20 comments on “Who Needs Feminists When You Have Female Anti-Feminists?

  1. yuppers…

    also, all those M(h)RA/MGTOW’s advocating prostitution…

    I get it, they want to get laid…

    But they are chumps if they think the womyn they are paying respect them. They think the “johns” are pieces of dirt and laugh at them behind their backs….

    also it is transpartent as shit why someone like Judgy Bitch is interested in “men’s right’s”–she wants to keep men as disposable utilities….

    Womyn should not be allowed to boss around low status men at so-called men’s rights sites…

    If Judgy Bitch, GWW and Typhone Blue actually cared about men, they’d go back to being feminists…

    • “If Judgy Bitch, GWW and Typhone Blue actually cared about men, they’d go back to being feminists…”

      let me rephrase that-they already are feminist’s, if they had even the slightest thread of empathy, they’d admit that…

    • Prostitution hides the real extent of male sexual eviction and male virginity in the U.S. Men who have had to get their sexual experiences exclusively from prostitutes because regular women won’t put out for them don’t qualify as virgins any more. But then they really don’t count as regular guys, either. You can’t take alienated sexual experiences with prostitutes and equate them with organic sexual experiences with women who feel attracted to you and who might even like and care about you.

  2. This is very likely true for some (heck, maybe even most) of the women on this Facebook page. Heck, I’ve never joined it because there’s enough comments pointing towards keeping men “fat and happy” in marriages that WaF seems to be more about getting back to a 1950s lifestyle than actually helping to create equality. This “Fair Wind” person is almost certainly a troll though…not necessarily because of the message so much as how it was written. Very few women write anything, much less a Facebook comment, in such a manner.

    My money would be on “Fair Wind” being a male troll.

  3. You’re smarter than this, bp.

    I can find you any number of guys claiming to speak on behalf of all men who claim men are only interested in using, manipulating, and abusing women.

    If a man said that and his post was blocked, women could claim that it’s because men don’t want women to know the truth.

    There are serious problems with women these days but focusing on silly diversions doesn’t help. And ut makes us look stupud.

    • I can find you any number of guys claiming to speak on behalf of all men who claim men are only interested in using, manipulating, and abusing women.

      None of those men said that they were secretly pretending to be feminists like the “women against feminism” were pretending to be anti-feminist. That’s the difference.

  4. men cannot be free until we disregard the opinions of women, even when they pretend to agree with us.

  5. A woman doesn’t even NEED to be a feminist because the whole power structure, because media, education, politics, law, religion and the “zeitgeist” are already feminist and on her side. An “anti-feminist” woman is just a woman who wants others to do the dirty feminist work for her. It’s a good-cop bad-cop strategy.

    The “anti-feminist” feminist smiles and holds a piece of a paper that says she doesn’t need feminism (in most cases they don’t even say that but write “modern” feminism because they believe that there once used to be a good kind of feminism that has just been “stolen” by the “radicals”) and the feminist-feminist makes sure that men (who marry those “anti-feminist” feminists) still don’t have any power. Good-cop, bad-cop: both against you.

    The old Marxists used to say that truth is never abstract but concrete. And now just ask those “anti-feminist” feminists about women’s suffrage, alimony, quotas, women in universities and politics, women as priests, etc. etc.

    Women don’t belong into politics let alone in men’s rights circles. I’m not a PuA or something but I do agree with Roosh and his ilk that’s it outrightly pathetic when men cower at the boots of some butch orator and look up to her with teary eyes, hoping to get patted.

    Same with the far-right. The proper attitude for a woman would be “Politics, oh golly! You have to ask my husband about that!” and not screaming “White pride, white power, race war now!”

    • So only single females should retain their voting rights, or is it more of a One Vote Per Household deal (which might end up doing the same thing).

      • Single females should have no voting rights either. They tend to overwhelming vote for more government intervention, assistance, welfare, etc.

        Women don’t belong in politics, period. You cannot name one positive legal advantage or reform that has been implemented since women received the vote.

        • Shouldn’t more men just vote to help offset this, if that’s the concern though? The US already has one of the lowest rate of votes in a 1st world country to date, and yes…most of those who vote are indeed women. Why don’t men try to have a louder voice in our government? Voting is free, there’s many buildings available for polling or you can even just mail your vote in, and it only happens sporadically so it doesn’t even take up that much time.

          I don’t agree that I should have no voting rights whatsoever for the mere fact I was born with a vagina. That is hardly my “fault”…biologically, it’s my dad’s. I do not vote for government intervention, I’d prefer not to have so much interference in our lives from elitist types who make sure that they have money to roll in every year. Our welfare system is shit, and only seems to serve those who don’t want to work. I pay taxes out of my paycheck to fund things I don’t agree with every week, same as yourself. I’d be even more pissed about this fact if I was also being taxed without political representation…you know, what the original colonies fought for.

  6. Implement the control measures via “The Grand Wurlitzer,” The slaves are getting uppity.

    I could indict a ham sandwich,said YOUR local persecutor with a %99 conviction rate.

    (fuck this)

  7. Having heard the rabid vitriol as a reaction, we all should began to say quite often in public:’Fuck her right in the pussy.”

  8. Look here:

    Roosh Gayming WN’s claiming he is really a white guy with a tan and his HBD paperwork from Steve Sailor (hehe Sailer misspelled) proves it. Overcoming “last minute resistance” as the Roofies kick in. Faces of the not so innocent blocked out so they don’t kill themselves in shame the next day….

  9. This Fair Wind girl is still a hypocrite. When she speaks about all cruel things women does she call that ,,women nature” – implying that it is not a result of women choices (they have no control over it even if they want to).

    But when she speaks about all things men does like simping, white-knighting, and putting women on pedestal in the name of gynocentrysm she say that men PREFER this beautiful lie over painful truth.

    The reality is every social influence possible is designed to train men into simps/white knights from very birtch. Media all lie to them that if they save damsel in distress they will be revarded (99% of fuckin movies go this way. It is not a coincidence), mother that usually do most of the breeding (teaching kid the world), all friends that even amplify all impact medias and parent does + male nature (to take care of women is a natural male nature if we speak of nature here.) and sexual desire. Most men never in their lives even had chance to realize that there might be a possibility to behave differently than white knight or magina.

    MGTOW are just guys that either had very dreadful experience that showed them the truth or very analytical guys that spent years finding truth or both.

    So again – she is just using logic ,,if woman stabs men that is tied with a rope in the back it is his fault because he did not notice, untied himself in a second and dodged”. In other words they will always put blame on men (she just used facts copied from some MGTOW website to make herself look more legit). She was just looking for a way to justify her cruel actions. That is it, so remember


    And feel welcome to join MGTOW

  10. Women do not give their children comfort, that makes things even worse. Women use their children as hostages.

    If women were concerned about their children’s comfort and safety, they wouldn’t become single mother scumbags who neglect their children and drive fathers away.

  11. “The history of feminism is the history of women attempting to excommunicate each other from the High Priestesshood.”
    – Amy Benfer (Salon)

    So there will always be female “anti-feminists”.

    Just as after a century or more of women’s “equality”, “empowerment”, etc., and the Rules of the Titanic are still in force — “Wimminsandchilluns first, and after that it’s every man for himself…” — the existence of female anti-feminists mean nothing.

    Feminism will always boil down to some woman screaming “Why doesn’t some *man* do something?!”.

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