49 comments on “There Is One Good Reason To Boycott Mad Max: Fury Road

  1. oh, well, I thought the “reason” to boycott, err, mancott the movie was because Aaron Clarey likes his action movies like he likes his porno’s…

    …with hot sweaty men that go Aarrghhh and no womyn….

  2. check this shit out….


    anyways, feminist’s will straight up sacrifice innocent girls just to protect sociopathic women…

    it’s kind of similar how M(h)RA’s would be okay with letting a POS like Jack Donovan head a boyscout troop….

    just remember, in modern America, it’s okay for low class racist’s like marcotte and donovan do whatever they like, because a) marcotte is a womyn and b) donovan is queer-therefore they are above reproach….

    so that makes me a misogynist and a homophobe if I want no association with those fuckers….

    but it’s okay for them to look down on me for being low status and a half breed…

    • Speaking of innocent girls and sociopathic women, this reminds me of the feminist attitude towards gynecological exams. Now, I realize that some women just love their gynecologists, and that’s a personal choice, but many girls are genuinely upset about the idea (as I think they should be). But the feminist attitude is to convince these girls that it’s nothing to be upset about (and I’ve heard this coming from women, not men). It’s like women not only like to abuse themselves, but they also like to abuse other females too.

      You should really blame men for the origin of female psychopathy, though. All women are basically rape victims. It’s the fault of our male ancestors for this. That’s why women are so crazy on issues of sex. It’s cognitive dissonance (because all penetrative sex is basically rape in a certain sense). So, really normal sex is “good rape” (in a certain sense).

      Or what about “Fifty Shades of Grey” bondage stuff? That looks like “good rape” too. Rape is complicated.

    • ….and yes, I hammer the same fucking point over and over, but with a bird brain like Elam, you can show him 1+1=2, mathematics even a dog could understand if you illustrated it with treats and he’ll still pull all his insulting “alpha male” bullshit instead of listening to and understanding reason….

      • actually I think it means that two hate movements that purport to be different are really very similar as they go out of their way to ruthlessly hurt low status men, then blame low status men for their problems and call them misogynists/homophobes for not bending over to te likes of Marcrappy/Don-0-van…

      • I am anti feminist, it is just the label has been stolen by plastic anti feminist women worshipers.

        I am anti female in general anyway.

        • I’m a separatist when it comes to gender relations. A social apartheid wherein men consciously and willingly stay the hell away from women would be the ideal since they can’t seem to get along with anyone, including their own.

        • Crimsonviceroy, aren’t you a Christian? As Christians we are not supposed to go to war against God’s design so you can’t be a gender separatist without becoming an apostate. While I’m sure you aren’t attracted to men, you are effectively a homosexual.

        • TradChristian,

          You know nothing about me, so stop putting words in my mouth or making base presumptions. We are also to be set aside and be a living example of holiness when it comes to morality and God’s standard. When a generation of wicked people arose, God set aside his chosen to be apart from them until a new generation arose ready to hear the truth. I’m not saying give up on them completely, or to withhold genuine Christian brotherly love, but that we are not to pursuit being unequally yolked with the current generation of women who are and almost never will be spiritual prepared to enter holy matrimony. 2nd Corinthians 6:14 – “for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?” God’s design is for women to submit to their husbands, if the current generation (read the grand majority of women) are unwilling to do so, then I’m not about to co-sign on my Christian brothers signing up for a feminist bastardization of God’s design for the relationship between man and woman. I believe in separatism for the current season until a new generation of women arise that aren’t brainwashed by the Spirit of Jezebel. I speak truth that we are not to be unequally yolked, and quite frankly, there aren’t enough “equally yolkable” women for all the grand majority of sincere Christian men out there. So take care and govern yourself accordingly before you start ranting against someone being an apostate. Unless you want to call men like Paul who even admonished his readership to singlehood as an ideal to live up to (inspired by his own faith in Jesus Christ) as an apostate, you might want to pull that foot out of your mouth.

  3. Maybe it’s because they’re are too busy blaming Jewish men for the actions of women.

    Who says it’s just Jewish men? Jewish women have also played a role in the subversive ideological movements that have been advanced by the Jews.

  4. The reason why she was a consultant was to “educate” the actors about sex trafficking. I’m sure she knows a lot about that with how she calls the rape of a 13 year old by an adult woman, a good rape, in the Vagina Monologues.

    This is something that Return of Kings Court Jesters won’t talk about despite pointing out Eve Ensler’s involvement in the movie. Maybe it’s because they’re are too busy blaming Jewish men for the actions of women.

    And who is Eve Ensler? Surprise Surprise, she’s Jewish.

        • Many half Jews identify as Jews including Eve Ensler. Here’s Ensler in the Jewish Daily Forward:

          This half-Jewish thing is so crazy. Would Hitler have said, “You’re half Jewish, get off the train?” No. He would have said, “We’re taking you with us.” It’s a strange thing: The only people who don’t think I’m Jewish are Jews.


        • Jewishness is matrilineal so if your mom ain’t Jewish neither are you.

          And who are you to say that? Are you an Orthodox Rabbi? Bottom line is that she is as biologically Jewish as Obama is biologically Black. Like Obama, She identifies solely with her non-White half, as a Jew. She is accepted as a Jew by the mainstream Jewish community. You have no more standing to claim that she is not Jewish than you do to claim Obama isn’t Black.

          Once your attempt to blame generic “women” for feminism has pathetically failed. Lest you fall back on the idea that she is doing her feminist subversion simply because of her gender and that it has nothing to do with her ethnicity, from the same Forward article:

          How do you define being Jewish, and how does it inform your artistry?

          Ensler: For me it’s a cultural thing. I had a Jewish father, a Jewish family, and I had chicken liver with my aunt every Saturday. I grew up in a tradition where having ideas and contributing to the community and creating art that had an impact on the world mattered. That’s part of the Jewish tradition. The comedy that’s in me is very much part of Jewish theater history. When I look at my own heart as a social activist, there’s the spirit of Emma Goldman and Hannah Arendt and so many others.

        • So I become Jewish if I eat lox and bagels on Sunday? Do I become Russian if I eat caviar or Japanese if I eat sushi?

          By your definition at least 75% of the population of the US and Canada is “Jewish”. How do you even leave your house with all those Jews around you? You must get ulcers and heart attacks on a regular basis.

      • A question to the antisemite: how did you find this blog, and why do you feel the need to come here and preach to an unsympathetic audience?

    • It’s those dastardly Jews again. They ‘ve succeeded in manipulating the poor innocent women, into pursuing their own narrow self interests and screwing men over in the process. One can only imagine what sort of devious mind control they employed.

  5. “Crimsonviceroy, aren’t you a Christian? As Christians we are not supposed to go to war against God’s design so you can’t be a gender separatist without becoming an apostate. While I’m sure you aren’t attracted to men, you are effectively a homosexual.”

    Only mental defects think that not being with women means being a homosexual. Being a homosexual means being attracted to men.

    This sad attempt at gay shaming by a mentally ill women worshiper with no logic is laughable.

    • Personally, I loved the part where Roosh insists that there will be no homosexuals and no “gay butt sex” in neomasculinity. Roosh’s strong insistence on this had me LMAO. That’s a guarantee that figuratively or literally there will be lots of gay butt sex in neomasculinity.

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