71 comments on “Women Aren’t Responsible For What They Do Because They’re Possessed By Demons?

  1. Considering that women’s sexual freedom has done me no good at all, I have no incentive to support it. If we recriminalized abortion tomorrow and publicly executed women who had abortions, that wouldn’t bother me.

  2. How very convenient for women! They can take over, rule and destroy the world and face no opposition because the stupid boys are rather praying against demons…

    Personally, I’m not totally opposed to abortion, tho. But the problem is, that even the moderate conservative’s three-exceptions rule (rape, incest, life of the mother) is based on the idea that women don’t lie about rape. So if you would enforce such a law there would probably be even more men ruined by false rape accusations…

  3. Boxer makes some decent comments over on Dalrock’s blog. At this point, I wonder if he does it just for the LULZ.

    The lunacy is so bad over there that I haven’t checked that blog in over a year even to check for evidence of mangina nuttiness. Just can’t bring myself to even give them a click.

    As example of their illogical theories:

    While women have no agency over there, it is suggested that men should marry “red pill” women because they “won’t” initiate a divorce. What is a “red pill” woman? Well, a woman that realizes that women divorce because they don’t “bond” with their husband and only use him a utility. A “red pill” woman realizes how useful her husband’s utility is to her needs, of course! While at the same time, women have no agency, and it is MEN who have to make the women into “red pill” women.

    Just nuts.

  4. “Human sacrifice in general – and child sacrifice in particular – are common in pagan cultures. There are exceptions, but they are exceptions. Furthermore, non-ritual infanticide and abortion were common among the Greeks, Romans and most other pagan cultures.”

    Review Leviticus 27:28-29. Review the story of Jepthatah’s daughter in Judges.

    Jehovah demands the sacrifice of “all that openeth the womb”. All firstborn. Now sure, you could purchase your firstborn back from Jehovah by paying a redemption fee. But the ancient jews kept slaves. How many of them do you suppose got bought back? When Jehovah told Abraham to human-sacrifice Isaac, at no point did Abraham reply “What the fucking fuck???”.

    Christianity is the story of a human sacrifice – Jesus. It’s an explicit and inseperable part of the gospel. It’s the core of the story.

    Find me where in the bible infanticide is forbidden. Oh, you’ll go to hell for having sex with a goat, but there’s not a word forbidding drowning unwanted girl-children in the well.

  5. Blaming women’s waywardness on “demons” shows why Christianity makes no sense in the modern world. Christianity will disappear eventually any way, like plenty of other religions. Apparently a big swath of Europe has turned into a “Jesus who?” zone, organically and without any deliberate effort to persecute Christians or suppress the transmission of their beliefs.

    Harper’s magazine ran an article recently about the twilight of the ancient Zoroastrian religion, a faith older than Christianity that at one time had millions of adherents. Christians should read this article and think about what could lie ahead for their faith during its decline in the coming centuries:


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  7. I would like an article looking into the psychology of women in regards to the universal joy and humour they find in male genital mutilation.
    I tested my own mother by making a comment about Lorena Bobbit’s penis cutting festival,and she laughed like crazy.
    I called her on it,and she said she did not know why it was funny to her, it just was.

    %90 of women,including my doctor, will laugh about ball cutting or penis cutting.


    • My female doctor told me to stop being a baby when she was tugging my foreskin too hard.

      And people wonder why some men hate women! lol

      Popular culture is full of men getting theyirsexual organs harmed for comedic effect. Getting kicked in the balls, things jammed up their anus. I have never seen a comedy about a female getting something jump up her vagina.

    • I like your comment, AA. Surprised it didn’t get taken down, but hey…it’s still there, though the one response to it is rather lacking. As for how one “becomes” an adult? I think it has more to do with reaching self-actualization than anything else, but our society tries desperately to make it about other “standard” markers.
      One isn’t an adult just because they had sex, or bought a house, or own a car, or are over 21, or got a driver’s license. It’s about coming to terms with who you are, not how much you’ve catered to the whims of others.

      • Coming to terms with who you are – well said tarnished. Simple words but so difficult to achieve!

        And yet it is the essence of adulthood, maturity, and confidence.

        PUAS object precisely to the idea of self acceptance. They heap scorn on “just being yourself” yet that is the most difficult thing to achieve. Its also the strongest thing you could do.

        They don’t get it.

        Weak, callow youth.

  8. Well the female nature is what it is but don’t forget to blame those who funded the feminism whoever they are bankers, corruption’s experts, organizations with expertise in influence peddling, mad esoterists.

      • I don’t understand your answer.

        I’m completing you analysis by adding things you forgot to mention, why do you insult me? You should learn to argue. Personal attacks are for feminists and blue pill manginas don’t fall to that level.

        • Not holding women responsible for their actions and blaming men instead is the quintessence of being a mangina. And very convenient for women because they can go on with fucking everything up while men are shadow boxing against other (Jewish/rich/Catholic/black…) men instead of forming an opposition.

        • And another remark: I mentions bad people without any precision about their sex and you made the assumption that evil people are necessarily men which is a fully gynocentrist mindset.

        • Well, in your post you blame female nature and those “who funded feminism whoever they are bankers(…)”. Those two things. Female nature is what it is (ie women aren’t responsible for their actions because it’s just their nature) and those people who funded it. That’s why we called you a mangina who doesn’t hold women responsible for their actions.

          As for the men: every single conspiracy theorist I met always thought about the Jews, the Rothschilds, Bilderberger, Jesuits, Freemasons, etc. as men. Jewish men, Jesuit men, Freemason men…

          Maybe you’re the exception, who knows. But you would be that then: the exception.

        • Maybe there is a misunderstanding.

          Female nature is what it is I just another way to say don’t be surprised if female act like female. I never wrote that female should be considered as slave of their nature and not punished when they did something wrong. You had that interpretation.

          For the conspiracy theories I never mentioned any those, you did it.

          I just acknowledge the fact that there are evil men like there are evil women and that it exists some kind alpha thugs, psychopaths and fanatics that are more or less aware of the problem of gynocentrism and deliberately amplificate it because it fit their agenda.

          Those men are criminals and should be hold accountable for their actions.

          If I mentioned bankers it is because today the real power is in the banks, so I expect that all those power-addict go to work in finance where they will easily satisfy there addiction.

        • Plenty of conspiracy theorists have come here and have tried to pull the, “Conspiracy theorist? Who me?” routine so I see no reason to debate you, troll.

        • If you are unable to make the difference between a simple contradictor and a troll you will not go very far.

          If you don’t want to understand that there are evil in both men and women and that we have to see both side of the problem at the same time if we want find a solution (or at least moderate the problem) I don’t know what to tell you except that you will be very very dangerous on the long run.

        • Other points:

          There is also a female freemasonry, you should check your informations.

          And anger phase is toxic, don’t stay in it too long.

  9. Fatt Horney is now claiming his lezzie, feminist, sex pozzie “gurlfreind”/seXXX worker is a narcissist sociopath….

    Rachel Haywire Scammed Trigger Warning’s Donors

    I bet Forney paid her for “companionship” thinking he would get layyyed…. She probably gave him a lame massage and snapped some picks of his bloated, naked whale belly to extort him with….

    this is why you should be distrustful of womyn and manurespherians….

  10. oh, I ain’t gonna link but Forney is vewwy, vewwy mahd…

    must be a cheezeurger shortage, but go to his twitter, it’s all jews this, cuckservatives that…

    he’s gone full neo nazi, I guess all the gay sex with Don-0-van finally converted him to full on nazi….

  11. anyways, it’s pretty funny…

    anyone here would know that some tramp like Rachel Haywire was hustling for money but not Forney…

    There’s some pic where he is hugging her and she looks grossed out. Oh, dem poor opressessedessed sex workers. It’s obvious she was hustling Fatt Matt somehow. But it’s even funnier that he ranted how evillle tatt’d womyn are.

    She’s all tatt’d…

    and even without the tatt’s, she’s still got that “I hate men” look like Girl Writes what.

    So, there is an old phrase-

    “You can’t hustle an honest man.”

    I almost have to say, good job Rachel. Now go assrape Roosh and Hugo Schwyzer, um I mean enthousiastically consent to pentrate them with a strap on.

    • LOL! WTF? I thought this was a guy at first and that was chest hair, but it’s tattoos. She’s nasty! Didn’t Forney write an article about women with short hair being whores, too? Good to see Forney follows his own advice. It’s toss up between him and Roosh as to who is the biggest loser…..

      • hahaha…

        the tatt’s do look like chest hair…

        as far as biggest manuresphere loser, well there is also Aurini, don’t forget everyone’s favorite transhumanist, HBD genderqueer wannabe Anton LeVay.

    • the manuresphere is a scam….

      remeber how the horney badgers raised a bunch of money and spent it on bullshit?

      they haven’t done shit to help men…

      these peices of shit are doing more damage to men’s rights than feminism. and aurini is a genderqueer nazi scamartist.

    • So long as the male partner is likewise inexperienced and isn’t bringing a ton of STDs or immediate-awesome-sex fantasies to the table, it sounds ok. Though I do wonder if the requirement for duty sex goes both ways…If he gets home from a 12 hour shift at work and is back-breakingly tired, but she’s all done up in lingerie waiting for him, he’d have to have duty sex too, even if all he wants is to sleep.

      • “So long as the male partner is likewise inexperienced”

        That would make sense if women and men looked for the same things in the opposite sex. As this blog and many of the male posters will confirm women in general do NOT prefer sexually inexperienced men. In fact, many will go so far as to consider the man severely flawed because it.

        And to answer your response about women’s vote, its simple. Women got the vote since, what? 1923? Since then, they have implemented nothing but laws that harm men, criminalize men, work to transfer men’s wealth to women and erode men’s rights. Your response to this? Essentially, “Well I don’t do that”. You think none of us have heard this shit before? Its the SAME response every woman makes when they’re collectively called on their shit. Women were given the vote, they have done nothing but use it as a way to enact socialism and selfishly benefit themselves at the expense of others. This is true for both married women, single women, lesbians, whatever. They differ in how they agree to do so but in the end it is the same. And so I conclude they must be kept out the law and decision making progress in any significant capacity for the well-being of society.

        At this point from your posts I cannot tell if your disconnect from reality is willful or not.

        • > As this blog and many of the male posters will confirm women in general do NOT prefer sexually inexperienced men. In fact, many will go so far as to consider the man severely flawed because it.

          Notice that this translates over to women’s comfort with having promiscuous gay male friends. Apparently it doesn’t bother “fag hags” that the gay men they confide in may have sucked or butt-fucked dozens of other gays, often strangers they meet in public restrooms, seedy gay clubs or other venues.

        • Speaking of sexually inexperienced men, I have noticed a lot of propaganda lately about the wonders of sex robots and similar transhumanist fantasies. I post critical responses to these stories, when feasible, because I consider the sex robot a horrible idea. These technologies would just amplify the trend towards men’s eviction from having sexual relationships with women and create an even larger population of men who lack the skills for knowing how to deal with women in general, in a society which allows women to do pretty much whatever they want.

          A responsible kind of futurist thinking about human sexuality, which has the interests of most men in mind, would argue for ways to roll back the sexual revolution, keep women from getting premarital sexual experience (which only damages their ability to form stable relationships) and make it easier for ordinary guys to marry sexually innocent women and form families with them.

        • I have no disconnect from reality, and agree that many women would prefer a sexually experienced male as a lifelong mate, if only because it would mean he is likely to be able to give her more satisfaction and not accidentally hurt her in the process of sharing sex for the first time. However, note what I stated: STDs and unrealistic fantasies of immediately-awesome-sex. It would be a crappy foundation for marriage indeed if a virgin wife got clamydia or herpes from her experienced husband. Likewise, it would also be crappy if he was previously with solely non-virgin women who’s bodies were already were used to sex and did not require any patience or “warming up”. These things should be a consideration regardless of if the virgin/less experienced partner is the male or the female.

          As to the vote issue…yes, I’m very well aware that you and everyone here has heard this shit before. I am not trying to break out the tired, old NAWALT argument precisely because I see that a majority of women *are* like that. And yes, I realize that my sex has done this in general.

          But the thing is, you’re not calling me out on my shit, whatever it is. You’re trying to call me out on shit that other people who happen to share a chromosome arrangement with me perpetuate. I can’t control other women any more than you can control other men. I try to talk about misandry, and get mocked for being “brainwashed”. I signed up for the Draft alongside my male friends to show solidarity against a corrupt system that says they’re disposable because they have a penis and get laughed at by our teachers. I financially support the various groups like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Parasmus foundation, and Just Detention International because I believe that veterans need to be cared for…men should have more birth control options…and prison rape is a horrific thing. Hell, there’s a homeless man in my neighborhood that I buy a coffee and breakfast for whenever I see him.

          I do what *I* can to help men. This isn’t a “oh but I’m not like that” argument. This is a “I can only be held responsible for my own actions” argument. Hence, I try to only be responsible for socially beneficial actions, because I’m an adult who owns my shit, whether good or bad, without being asked.

          For what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone should have the right to vote just for being alive and 18, and I don’t believe men should be required to sign up for selective service to redeem this right. We need to create some kind of test to determine if one is actually intelligent and moral enough to gain said right. If that meant only 15% of women and 40% of men get to vote…so be it.

        • >many women would prefer a sexually experienced male as a lifelong mate, if only because it would mean he is likely to be able to give her more satisfaction and not accidentally hurt her in the process of sharing sex for the first time.

          Uh, hello? Sexual inexperience solves itself when you and the fresh man in your life get naked regularly and you two figure out how to calibrate and coordinate your sexual responses. I don’t know why modern women consider this learning process with an inexperienced man such a hassle.

        • Not sure, AA.
          It’s the only reason I could come up with off the top of my head. Others might say it’s due to women only wanting to be with “alphas” that previous women have “validated” by having sex with him, but this reason is a tad confusing. How would anyone know if a guy’s had 0 partners or 20, unless he tells them or is known in her social circle?

        • …but they can see how popular a guy is with women…

          Hi, BP.
          See, this is the part that’s confusing, though it could be due in part to not understanding the environment such observations are made in.

          If a random guy I’ve never seen before walks into my store, I’ve no way of knowing if he’s popular with women. He could be a virgin, he could have had 2 partners, he could have had 9. There’s literally no way to tell. Even if a bunch of female customers (which would be surprising in itself, lol) all seemed to be acquainted with him…that still doesn’t explicitly determine anything. He might simply attend classes with all of them, or know their boyfriends, or happen to be their college Math tutor. Yes, it’s also possible he banged/dated all of them…but again, it’s impossible to know that.

          Is there something else, like subtle body language, looks/glances, phrases, etc that factor into this that aren’t mentioned online? Or is the hypothetical situation above wrong, and one would only be able to tell in a club/bar environment due to social cues of other female patrons present? In other words, what factors go towards the creation of said proxy?

  12. Dear Fellas:

    It’s an honor to have been cited on the Black Pill blog. To quote Eeyore: “thanks for noticing me.”



    • I have noticed your rational commentary on Dalrock and other blogs. It’s refreshing to read someone who isn’t nuts like the rest of the commentors on those blogs. Personally, I don’t know how you can spend so much time dealing with them without ripping your hair out.

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  16. “woman’s sexual freedom” = murdering babies / or keeping them and forcing someone else to pay for it..

    meanwhile, 2700 baby boys were sexually tortured and mutilated today in america. people are circumcised as children to take away their choice and their ability to defend themselves. in the last 2 centuries, the most common excuse given was that it was a punishment and cure for masturbation [moral hygiene]. foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis, removal deteriorates the quality of a man’s sexuality by 70%.. but the physical loss is nothing compared to the mental and emotional damage inflicted by torture. america has 5% of the world’s population and 85% of the serial killers.

    “The circumciser proceeded to amputate the baby’s foreskin without anesthesia using a Gemco clamp. The baby cried vehemently throughout the ninety-minute ordeal. After the surgery, the baby refused to feed. His abdomen became distended and doctors discovered that his stomach had ruptured, requiring emergency abdominal surgery and the insertion of a feeding tube. After twenty-five days in the hospital, the baby was released. This baby had a perfectly normal stomach when he was born, but the trauma, excruciating pain of circumcision, and his prolonged crying caused his stomach to burst and spill its contents into the abdominal cavity”.

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