68 comments on “Does The Manuresphere Even Lift?

  1. There is the alternative of actually running experiments with dating advice and gathering data to see how it works, but such things are kryptonite to the dating advice industry.

    The closest to this would probably be The Private Man, as he actually talks about the response rates he’s gotten from both online dating and real life encounters. However, his advice/demographic is purely for the post-divorce 40 and older crowd. For those who are single, or virgins, or much younger…not so much.

    Are there any other bloggers who give real advice?

  2. I learned of the paleo diet long before I heard of the manosphere. It sounded like the diet that I really wanted, but no way could I afford to live on meat and veg for many years. By the time I could afford it I was getting way fat, had to buy 120cm waist jeans. I’ve been on it for a couple of years now because it is all the food that I like eating. It cuts out allot of shit that I don’t like eating. I don’t worry about my weight at all now even during extended lazy no exercise spells. I’m no fanatic. Gotta eat bakery pies or KFC here and there, also home baking if I’m visiting family. I think that some world health organisations have recently admitted that butter and meat are healthier than margarine and tofu. I don’t get why you bash the diet, I never paid anyone for the info, it’s all available for free. Pancakes, blend 2 eggs and a banana.

    I just love this diet and my physical health is certainly better. I also prefer getting my veg intake via juice. Can’t be fucking bothered cooking veges or eating salads. Big juicing session and into the freezer, veges in a glass every few days. The Manosphere certainly did exaggerate the benefits of Paleo though.

    Link “Dr. Fred Kummerow—now nearly 100 years old— realized the hazards of trans fats in the 1950’s, and was the first researcher to publish a paper on it in 1957. He discovered that it’s not cholesterol that causes heart disease, rather the trans fats are to blame. – See more at: http://transformationalstrategist.com/newsroom/pr/fda-admits-trans-fats-pose-american-health-risk/#sthash.Dvrp7YZy.dpuf

    Shit I don’t obsess over diet, I just enjoy it.

    I am MGTOW, but just can’t be offended by Matt. That article is fuckin funny. Shit, I’m a racist punk and just used to being insulted. But yeah, this blog is great. Game is bullshit.

    • What’s being bashed is the claims of magic and pseudoscience behind it.

      Basically, this diet tricked you into cutting calories, by cutting processed foods and carbs outta ya diet and increasing veggies… you could do the same without calling it Paleo y’know, it’d still work…

  3. Back when I was the first major critic of game, nobody believed me when I explained this is how it works. If you’ll remember there were a ton of MRAs/manurespherians who were like “but how can all these guys claim it works for them, if its a scam!?!? are they all lying alek!??! – actually yes, they’re all lying”.

    Before being anti-game, anti-pua, I had spent 10 years at the founding of the community, meeting a ton of PUAs/Seducers/Game-ists in real life. This is BEFORE there was an online MRA movement, and before there was a manuresphere and before there was “puas trying to infiltriate mra”.

    About 99% of the guys I met in that decade had zero results, yet I saw these same guys go online and preach about how unless you’re into game you’re a loser… despite having no results. They spent a ton of time selling game to other guys and selling the cult, but they themselves had no results.

    How did they justify this disparity? Simple “I’m working on it”… “I’m working on my game, so in 2 years I’ll be hugh hefner anyway, so its ok to lie in the meantime as a way to recruit more guys into game, since it’ll be true in 2 years anyway”.

    • Fuck game. Caused me quiet a few permanent embarrassing memories. Was kinda good for me though, I finally realized just how socially defective I am, which has helped get a better grasp of my reality, I’ve adapted and life now makes so much more sense.

    • Apparently he has heart attack-proof genes. Why can’t he just enjoy his Twinkies & forget about us?

    • “If I were that fat I’d be dead already”

      This idiot gets to stuff his face & bloat himself beyond the capacity that would clog most people’s arteries & kill them, and yet he’s mad at us? What’s he complaining about? He’s privileged, like Paris Hilton. Absolute BS….

    • “and yet he’s mad at us?”

      It’s like people, on forums, asking me to explain the actions of other men, sort of expecting, in a way, for me to take responsibility for them/answer for them…..like they want people in their own personal “reserves”.

      Fuck that. I work for no one.

  4. The funniest thing about this is the fact that Forney looks EXACTLY like the kind of guy that eats cheetos all day and whacks off.

    I honestly can’t picture this guy getting women who aren’t hookers.

    I think he’s actually fatter now than he was a couple years back. This cracks me up,


    “But ever since I bought a juicer, I’ve experienced huge improvements in my health, from better, younger-looking skin to weight loss. In fact, one of the things that annoyed me about living in the Philippines was that I couldn’t take my juicer with me (no room in my luggage)”

  5. Looking at the stuff they’re pumping out about MGTOWs, the first thing that it reminds me of is the ‘Gamers are dead’ / ‘Gaming is dead’ articles that helped launch GamerGate. At least these guys are aiming their shaming attempts at people outside their ‘neomasculinity’ (tradcon + weights) cult. But it’s the same old sad, pointless shite. ‘You’re crap, we’re great, come do what we say’.

    Trying to shame MGTOWs when tradcons and femeroids have been trying for years without a result stronger than ‘I just don’t care what you think’?…What are they thinking? (or smoking)

    Elam & Roosh are well known names in the ‘sphere. But I’ve never followed them anywhere. They aren’t leaders as far as I’m concerned. But they seem to be trying to leverage their ‘followers’ into helping make a financially viable industry and/or eternal minority voting block. Why would an independently minded (i.e. genuine) MGTOW follow a PUA or MRA?

    • Spawny,
      Some of our online mates are MGTOW who strive to do MRA, like Francis, but yeah…Most MGTOW have basically said “Screw This” and all out left. Can’t blame them, as you well know. All these posts about Meninism and Women Against Feminism don’t strike me as women finally understanding that men are hurting. Instead, they want a return to their tradcon lifestyle, which is easier to be lured back into if one is a PUA or MRA.

      • that womyn against feminism is a scam, likely lead by that femra Judgy Bitch-she wants men to never question the disposable protector/provider role and all men get in return is home cooked cupcakes and maybe a half assed blow job. They are even more two faced than feminists-at least rad fem’s openly admit they hate men. If womyn against feminism really were against feminism, they’d go to incel boards and offer to fuck all the “omega’s” but we know that shit won’t happen. If femra’s actually cared about men, they would shut the fuck up. They are just attention whore who will throw low status men under the buss just as quickly and ruthlessly as any feminist out there.

        • Stoner,

          While it seems some of them are at least willing to acknowledge that men have numerous issues very much worth addressing, the majority are attention whores and die-hard tradcons who are concerned about having their meal ticket leave for greener pastures.

          Even more unfortunately, most of the MRA side have been taken over by MGTOW shamers and PUA-pushers. They do nothing to help men either. It truly is easier and better for men to just gtow…

        • I actively hope Paul Elam and his bullshit movement fail-they are worse than feminist’s and that takes tremendous effort. Also looks like Forney and the manuresphere share the same bullshit beliefs. At least a prostitute charges for services then after stealing all your cash leaves. These womyn are absolute leeches, they don’t leave. And
          Elam et al call you a “misogynist” ™ for pointing out that truth.

        • Pretty much.
          At least the truth *has* come out though, and honest MGTOW now know enough to not financially support those who would force them back into being a provider/protector.

  6. One thing dating advice “experts” never take into account is the extraordinary fickle nature of women. When a woman evaluates a man, she is looking for reasons to disqualify him, even if the reasons seem ridiculous. You could be a man who lifts weights, makes $100,000 a year, and is 6 feet tall, but if you don’t make her laugh enough on a first date, don’t wear the right clothes, or don’t give her the best sex of her life the first time you and her have sex, then she will discard you.

    Women are notorious for having 1000 point checklist requirements, and 1000 point checklist deal breakers. If you aren’t a man who has basically bullet-proof social proof, life in the dating/relationship world will be the equivalent of a living hell. There is a reason the term “Wife Goggles” exists, but not the term “Husband Goggles.” Men look for reasons to love women, but women look for reasons to hate men. Once a man invests in a man, he is all on, while a woman is always on the prowl for the bigger and better deal.

    And if you ever ask men who are in relationships how they got into them, they can’t even tell you. Most of them just feel ass backwards into them, and are totally clueless what their women found attractive about them in the first place. So they give you a bunch of bullshit like “just lift weights” or “just take a shower and go talk to chicks” because it sounds good on paper.

    • “And if you ever ask men who are in relationships how they got into them, they can’t even tell you. Most of them just feel ass backwards into them, and are totally clueless what their women found attractive about them in the first place. So they give you a bunch of bullshit like “just lift weights” or “just take a shower and go talk to chicks” because it sounds good on paper.”

      Or my personal favorite: “Be yourself”. Both PUAs & wymyn love that one….

    • You could be a man who lifts weights, makes $100,000 a year, and is 6 feet tall, but if you don’t make her laugh enough on a first date, don’t wear the right clothes, or don’t give her the best sex of her life the first time you and her have sex, then she will discard you.

      That’s a crap ton of potential disqualifiers. The last one is incredibly stupid though…how would it even be possible? If it’s the first time you’re together there is probably very little chance it will be one’s “best”, simply because you don’t know each other’s likes/dislikes.
      Height is another off-the-meter ridiculous reason to disqualify a date. There’s entire twitter feeds and hashtags devoted to preemptively disqualifying men under 6 foot. Why? Other than reaching things off a high shelf, what in a woman’s mind makes taller = better?

      • It’s the same kind of BS as when women gawk and fawn over criminals. Guys who are on death row are still getting marriage offers while they was in prison, waiting for the hangman’s noose. Women are insipidly illogical and irrational creatures. It’s the darkness calling for the darkness. Any woman who would want to be with a criminal, is by association, by intent, and by consent a criminal as well. It’s only a matter of time when her criminality manifests itself in an actual crime. Hence the reason why any self-respecting, law-abiding, and decently honest man needs to GHOW. It’s the only moral and civilized action in a highly immoral and uncivilized society.

        • It’s only a matter of time when her criminality manifests itself in an actual crime.

          We saw this very thing happen in the US only this month. A female prison guard fell for 2 convicts and helped them escape back into the public sphere. It is absolutely mind-boggling, yet lends much credence to your words, Crimson. How disturbing, that numerous women actively seek the worst elements of society…

  7. If Forneymu keeps it up with his MGTOW bashing, I predict two face Elam will let him pen an article on why “Men’s Right’s” needs HBD/Race realism….

    remember his MO-bash low status men-how is this different from feminism again?

  8. “Femras”/wymyn so-called against feminism are only so when they sense radical feminists overstepping their hand with militant misandry, causing more men to see the light & go AWOL from the Reserves.

    Now people might wonder “What has this to do with Fornedarmu”……well, he does have the build of the typical radfem(or most wymyn from the state of Wisconsin(same thing pretty much)).

    Anyway, I posted this mainly to test a new avatar(one I thought would juxtapose more smoothly with the others). Gravatar wouldn’t accept “blah@blah.blah” unfortunately(and I like blue anyway).

      • Haha. Is it really male? Certainly not any easier to tell without the facial hair(which most radfems seem to have also).

        • remember gendar is a social construct ™ -if david futrelle wants to go in the laydies room-it is transmisogyny not to let zie go there…

          if “matt” bashes low status men and call it traditionailsim, “he” is “alpha” ™

          -just remember, by interacting with me on teh darkwebs, you will become a basement dwelling chronic masturbator who eats dorritoes. The sad pat is you will never reach the 30% body fat to have adequate manboobz because masturbation is cardio…

        • Stoner, I don’t like Doritos.
          Is it okay to substitute either Pringles or Sun Chips? I’ll bring some videogames, too…

        • absolutely NO substitutions 😉

          and even though I like old school shooters, the videogames have to be RPG’s because that’s what Matt says makes you “not alpha.” Ironically, I haven’t played any video games in over a year because teaching myself recording/music production takes most my free time but I really, really want to play the new Mortal Kombat as many have told me the fatalities are excellent. I also really want to see the new Mad Max movie…

        • *sigh* Damn it…
          Fine, but they have to be BBQ flavor. 😉

          Shooters are cool, but I prefer RPGs anyway. Currently replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition as a Quanri mage this time, just picked up Shadow of Mordor for my 360, and decided to get a little “old school” with Aidyn Chronicles on my N64. If you want a relatively new RPG with a decent storyline but no real difficulty in combat, I’d give Bound by Flame a try. It has gratuitous swearing (seriously, it’s hysterical) and is incredibly easy in the actual fighting aspects, but has a pretty good set of side storylines/mythos and is great for what I like to call “lazy gaming”. Another good one would be Divinity II, or if you like puzzles and the idea of alternate universes, then Dreamworld for the original Xbox is fun, if a bit hard to find.

        • BBQ Flavor and a side of BBQ sauce and some hot sauce with Jalepenoes and onions on the side (but don’t tell Foney, it ain’t paleo)… also, coke-the mexican coke with sugar and not high fruitcose syrup. I tried Dragon Age like 2 years ago, I was too impatient I guess, it was just a demo. And then I remember an old game from when I was a kid, King’s Quest-I’m sure there are remakes of that…

        • LOL at these idiots claiming to play “alpha” video games. I’m not a gamer myself, but how are video games “alpha” and beta?” That would be like me saying I played an “alpha” round of golf yesterday.

    • With all the gay marriage hype I actually saw a gay pride rainbow-colored “confederate” flag; someone posted it on the IMDb.com politics board I think(also someone there had “Return Of Kings” for their username).

      • hahah,

        Jack Donovan flies this…

        I wonder if he “chubby chases” Forney. Quick, Esmay is gonna cry misandry now because I just implied that nazi homosexuals will fuck anything white…

        • Haha….it was 10 years too soon(I wonder if they’d still cast horse face Jessica Simpson for the role).

        • Wait, I thought the radfems hated blondes? Or do you mean the WN feminists would be offended by your hair preferences clashing with their Eugenic sensibilities?

        • and then some gay MMA guys could be the dukes, and Uncle JEsse could be a eunich who stepped on a landmine in some forgotten war. and the subplot could be that the KKK grandmaster’s son is crushing on Daisy and she reveals she isn’t white with a tan but Desi and the KKK guys son is forced to choose. And every time one of the dukes has to shoot at a bad guy, the other duke says “shoot straight” and he says “but hot damn, that guy looks so good, can’t we make love and not war?” and then Jack Donovan makes a breif apperance at a gay bar. And the dukes beat him up. and he cries, and the sheriff arrest the dukes.
          And then Donovan says he was crying not because he was beat up but because of estrogen because he came off his steroid cycle. Ya dig?

        • Haha….great stuff Stoner.

          Sorry, my broadband internet is shitting out(need new modem), but in closing I’ve been reading some of your stuff lately(your blog & here) and I absolutely share your disgust for the WN/Nazi/Eugenics/Phrenology crowd. Take care.

  9. Over on mgtowforums, a number of people report having been banned from RoK after pointing out that Matt Forney’s attack on MGTOW was all about money.

  10. Lifting is a waste of time if you’re not on roids. I have a pretty good body now but can’t get a thin girl to save my life. At least not in the anglosphere. Everyone and his brother is an amateur bodybuilder now anyway. Being ripped isn’t even a bonus anymore.

    I guess do it if you enjoy moving metal bars up and down.

    • “Everyone and his brother is an amateur bodybuilder now anyway. Being ripped isn’t even a bonus anymore”.

      Then explain obese/overweight statistics in America.

  11. Don’t you find it just bizarre that gay men receive all kinds of consideration these days, even from the Supreme Court, while incel men with normal desires have become the freaks and weirdos?

      • No, because people in traditional society condemned gay men as aberrations, and they respected celibate men, especially in Catholic countries where such men joined the church.

        BTW, Charles Darwin married his cousin Emma Wedgwood about a month before he turned 30. Darwin explored countries far from England in his 20’s as a passenger on the Beagle (not as the ship’s naturalist, despite what you might have read, but as the captain’s dining companion because British ships’ captains couldn’t socialize with the crew). I have never come across anything to indicate that Darwin had premarital sexual experiences before his marriage, for example, with prostitutes in the South American ports the Beagle visited, so he could very well have married Emma as a male virgin.

        • Gay men are still considered freaks trust me. Gay men are just useful pawns at the moment that is all.

          How many tolerant progressive pro gay left wingers dismiss MGTOW as bitter gay losers? The cognitive dissonance is amazing.

      • We sperglords should retaliate by developing conlangs, so we can discuss things on the interwebs without needing deepweb and darknet (which the police associates with child porn, so they won’t stay useful for long).

        Muslim biker gangs in Denmark got the better of the local Hell’s Angels because they didn’t have to rely on Danish.

  12. Matt Forney/Bardamu is a Democrat, had a government job and is pro union(spent quite a few blog posts bashing Scott Walter). FDR economic policies seemed ideal to him.

    And he kept linking to alternet. All of this was on his inmalafide blog from day 1. How could anyone imagine that this guy was anything but

    a) a liberal
    b) a repulsive dweeb

    I mean he actually complained about being unable to get a girl in NYC, Montreal or Toronto. Dude if you cant get a girlfriend in these chick friendly metros,just castrate yourself and end the charade.

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