30 comments on “If Game Just Works Why Can’t It Be Completely Independent Of Ideology?

  1. Great point. Nice catch to see a scammer tip his hand. It’d be nice if it spilled over to all parts of MGTOW that Game is a scam.

    But it fits too neatly alongside the majority of people’s understanding of male hyperagency, thus they believe Game is true, or that some type of Game must be true.

    It’s obvious how this fits into TRP, PUA, and red-pill Christianity spaces.

    What do you think of many self-professed MGTOW’s who date and claim they are using Game? Way to many of them act as if MGTOW is some kind of Game “tactic”, if you look at discussion forums dedicated to Game on many MGTOW online spaces as well as tacit discussion of “alpha/beta” non-sense in many discussions.

    It has something to do with MGTOW’s ego’s that if you ignore the ladies they will just run at you. It is perception bias and also the wrong interpretation of women going after men who are fit and single, and going after men who have saved money. But way too many MGTOW’s have some sort of vague plan that MGTOW will go hand in hand with getting laid a lot, or at least will get them laid on their terms. Many MGTOW don’t seem to want to completely let it go. There are exceptions of prominent MGTOW’s who do avoid completely women 100%, of course.

    • There is a lot of MGTOW rhetoric in discussion forums making (or tying to make) exactly the point you are talking about here. As you say, some men can’t let go. None of the things these guys claim have ever happened to me, though I realize my own experience only reflects anecdotal evidence (moreover, it would be extraordinarily difficult to formulate studies that could objectively measure these experiences). I am an almost perfect “ghost,” as are almost all disposable men. I come and go without being noticed. I go my own way, and no one cares. I have a great deal of freedom, but this freedom must be its own reward, because it does not automatically confer any other benefits.

      I have never found that going my own way is attractive to women, or that I appear as a challenge to women. Some men also claim that once women “hit the wall” that everything changes. I haven’t experienced that either. The older women I know are just as insufferable as the young women. Older women who look good know it, and they use their looks to control men. Old women who don’t look good, just like young women who are unattractive, are equally pathetic. I drive a cool car (which I can afford because I’m not supporting a wife and family), and most people assume I do it for female attention, but I have never received any female attention whatsoever in virtue of my car. (Interestingly, it is the young boys who notice and respond.) So if you think you’re going to get laid more often, or on your own terms, because you go your down way, you are likely to be mistaken.

      • Thanks for your reply. Well said.

        Just be careful with your nice car. I know a few wealthy single guys who have been targeted for having a Porsche, Aston Martin, or the Ferrari roadster. These men can easily afford these cars. But they’ve had several women work their way in to drive the car but tell the guy to get lost. They want access to the car to be seen driving it and could care less about the owner.

    • What do you think of many self-professed MGTOW’s who date and claim they are using Game?

      They’re the same as the married guys who think they can be MGTOW.

      One thing to look at is if they’re saying they used game or if someone else did. One of the biggest problems is the guys who declare “neutrality” on whether game works or not but support it out of a misguided belief in “manuresphere unity”. That’s actually what you are seeing a lot of the times when MGTOW talk about game.

      • For some reason the whole “Game” nonsense has infiltrated mgtow, this wasn’t the case just a year ago.

        I’ve noticed a lot of mgtow saying things like they respect Game/PUAs but they don’t think it’s worth it. Implied in this statement are some wrong assumptions:-

        (i) There is such a thing as “game” that actually works.
        (ii)PUAs are anything other than scamming hucksters.

        As mgtow has grown unfortunately it has attracted some of the homeless types PUA, HBD, race realist, manobots – I think the ” manosphere unity” will eventually destroy mgtow.

        • “As mgtow has grown unfortunately it has attracted some of the homeless types PUA, HBD, race realist, manobots – I think the ” manosphere unity” will eventually destroy mgtow.”

          You are right, mgtow is now a dead label. Your prediction came true.

  2. Like gravity, game is observed to work.

    Any theory that “proves” there’s no gravity is horseshit dreamed up by an imbecile.

    Have fun with your horseshit, imbecile, but female attraction is observably triggered by behavioral cues, and men can improve their ability to deliver those cues.

    But if you don’t want to improve, you’re not a man at all. So in practice this doesn’t apply to you.

  3. “MGTOW is designed for quitters/celibates, providing almost no answers for men who want normal relationships with women. ”


    One loser I work with always tries to insult me. He asked if I ever banged a prostitute. I said “Just your mom and sister.”

    He was furious, he didn’t do a thing but said if I say that shit to the wrong guy, I’ll get killed. I just laughed. I bet crybaby Rooshiepoops would get mad when he berated a man and the man made a similar comment about his mom and sister…

  4. Does anyone remember the old jokes about this whole “Game” concept? It came about after PUAHate put all those PUAs out of business by exposing their scams.

    The PUA hucksters never explained specifically what game was, so they just pointed to anything that could conceivably get you laid even if it was common sense.

    Taking a shower – “Taking a shower game”
    Working out – “Gym game/big muscles game”
    Saying “Hello” – “Speaking Game”
    Walking up to her – “Non verbal game”
    Leaving the house – “social game”

    Look at this moron


    Take pictures – “Camera Game” – LOL

    • This was discussed a lot on sedmyth and aaron sleazy’s…

      Basically, a thing is DEFINED by what it DOESN’T share with other disciplines.

      For example you can’t say the definition of an automobile is “it has seats inside of it”… because lots of other things have seats in it, for example houses lol…

      Feminism and PUA both use this trick… Feminism will say “if you believe in human rights, you are a feminist”… which is just as absurd as “if it has seats, its a car”…

      PUAs can’t claim that bodybuilding or making moves or leaving the house or approaching girls is game… because that exists OUTSIDE of game.


  5. What’s even more interesting is that women love to use Game and PUA-terminology to further berate men. It is nothing more then another tool to use to further ridicule, deride, and criticize average men. The average man is the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to having any sort of value in regards to his own worth as a human being. “Christian” women, especially ones that are married to “alpha hot husband’s” love to chide and deride men on the manuresphere as to how they too can land a hot submissive wife by beating their chests and getting more active in “manly” pursuits. This is the reason why I’m one of the few guys on that corner of the Internet that always places the “Christian” SAHM housewives’ feet to the fire. They have NO business telling men how to act, or what to say. Especially since their own personal history demonstrates that it’s only because of the Grace of God that they manage to pull through, DESPITE making poor relationship choices. Even though they might admit that it was because of God’s Grace and not through their own power, they will have the spirit of haughtiness and arrogance which demonstrates that they don’t believe their own words when it comes to their contrition after making the abysmal choices in their past when it comes to their own choice of men. They peddle Game just like feminists peddle the “soft and sensitive” mantra…not to see men helped or improve for their own sake, but to see them change for the sake of women or simply to just control men for their own capriciousness.

    • I am not a Christian but I’ve spent my life around Catholics, Protestants, and Mormons. Suffice it to say these are not places that welcome single men. So the single men dive right into the marriage trap. That’s why I dislike spaces like Dalrock’s blog. They’re pro-marriage first, single men last, and have no plan to implement except “spread the word,” yet they claim to be oh so different. Good luck to you in holding their feet to the fire.

      • Trust me, my friend, some of them are as far from Christian (follower of the ULTIMATE single guy in history..Jesus Christ Himself), as anyone can get. People at Dalrock’s are a cabal of self-congratulations and love to pat each other on the back. I have often run counter-culture to them many times and they have a selective and subtle disdain for MGTOW. So much so that one of the lovely “ladies” called me a woman-hating “SOB”. Quite rather saucy language coming from someone who claims to follow Christ. I exhort young men to look at really inspiring figures like Jesus or any of the disciples like John or Paul and observe how free they truly were to live an honorable and redeemed life outside of the chains of marital slavery.

        • “Christian Women” / Religious Women

          This is the joke right here. They become Christian at 30 when they need to find a man.

          Daldick and his followers are just like any other scammers, peddiing “religious game” to get you a supposedly better woman.

          Its just like Fatt Forney/Roosh V who go abroad to impoverished countries and tell you how much better “foreign women” are.

        • Christian woman has become an oxymoron term since most of the girls in churches are exactly how you have described them. Dalrock and co. are attempted to sell false hope, and in that regard I argue and debate them to show them for the false words they spread, in the hope that more men will wake up to the scam of the modern day woman. It is in the absolute best interest of young innocent men everywhere to free themselves from ever shackling themselves to the capricious attitudes of people long bereft of any love in their hearts.

        • Spudz,

          EXACTLY! He was the ultimate MGHOW. The men who followed him like Peter and Paul led similar lives of austere, honorable solitude. They were free to pursuit far more noble purposes in life than being shackled in the chains of matrimony.

    • “They peddle Game just like feminists peddle the “soft and sensitive” mantra…not to see men helped or improve for their own sake, but to see them change for the sake of women”

      Exactly. Feminists see women as suns and men as planets that are orbiting them in order to survive. “Gamers” also see women as suns and men as planets that are orbiting them in order to survive. They only disagree in regards to the tactic that is necessary to deserve a place in such an orbit.

      Feminists = Be aware of your male privilege, don’t be a cissexist, seek enthusiastic consent, etc.
      Gamers = Pretend to not care, neg, be a loveable asshole, dominate her in the bedroom, etc.

      For the average women, the truth might be in the middle. She wants a guy that is a “Beta” on the outside, is “ironically” ashamed of his masculinity, accepts the moral superiority of women (“They are more mature and if more of them would be in power, there would be less wars!”), is not afraid to show his “feminine” side and so on, but once in the bedroom, she only wants to snap her fingers once to order the man to turn into a sadistic, dominant psychopath in the bedroom. Then snap her fingers twice to turn you back to “beta”.

      In a way I think that all that BDSM crap is a pathological reaction to the unnatural emancipation of women anyway. My far-right antifeminist grandmother just commented on a segment about “50 Shades of Grey” in TV with just saying, “Also wenn der Josef dat mir mit jemacht hätte, also der hät wat zu hören jekriegt!” (“If Josef would have done things such as that to me, oh boy, he would have caught hell!”)

      For modern women however, the only way to still feel like a woman is to be degraded, humiliated, raped and controlled. But I digress.

      What I want to say is that: There is nothing “Alpha” about being like a tame dog that pretends to angrily snarl with his teeth when Mistress orders you to do so. You’re still a dog on the leash of a woman, performing tricks for her. There is nothing “dark” or “alpha” about trying to turn yourself into a “dark-triad-psychopath” in order to please women. It’s just pathetic.

      So even IF game would work, even IF game wouldn’t be a scam, it wouldn’t be worth doing. Instead of faking to be above female attention in order to receive female attention, you should try to get to a point where you really ARE above female attention.

      Those are really two (or one?) of the groups I hate lately, Gamers and all those BDSM-freaks who think they are “tough guys” and “real men” when they are ordered to perform as a slave master to “dominate” some whores that have been deranged by feminism.

  6. For proof “game” doesn’t work, look no further than Forney or Roosh V. It should “work” ANYWHERE and these manuresphere’s shouldn’t have to travel to Asia for these supposed “pussy buffets.”

    Speaking of Forney, he’s gotta be the biggest joke of a man I’ve ever seen. He should just shut his fucking slobby mouth and never open it again. It’s beyond baffling to me that guys actually take advice from this loser!

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