24 comments on “Roosh Proves That The Manuresphere Is The C (As In Cuckold) Team

  1. Why do women rule us? Because women have an in-group bias and support each other over any principles of fairness.

    Meanwhile men just try to con each other and form cults.

    Men who hate other men, are the enemy within that have to be dealt with before we deal with females.

    • Do women “rule” us? They have a privileged position in modern societies but they are still ruled, at the very top, by men. I’ve never seen women as having an “in group bias,” they squabble with each other constantly, and even if they did it wouldn’t make much of a difference because of the low level of ability and ambition found in the gender. Even in our current environment which is heavily biased against men, women still under perform economically. Women occupy a privileged position because the current elite has decided to create laws and constructed culture in a way that benefits them at the expense of men.

      • Nope the top men do not rule women false.

        The top men still get divorced and fucked over.

        The top men fight for the approval of women.

        If the system was designed for the top men, there would be no divorce and they would be able to marry more than one woman.

        • Why would they want to marry more than one woman? Marriage comes with responsibility. They don’t want that. They can just fuck around in extramarital affairs or with expensive whores, and they do. Just look what happened to Bill Clinton. The laws that apply to you and me don’t apply to them. If the system was fucking them over, they’d change the system. Don’t think of them as your friend just because they have dicks. They are the primary enemy of non-elite men in this country and the reason for our troubles.

  2. It is pretty funny when the c team gets exposed. Too bad the better con artists are so successful, but that’s the way the world turns it seems best to deal with it directly.

  3. I bet a lot of guys that are SERIOUS about the men’s right movement wish Roosh would just disassociate from them. He’s always making a fool of himself. His “game” advice is TERRIBLE too! He’s of no use to men who actually want to meet women or improve themselves.

  4. I suppose that we could extrapolate that anyone who is serious about men’s rights would not want any association with AVfM either…

    I assert your supposition and raise you a corrupt court system+govt in general.

  5. “Do women “rule” us? They have a privileged position in modern societies but they are still ruled, at the very top, by men”

    If someone was stinking rich having loads of women dependant on you and not able to leave under no fault divorce would be a pussy beggars dream.

    The top men rule on behalf of women, If the system was designed for top men, rich men would not get divorced.

    • You talk about divorce like it’s always a bad deal for the man involved. Often it’s not. Men initiate 1/4th of the divorces.

  6. “Ironically, my parents were allowed to emigrate to the United States in part because of intense Jewish lobbying to loosen immigration laws. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their efforts in creating a multicultural America. The neomasculine ideals that I believe are correct, and the traditions that I would want to bring back, would have likely prevented me from coming into existence and becoming an American citizen.”


    Dairy’Osh Valizdaeh is one screwed up guy. Does he not realize that while Jack Donovan is fucking him up the ass that he really hates him? Is this not like Hugo Schwyzer when he begs some man hating feminist to ass rape him with a strap-on?

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