78 comments on “This Makes As Much Sense As Drawing A Pentagram And Sacrificing A Goat Or Selling Your Soul To The Devil

  1. This…this was given out as actual advice? Holy crap. It’s likely the most unscientific thing I’ll read today.

    I sympathize with men wholeheartedly, if this is the dating “advice” nowadays. What other “guidance” is typically put forth?

    • Yes, this was all given out as actual advice. Follow the links. I used archive.is to make sure they don’t go anywhere.

      Except for the part about the angels, this sort of dating advice is quite common. The only reason I don’t talk about it that much is because I end up having to deal with manuresphere and non-manuresphere gamers so much who don’t directly say such things. They have their own magical thinking, game, the paleo diet, conspiracy theory, etc.

      • Oh, I read the links, BP.
        My question wasn’t a literal one. Rather more of a verbal facepalm, that people can type such things and still expect to be taken seriously. It’s just sad, really.

  2. Immortal soul, real or not too many men will give the next best thing (that is real) to get laid. Their dignity. This dating advice is nothing but abuse meant to shame.

  3. The Nice Guy finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

    On one hand, he embodies the values that are respectable to men, such as being trustworthy, helping out family and friends, standing up for his beliefs, being dependable, not being selfish, and living on overall honorable life. On the other hand, these same values alienate him from women. Women view those qualities as weaknesses, and are repulsed by them. Based on their actions, they want men who embody the exact opposite of everything the Nice Guy stands for. When was the last time anyone reading this comment has heard women say “Wow, that guy who does the right thing really turns me on, and I can’t wait to fuck him.” That’s right, probably never. What women say they want, and what they REALLY want, are polar opposites.

    This is when the typical PUA shows up and says, “Dude, if you know the type of guy women REALLY want, then just become that type of guy.”

    Back in my early 20s, when I first started seriously dating, I was the stereotypical nice guy. Not because I thought it would get me laid, but because that is just who I was as a person. I was proud of who I was as a person, because I took pride in embodying the values I listed in the first paragraph. But as I started dating women, I soon realized these values left them feeling contempt and sometimes even disgust for me. I didn’t get it at first. Why would women hate me so much, considering I never hurt them, and for that matter, never really hurt anyone. I wasn’t a dick to people. I wasn’t violent. I didn’t have any bad habits. But I wasn’t a pushover. I had no problem standing up for myself.

    So I went through this endless nightmare filled with frustration and hopelessness, feeling as if I were running into a brick wall with each passing date. After a while, I started becoming the type of person I never thought I would become; asshole, dick, douchebag, jerk, thug, or whatever you want to call it. Not because I thought it would get me laid, but because the modern dating scene really instilled in me a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. These feelings weren’t fake, they were genuine.

    I started treating women like they were the lowest of the low, and all of a sudden, I started having success with women. I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in pussy, nowhere close, but I was seeing a hell of a lot more results than I was before. At first I was all too happy to treat women like shit, and get rewarded with such behavior with sex. But after a while, I really began to hate myself, because I hated who I had become as a person. I didn’t want to treat people badly, whether they were men or women. I really started to hate myself, and I reached a point where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I remained this type of person for a few years, but I reached a point where I just couldn’t be that type of person anymore.

    Over time, I had come to the conclusion I couldn’t have it both ways. I couldn’t be a despicable human being in order to get sex, and be the decent human being I had been before getting involved in the dating scene. I decided I wasn’t going to let women drag me down to the type of man they wanted to fuck, so I went back to being my old self.

    Now in my late 20s, I tried dating again, but I found myself experiencing all the rejection I had experienced in my early 20s. I saw the writing on the wall, and came to the conclusion I didn’t want to waste anymore of my life with dating/relationship bullshit. I had already wasted my 20s on it, and with 30 approaching, I decided to just leave it all behind. My biggest regret is how much I wasted being involved with women. The more time I stayed away from women, the better I felt. The more time I was involved with women, the worse I felt.

    Some people will say that I just did it wrong, and there is some magical way to do it right. They will say I just need to find a good girl, the NAWALT unicorn, and if I did, all my dreams would have come true. But you know what, I can sit here and honestly say I did everything I could. I dated women from all types of races, religions, income levels, ages, etc. I tried all the bullshit advice from my elders who told me to be a gentleman. I tried all the bullshit advice from the manosphere that told me to learn Game. None of it worked. It was the ultimate exercise in futility.

    Honestly, I like who I am as a person, and there is nothing wrong in being a good guy. That’s what I always hated about the manosphere. They always said that you didn’t matter, if women didn’t think you mattered. That the ends justified the means, even if who you were as a person made the world a worse place. If my worst “crime” is not being a scumbag, then I will wear that “crime” like a badge of honor.

    • But as I started dating women, I soon realized these values left them feeling contempt and sometimes even disgust for me.

      How did they make this known? Was it in comments, body language, physical actions, or some combination thereof?

      • Tarnished,

        They made it known by not appreciating anything, making snide remarks, or ignoring your offers. Let me give you some examples:

        Let’s say you are at the store, and on your way back, you pass a flower shop. You decide to get a half dozen flowers for her, and think it will make a good surprise. You get back, surprise them, and she says she doesn’t either like the type of flowers you got her, or says she doesn’t like the color. She puts them in a vase, shoves it in the corner, and never gives them fresh water.

        Let’s say she needs help with something, like car problems, or fixing something around the house. You are a man who can get things done, so you offer her help. She makes it very clear “she doesn’t need help from a man, because she is very independent.” She says it in a way like you just insulted her in the worst way possible, when all you were trying to do was help.

        Let’s say you and her go out to eat. As you and her enter the place to eat, you notice a family coming up right behind you, so you hold the door open for the parents and the kids. You are nice to the person who seats you. You are nice to the waitress or waiter, and even leave a generous tip. You act this way whenever you are in public, whether it be at a place to eat, the store, movie theater, etc. As crazy as this may sound, being nice like that turns a lot of women off. I have been called a pussy by multiple women just for being nice to strangers. It’s weird, but that’s what I have experienced.

        • Kevin,

          They sound as though they were raised without any basic manners or empathy for others. That royally sucks that you ended up wasting time on such women. Anyone who can’t appreciate a small kindness here or there obviously doesn’t deserve it. Holding doors for others or offering to provide assistance…even if politely declined…should be praised, not sneered at. I do these things myself, and it would be terrible if these social niceties were mocked by someone I was associated with.

          This may sound weird, but thank you for being gracious towards the wait staff at the restaurants you frequent. I have never worked in the food services myself, but most of my family members either have in the past or still are. Your dates might not have appreciated your politeness and overall demeanor, but it’s very likely that it was noticed by the staff and other patrons who saw your actions. Thanks for putting a little light out into the world.

    • Kevin,

      Thank you for sharing your story. You have pointed out something that I have talked about endlessly. The cost to being attractive to most women is your humanity. You should love those qualities that embody the best in humanity because you are embracing that which makes you more than just a base animal. When you are choosing between being attractive to women or being truly yourself…you are choosing between being a self-aware human being or wild animal. Of course you can’t have it both ways, because in the end you are either human or animal. You can’t be both and don’t fool yourself into believing those evo-psych idiots..they are just “scientific PUA poser’s” who are trying to legitimize something that is as far from science as scientology itself. Embrace who you are and how you are made, because there is something truly remarkable of creature born of free will and that which can rise above its biology. You are more than your biology, and as a result I’m glad that you reached the conclusion to value your integrity higher than listening to your glands. Listen not to women who try to emptily empathize with you while trying to get you back on the plantation. Red pill women are nothing more than Uncle Tom’s trying to get their slaves back on the plantation with cheap talk about “kinder masser’s”. Women’s proclivity to enjoy the animal and the criminal shows that they are just as base as animals and just as corrupt as criminals. Like attracts like. There can be no darkness where there is light. The two are mutually exclusive qualities. Thus, what company can your inner light be with those who have nothing but inner darkness. Depart from women’s company because most of them having nothing positive and profound to share. Rarely have I ever seen a relationship between a man and woman that is productive..it always becomes parasitic in the end. Stay strong, brother.

      -Crimson Viceroy

    • One word: prostitution! If you really want/need sex, it’s the only honest way. The Powers That Be, both on the “right” (represented by the god-fags / religio-tards) and the “left” (represented by most schools of feminism and many Marxists) want you to believe that prostitution is evil, the former because it’s a wicked sin that offends their pretend-friend, the great big ghost in the heavens. The latter because it is “exploitative.” Newsflash: all heterosexual relationships are intrinsically exploitative. [Either you get “nice girls” used/abused by shitbag guys, or nice guys who put the pussy on the pedestal with domineering significant others whipping them around.] The PTB needs more suckers in the game, so they outlaw prostitution.

      Your best bet, visit a country/state where prostitution is legal-but-regulated and hit up a brothel. Your next best bet is escort services, which are legal in most places where actual prostitution is not (on the technicality that you don’t pay for sexual services, you pay for their time, for them to follow you around, hence “escorts”). Only trouble is, escort services, while far safer than street prostitutes, are not always quite as safe as a state-regulated brothels.

      Granted, my proposal might not do much for your self-respect, but still better than becoming a phony sleazebag for the sake of what is essentially a stinky hole.

      • Granted, my proposal might not do much for your self-respect, but still better than becoming a phony sleazebag for the sake of what is essentially a stinky hole.

        If that’s how you view female genitals, why would you want to have sex anyway?

        • No offense, but being completely objective, how better to describe it? I can assure you I would not take any offense if you described male genitals in equivalent terms. Actually, human genitalia in general are kind of nasty when you think about it. The only reason why I don’t think of animal genitals as being quite as disgusting [no, I have no sexual interest in animals!] is because, they’re just there, whereas human privates, are kept private for a reason, I presume.

          Fundamentally, the only real reason why any man would *want* to have sex is because such desire is an incidental byproduct of evolution. And frankly, I have little interest in sex. I would rather eat decent food or get drunk or something…

        • I wouldn’t though. I think the male genitals are beautiful and amazing, same as I think of my own. I even wrote a post about this topic when I still blogged.


          As for female ones, I’ve only had direct experience with my own, but I think it’s lovely to behold. They are soft, and warm, and pink, with small “petals” and a “bud” like an exotic flower. And yes, there’s a scent, but everyone has their own (men too), and it is delicate never overpowering and certainly never stinky.

          We likely don’t pay much attention to animal genitals because they aren’t “made” for us to desire. Other species have very different pheromones and looks…Dogs and birds don’t find us attractive either, I’d bet.

          If you don’t have any interest in sex, that’s absolutely fine. Whether you’re naturally asexual or it happened over time, it is good that you recognize this and aren’t trying to change just because society/women think you should. Screw them. If you prefer to enjoy more culinary delights…hey, whatever floats your boat!

          Thank you for clarifying, btw. I appreciate it.

  4. Just think “alpha males” like Forney and Futrelle buy two weeks worth of groceries but it dissappears in one evening-magic. Then because of the bean dip for all the nacho’s they ate-yup vibrations-or is that flatulence…

  5. If womyn have majick powers, how come they constantly hook up with violent “men” like Hugo Schwyzer and Warmachine? What is the snake oil sales womyn’s answer there???

      • “Women may react to charismatic, bad-boy men in much the way men react to bad-girl women, even if they’re not nearly the same sexual pushovers. Multiple studies have shown the seductive power of what’s evocatively known as the Dark Triad of personality traits: narcissism, impulsive thrill-seeking, and Machiavellianism—or exploitativeness. Men who score high in any of these traits—to say nothing of those who score high on all of them, which some do—also tend to exceed other men in number of sexual encounters in any given week, month or year. ”


        Dark Triad guys get most the pussy…

        if that was the end of the story, that would be one thing, but that isn’t. Society and womyn demand that low status men bail them out from their bad choices. Hence the “Nice guy” thing and why men really going their own way is a threat. Under no circumstances will I risk my safety for a womyn who wouldn’t give me the time of day.
        hences pieces of shit like Hugo Schwyzer berating low status men and such when he was a sexually successful man who abused womyn. That is the whole hypocrisy of the situation and of feminism/traditionalism.

        • I think the only way that could happen is that if sex became so easily attainable for the average low status man that womyn have absolutely NO power over them.

        • You’re probably right. Sadly, it will likely be at least another decade before we reach that level of transport technology, not to mention the need for stasis/life extension advancements.

        • haha, that’s for rich guys. Politically I am for the legalization of prostitution because it would likely also mean legalization of drugs. But personally I think prostitution is women exploiting lonely men that they wouldn’t even give the time too. I think what really needs to happen is sex becomes as easily available as food-in fact someone who “gorges” would be looked down upon as undisciplned. This would happen by technology getting to the point that artificial wombs existed, STD’s were a non issue and both men and women had total reproductive control. Women wouldn’t be slut shamed and men wouldn’t be virgin shamed. It would be no less shameful to have sex with a realistic robot then another living person. If someone wanted a 100+ partners, then they could go visit a sex club-it wouldn’t be for decadent rich people. This is the stuff of sci-fi fantasy but at least some of it will exist in our lifetimes and it scares the shit out of traditionalists/feminists…

        • If we could get rid of STDs, that in itself would be amazing. It’d change life as we currently know it. Coupled with the creation of the male bc pill alongside a better/longer lasting hormone bc for women…wow. Heck, even if this doesn’t happen anytime soon, our future sexual outlets are going to undergo a drastic transformation regardless when VR/AI gets to it’s inevitable point.

        • yes VR/AI might be the game changer rather than sex bots. Remember, even 10 years ago people used to go to shops to buy porn, but now it is all internet and it seems less stigmatized each year. If you walked into a shop you wouldn’t want to run into someone you know. Now if someone goes into a shop they are likely buying toys to use with a partner or lube/condoms as much as porn so if you ran into someone you knew, it’s more like, hey I’m sexually active too…

        • This is definitely true. I’ve seen customers of mine when perusing my local shop, and unless they’re jackasses, neither of us bats an eye. It’s no more weird than seeing someone at the grocery.

        • I’ll actually go as far as to say that I am discriminated against. There is less stigma being a pornography user than a drug user in this day and age. Even many feminists brag about their porn use. However, the stereotype is drug users are violent slobs with unchecked mental health issues. But there are many who can use illegal drugs responsibly. In fact psilocybin can reduce depression-but I am going on a tangent here…

        • The ones I worry about are those who can’t use them responsibly, and end up hurting themselves or others. You already know I’m against illegal drug use for myself, but I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own home, so long as their activities have no negative reactions.

        • The only thing I worry about for the future is if the act of sexual intimacy will be cheapened. It seems like for some men and women it already is, given the stories of uber-casual “just met you 30 minutes ago” sex that float around online.
          Would the availability of food-like sex necessarily have to mean it becomes no more intimate that grabbing a Big Mac?

        • actually, the act of intimacy being cheapened can be a very good thing. If feminists really cared about womyn rather than controlling men, it could be good because no two people would stay together in an abusive relationshit just because they needed sex. Also something I can’t explain to the libertarian tough guy MGTOW’s is that the only way men will be needed again is if back breaking labor becomes high paying again. Just look, in the 70 maybe early 80’s, black men on average earned more money than white womyn. That was because manufacturing jobs were plentiful….

        • I suppose that’s an up side to it, Stoner.

          Thinking on it more, even if the changes we’re talking about do eventually occur, that doesn’t mean sex for an individual has to be cheapened. Every Joe Schmoe and Suzy Smith out there can think of sex as no more intimate than a handshake if they want, but that won’t change *my* views on it as a deeply personal connection and physical showing of love. So long as we get rid of virgin shaming and low-N shaming simultaneously, it might just work.

          Perhaps this would lead to two different camps: One that views sex as purely physical/release centered and one that views it as semi-spiritual/love centered.

        • It would probably be a spectrum. If someone wanted to be a lifelong virgin, no one would care and they could still reproduce non-sexually. If someone wanted 1000 partners, they could easily have that and there would be no achievement or status involved. Obviously most would choose middle grounds.

        • I think it was linked to a study where narcissistic/dark triad women were better at making themselves appear attractive. See my other comment about jodi Arias. I actually think an inexperienced man would be more easily manipulated by a broad like this, however, I may be wrong as there was that exec who was left to die of a heroin od by a prostitute…

        • The situation can start reversing. PERMANENTLY repealing the 19th amendment would be a start. Any arguments against repealing such an UNCONSTITUTIONAL act just shows institutionalized pussy worship.

        • It is harder to take rights away than to grant new ones. It would be easier to give men more freedom-ie abolish selective service, end the protector/provider role. If the past of feminism was to grant women economic freedom and reproductive freedom, then perhaps men’s rights should seek to increase sexual freedom and things that lead to better life outcomes for men-ie lower suicide rates…

    • Not entirely. Under the guise of “national security” plenty of our rights have been “suspended” or receded in order to address growing “threats to our national security” and enact “countermeasures to ensure the defense of the common good”. Far easier it is to take rights away than to relinquish them. How easy was it for the last set of presidents to enact legislation that took away our rights and continue to do so in the name of political correctness, security, or just for the hell of it? How long were there debates in Congress before equal rights were granted to racial minorities during the true Civil Rights era (not the pathetic and selfish indulgence we see today)? I would reckon to say that if Congress had the balls, they could spin it to systematically curb if not repeal entire legislation from the Constitution. The 19th amendment is an abomination and the ONLY reason why it still lingers around is that men continue to pander to women, rather than adhering to values that allow them to rise out of being horny animals. Sure there are a “few” women who would do our Republic a credit in voting, but they are the tiniest of minority in the population. The majority cannot always bend over backwards to the minority…look at what is happening now. Egalitarianism between the sexes has led to nothing more than a wider gap in male-female relations, not to mention involving us in a whole host of global armed affairs costing us lives, money and who the hell knows what else. What exactly have the grand majority of women done with economic freedom…they are still parasitic and demonstrate that they are not self-functioning adults. What have they done with reproductive freedom..used it as a whip and chain to enslave men to financial serfdom. We have given rise to a nation of bastards and criminals as a result. In order to ensure the TRUE security of our nation, the 19th amendment has to go…carte-blanc, no concessions and no retractions.

      I never said it was going to be remotely easy of a solution or simple, but it is the only true effective measure to BEGIN addressing this systematic, growing, and monolithic problem that we face.

    • if you have dark triad traits it will…

      (of course as a low status man, the womyn who shows interest in you may likely be a sociaopath-that’s something you you can’t explain to the incel dudes. It’s better to live another day than nail a broad like Jodi Arias-even though I bet she’s better in the sack or at least was at the peak of her powers than a prosititue that charges a thousand bucks.)

    • Well there is, in a twisted sense, truth to the statement “just be yourself and it will all work out”. It did for me. I worked out my own internal conflicts about a potential mate and found that I valued myself way the hell more for how God created me than spinning my wheels looking for a partner. (That’s where I stand and I’m not going to answer counterarguments that are going to want to derail the conversation into a religious debate. If you don’t agree with me, then that’s fine. Say so or not, but you won’t rile me into a debate about it). I was myself, and based on how I was treated, I came to the conclusion that I was dealing with a broke market that no longer valued that which still holds eternal and noble worth nor celebrates and embraces our humanity over animality. Thus, I found new acceptance in living a life with true meaning..one that gives me true grace and love (through MGTOW) instead of disgrace and hate (Game).

  6. In the 90’s there was a student, Mark Kilroy, who sold his life and soul to the devil, unknowingly, for sex. A woman during Spring Break in South Padre Island seduced him and he was kidnapped across the border and killed in a ritual fashion in a satanic cult. He was one of several people killed and the main cult leaders were arrested. All occult stories remind me of this case.

    I know, kinda messed up story, but unfortunately I knew his family, and they were sweet people that didn’t deserve this end to their son and brother. Therefore, you never know what can happen if a woman wants to seduce you…

    • That sucks! Why couldn’t he at least been fortunate enough to be seduced into the Cult of Cthulhu…

      Ia Cthulhu! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! Ia Cthulhu…

      …or maybe that of Dagon. Then, if he’s really lucky, he can transmogrify into a Deep One and terrify the puny humans on the surface!

    • What a jackass. Who could take Dr. Nerdlove seriously?

      I refer to the story a couple years ago about Braxton Wood, 14 years old at the time. He ran off with his 13 year old girlfriend Jayden for a few days so they could have privacy for fucking. Braxton didn’t have to do any of the nonsense offered as dating advice – he didn’t have to “develop” himself, he didn’t have to lift weights, he didn’t have to learn how to dance, he didn’t need to cultivate a positive attitude, he didn’t need to learn pickup techniques, none of that stuff.

      Instead Braxton in his given, youthful state had the natural ability to attract girls who wanted to put out for him. And not only Jayden; she just got to the head of the line. By now Braxton must have several additional notches.

      For some reason these clueless dating coaches and sex educators don’t want to talk about the existence of the Braxtons in the world, how girls want to have their early experiences with these kinds of cool boys while we nerds have to wait in the Reserves, and how this process results in girls who have lost the ability to feel sexual attraction for and fall in love with men who don’t rise up to the standard set by the Braxtons they put out for starting in middle school.

      • Nerdlove is like the “libertarian” who runs a boiler room and cheats his employees out of their commissions as he gives speeches about “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps.”

        He gives the weak false hope to win approval of the powerful and anyone who questions him with empirical proof is shouted down…

        it’s more fake it to make it bullshit to win the approval of womyn all while shitting on low status men. It’s full on shaming white feather style.

  7. I scored a big hit on Dr. Nerdlove’s site this morning, in response to this nonsensical post by a woman who whined about not losing her virginity until she turned 26:

    Guest Post: I Was A 26-Year Old Virgin


    Look for the post by one of my other online identities, redneckcryonicist. Over 70 downvotes so far! I must have hit a sore spot, because people would just shrug off my writings if I just sounded like a crackpot instead of coming uncomfortably close to truths people want to deny.

    • By going there, you did the equivalent of trying to explain calculus to a monkey. The monkey will never get it and just fling poop at you.

      I liked how you pointed out that going to a hooker doesn’t work. That’s something that needs to be addressed more.

      • Over 90 downvotes as of this morning. I consider that validation for what I had to say.

        Prostitution also hides the real extent of the male sexual eviction trend. How many men have had to get their sexual experiences exclusively with prostitutes because regular women won’t date them? These men lose their virginity, but they don’t really join the ranks of the men sexually accepted by women because they had to cheat to get their sexual experience. I would like to see some studies about that.

        • @Tarnished:

          Like the ones you can find abstracts for on PubMed.

          As I have pointed out elsewhere, sexologists show little curiosity about the growing numbers of adult male virgins. I have only found a couple of studies, and they both indicate the degree of ignorance about the phenomenon. I would call this willful ignorance because sexologists have a political agenda which acts against the interests of regular guys. You can find all kinds of research into what gay men do, largely in response to the AIDS epidemic a generation ago. This has also happened because gay men have organized politically to get what they want, namely, to “normalize” their really dysfunctional behavior. As a result we have this absurd situation where gay men have become the cool kids girls want to hang with for nonsexual friendships, while the male virgins with normal desires have become the freaks, weirdos and expendable mistakes of nature, just about the opposite of what everyone believed 50 years ago. I have lived long enough to witness this inversion of values.


          Who is the 40-year-old virgin and where did he/she come from? Data from the National Survey of Family Growth.


          Prevalence and predictors of sexual inexperience in adulthood.


        • Thanks for the response.

          The only study I’ve ever reliably found that attempted to give a fair look at this topic was the one done in the 1980s by Brian Gilmartin. Technically it was about love shyness, but it obviously has far reaching implications for incels in general. Other than that, it seems there’s a severe lack of studies or even basic knowledge gathering in regards to involuntary celibacy, which is disturbing given the amount of men that experience it.

        • I’ve read parts of Gilmartin’s book. He says some things that don’t match up with my situation. For example, he says that love-shys often don’t have many female relatives, and he suspects that this deprives them of learning how to interact with girls.

          I grew up with a sister and I spent plenty of time with grandmothers, aunts and female cousins. In addition to that I knew neighbors’ girls and I went to coed public schools. So I had plenty of exposure to girls in my formative years. Why do I have such poor skills for relating with women as an adult, despite all this experience?

        • Gilmartin’s book has a lot of problems. It was written pre-internet & pre-cell phone so it talks about love shys not having phones which doesn’t map on to the modern world. There’s also a chapter about astrology which is completely out of place to put it nicely.

        • Yeah, that section was pretty surprising to read. It’d be far better if he’d stuck to actual data instead of superstitions.

        • I don’t know why this would be, or what Gilmartin would say about it. That you’re an outlier, most likely.

          What part of relating to them do you have difficulty with? The actual communication part, or more to do with body language? My troubles with speaking to women (not nearly as important as that of the men here, since I’m not a lesbian) involve both.

          I frequently misread their body language since so much of it isn’t natural and I can’t understand their doublespeak quick enough to adequately respond to it. This makes me anxious and nervous, which leads to me coming off as unknowledgeable and socially awkward. Being INTJ, and therefore more prone to blunt/honest discussion doesn’t help either.

          Is any of this similar to your own situation?

        • @Tarnished:

          I can tell you what happened, or failed to happen. I don’t know if I can say “why,” however.

          I have felt attracted to girls since puberty. I have gone on a few dates. I got to neck with a woman around the time I turned 30. But I have only had one opportunity for a sexual experience in my life, back in 1994, in my early 30’s, with a second woman. And I happened to meet her under unusual circumstances (long story); if I had met her in a more ordinary way, I doubt that she would have wanted to go to bed with me. However I couldn’t get an erection with her in this situation; and I had a bad experience with her for other reasons.

          Well, duh. Men didn’t evolve for become sexually active in their 30’s without prior experience to calibrate the equipment. This woman’s prior sexual experience probably didn’t help. I didn’t understand this at the time, but I really dislike the idea of becoming a woman’s nth choice for a sex partner after she got her early training with the cool boys, and she looks to me as Mr. He’ll Have to Do from the Reserves.

          In 1997 I saw a sex therapist in California I happened to know in another context. I talked to him about my situation, and he tried to sell me on “treatment” with a sex surrogate. I couldn’t afford it, and I also could see that a surrogate wouldn’t teach me how to get into sexual relationships. Calling a prostitute a “surrogate” doesn’t make her handling of you any less gross and unsettling. Needless to say, I share Black Pill’s skepticism about the field of “sex therapy.”

          I could just never turn the damn corner, in other words. Since I have become aware of how many guys have had experiences like mine, I can see that something bigger than the individual’s circumstances probably accounts for the trend towards male sexual exclusion.

          BTW, the second woman I mentioned above hasn’t left my life. I could still conceivably run into her in the organization/social movement we both belong to. She has reached her 50’s and she has really porked out, so I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything. I would find it really awkward to cross paths with the only woman who has seen me naked and witnessed my inability to function sexually.

        • However I couldn’t get an erection with her in this situation; and I had a bad experience with her for other reasons.

          Guess that is part of the long story? I won’t ask why you were having potential sex with her then, but why was your lack of immediate erection an issue? Surely by her age she understood that it’s not a purely automatic response, and things like nervousness, anxiety, mental frustration, diabetes, and blood pressure medication can all have an effect on this. The best thing to do in such a situation would be to do something that doesn’t require an erection (to her) or to give a massage to help promote relaxation/healthy blood flow (to you). Judging by how “awesome” she sounds, I’m going out on a limb and say neither occurred though…

          Well, duh. Men didn’t evolve for become sexually active in their 30’s without prior experience to calibrate the equipment.

          This is true, but if it works fine during “solo missions”, then wouldn’t you know some of what your…I don’t know what the proper word would be…boundaries, maybe..are? My apologies if this sounds crass or uneducated. I don’t know what a man’s first time is like. I’ll have to ask my friend.

          This woman’s prior sexual experience probably didn’t help. I didn’t understand this at the time, but I really dislike the idea of becoming a woman’s nth choice for a sex partner after she got her early training with the cool boys, and she looks to me as Mr. He’ll Have to Do from the Reserves.

          That’s a very valid viewpoint, and likely didn’t help your self-esteem whatsoever. Did she actually tell you her N? It wouldn’t be surprising if she did…supposedly it’s a typical conversation to have before sex, at least according to some guys…but that is rather tacky and mean.

        • “he says that love-shys often don’t have many female relatives, and he suspects that this deprives them of learning how to interact with girls”

          That’s kind of silly. You don’t treat women you want to date like you’d treat a sister or aunt.

    • Yep, I’d vote for ‘pearls before swine’ too.

      On the plus side, it did expose a certain hypocrisy in their position. Mentioning welfare set them off on a whole tangent about how poor people were super awesome, they’re just hapless victims of the system and mean old conservatives Just. Don’t. Get. It….

      …Before going back to using the self-same arguments to explain why the *sexually* poor are scum whose problems are all self-inflicted and they deserve nothing.

      Apparently, the free market is a cruel and terrible thing in the economic world, but totally fair and benign when it comes to the sexual marketplace.

      Who knew?

      In fact, it’s even worse than that. The evil old Republican who tells the homeless guy to ‘get a job ‘ is at least acknowledging that the guy could, potentially, work his way up from the street. That’s still less evil than the vision of a permanent sexual underclass that should just accept their place as Untouchables.

      • And Republicans respect people who manage to pull themselves up from the gutter through their own efforts.

        • Even though Republicans are whores, just like Democrats, no better and no worse. To me “politician” and “whore” are synonymous, except I would personally take a little more offense at being called a politician than being called a whore.

  8. The atheist and feminist bloggers (Hemant Mehta and David Futrelle come to mind) REALLY don’t want to talk about the male virginity crisis in Japan, which I think sheds light on the similar trend in the U.S. and other Western countries. Japan has a funny way of living “20 minutes into the future,” and male sexual eviction has gotten so bad there, causing a demographic collapse, that sexologists in that country simply can’t ignore it any more.

    One, if we heard about studies that a quarter of unmarried men in their 30’s in some traditional country like Egypt had no sexual experience, these bloggers would chortle about the backwardness and superstition of the place. But you can’t do that about developed, secular Japan. Even if Japanese religions played a role, ironically they promote a more positive view of male sexuality than Western religions. So that leaves secular causes for mass male virginity.

    Two, the male virginity crisis in Japan makes our suspicions about a similar crisis in the West sound more plausible, given how developed countries have tended to converge on similar ways of life. Again, we need our sexologists to look into this situation instead of blowing it off because they find perverts more interesting. But the usual suspect bloggers don’t want to give our conjectures any credibility.

    And three, these bloggers don’t want to call these Japanese men losers because their numbers have gotten too large to make that stick. Many of these men in the stories I have read have college educations and good jobs, for example as architects. Japanese male virgins also, ironically, have some protection from criticism in the social justice world view as nonwhite people.

    No, ignore Japanese male virgins, despite their status as miners’ canaries, and just mock similar white male virgins closer to home.

    • That sucks for Japan, but maybe in a couple decades, the Japanese people will become cyborgs… There is a bright side! Food for thought. If the Singularity ever does happen, Japan will be the first nation to reach it.

      I dream putting my brain in a robot body. I would further develop my mind so that, well… imagine a brain like that of Dr. Spock (Star Trek), Dr. Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters), or Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory), not only in terms of intelligence/intellect, but overall psychology, in a cyborg body with the outward appearance of Dolph Lundgren or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. That’s my ideal future! Will I ever get to experience that? PROBABLY not… A guy can dream, though!

    • From a demographic POV, Japan could solve its crisis by instituting formal polygyny. Yes, only sumotori, yakuza, and rich business men would get women pregnant, changing the genetic make-up of Japan, but at least babies will be born.

      If it is about getting Japanese men getting laid, what about raiding Indonesia and/or the Philippines? (depending on who you hate more, Muslims or conservative Catholics).

      If it is about the structure of the Japanese demography, too many elderly, too few young people, and I suspect that is the REAL issue, then mass euthanasia is the very best solution.

      Or simply flip the script. As long as feminists state that men are not entitled to sex (which we have to agree on or otherwise rape (including raiding) would become morally acceptable), then women are not entitled to commitment. Attractive men who break hearts by leaving women after sex instead of having relationships with them, have every right to do so. As we take the side of attractive men in this case, we cannot be shamed as losers.

  9. P.S. This is slightly off-topic, but I am curious why anyone as intelligent and aware as The Black Pill would have a link to SlutHate. If I recall correctly, that is just the regrouped PUAHate. For real?

    How best to describe PUAHate/SlutHate:

    * take the bigotry / racism of Stormfront, Vanguard News Network, or any White Trashionalist (neo-Nazi) shithole

    * take the mental retardation / overall stupidity of Yahoo Answers

    * take everything wrong with the manuresphere (SlutHate almost makes freakshows like Roosh and his fellow travelers on Return of Queens seem not so bad)

    * for good measure sprinkle in the general stupidity, ignorance, and bigotry coming out of the degenerates on 4Chan and its clones or YouTube comments

    Stir it up in one big pot and you get PUA/SlutHate. Not saying they’re necessarily as bad as any of the above in any one area, i.e. as racist as Stormfront or VNN, or as mentally defective as YahooAnswers, but they got a little bit of all those flaws. I think the real reason why SlutHate is not as bad in any one of those areas is because it is not as well known as YouTube, Yahoo Answers, or even 4Chan or some infamous white supremacist shithole.

    The dunces on SlutHate must be so “redpill” that they came back around. They are even more “bluepill” then the mainstream. That is how deluded those cretins are.

    Matter of fact PUAHate was, and SlutHate is, actually worse than the actual PUA/Game community. At least PUA’s can be called “honest crooks.” The idiots on SlutHate should know better but they still regurgitate the tired memes of the PUA/Game Community and the Manuresphere generally. The truth is, they are all failed pickup artists who think they’re so “redpill” or “blackpill.” I am pretty sure that I regularly lay turds with more intelligence and character than the average denizen of SlutHate.

    To add the final insult and injury:


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