43 comments on “Why Isn’t Paul Nungesser Suing Emma Sulkowicz Or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?

  1. “We need to go after women.”

    Strategically, morally, ethically, philosophically…? Yes.

    Tactically? The lawyers may have said there is no liability written in the law to be held against mattress girl or the Senator. There may be no move open, practically speaking, in the legal arena in this case.

    That’s why the type of MGTOW that explores gynocentrism is key. If enough men are MGTOW their disposable income can generate political interest, votes, economic interests in the marketplace and thus open up tactical options.

    BTW, any response to Stefan Molyneux’s recent pro-marriage videos? Typical shaming stuff from a married man who knows better. Saw Alex Novy rebutting him in the comments. Lots of pushback from others.

    I don’t know how many MGTOW are pro-women but only anti- family courts, which is a hopeless position. Needs to go to the root of the problem and only a few MGTOW are quite there yet, IMHO.

        • It’s strange. No one knows how he can have such apparent cognitive dissonance over this because he’s and excellent debater and he heard the MGTOW arguments in full long ago; but I have a plausible explanation.

          18 months or two years ago he did a lot of videos about MGTOW and women. He called women out a lot. One video was called “Estrogen Based Parasites.” He has videos tracking the cycle of violence to women. He was pretty stern. He defended himself from attacks and stood his ground against bad female behavior.

          He mentioned Barbarossa and Stardusk by name and he said he was researching MGTOW. He used the term NAWALT correctly. He made long videos explaining the MGTOW position and calling the position supported by “strong arguments.” His words.

          But Attachment moves way more bankable product than Philosophy…. follow the money.

          People want to believe Love, Attachment, Ego, and Happiness are not an illusion.

          His audience likes the relationship

          There you go.

          He changed back to selling a pro-marriage stance telling men to find the “good” woman.

        • Here is what he fundamentally doesn’t get. He thinks that MGTOW doesn’t see what life is like when we get older. In reality, we do. We see how our fathers, uncles, and older brothers have had their lives ruined by women. We are learning from their mistakes. We see how the law is on the side of women and not justice.

          He is just another old man MGTOWphobia.

    • That may be true in the case of Sen. Gillibrand, although it’s very chilling for members of Congress to be above the law like that. Sulkowicz is the source of the whole thing so she’s responsible by definition. By not suing her, the other defendants will be able to make claims that he’s afraid of what Sulkowicz has to say and that he’s engaging in selective enforcement. She’s involved whether he (or his lawyer) likes it or not.

    • The root problem is that too many men want to somehow look for reasons to let women off the hook. My guess part of it is natural, and the other is do to societal brainwashing.

      Most men don’t seem to get it until they’ve been at the wrong end of injustice due to a woman, and many times not even then (Its all to common for men to get taken to divorce, experience some rape accusation or bad scenario due to a relationship and go right back to looking for another woman).

  2. I don’t know, I’ve heard good reasons for him not to sue her. For instance, this way she doesnt get to respond to what e says about her during the trial. And she doesn’t have a lot of money, while Columbia has millions and millions in the bank.

  3. Here’s a woman, Ellen Pao, that has lost a discrimination lawsuit and will suffer the consequences. She sued a venture capital firm and was greedy and wanted more than $1 million to settle. Now SHE will owe $1,000,000 (approx.) to pay back the firm she sued for legal expenses because she lost on all counts at trial.

    She may be able to afford the $1,000,000. I don’t know how easy it is to force an individual to pay a judgement.

    • Kleiner Perkins just wants Ellen Pao to agree to not appeal the lawsuit. As long as she isn’t an imbecile, she will never have to pay the million dollars.

      She lost the lawsuit, but she will not experience any consequences in the foreseeable future.

      • Thanks for the update. I figured she would have an out and not necessarily have to pay.

        Meanwhile, the media and her lawyers have declared “victory.” The entire VC industry has been “implicated.” Even the firms not involved in the case have had their reputation attacked. And Pao herself sees victory and thinks it is a positive career move.

        Overall very poor result for justice. At least the jury didn’t see to make it worse.

        It’s an example of what may await Nungesser. His reputation and others will be attacked and attacked even if he makes progress in the case, and then he has to win big or else not have gotten much from the effort.

      • Oh I think she will. Not directly and financially as we see it. But I’m pretty sure if she attempts to do business with any other company or attempts to apply to any other company, she’ll be easily dismissed for any opportunity. Her career is in the crapper because no company would want to hire a headcase that attempted to destroy a fellow competitor. That’s just bad business. She’s got a rep now, and whatever company picks her up will have to deal with her baggage. It’s kind of like dating and marrying a divorced woman.

        • I see what you’re saying, but I don’t know if divorced woman is a good analogy or comparison because as far as I see divorced women (and single moms for that matter) seem to face no disadvantages or stigma in our society.

          Who was that one chick that cut off her husband’s penis? And then she got married not long afterwards to another guy and had two children. Plus was employed on top of that.

          Its scary how men are so desperate these days that such statuses don’t bother them. As a child of a single mother I know that firsthand as well. If your mother’s hot then men will put up with you (the kids) just so they can fuck her. Even after she’d had kids from two different men, they don’t care. Its insane.

        • She’s still the CEO of Reddit. Even when that ends some company will hire her to show how “diverse” they are.

          The only example I can think of a woman invading the tech industry who has actually experienced consequences is Adria Richards. But she’s unusually radioactive even compared to other women.

    • Paying money by threat of legal action is gender dependent. If you’re a man, child support, past debts, alimony payments, etc are heavily watched for and demanded. If not paid, they chuck your ass in jail. If women don’t pay, well who here has really heard of the court system going after women who don’t pay debts?

      I’m sure there’s been a once-in-a-blue-moon scenario but its not common. Assigning child support payments to a woman is a complete joke. The courts will not follow up on it whatsoever.

      • Don’t forget that fact women can leech off men for money. A homeless women doesn’t exist because a woman can find a mangina to leech off and live with.

        MGTOW is the greatest counter to this, as if enough men wake up, women are toast.

        • A homeless women doesn’t exist because a woman can find a mangina to leech off and live with.

          Do you think the beta male is letting the woman leech off of him out of the goodness of his heart? No, he’s doing it so he can have sex with her.

  4. Black Pill, the big problem here is that men as a whole are far too thickheaded and invested in trying to see women as something they’re not. The fact that various books describing the nature of women (The manipulated man, Anatomy of the human female) have been outright banned in a supposedly freedom-of-speech country speaks volumes on how deeply society is vested in this.

    You know what I think the only path is for this? I think the only way men will get with the program on a massive scale is when things become so bad, so unbearable in respect to the law and women.

    False rape accusations, man-hating culture, “alpha fucks/beta bucks” stuff, etc. As bad as this all is, its still not enough. There’s still too many men being hopeful and airy minded. there’s still too many men getting married. There’s still too many men being desperate for a woman and taking anything they can get.

    No, I honestly think the only way to wake men as a whole up is to crack down even harder with the male hate, the male being disposable , the female nature and the draconian laws.

    I hope the legal system keeps getting worse and worse, until it will be essentially impossible for men to justify having a relationship with a woman. It will have be this extreme for men to finally get the picture.

  5. Your mistake is to assume all the men who help feminists, without which feminism would be impossible, are doing so because they being mind controlled by women. In reality most are doing so for their own selfish financial or ethnic interests. They are the real enemy.

      • Women are such tools.

        “I use my brain and my uterus to achieve my goals”.
        – A Nigerian tycoon’s wife.

        “It is only stupid women who cannot command men”.
        – Marie Corelli

        “The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness and kindness, can be trained to do most things”.
        – Jilly Copeor

        “I have a manager: officially, they call her my wife”.
        – A London man at a Brixton Fair, 1989.

  6. “A homeless women doesn’t exist because a woman can find a mangina to leech off and live with.

    Do you think the beta male is letting the woman leech off of him out of the goodness of his heart? No, he’s doing it so he can have sex with her.”

    What has this got to do with anything?

    Again there is no such thing as beta and Alpha males? You use the term beta as a pejorative to scapegoat men for female nature. So called Alpha protect and provide for women too, so blaming beta males for providing behaviour is stupid.

    The male instinct to hate on other men and scapegoating on other men needs to be controlled.

  7. blahblahblahblha….

    while I support free speech, I gotta call these broads out on their bullshit. They haven’t done a fucking thing for low status men. All that money they are raising, they could’ve given to something like the innocence project. Just think, a real breathing man let out of jail for a crime they didn’t commit. But these broads don’t actually care about men or men’s rights. They are just low class attention whores. Yeah, if they want attention, they should just pull off their tops at mardi gras-at least they wouldn’t be hurting real men’s rights efforts. They are doing more harm than good and they should just shut up. And Paul Elam is a total shyster….

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  9. I said

    “A homeless women doesn’t exist because a woman can find a mangina to leech off and live with.”

    A woman worshipping mangina said.

    “Do you think the beta male is letting the woman leech off of him out of the goodness of his heart? No, he’s doing it so he can have sex with her.”

    What has this got to do with anything? What have motives got to do with this? The fact women can do this is an advantage.

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