37 comments on “MGTOW Has No Commander

  1. this is essentially “insurgent mathematics.” Gen. Stanley McCrystal postulated that modern combat against the Taliban was counter-intuitive…

    IE if there were 10 insurgents and they killed 2, then 2 would get discouraged and go home, then they would only have 6 to deal with…

    But something else happened when 2 were killed, 4 more, 8 more joined…

    Enter ISIS…

    —I am not trying to make a huge political statement here, just show something observable….

    Something like 8000 calories in and only 1400 out you will wind up obese like Forney/Futrelle. But they think it must be the evillle patriarchy that makes cheezeburgrs fly down their throats and low staus men that make vegetables taste so awful…

  2. “MGTOW comes from the bottom up decisions of individual men, not the top down orders of a commander.”

    This is why “men” like Craptain Capitalism, Deanie Weenie and Paulie boi Elam threw a shitfit. These fucks can’t even manage their own lives and they expect to be able to boss around fully grown men.

  3. slightly off topic…


    I realize there is “political MGTOW” and lifestyle MGTOW.

    I dislike “political MGTOW”-ie discussing politics and some of the articles on sheddingoftheego.

    I like lifestyle MGTOW, not bothering with womyn much, avoiding arguments and “opting out.” I’d love to go ghost and leave the workforce….

    • Just focusing on the lifestyle aspect is what PUA’s do.

      Systematic problems can#t be fixed by personal solutions.

      Something has to be done collectively about female nature and manginas.

      • Personal solutios are all we got-and that’s the M(h)RA complaint, you don’t listen to lordy Elam and do anything, not that M(h)RA’s do anything. Things won’t get fixed in our lifetimes, so the strategy is to avoid problems rather than fix problems…

        (are you gonna call me a coward now?)

        • False dichotomy between individualism and conventional political action.

          MGTOW and MRA is a false dichotomy, you can be both.

          Just because AVFM has destroyed the MRA by imploding, doesn’t mean the concept of MRA is bad. I think the MRA is good for raising awareness of the issues.

          “(are you gonna call me a coward now?)”

          i am going to ignore comments like this, as they are a waste of time and counter productive.

      • Just focusing on the lifestyle aspect is what PUA’s do.

        Systematic problems can#t be fixed by personal solutions.

        Something has to be done collectively about female nature and manginas.

        I disagree. First with comparing PUA to MGTOW. The following scenario makes it clear… Imagine this…

        – If all men on the planet went Herbivore tommorow, pussy-power would LITERALLY disappear overnight, and feminism would implode, all of female privilege would dissappear with countries struggling to cater to men

        – If all men on the planet became PUAs tommorow, pussy power would grow as men get ever more cut-throat in trying to one-up-each other over pussy. including handing more and more power to women

        So, this scenario elegantly captures why you can’t compare PUA/mgtow that way. Yeah, they’re both “someone going another way due to the current gender climate”.

        But one is like going on a hunger strike, whereas the other is like dieting for a beach body. One is political in nature, the other for hedonistic purposes.

        – If all men tommorow went on a hunger-strike, goverments would panic to change things

        – If all men tommorow went on a “beach-body” diet, it wouldn’t cause any upset to any goverment

        That’s the difference. I hope I’m not confusing the analogies too much.

        • So, to cut it short. I believe that…

          – MGTOW CAN solve systematic issues
          – MGTOW IS political (ghosting itself is as political as acts of civil disobedience)
          – MGTOW IS doing something collectively

          (I’m not saying its enough on its own, i’m just saying I disagree it has no political power)

        • Men need to work together in some fashion. Just taking the MGTOW label and thinking you are cool none conformist and you are going to change thing is not going to work.

          CS MGTOW has started MGTOW meet up groups in the UK in the real world, that is a good first step.

  4. Silly me, I thought MGTOW was all being dictated (commanded) by those who run the Matrix, put the chips in everyone’s brains, etc. Isn’t that more or less red pill dogma?

    Who’s Barbarossaa?

  5. Black Pill: “…..many men would analyze the nature of women and come to the same conclusion independently of each other.”

    This cannot be stressed enough; it cannot be emphasized enough.

    The reason the analysis offered by MGTOW resonates with so many men is that these men have observed all of the behavior in the average women around them. The MGTOW message is only the last step.

    In contrast, political sites, PUA sites and ideologically-inclined sites all purport to have some sort of SECRET knowledge. Yet they never deliver this secret knowledge, do they? No, they do not.

    • Agreed. I would even go as far to say that the real MGTOW message isn’t telling men to GTOW, but informing a man already GHOW that there are other men doing the same thing.

    • LOL! I’ve seen some hot Indian women before and they sure as hell wouldn’t anything to do with that fat fuck.

      His 30 day series is hilarious. Here he is talking about fat people (as usual) while being the fattest fuck of all.

      It’s too bad Dr. Oz. didn’t do his homework and question Roosh on some of the “fat shamers” being pig fat themselves.

      • Fatt Fuck Forney has zero self awareness. He’s a bigger lard ball than anyone he whines about.

        Dr. Oz would never ask about fat shamers being fat. That would grant Dr. Oz victory which he does not want. He wants a continual conflict to generate publicity for his quack medical “advice” and quack medical products. The manuresphere wants the same this so they get into a weird symbiosis.

        • I know I keep posting “the 30 day challenge” videos but this is another side splitter by Forney lol. I wish the real future of the manosphere was driven into the ground and finished for good!

          His mannerisms are so funny. You can tell by his facial expressions and body language he’s so insecure. One again he starts shitting on MGTOW. He has such a simplistic mind. I’ve NEVER one thought MGTOW consisted of men shitting in their parents basement, jacking off to porn, and eating cheetos all day. No one can deny women can be a total pain at times and if a man were to experience a nasty divorce, a false rape accusation, or for some other reason, I don’t see a real problem with it. People are free to make their own decisions.

          Could you imagine showing a random person a pic of Forney and saying, “This guy lives in mom’s basement, jacks off to porn all day, and eats a shit ton of cheetos.” Who would actually argue with you? “No he doesn’t. You’re just a hater.”

  6. Thats a natural response. Forney is all bluster and bullshit. Funny thing is, I think dudes in manosphere are lukewarm to him. You can almost smell the b.s.

    • Like I said I think most of Fatt Fuck Forney’s support (along with other manuresphere “leaders”) comes from guys who support them for political/ideological reasons not because they believe them.

  7. Been following this story?

    This Proudman bitch has been caught complimenting men online.

    Having rules not apply to you, that you apply to others is a trait of belonging to a higher caste.

  8. I am not going to link it as the video is boring, but Dean Esmay has done another rambling anti MGTOW video.

    The guy is a vile nut job.

    I have done some research and the guy has some wacky believes, he is an aids denialist, and he think that being fat is purely genetic.

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  10. Are you ever going to make a youtube channel? If you don’t do so soon, I’m going to steal all of your content and use it to tear apart Matt Forney and the existing, past, and future Gamers. In doing so, I hope to win over the sexless among the PUA’s and expand MGTOW. There should be no shame in admitting, as you do, “I need a men’s movement, because there’s too much bs coming from women and no individual solution helps men overall.” The “non-alpha” virgins and undersexed males are the lifeblood of PUA, and your blog has the info needed to finish the job on PUA’s.

    So…Would it bother you if I took a ton of content from you (and reworded it, rescripted for a more structured narrative, etc., etc.)? Would you prefer to do it? I feel like there is enough info between you, sluthate, and other sources to finish off “Game”.

    Now would be a good time to do it, since Matt Forney and Roosh are trying to attack MGTOW to generate views on their sites. If Forney and Roosh want a fight, I think you’d be a good person to take it to them, but I’d like to do it if you won’t.

    • I wish someone would trash Roosh and Forney. I wish their shitty sites along with ROK get run into the ground.

      While talking about Roosh, holy shit this comment by him literally made me laugh out loud,

      “For a minute I wondered if my armpit odor was a key to my sexual success. Was my odor releasing arousing pheromones in the environment? Would I get laid less if I smelled nice? This has not turned out to be the case. I’m ready to conclude that body odor is not an attractant, and if it’s something that chips at your confidence like it did to mine, you’d be best served getting rid of it”

      • Dude,

        one time I pooped my pants in public. I was really embarrassed and started crying. Out of nowhere, supermodels began hitting on me. I thought it was my emotional vunerability that made me sexy. Apparently, they could smell the high testosterone in my dookie and I needed a stick to wave ’em off…

        I just invented a new form of game-Poopie Pants Game….

        $3000 for my workshop where I tell you what to eat for the best dookies…

        We will do infields, first with adult diapers, then without, and then without pants even….

        But I am offering it to you for $2,999.99-special offer…

        type in manuresphere on my paypal to recieve your discount.

        Refunds guaranteed if you don’t have the ladies eating the dookie from your hand…

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