41 comments on “It’s Not A Numbers Game

  1. Makes one wonder, if not a numbers game, what is it? Pure luck? Being the right guy at the right time? A personality contest? Does it boil down to physical factors like facial attractiveness or pheromones? Perhaps it’s most likely to be a combination thereof…

    • Yes, it is indeed a combination of all the above. It’s not news to anyone that guys with attractive faces, good fashion sense and social skills get laid more easily.

      But there is another factor that resides with the women which actually makes it a “numbers game”: not all women are interested in sex at the moment the guy talks to them. Many are nervous about strange men, who could be crazy or criminal. Some have boyfriends. Some are lesbians. Some have PMS. Some are worried about a project at work. Etc, etc…

      Even a guy who has great social skills and “maxed out” looks can’t expect to sleep with every woman he approaches, because women most often are not receptive to advances. Thus, it’s a “numbers game” to find a woman who even wants to fuck a stranger at all, no matter how “perfect” he is.

      • True. Though most of the men I encounter in daily life are, imo, average to above average in attractiveness, there are few I’d want to just randomly have sex with. I’d want to date before having sex, not have sex then begin dating. ONS is an automatic no.

        But are we talking about random stranger/casual encounters, or actually finding someone to date as a full companion?

  2. And then we have the other numbers game, namely, the number of years people tell us we to have to wait before we get our turn for sexual relationships.

    In my early 20’s I tried to talk to my mother about my problems in finding a girlfriend. She said two things which didn’t help me at all, and from hindsight show that she started to lose respect for me because she could see that I couldn’t attract women:

    1. Ask out the fat and ugly girls because they don’t have boyfriends.

    2. The girl I will eventually meet, the one somehow mysteriously intended for me, was probably about 9 years old then, but I would have to wait for her until some time in my 30’s. (To provide some context, both of my grandfathers and my father married women about 10-12 years younger than them, so Mom just assumed that I would follow the pattern.)

    The first bit of advice really pissed me off at the time. If Mom had said that I should try to date average-looking women at a healthy weight for the experience, then see if I could trade up, I could have accepted that because it showed that she thought I deserved at least decent things in life. What she actually said indicated otherwise.

    And the business about waiting for some mysterious 9 year old girl to mature just illustrates Black Pill’s point about how a lot of dating advice keeps moving the goal posts and stringing us along in the Reserves.

    Mom just didn’t understand that I couldn’t get “experience” with the kinds of women I don’t feel attracted to sexually. And if I couldn’t get experience in my 20’s with women who meet some minimal standard for my sexual functioning, how could I know what to do when I finally meet this implicitly betrothed child a decade later? I wouldn’t have the skills for cultivating a relationship with her.

      • Normally I wouldn’t consider that strange at all. It makes perfect evolutionary sense for parents to want to help their offspring to find mates. It doesn’t follow that a parent will give you competent advice however.

        • Or that they have any clue what the current dating world is like. If one still has both their parents married to their first/only spouse, it’s obvious they haven’t had to deal with the issues of seeking out a mate in…what? At least 15 years, usually longer. The advice that might’ve worked then probably doesn’t work now.

          It’s like someone who’s computer still uses Windows 95 trying to give troubleshooting advice to someone with Windows 10. It’s just not going to go well…

          Though I must admit, the particular advice illustrated above just sounds shitty regardless…

        • Mom’s delusion about a mystical 9 year old girl destined to become my soul mate sounds like something from a bad fantasy story.

          At least if we lived in a society which practices matchmaking and betrothals, it wouldn’t seem at all weird. St. Augustine in his “Confessions” writes that his mother had arranged his betrothal to a girl about that age, and Augustine had to wait until this girl’s menarche before he could marry her. (Augustine also had a mistress on the side who gave him a bastard son, so he already had plenty of sexual experience.) Then Augustine underwent his famous conversion, took a vow of celibacy and called off the betrothal to the girl.

          Which I guess shows that I have read some of the Great Books.

    • Wow, that’s some ridiculous advice right there. And no one can blame you for asking your parents for help; it’s perfectly reasonable to go to them when you’re having a problem.

      • It probably reflects the radically different conditions of my parents’ youth in the 1940’s and 1950’s. My mother was 19 and my father was 31 when they got married in 1958. (I was born in November 1959, so do the math. Grandpa Langley didn’t have stand behind Dad with his shotgun at the altar to make Dad marry his daughter.)

        Mom was a fat, unattractive hillbilly girl who needed dental work, so I suspect she was a virgin. (Right after the wedding, Dad made Mom go to the dentist to get her cavities filled.) Dad was 6’2″ tall and a pharmacist, so by the standards of 1950’s Oklahoma he made a good income. He also looked like the country boy actor Andy Griffith. Dad told me very little about his adult life before he met Mom, and I suspect he just didn’t have much to tell. He might have been a virgin in his early 30’s when he got married. He was drafted into the Army Air Force in 1945, before the Air Force became a separate service, and he was trained as a cryptographer and stationed in a base near Washington, DC. But as far as I know, he didn’t visit prostitutes like many other young service men did in his situation, especially in wartime, away from home for the first time and surrounded by other young men who seek sexual adventures.

        Considering that my mother didn’t have time to live as a single woman, and that my father apparently didn’t have sexual experience as a single man, it makes sense from hindsight that they wouldn’t know what to tell me about finding girlfriends in my critical late teen years into my early 20’s.

  3. What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis


    Apparently mainstream Mormon women (who no longer practice plural marriage) have trouble finding Mormon husbands because many men leave the church.

    And in some fecund Orthodox Jewish communities, where the married women have lots of kids, the math doesn’t work out if you expect women to marry older men. With population growth in these communities, the 19 year old women outnumber the 22 year old men. This leaves the marriageable men in a stronger negotiating position, so they go shopping around for parents willing to offer large dowries for marrying their daughters. (Insert Jewish stereotype here.)

    • Read the article. Another one telling women its not their fault. Ever. At all. That kind of slant makes me question the research, data and the argument. Sigh.

  4. Really brave guy for posting this….

    I hope the pieces of shit at Roosh 5 forum or Manboobz don’t start threatening this guy….

    In fact, he should seriously consider taking the video down-and that’s not cowardice…

  5. Apparently Josh Duggar hired a porn star/prostitute to add to his résumé of sexual experience.

    I find it ironic that Josh, a kind of off-brand christian, has gotten more sex than the male virgin atheists his age.

  6. Here is a bullshit comment from the video.

    “Adrian Dennison 4 days ago
    I can tell it took a lot to make this video. Right on man. I’m sure you will find that special someone one day. Just gotta keep being the nice and positive man you are.”

    Why do people say shit like this? I find it annoying.

    I think the guy is not going to be attractive to women, game will not help him, he will only be able to find a relationship where he gets exploited for resources.

    The guy looks short, he looks passive and meet. (He looks like a nice guy, so that loses him points.)

    It is better to tell all men the truth. So they are not wasting their time chasing after women.

    Also the fact they expect men to keep on chasing is dehumanizing.

    • Yeah, she’s only about 9 years old now and sings “Frozen” songs, but you’ll meet her some day.

      • my soulmate got female infanticided, and matt forney and david futrelle ate her up like she was a bucket of chickenwings…

        now I have to live my life lonely while feminists call me a mysogynist…


  7. https://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/

    The blog glorifies sex work and allows minimum dissent of opinion lol…I point out that the nature of sex work is exploitative in that it feeds on male sex drives and the bitch has the audacity to delete my shit. Furthermore she implies that the work is empowering when by virtue it is completely dependent on a male income stream and the curtain of technological curtains that give the illusion of female independence from men.

    • Also I note on her various posts about circumcision she either says its ‘not a big deal, men should get over it’ or ‘women prefer so its fine’.

      And of course she’s got the whole beta provider thing going. I’d feel sorry for that sucker but it happens so much at this point I’ve grown desensitized to it.

        • When a man’s genitals are mutilated its only called “circumcision” and is simply a fashion statement like cropping hair. But if it happens to a female, that’s different because teh wimmiz and that’s evil; clearly worthy of a tribunal.

          But men? Hell, cut their dicks off and throw them out a window and at worst its comedy.

        • Sadly, that is precisely how many people, especially here in the US, actually view male genital mutilation. Probably because they’ve never seen the absolute horror of a routine circumcision, and because it’s foolishly accepted as “normal”.

          Honestly, I wouldn’t give a damn if an adult male wanted to get snipped, anymore than I care about women who get labiaplasty. It’s their genitals…they can do what they want even though I regard it as frivolous. But to cut the genitals of a little boy or girl? That is sickening.

  8. He’s an oldcel. I’ve seen all manner of guys – manlets, lanklets, chubsters – with hot girls on their arms. All types except men over 30. You can be almost anything but over 30. Best to just give up on dating at that age and stick with hookers.

    • LOL what nonsense.

      Ive had even greater success with women after 30 than before . I was never bad looking but I aged well and look better now than I did in my 20s.More men would be the same situation if they didn’t get married and allow their wives to fatten them up and drain them of their mojo.

      This guy has various problems, you can already see the defeat and desperation in his face and that just drives women away. The cross eyes do not help either. Neither does going on Youtube and revealing how unattractive you really are. Sure he lost the genetic lottery but his personality is just so depressing.

      To his credit, he didn’t fall into the Game garbage. It is usually unappealing guys like these who get into game and then this reinforces a cycle of failure and despair.

      • Yea, nothing says “good genes” quite like surviving well.

        Not too many men are attractive at 17 or 22 like they might be at 35, 40, or more.

        Some lifeforms have ironic sex lives.

      • I look worse in my early 30s than I did in my 20s, but I do much better as well now than in my 20s. I attribute this “better success in 30s” entirely to having finally shed all brainwashing.

        I hear a lot of theories about how guys are supposedly more attractive in their 30s. I think its nonsense. They’re just wiser and more efficient at cutting out BS.

        • To put it more simply. If you had this brain transplanated in your 21 year old self, would you not getter better results? Of course you would.

        • Yes indeed. To the extent that “game” works at all, it is a placebo effect of a “go, get ’em, attitude” to get you out to meet new people.

          By definition, to date new women you have to meet a bunch of new people. If you change up your routine by whatever means, to meet new people you will get laid more to the extent that women choose you as their type. How much more may be a good question but the “game” part is just a placebo effect.

          If you have more money in your late 20’s and 30’s to go to new social places that are more expensive and you can afford to go more often, guess what, you meet new people and voila! Cut out the bullshit in your head and it gets better.

          The irony is that PUA’s replace society’s BS with their own BS so they do go out more but end up adding dumb, pointless actions that screw up their efforts to get out to meet new people.

          (And, yes, I’m well aware that genetic signals are the key to what women will choose in all of these cases).

      • Dr Van Nostrand,

        At least the guy had the guts to show his face in public. Can you say the same?

        Tearing another man down the way you have is frankly a feminine prerogative – not a masculine one.

        Also, American women are hardly worth having success with. They’re arguably the worst women in the world.

  9. It boils down to this, it is this simple. If men knew the true nature of female sexuality it would disgust them.

    So they have to tell less attractive men lies and feed them bullshit platitudes.

  10. Read “how to become an alpha male” by john alexander. It worked for me. I went from 3 dates in my first 34 years of life to 50 dates in a year. I kissed half of them and fucked 3 of them multiple times. The age of the women I dated ranged from 17 to 40. And some of them were very pretty. I am average looking, but I compensated with storytelling. If I could do it, I believe that anyone can. So I believe in “game” as defined in that book. It was a lot of work nonetheless. After getting to know so many women, I believe that feminism is not the cause of the social issues attributed to feminism, but women’s nature. Feminism allowed men to see women’s nature. And there is nothing there since women’s nature is an emotional black hole that has nothing to offer. But if you want to control women’s natural selfishness, you’d need a culture with traditional values that makes them “invest” in men, for example, by her making you a sandwich. Of course, such a culture only creates an illusion of how women are. And thanks to feminism, that illusion is now gone. You can now see the raw nature of women, which never had anything to offer to men. Modern relationships are a barren wasteland. So let’s move on. Let’s go our own ways.

    • Anonymous, here’s a question. Will the book work if we get the free copy on the torrent sites? 😉

      p.s. to everyone here. That’s a bonus tactic for you to kill these pua-shills. Just ask them “will the book work if we get it from a torrent for free?” A shill will either have to give up peddling, or have to invent some weird convoluted story like “oh you see, the copy on the torrents is mising a few key paragraphs that makes all the magic work” or something crazy like that.

      • I’m of course refering to commercial shills. There’s two types of PUA shills.

        A) Those who are part of the money-making pyramid (peddling to make money)… i.e. sent to make comments to get people to buy something.

        B) Then there are the cult-based peddlers. This is a mental disorder where one believes that a cult will start (finally) producing results for him, if he were to simply gather enough co-followers.

        I think that this peddler above is from the first type…

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