21 comments on “Peak Manuresphere

  1. I will gladly watch it burn. The ‘sphere had one job. ONE job. And it does the exact opposite. Good riddance.

  2. Roosh is of Iranian and Armenian descent, Alex Jones is married to a Jewish woman and the manosphere is basically White Nationalist and also increasingly antisemitic at this point. I suppose it will be swallowed by the like of Andrew Anglin from the “Daily Stormer” and then sink into obscurity. I guess this is also the reason why Tuthmosis doesn’t write at RoK anymore.

    For whatever weird reason the manosphere seemed to be under the impression that they must prove themselves worthy to a bunch of loony conspiracy theorists and far-right fringe groups…

  3. what possible message can roosh put forward to win over gamergate, anyway?

    “gamers, women hate you because you aren’t pure filth. I can’t support you because women don’t favor you. so for my sake, give up your love of video games.”

  4. y’know, as we’ve discussed before..

    I’m getting disillusioned with MGTOW-it’s not “libertarian views” that are the problem per se, it is the dogmatic insistence that those views are correct without question….

    And I think what is happening is so called “red pill” men see that the manuresphere is collapsing and are running towards MGTOW spaces such as sheddingoftheego.com. They are bringing many broken ideas along with them and MGTOW’s aren’t doing much (from my view) to challenge them… That’s if MGTOW’s such as Barbarossa even disagree with them….

    For me this is similar to Feminist Critics where you are not even allowed to question liberal/progressive ideas. It’s simply a dogmatic, authoritan ideology where someone states my world view is right or GTFO…

    It is that authoritarianism that is the problem.

    And I hope AVfM fails and fails quickly alongside Roosh….

      • Yes, but it is not just “game” that is toxic to men…

        I think we will soon have to discuss “libertarian misandry.” Might be different because you are not in the USA but I think allot of this stuff is tying together. We are seeing Matt Forney re-tweet a neo-nazi Andrew Anglin, we are seeing same neo-nazi endorse Roosh. We are seeing people loving Trump, not because he has answers but because he talks the “tough guy talk.” I think it is a matter of time, but when these “men” show their true colors, we will see that they will steal the livelyhoods of other men just as ruthlessly as any feminist or socialist. They will disguise it in”tough guy talk” and “race realism” bullshit-but it’s the same beat low status men we’ve seen forever, just repackaged with John Wayne and Marlborough ciggerettes to look cool. I was hoping that as MGTOW separated from AVfM after seeing the betrayal they were dealt with PigTOW+ that they would also move away from the manuresphere. I have seen Barbarosssa be extremely critical of Roosh/Forney but they still talk about that “Red Pill” bullshit. I can’t call myself a MGTOW in good faith these days. There’s too much clutter that I won’t be linked with.

        • If you just abandon MGTOW aren’t you part of the problem? I have noticed lots of decent guys just quit MGTOW because they are put off by the actions of other men calling themselves MGTOW.

          Men are too reactive and not proactive enough.

          I am drawing a line in the sand, I am going to defend MGTOW and oppose anyone who tries to hijack the idea for their own ends.

          Americans are brainwashed and don’t even use the term socialism properly anyway. They just use the term as a pejorative mindlessly

        • I can Go My Own Way and not be MGTOW, or be a follower to appease “men” who would probably think I am a piece of shit IRL…

          Let’s not make the mistake feminists make-other men do not have my back and in fact hold me in low regard.

          “Americans are brainwashed and don’t even use the term socialism properly anyway. They just use the term as a pejorative mindlessly.”

          Yes, to even suggest that a poor person who works 40 hrs a week should be treated like a human bieng and have health insurance makes me a communist faggot. Yet, if I question someone like Trump’s “benevolence”-I am a cuckservative psychopath. Fuck, I hate it here. Love it or leave it-I wish I could leave…

  5. Lets see if Roosh can flip flop his message. So far we have had PUA, the Red Pill and Neo-Masculinity. What in the world will he come up with next. I see his speaking tour was a bit of a joke.

    • Seems like he’s trying to get in with the antisemites. Not sure if that’s honest tho or just an attempt to “distract” from his background.

    • Given that neomasculinity means Roosh is owned by Alex Jones, the only place Roosh can go from there is David Icke. That means Roosh will start talking about reptilian aliens (that’s David Icke’s thing) and how they’re trying to turn men effeminate. Somehow game can defeat the reptilian alien plan.

      This may sound insane, but it’s not more insane than what comes out of Roosh’s mouth now.

      • Haha, yeah. Or that the reptilians turning men effeminate is actually a good thing because it will result in less competition for the true alphas. Although that would rather be the Roissyite twist then.

        But seems that “neomasculinity” also never took off. It’s basically that one Paul Joseph Watson video and one or two vague blog posts on Return of Kings. Which is not much of a surprise.

        Reminds me – was listening to some Patrice O’Neal podcasts again lately. And although I also disagree with many of his ideas (his sometimes unpolitical angle, that tired “It’s men’s responsibility to ‘train’ women and if something goes wrong it’s always men’s fault”, etc.) but still: he was in a heated debate with some female PuA. And he got very angry after a while, saying, “Why do you write a book about what men have to do and what women, women, women want! Don’t write a book for men! Write a book for woman and tell women what MEN want and what WOMEN should do to be attractive for men!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW9ySaJO4K4

        Which was a very refreshing thing to hear when compared to all that stuff about how you’re supposed to destroy your whole personality in order to receive female approval and “game” feminism with some smirks and Roissyite “heh”s.

        • Funny how that 14 year old boy Braxton Wood a couple years back didn’t have to “destroy” his personality to attract girls, one of whom voluntarily ran away with him for several days so that they could have privacy for fucking.

          Seriously, Braxton didn’t have to do any of the things the PUA’s tell men to do: He didn’t have any money, he didn’t have to “develop” himself, he didn’t look particularly athletic or muscular in the photos I’ve seen, and he certainly didn’t have to learn pickup techniques. In his given, youthful state, even with braces, at least one middle-school girl found him sexually irresistible, and probably a lot more by now because his girlfriend in 2013 pre-approved and validated him in the eyes of other girls.

  6. This video was pretty funny lol

    Not sure how he didn’t see this coming?

    It pisses me off sites like PUAhate (I suppose now Sluthate) get such a bad rap while ROK is the worst of the worst. That site is full of “alpha wannabes” always trying to shame men for not getting laid, or having any hobbies besides women. The irony, though, the writers on ROK aren’t banging shit either.

    The big question I about Roosh is how was he making a stand for men? He’s so fucking useless to men who actually to women, and he’s fucking useless/an embarrassment guys in the men’s rights movement. I thought AVfM was supposedly taking a stand for men? How does a loser like Roosh fit into this? Elam backs him no matter what for some reason.

    • Elam is a bully, Roosh is a bully. They are both low class pieces of shit who’ve done more damage to real men’s rights than feminists ever could. In fact Manbloobz Futrelle is probably thanking his lucky stars that these fucks are such easy targets. (Manbloobz is the feminist Matt Forney-same MO, bully low status men then binge eat at McDonalds.)

  7. Whites are getting an identity in the west, I am sorry that makes you made but it’s an expected response to the anti white narrative being promulgated in western countries.

    Whites may not have a plurality but they will have a shared identity in the near future.

  8. “I can Go My Own Way and not be MGTOW, or be a follower to appease “men” who would probably think I am a piece of shit IRL…

    Let’s not make the mistake feminists make-other men do not have my back and in fact hold me in low regard.”

    Okay but nothing will get done, if men do not act collectively. (I of course will not work with pieces of shit who are anti male.)

    Let me use this example as an analogy.

    I got anarchist leanings but I realize that if we somehow got rid of the state, people would just come along and create another state and rule over everyone else.

    nature abhors a vacuum. Something needs to be put in place of the current system, the problem is human nature always tends to ruin things.

    I think MGTOW has done well in kicking out the anti male scumbags in the past. We are having a bit of trouble due to the rapid growth. I believe in fighting for MGTOW and doing my best to drive anti male scum out of MGTOW.

    libertarianism has some good aims, but it is a co-opted movement. Corporations brain wash people into complaining about welfare, but leave the corporate subsidies alone. lolol

  9. Holy shit is hilarious,


    “I was staying at the apartment of one of my fuckbuddies” As if Fat Forney has more than one fuckbuddy

    Big LOL at this too,

    she hugged me and told me that I was “the only man on Earth who didn’t make [her] want to throw up”

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