70 comments on “Roosh Never Got Laid In Ukraine

  1. Roosh’s presentation of himself in his own videos doesn’t match his claims. He comes across to me as a shy, somewhat nerdy guy who probably spends more time reading than trolling for pickups in foreign countries.

    • Yep, and it’s true of most of the rest of the manuresphere too. And you see it when they talk about health, fitness, and diets too. They act like they have all the answers to that let many of them are fat. That’s another reason they’re not able to get women.

  2. Agreed. His body language and voice inflection comes across as very awkward. I really can’t visualize him being smooth and seductive. The way he got torn to pieces on this show and Dr.Oz shows that he does not have the social dominance he leads his readers to believe.

    • “His body language and voice inflection comes across as very awkward. I really can’t visualize him being smooth and seductive. ”

      You don’t have to be smooth & seductive to get laid. That’s hollywood.

      In fact, that’s part of the scam that both society and pickup artists sell. At best, being smooth only makes women who are on the fence more comfortable…

      In most cases, she either likes you or doesn’t. You can’t “make women attracted” through either smoothness or “game” or “body language” or “a smooth seductive voice”. That’s nonsense.

      If she likes you, she’ll accept a move, even if made akwardly. You can’t judge how much a guy gets laid by body-language.

      I’m a grumpy, introverted, asocial guy who has little ability to “charm” and very little social finesse. I get laid more than 95% of the guys in the circles I move in… simply because I make move on every woman I like… I do it unsmoothly, without charm (i’m not akward, but i’m not fucking “seductive” at all)

      Yes, the top 1% guys I know in those circles… are also charming and charismatic… But I think that’s more a conflation (correlation, not casuation)… guys who are more social/charming just meet more people, and happened to get better with girls earlier due to being more charming.


      Obviously this isn’t to say that Roosh isn’t a failure. Its obvious he is, due to other factors. Being akward on TV is not one of them.

        • Don’t misunderstand my comment, I was no way shape or form commenting about Roosh in particular, more on the general notion.

          I am just annoyed anytime anyone brings up “body language” or “akwardness” as a barometer of sexual worth/ability. Because that’s bullshit that PUAs themselves push. It’s falling into PUA/mainstream dating advice bullshit.

          Of course, in the case of Roosh – him being akward and undominant, is a damning, since (if he’s like most PUAs) he probably brags about being dominant and charismatic and socially cool and what not.

          So for him to be akward and submissive and mumble, is an issue after bragging about “being alpha mega dominant social jedi”.

          But for MEN IN GENERAL? No – you can not judge men’s worth by their akwardness/lack of charisma etc.

        • That’s a good point, Alek. Obviously Roosh a little bitch that doesn’t get any women at all, but being this overly confident, “alpha” guy is a bunch of bullshit. I’ve always found it really weird that people try and emulate the behavior of a gorilla. It’s not normal. I find if you seem too smooth around women they seem be more resistant!

        • Thank you Mitchel, that’s what I was getting at.

          It’s ironic to say “oh, this pua us obviously not getting laid, since he doesn’t look very alpha”. And I see it all the time among anti-puas.

          To say that means you’re buying into PUA’s narrative in the first place.

          That would be like criticizing feminism by accepting the notion of “patriarchy”.

          – “Game” doesn’t exist
          – “being alpha” does not “create attraction”

        • I find if you seem too smooth around women they seem be more resistant!

          It seems to have both disadvantages and advantages. Long ago, when I was akward, but just starting out at making moves, it was actually a lot easier for me to get laid. The girls made it so easy when then noticed my nervousness and akwardness.

          Then the more confident* I got, the more resistance I got (the “oh, you must do this to every girl” response). When I lost the akwardness/nervousness, my ROI dropped like a rock.

          *- now this is in relation to akwardness in making moves.

          I’m still not a confident public speaker, i’m not great at “working a room, and making friends with everyone”. Give me a presentation to make (even a small group, doesn’t have to be TV), I’m akward as hell when presenting to a small group.

          A lot of guys buy into this black&white notion that you’re either the all around “mumbling geek” – or you’re the always charming, always smooth, always confident guy in every context.

          It doesn’t work that way. It’s context specific.

        • A lot of guys buy into this black&white notion that you’re either the all around “mumbling geek” – or you’re the always charming, always smooth, always confident guy in every context.

          And its not just PUAs that sell this fake dichotomy. It’s all of the mainstream. Guys are always painted in stereotypes.

          They’re either james bond, or the 40-year old virgin. In groups of people, men are either the all-around super-akward geek, the jock, or the super-sleek womanizer and charismatic.

          Life is a bit more nuanced than that.

        • I think too that trying to act “alpha” all the time doesn’t seem natural either. It seems to me like being an “alpha”= being a total asshole to everyone you encounter. That’s the problem with these manosphere sites, every move is either “alpha” or “beta.” Guys start trying too hard. “Did I just open the door like an alpha male?”

          I did a couple daytime infields myself and although I thought they were a good idea at the time, I now think they’re creepy/predatory. While watching/listening to one, I thought, “Geez, I’m not very smooth at all.” My voice jumped a couple times and the conversation was kinda boring. I met the girl a couple nights later and she wore a short skirt and couldn’t wait to come back for “another drink.” If it was posted the video on the Rooshforum or some other “alpha wannabe” forum I would be told just how bad my “game” is. As I’m sure Alek would agree, it’s VERY difficult to screw things up with a woman who is ALREADY interested in you and being an “alpha” doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

        • I didn’t say he never gets laid. I said its obvious he’s a failure.

          And I define a failure as using a super-unoptimal strategy with extrely low ROI. If he invests 1000x the effort to bang 2x more girls than the “chodes” he mocks, that makes him a hypocritical failure.

          It’s about effort vs return, or investment vs return. And its his ratio that makes him a failure, especially when he spends his entire time “geek-shaming”, “beta-shaming” etc… ironic since he’s mocking people who have much better ROIs than him (effort vs return).

    • The whole reason I started following his writing and became a member of his forum is that I was that I learned about who he was through one of the hottest women in DC…who was his girlfriend at the time.

      Back in 2003 I was writing for a DC paper and one of my main sources was a female blogger. She kept sending me info about this “Roosh” guy and his DJ partner whose name was Som if I remember correctly. Turned out that was her boyfriend she was promoting.

      When I saw Roosh pop up years later as part of the manosphere, I felt he had some serious cred, because that particular woman was (and is) someone who is pretty picky and elitist. Not only was he dating her, but she went out of her way to hype his career.

      Can’t speak for what happens when he’s in Russia, but I can tell you for a fact he has pulled tail that few other guys — including myself — could pull. And in order to do that, there is no way he could have come off as “awkward” or “shy.” He’d have been eaten alive. The camera shyness you detect is probably just that.

  3. haha, this’ll crack you up…

    some feminist, liberal broad said I was an honorary white boy because I love thrash metal…

    how come none of the manuresphere guys like Roosh V can play metal guitar-because it requires fast 16th notes with a STRAIGHT feel…

      • well, I never had faith in the place anyways. Weren’t those the guys who were obsessed with men having square jaws and needing to be jacked otherwise they would be placed in the pariah class?

        I only watched about 5 minutes of that video, but it was funny when the Russian couch surfer dude said he was a liar and Rooshiepoops said “of course I used a fake name.” Thne the manish looking womyn (or was it a man) said the blonde looked like a prostitute and all the dudes were trying to look at her undies…

      • That’s because sluthate, is for FAILED PICK-UP ARTISTS. Sluthate is just the second incarnation of (ironically named) PUAhate. At least in the second round they were more honest with the name, no longer pretending to be anti-PUA. That forum is full of [as much as I loathe to use manuresphere terminology] “blue-pill manginas.” No, white pill! [Case in point, I recall some closet-case going by the moniker “Outcast” mentioning how the “real winners” are stupid chumps who knocked bitches up in their early 20s. What century are you living in? That sounds like the kind of trad-con horseshit (not-so) “Advanced” (so-called) “Atheist” would pimp.] Also, the denizens of PUAhate/sluthate are all about that borderline-WN, borderline-phrenology Carletoon Coon-esque HBD shit that BP frequently criticizes.

        Seeing as sluthate (nee PUAhate) is for failed pick-up artists, that is stupid-ass schmucks who somehow *know* that PUA/Game is bullshit, yet aomehow *believe* that it is true, well frankly Mitchel, it does not surprise me in the least that they would praise Roosh.

    • Yes. I have a hard time believing he got laid in South America. His bearded, shaggy look is a turn-off there (especially in Colombia).

  4. Roosh and his Group are tremendous self-promoters but forgot that if you are going to go on your World Tour to enlighten the nations concerning the Way of Roosh, you have to actually have to have something new, or original, or enlightening to say. Constant assertions of how heroic and great Roosh is will not suffice.

    The World Tour was going Nowhere (and really fast) then suddenly and conveniently we are told that all Canada attacked poor defenseless Roosh, and voila! Taki’s Mag and Vox Day and etc. are selling the guy as the Second Coming.

    Good luck hawking Roosh the Doosh to the world! It’s going to take more than inexperienced and foolish scamps hatching plans behind the scenes. Guess that’s what happens when you live in an age where PR and cliques are more important than character or accomplishment.

    You deserve him, and you shall have himj.

    • This is from a craigslist advert on the rants and raves section. This is a female replying to some guy posting some odd advert. The guy was clearly clueless when it came to women, but he was awkward and stupid.

      “This isn’t about making ‘disabled’ jokes about a man in a wheelchair, this is about someone who has been told time and time again that his comments are inappropriate, he has been corrected and still replies defending his position.

      People like him are dangerous, bordering on sexual predators. He’s the man that takes a smile from a female stranger as some signal to engage and won’t leave her alone. He’s the man who a woman holds a door for and he decides, yes ‘decides’ she likes him. The posts here are just the tip of his warped world.

      The woman alone on the bus, walking home late or taking the last train is wary of men like him because he thinks it’s all OK to just expect sex because that is what he wants, what is the harm in that and rejection is often met with violence, starting verbally and as he goes on it will become physical.

      He isn’t ‘clueless’, he’s very clued up and chooses to ignore those who challenge him AND tell him why. He’s a regular here. He wants what he wants and that is all that matters.

      He doesn’t seek intimacy, he seeks a fucking blow job because he wants one, getting to know someone isn’t something he considers. Comparing him to a passive woman is just bollocks.

      He is a dangerous sexual predator and because his current tactics don’t work he isn’t far from taking what he can’t get and you, you gormless cunt, are defending him, worse, you are endorsing him and his behaviour.

      Nice message you have sent him and people like him.

      In my work we see this a lot, he is a classic example of a dangerous sex offender waiting to happen.

      Get a grip and take off those rose tinted glasses.”

      Creep shaming is a call by females to incite violence against “suplus” men

      • “Creep shaming is a call by females to incite violence against “suplus” men”

        Pretty much. And as Black Pill points out, its always women within the same group.

        The geek girls do the worst against geek guys.
        The black women are the worst against black men.


  5. Kinda unrelated to this in a sense, but still about the manuresphere. Forney is answering all your questions. I can’t believe this guy says the things he does looking that. What is he, like 300 lbs these days? I don’t think he’s ever been fatter? I feel like asking him to release his workout plan lol

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  7. Now Forney has this one up,

    Who the fuck is this fat fucking slob to talk shit about ANYONE? The guy looks like he bounces from buffet to buffet and then lays on the couch for the rest of the day. There needs to be more exposure on this parasite!

    • Dean Esmay flipping out and Matt Forney flipping out.

      It seems like anti MGTOW’s are having a massive melt down.

      Bar Bar left a few comments and owned him in the comments section.

    • ironies of ironies, he accuses MGTOW’s of living in basements, and I only wished I lived in a basement-I play guitar and I like it loud…

      I suppose I am close to TFL though….

      He accuses MGTOW’s of being leftist marxist’s and my main critique is that they are to “tough guy” libertarian/Trumph right wing, well, along with all the Red Pill bullshit…


      When Matt Forney goes to a titty bar with Davis Aurini so they can prove how un-gay they are…

      The sleazy strippers grab his manboobz and say, “tip me good, big boy, I wanna buy a pair as big as yours!”

      The only thing getting fucked is their wallets though…

    • And Fatt Fuck Forney accuses everyone else of being a loser who eats cheetos all day. What’s with his obession with cheetos? It’s probably because eating cheetos is how he got to 400 pounds.

      • Forney makes my skin crawl. Just look at the fat fuck! Look at his comments. What a tool. Just think what he will look like in twenty years. Funny thing, he actually posts about supplements on his site. They seem to be working wonders. NOT!

        • Forney won’t be around in 20 years if he doesn’t take it easy on the pastries. LOL! I find it hilarious that he recommends supplements too. “You too could look like this.”

          I find his obsession with getting laid/not getting laid weird. NO fucking way this guy has nailed any woman under 250 lbs without paying that has all her teeth and no facial hair!

        • LOL at the comment on his video ,

          Cap285 3 hours ago
          This fat oaf again? Who claims he lifts?…..Snickers and Mountain Dew to his Jabba mouth.

          Look at his head. Who were the big-head aliens from TOS?

          All the PUA in the galaxy isn’t going to change you’re bald and fat. Get off the snake oil.

          Give up Forney, you’re a fucking tool.

  8. OT: On another forum I mocked an economics professor named James D. Miller, Teacher-to-Lesbians at Smith College and a Singularitarian.

    Specifically he falls for nonsensical futurist fads like driverless cars and sex robots. I responded to a comment he made about the former by saying that apparently in his version of “‘the future,” with driverless cars and sexbots, adolescent boys will grow into adult male virgins who don’t know how to drive, much less how to get into sexual relationships with women.

    Boy, did I get a lot of downvotes for saying that.

    • Boys do not know how to get into sex relationships with women?

      Do you see what is wrong with that statement?

      It is women who are the selectors.

      A boy is either attractive to a woman or he isn’t. Also the law punishes boys for making the wrong men.


      • Societies where the men shame sluts, shun bastard kids and make their daughters marry as young virgins don’t seem to have the problem with male virgins that we do. I submit that women also do better in these societies in the long run, despite their short-sighted complaints about living this way, because these restraints channel women into doing what women evolved to do. They don’t wind up as unmarried, childless, middle-aged cat ladies who wonder bitterly why life has passed them by.

        • Men do not do better in these societies.

          Cat is out of the bag, we now know women hate men, we know that a woman will not support a lower status man.

          Why would I support a woman?

      • it’s more like jobs, men are supposed to constantly apply and hope an “employer” finds them good enough. But if the economy turns sour and a man complains about the quality of “jobs”-he is a bitter virgin with a micropenis…

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  10. Ya see folks, I’ve been trying to tell y’all!

    How many sexual encounters do you think Roosh really had in his life? Whatever he claims, it’s probably closer to zero! Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is zero. Then again, I can guarantee Roosh has had more male sexual partners than female ones. Then again, he’s probably too sexually repressed.

    I’ve been saying it for a while. Roosh is queer as a $3 Bill! Roosh is gayer than springtime!

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