Who Needs Feminists When You Have MRAs Like These?

JudgyBitch ran an article written by former AVFM news director Ty Henry declaring Bill Cosby to be guilty.  This was an article that was rejected by AVFM.  It has the usual lie that since the women VOLUNTARILY took drugs that Cosby gave them, he raped them.

After saying he conferred quaaludes to women to have sex, I can reasonably infer that he did not answer the question as to whether the women consented to the drugs because he was guilty. Indeed, that’s because his attorneys instructed him not to answer. Of course, that begs the question, why would he be instructed not to answer in a proceeding all go into knowing testimony will likely be sealed?

Which is why, had I heard him make the same statements in a criminal trial, I would vote “guilty.”

There is many reasons that Cosby’s lawyers would not want him to answer that question.  No one has even accused Cosby of shoving drugs down these women’s throats so it was all voluntary.  We know this so the real question is why would an alleged female MRA run an article that AVFM rejected.  In fact, let’s look at what Paul Elam had to say about why this article was rejected by AVFM.

Sorry for using the comments for this but I think it is important that all those participating in this discussion be aware of something going on here.

The piece that Ty Henry submitted to AVFM, and which was rejected, is not the same piece that he submitted to JudgyBitch.com. So any notion that you just read what AVFM rejected is untrue.

His original piece included the term “Bill Cosby is a serial rapist,..” a flat declaration of guilt. That was the precise reason why the piece was rejected. He was also offered the opportunity to retool the piece, sans the declaration of guilt, which we would have been more likely to run.

Mr. Henry is well aware of this, as I personally informed him of such.

This posting amounts to a bait and switch on the readers, one that I do not attribute to the blog owner, but do suspect that it was very much intentional on the part of Mr. Henry. It also serves as validation as to why Mr. Henry was terminated as AVFM’s news director. To allow this piece to run as seen above, while knowing it was not the same piece AVFM rejected, paints a picture of someone clearly outside the requirements we have at AVFM for journalistic ethics.

First, we have a bait and switch going on here.  Second, while the revised article may not include the term, “serial rapist”, it still declares him guilty on the basis of lies as can be seen from the first excerpt above.  I don’t know if JudgyBitch knew this was a bait and switch, but it almost doesn’t matter.  She should have known better than to run an article declaring Bill Cosby guilty if she really was a female MRA.  Ty Henry should know better too.

With MRAs like these who needs feminists?


11 thoughts on “Who Needs Feminists When You Have MRAs Like These?

  1. whenever I see someone claim to be an “egalitarian” or “for equality” I immediately consider them a stealth feminist or stealth misandrist.

    • Nerdlove has blocked me from posting there.

      Frankly I don’t think I wrote anything unreasonable. Our ancestors had good reasons for keeping young women from acting on their emotional immaturity and bad judgment when they shamed sluts, shunned bastard kids and made their daughters marry as virgins.

      The whole Braxton and Jayden story from a couple years back shows the truth about human mating: Fourteen year old Braxton did absolutely NONE of the things our elders and our alleged “game” experts tell us about becoming sexually attractive. He didn’t have any money; he didn’t look athletic or muscular in the photos I’ve seen; he probably didn’t have to learn how to dance; he didn’t have to “develop” himself; and he didn’t have to learn pickup techniques.

      Yet Braxton in his given, youthful state naturally attracted girls. And more than just Jayden, I would imagine; she just got to the head of the line. Braxton turns 16 this year, so he probably has a driver’s license and the freedom to get a whole lot more sexual experience because Jayden “pre-qualified” him in the eyes of the other girls he knows.

  2. More evidence that “game” doesn’t work:


    “The fact is that guys who get really into game, simply by sheer dint of the numbers of women they are approaching, probably experience more rejections than most regular men do in a lifetime.”

    This brute-force trolling of women with a low success rate shows that these guys have no clue how to pick up women that works better than chance.

  3. @ advanced atheist

    You have no idea how much I would like to see a pic of Troy Francis. I bet he looks a lot like Forney 😛

    On another note…..WTF is with AVfM? Is Paul Elam hopping in bed with Roosh or something?


    I not familiar with AVfM but the fact they back Roosh no matter what says a lot about them. Is Paul Elam about to join the ROK writing staff? If Roosh is threatening to assault women, or anyone for that matter, kick this parasite the fuck out of Canada. I wonder if the woman even is a feminist? It seems like any women that sees him for the loser he is is a feminist in his eyes. The guy is a fucking joke!

    Also, I can’t believe this was said in that article,

    “Far from creating another Elliot Rodger─the murderer who joined a forum dedicated to hating pick-up artists and their ideas─Roosh’s speech, books, and website may prevent one.

    Roosh does life-saving work.”

    Bullshit! ROK is creating the next Elliot Rodger. That site is toxic for young men.

    • Something about the author’s profile jumped out at me – no, not just his ethnicity. A black man with a Ph.D. in mathematics can write his own ticket for a tenure-track position at just about any university’s math department desperate to fulfill “diversity” requirements. I know about this because I attended graduate math school briefly circa 1990, and I saw how women and minorities received preferential treatment. That contributed to my decision at the time to give up mathematics and write off my college education as a waste.

      Yet this guy goes around “visiting” math departments, as if he lacks something that would make a math department willing to offer him whatever he wants if he would stay there.

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  5. The annoying thing is this.

    Even if someone male was guilty of rape, why the fuck is a MRA wasting time talking about it? He should be talking about issues that affect men, not repeating the same points the mainstream media banging on about.

    I do not give a shit if a man rapes a woman or not, not my concern as a MGTOW, I will not waste one iota of energy of care and concern on women.

    Any male who gets worked up by the plight of women, is not an MRA, but a mangina crypto feminist.

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