42 comments on “The Good Men Project Says It’s All Right To Punch A Woman Who Says That You Are A Loser Who Can’t Get Laid Or A Creep

  1. The good mangina project:castrating one man at a time!

    Seriously though bro,just walk away from that hateful place.

    There is no end to the depth of hate the women feel,and the self loathing of the men.
    “Take my balls,PLEASE”

  2. Basically anything that hurts your feelings becomes a Social Justice issue. I now have a working hypothesis that SJWs can not tell the difference between an insult to their friends and an insult to themselves. An early adolescent fixation?

  3. I will hit anyone who uses extreme creep shaming against me. For example if you accused me of being a pedophile to my face and in public, I will consider that an instigation of proxy violence and I will respond in kind.

    A gay friend of mine fell out with a feminist in real life, she was calling him pedophile, even though he had helped her loads. I think that very interesting, as I know feminists hate gay men.

    • I added the word, creep to the post. I can’t believe I forgot to include it until I read your comment.

      Feminists do hate gay men. They just pretend to support them to use them as cannon fodder. Feminists use racial minority men for the same purpose. Once they have outlived their usefulness to feminists, feminists will dump them like your gay friend.

      • I fully understand that once feminists are done tearing down white men, they will go after us.

        The evidence can be seen in the treatment of Floyd Mayweather. Funny thing is, I don’t believe that white women will be as harsh as black women have been. Perhaps in a sneakier way.

  4. hahaha, just think, alpha males ™ much higher than me on Steve
    Sailer’s HBD scale will call empoweredefeminist womyn sluts in “safe spaces” so they won’t have to pay sleazy dominatrixes ( http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2015/01/if-we-liberate-men-s-sexuality-war-against-women-can-end ) half their paycheck anymore. In fact I bet tough guys like David Futrelle and Paul Elam will even go as far as calling Mizz Jo-hanna Scrodinger’s rapist a C-U-N-T with the dare of, what’ya gonna do now? Stick your barb wire strap-on up my M*ngina? Hilarity will ensue as “liberal feminists” take the jobs away from 3rd wave sex positive feminists-but’ll all be “patriarchy dahrling.”

  5. Yet another Jewess subverting our society, this one named “Joanna Schroeder.” How many does it take before it stops being a “coincidence” and starts being a pattern?

  6. Love the cartoon!

    I just don’t understand how how it came to be that there would be THAT many sick fuckers out there (feminazi)
    And just how the hell did they get political power?
    I tell ya,the Supremacist may be ignorant,but somebody at the top decided to put shit in all the sandwiches.

    P.S> Still a-waiting upon the million white-man march on the District of Criminals.
    (farts loudly)

    • “Feminazi” makes as much sense as “capitalist-communist” or “anarchist totalitarian” or “Judeo Christian.” National Socialism is the antithesis of feminism which is an ideology created by the Jewish Frankfurt School.

      • “National Socialism is the antithesis of feminism which is an ideology created by the Jewish Frankfurt School.”

        Feminism predates the Frankfurt school, so your conspiracy theory is nonsense.

        Idiots like you believe the rockerfellas invented feminism in the 60;s to get children into schools and double the work force, or some nonsense like that

    • And that gets overshadowed with the marital rape guy who worships Hitler who now writes there. AVFM needs to change its name to A Voice For Antisemitism. It’s certainly not a voice for men.

        • The sad part is, when manospherians used to post over there most of the commentariat used to be up in arms. Now we have one manospherian writing aricles praising other manospherians and the comments are generally positive. The site has gone down not only at the top but at the commenter level too.

        • to misquote something fidelboogerhemoglobin said….

          Rad Fems are horrible but honest, liberal femmies are nicer but dishonest, m(h)ra’s are horrible and dishonest….

      • tamerlame,

        I have to concur on the Driver Suz part. She has been on a tirade of gender-cleansing the commentariat by outlawing any comments that make any sort of mass negative conclusions or observations when it comes to women. Ever since their alignment with quacks like Roosh and especially single-mother harridans like GirlWritesWhat (Karen Straughan) I have stopped commenting or even bothering to read the articles. They have single-handedly alienated almost every sector of their most prominent writing staff. MGTOW was an obvious target as our calling out on women’s bullshit was going to inevitably cause friction with their female cohorts.

        • I find it ironic that Roosh V is allowed a voice but MGTOW is not.

          Roosh V is a woman hater. (He hates men too.) Roosh V is a vile hateful person.

          I hate women for the bad treatment they dish out to men. Roosh V hates women for not giving him enough sex

        • Oh don’t get me wrong, I just know the evil that women have within them and by the choices they make even when truth stares at them in the face. It’s one thing to reject chaps like us, we can learn and move on. But to bitch and complain all the time about “no good men” is where I draw a line in the sand. Because now, they can’t even take responsibility for rejecting us, they have to attack our integrity and humanity. That’s a step too far and I AM my brother’s keeper and thus I WILL defend him, whether he knows me or not. Roosh V is kind of like the comic relief that isn’t taken so seriously as prolific and pre-eminent writers/bloggers like Barbarossa. Thus, AVFM wouldn’t have too much of an issue hosting him since he’s the guy that no one really takes seriously. Bring a guy like Barbarossa onto the scene as a full-time staff writer, and all the wannabe “HoneyB(itcher’s)” and “Red Pill Women” would get into a tirade about how he hates on women. Anytime women enter the fray, MGTOW eventually leave or are kicked out. The two are like oil and water.

    • Wow!

      I just read that article, Tamerlame.

      Why is AVfM so concerned about backing Roosh? The comments below it are kind of funny. People don’t seem overly impressed by AFvM backing a fucking loser like Roosh. Paul Elam seems to be denying an alliance.

      I agree, Tamerlame, that Roosh is very hateful. It really annoys me that a site like PUAhate/Sluthate gets such a bad rap. I admit that it’s a bit out there at times, but I like “bash the scene” section. I think sites like ROK, Roosh V, and Matt “the slob” Forney pose a LOT of danger to young men!

      • I am not a strategist but if you want me to play armchair general–and yes, I realize no one specifically asked me…

        Elam NEEDS followers. He asks for DONATIONS….

        MGTOW’s saw right through his bullshit. Instead of saying live and let live-or to use one of Barbarosssa’s phrases-stay in their own lane and and stay out of MGTOW affairs, he had to attack them. His attacks were vicious-in fact so vicious that fence sitters (I mean no insult by this term) such as yourself (presumably) and even (some) feminists were somewhat sympathetic to MGTOW’s. He was that much of an asshole. The Queen Horney Badger (Mizz Girl Writes What) in fact alluded that she doesn’t need Elam/AVfM as much as they need her. I’m not really a fan of GWW at all and think she’d be much better off without them even though she merely waters down what smarter men have said. So, much like the US Warmachine-as the bullshit Oil Wars dragged on, the military accepted a lower caliber of recruits.


        (However, in the case of the US Warmachine, they may be raising the bar again.)


        AVfM is now following a similar downward trend…

        Aaron Clarey is a subpar “writer.” He harps on English Majors but can hardly write a coherent sentence. Yet he is now part of that crew. They’ve also got that Aurini Davis “race realist” HBD warrior whacko….

        And it is beyond ironic to have Dary’osh Valzidah at AVfM when he was dishing out insults to MRA’s that made pigman Futrelle Happy. In Fact the only manuresphere guy who dished out more insults was clickbait internet marketer Matt Forney. Perhaps Forney is the one with an ounce of integrity as he hasn’t gone over to the AVfM camp himself.

        So M(h)RA’s are scrapping the bottom of the barrel as decent guys want no association with them. They haven’t done a thing for men’s rights. And the sooner they fail, the better….

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