15 comments on “Bill Cosby Is Still Innocent

  1.  “When you got the quaaludes [in the 1970s], was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” Cosby answered, “Yes.”

    This is a very broad, open ended, and oddly worded question. Might even be called leading…

    How often does one “use X for someone”? Can’t recall ever saying “I’m using alfalfa for my guinea pig” or “I’m using my car for my brother”. It makes more sense to say “I’m feeding my guinea pig alfalfa” or “I’m picking up my brother in my car”. Even if we switch out the words into something sex-related but without drugs…“When you got the condoms, was it in your mind that you were going to use these condoms for young women that you wanted to have sex with?”…it just sounds off kilter.

    It’s English, certainly, but sounds strange when spoken aloud. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought this was said by a person from another country with a good grasp of the English language as used in the US. Or a lawyer who wants an answer that can be twisted into an admission of “guilt”.

  2. On a tanget, men shouldn’t drink with womyn….

    and they sure as fuck shouldn’t drink with a “man” like Jack Donovan…

    (Just see feminists yell misogyny ™ when men openly state they won’t drink with womyn. )

  3. OT: Have you noticed how some dating advice sounds like magic rituals?

    The one about learning to dance makes me laugh. You might as well tell the incel to draw a pentagram on the ground and sacrifice a goat over it to appease the fertility gods.

  4. Did everyone see this story? A man faces 6 months in jail for making feminists feel “creepy” on twitter.

    There’s only one thing I think Blatchford missed- the trial has already had a significant fallout for free speech. Elliott has been banned from using the Internet for over three years, simply because vigilante social justice warrior called him “creepy”.


    • Just saw a short video about this… sounds like this case can be appealed to see if a higher court limits an otherwise expansive use of the concept of “harrassment”.

      I know that doesn’t help the man recover his reputation and any job prospects, but a higher court ruling may help.

  5. Alek, the details are murky, but as far as I understand stand it the guy flooded her with tweets over a period of time?

    In other words he didn’t just make posts about her on his own blog or other fora, but actually pursued her around the internet and made comments, responses, etc.

    I’m trying to get a handle on what actually happened.

    Yes, pursuing someone around the internet and disagreeing with them shouldn’t be a crime, but it’s different than expressing your opinion on your own blog or in response to other people who discuss that person.

    People have a right, in general, to not engage in conversations they don’t wish to have. Someone pursuing ypu in real life to force you to converse would be a kind of harrassment, so maybe it’s the same on the web.

    If you had details I’d appreciate it.

    • Click the links, read the comments for more details. You’re far off. Also, you can’t claim to have been forced in a debate if you’re actively involved in it.

      This is just like regret-rape. If a feminist loses a debate she can claim a guy was stalking her and forcing her to have a conversation.

  6. Thanks alek.

    I couldn’t find details in the comments but I found a good article in the Toronto star.

    Basically, elliot flooded her with tweets over a period of several months with the hash tag #fascistfeminist.

    I certainly thnking it’s absurd to charge him with anything, but such a situation is easy to avoid – on your own twitter account say whatever you do want, but don’t flood others with unwanted communications.

    You could prob get away with even a few vociferous tweets. Just not for months on end.

    Canada is being absurd, but the new rules are clear and dont involve suppression of free speech on your own platforms.

    • Basically, elliot flooded her with tweets over a period of several months with the hash tag #fascistfeminist.

      Where does it say she did not communicate back, wasn’t a two-way communication and she asked him to stop?

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