45 comments on “Roosh Is The Ideal Adversary

  1. “he could have asked the women on Dr. Oz who were attacking him about his fat shaming views if they would be attracted a homeless guy on the street. Roosh couldn’t even do that. ”

    Roosh is anti male and hates low status men. Homeless men are scum to him, so he would not even consider asking that question.

    • yes, he ha no interest in helping men. He would kick a low status man just as quickly as a feminist would (and from my point of view, he is a male feminist.)

      A (arguably) better analogy might be how women prefer tall men. A woman can usually lose at least some of the weight (no, Futrelle, not everyone who is obese has “thyroid problems.”) A short man has preciously few optons (wear platform shoes, perhaps deceptive) or get a surgery that is extraordinairily painful and perhaps dangerous…


      Obviously by pointing out “status” you are revealing that men and women are judged by a different metric. I was pointing out height as it is a physical feature as weight is….

      (minor beef….)

      • For me, what is telling about this is how neither side really wants victory. They just want to pick meaningless fights with the other side forever. That’s why neither side goes for the jugular passing up opportunities to do real damage to their opponents.

        That’s one way I’m different from them. I want to see them obliterated. I want total victory.

        • Sounds a lot like the right vs left political debate. Both sides hate men, so it is a fake endless war that gets nowhere.

  2. I think it’s a shame that the media doesn’t expose these losers for who they really are. The funny thing about all this fat shaming is that some of the guys doing it are pig fat themselves. Look no further than slobby fuck Matt Forney. Too bad Dr. Oz didn’t show this slob on his show so the audience and the rest of the world could have a laugh. Apparently PUAhate was trying to run the manuresphere into the ground before it got shut down. It’s shame it doesn’t get run into the ground. It annoys me that it’s only growing. It’s completely useless to ANYONE!

    • think about this strategically….

      feminist’s/liberals/conservatives need a doofus enemy..

      just think feminist author like Marcotte claims–oh, look at these awful misogynists who shut me down because I am a womyn. If you took the thoughtful critiques of someone like Barbarosssa, a.) most people wouldn’t understand b.) he’s not ranting like a mad man. If you have Elam ranting like a lunatic about slapping violent b*tches up and Roosh saying he can’t get a boner because of fatties-well, then the lamestream media never has to address the huge gaps in logic when feminist’s proclaim “feminism helps men.” It makes feminism appear necessary because ranting, lunatic misogynists are everywhere. Roosh and Clarey are the perfect boogey man. It’s just another Red Scare.


      The mainstream never questions the general narrative in society that women are oppressed because you’ve got lunatics like Roosh and Elam promoting “misogyny.” Male disposability gets swept back under the rug just like always. That’s why the sooner AVfM fails, the better off we will all be….

      (And AVfMer’s have their own Red Scare-SJW’s…)

    • The Dr. Oz show should have had Forney on the show. That would have been hilarious. It’s too bad that the Dr. Oz show will never do a show showing manurespherians who believe in the paleo diet. They are all hideously fat like Forney.

  3. Speaking of Roosh, the latest stupidity his site has done to get the attention of the mainstream media is to write a long screed declaring the new Mad Max movie feminist propaganda.

    Mind you, all Hollywood blockbusters have a feminist slant, but the piece was stupid in how alarmist, shrill and overheated the prose was. It’s since been picked up by Huffington Post, CNN, and Forbes to mock MRAs and has even been mocked by comedians like Patton Oswalt. Interestingly, both Dean Esmay, from AVFM, and Roosh himself, have both contacted the writer of the Forbes piece to make clear that Return of Kings does not represent MRAs, but to no avail. And honestly, now that AVFM has hired Obsidian and has done several articles sympathetic to Roosh, it makes it easier to link Roosh to MRAs than before.


    • Both Roosh and people from AVFM like Dean Esmay are both trying to contact media outlets to make clear that Roosh is not an MRA so that they can distance MRAs from recent Mad Max media debacle. Unfortunately with all those stupid pro-Roosh puff pieces by Obsidian, good luck with that:


    • “It brings to mind shades of Tipper Gore and her crusade against heavy metal: at the end of the day, those little parental advisory stickers on the front of albums ended being better marketing than record label ever could have dreamed up on its own. Mens rights activists are a little more ridiculous than Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center, but the Internet is often given to ridiculousness. Return of Kings itself is a bizarre website: clearly the product of some deep psychological pain, something like Tucker Max devoid of all self awareness. It would either sad or funny if it wasn’t so popular.”

      I want to see this movie fucking badly now….

      Roosh: I’m not an MRA-I have sex with passed out drunk womyn who haven’t hit the wall yet. MRA’s pussy beg the Honey Badgers for handjobs, I would never do that. I have d-d-dig-nity, man…

      Elam: Roosh isn’t an MRA. Anyone who questions the fact that I’m not omniscient and the Voice for Men everywhere isn’t an MRA. But at least he’s not a sexless PigTow loser. In a few years he’ll be lining up for the Honey Badger handjob brigade.

      Rest of World-If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and fucks a duck, it’s an MRA….

      Remember, these fuckers are even worse than feminists. At least feminists had the decency not to doxx great guys like Barbarrosssa and Stardusk.

    • MRAs are even worse than Roosh, as they subscribe to the delusion that women are equal to men (which defies basic biology).

      People like Roosh and Heartiste are at least sane, just very mean. But if you could take their knowledge and choose to use it for good instead of evil, then you would truly be successful with women. Personally, I was always afraid to kiss a girl when I was younger, because I thought it would be rude. Now I realize (and girls will tell you this too) that the guy is SUPPOSED to be a little aggressive (in the right situation).

      • bragging about women not be equal is you bragging about them being superior. You are bragging that you are a slave to women. Do not even bring up the equality debate, in the way the feminists have framed it.

        Also Roosh is not sane, being a little aggressive will land you in Jail.

      • ROFL! Heartiste and Roosh’s “knowledge?” Both of those morons write the WORST “game” advice I’ve EVER read in my life. It’s a shame the media doesn’t expose Roosh for the “sex beggar” he really is. I wish they would reveal how he’s supposedly good at “game” yet striking out in cities with MILLIONS of people! Not to mention too, guys serious about a men’s movement must be pissed that Roosh is the “face” of it in the media’s eyes.

        • The media won’t expose Roosh because if they did, he obviously isn’t a threat to women. It would completely destroy their narrative.

  4. http://www.avoiceformen.com/art-entertainment-culture/an-announcement-from-the-patriarchy-regarding-aaron-clarey/

    I call fucking bullshit….

    when this fucker was crapping on MGTOW’s, Elam was all that’s my boy. Now that he doesn’t want a “backlash”-oh, he’s not an MRA…

    Elam, you decided to lie with pigs (pun intended) now face the consequences.

    We tried to tell you want a shitfest IMF was but you played the tough guy alpha bullshit-So FUCK YOU and Don’t let the Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out Motherfucker!

    Please AVfM-if you care about low status men and boys-SHUT DOWN YOUR BULLSHIT SITE!!!!!!

    • So true about the “lying with pigs” thing. Even now when they’re protesting so much about this association and harassing journalists who conflate AVFM with Roosh…all a journalist has to say is “Don’t you have these multiple pro-Roosh articles all done within the past 2 months?” They’ve lost all credibility with that claim.

      • ironically, Elam and Clarey seem to want to be accepted by MGTOW while shitting all over them. It’s funny, I have an older cousin who bullied me relentlessly but seemed to want to be my friend when he realized no one his age wanted anything to do with him. I wanted nothing to do with the fucker either. Video games and my dog were much better company-that sums up the “relationshit” between MGTOW’s and MRA’s who ruined the term MRA and don’t want to be seen as MRA’s….

        • I wondered about this too. Elam lets retards like Roosh bash MGTOW and then becomes “Chef Elam” who shows MGTOW how to make a mean batch of jello?

        • It’s like a bad sci-fi movie where humans ruin Earth, then when they try to colonize a new planet, they try to destroy the indigenous life forms. The indigenous life forms fight tooth and nail against the sociopathic humans. make no mistake, this is a culture war-and perhaps a great example of why “all male spaces” won’t work and that the best way to share information is to remain atomized and leaderless….

      • all a journalist has to say is “Don’t you have these multiple pro-Roosh articles all done within the past 2 months?”

        This is something they just don’t get. AVFM will scream at the top of their lungs that anyone is conflates Roosh with AVFM is a liar, yet how can they be liars if they have evidence (which they do have)?

      • Oh, sites like this one have definitely put a dent in the manuresphere. The manuresphere despite all the noise made by their trolling is actually a shadow of its former self. Sites like this one, Alek Novy, Aaron Sleazy,and others have systematically dismantled it. It’s long past its peak popularity. It’s just that the small group left are also the ones who are best at trolling the media.

        All the other sites have either shut down, changed focus, or are a joke like Heartiste currently is.

      • I think it’s wrong to rape women, but I also oppose gay marriage. Make sense of that.

        My principles are based on survival, while minimizing the harm done to other people. Rape is harmful and therefore wrong, but homosexuality serves no useful purpose and is also therefore wrong.

        I only believe in a benevolent and chaste heterosexuality.

      • It’s too simple to say “hate”, by the way. For example:

        – Gay marriage promotes homosexuality.
        – Homosexuality promotes pornography.
        – Pornography promotes rape (of women).

        Therefore, if you promote gay marriage, you indirectly promote the rape of women.

        Also, I think gay marriage itself hurts homosexuals directly. I think it would be better for them to be celibate. Giving drugs to a drug addict is not a kindness.

        But the people of this Satanic world are so naive in their desire to accept sin into their hearts. Sin is deceptive, like candy laced with refined sugar that rots your teeth and slowly destroys your body (but it sure does taste good in your mouth).

  5. In other words, using Roosh to justify feminism is a straw man argument, because he represents the worst of men (just as feminism often represents the worst of women).

    • Roosh isn’t being used to justify feminism, a fictional caricature is. They have to build him up and agree with his lies so that he looks like the most minimal adversary.

      It’s not even a straw man argument since both sides are arguing the same fiction.

  6. Right on cue, Obsidian writes a story backing up Return of Kings’ Mad Max article. So Dean Esmay complains about being conflated with Roosh, then Obsidian posts an article supporting Roosh.

    And of course Dean Esmay, the same guy complaining the loudest about MRAs being linked to that Return of Kings Mad Max piece, has been linking to the pro-Roosh article all day:

    • LOL! As if AVfM and Roosh don’t have something in the works. Why are they backing Roosh so much nowadays? Elam is making a mess of things. I’ve read people aren’t overly impressed by the upcoming conference this year.

    • And now InfoWars/PrisonPlanet (a.k.a. Alex Jones and the conspiracy theory crowd) is attacking MGTOW and supporting “neo-masculinity” which is another name for red pill bullshit. Bar Bar has a video talking about it:

      It seems like there is an anti-MGTOW alliance of old guys.

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