namely get a morning after text for confirmation.

    Audio recordings and even video might not be a bad idea as it never hurts to be prepared.

  5. What a sad life you must live if you deny Game while even female journalists who visited PUA bootcamps say: “Shit, this stuff would probably work.” You can read it in multiple magazines and newspapers in several countries. But OK – that’s beside the point now.

    It is rather interesting now that many fake rape accusations are done on male feminists like Nungasser who rejected Mattress girl. She openly said that she fucked plenty of hot frat boys and “jerks”, but they did not get the accusation despite having defiled her in more ways than Nungasser.

    Game helps you judge a female character better, it helps you generate a comfort phase afterwards. Also nowadays we usually recommend recording encounters with your phone and having a secret motion-sensor camera at your place. Texting after the bang is recommended too.

    But of course we know that anyone can be accused of rape – just guys with Game, greater understanding of the female nature and enough precautions do a much better job at wading through those dangerous waters. We have men in the scene who have fucked hundreds of girls. Statistics alone would say that quite a few should be met with fake rape allegations. But no – practically never happens after a guy learns Game.

    And yeah – the guys at greatest risk of those things are either nice guys who reject a girl or creep her out with some stupid Game (everyone has Game – those that deny it or oblivious to it just have bad Game). And the second group is the high value men – celebs, rich men, men of high social standing (Oxford student president, Mike Tyson etc.). A woman accusing those men of rape gets many narcissistic validation points in addition to a potential pay-off. So if you are one of those guys, you better make sure to be on the safe side – with current technology it’s not a problem really.

    • All self-defeating statements, troll.

      According to you, a man needs Game to be high value (rich celeb), oh and to screen “bad” women, oh but lookie here if you truly reach the magical land of high value (rich celeb) by using Game, then you can’t screen anymore you need technology, and said technology produced by those lowly betas with creep Game.

      Not only that, Nungasser used “Game”, or rather, common sense, to try and stay away from loony toony mattress girl. I guess guys with “real Game” should pre-screen an entire college atmosphere with feminist rules because those are “dangerous waters.”

      Well, where’s your high value status now? How come you are here on this “what a sad life” blog if you are so busy being alpha while banging babes who wouldn’t dare throw a false-accusation your way?

      You’re not even using your own rules for Game on even this post. So beta, beta, beta.

      Nah, bro, don’t need your Game. I’ll just be my own man.


    • even female journalists who visited PUA bootcamps say: “Shit, this stuff would probably work.” You can read it in multiple magazines and newspapers in several countries

      One of the principles of game is not to trust women for advice on women, so you just admitted that game is a fraud by trusting the opinion of female journalists.

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