47 comments on “The MGTOW Manifesto Has Nothing To Do With MGTOW

  1. Exactly MGTOWs come from all walks of life, some can get laid, some can’t, some are WNist, some are leftist, If you wanna go your way with the anti male climate it transcends ideology.

  2. MGTOW should be extraordinarily hostile to race nationalists and scammers like roosharuinifoneymu….

    also, there is too much acceptance of RED PILL psuedoscience….

    Dean Esmay and Fidelboggen hte low status men just as much as any gooddamned feminist, and that’s allot…

  3. Barbarrossa is a very smart guy, unfortunately he’s made questionable choices, such as posting article by nutcase John the Other…

    (and I don’t follow things closely, but why is Dean Esmay obsessed with his common law wife?)

  4. The “MGTOW Manifesto” is the work of a man who used the pseudonym “Rob Fedders”. This person was clearly mentally ill, and has been banned from nearly all the fora he claims to have influenced.

    I appreciate this brief article. One of the appeals of MGTOW is its lack of any political dimension. MGTOW can be found who profess beliefs right of Vox Day, and left of Bernie Sanders, and all points on the bell-curve inbetween. One of the strengths of MGTOW is its decentralized nature.

    MGTOW is not a movement, but a phenomenon, borne up by mass communication between disparate men in diverse places — something that never happened before the internet. Opportunists will attempt to hijack it. Let them try. They’ll fail every time.

  5. Dear “Factory”:

    Kooky Rob gets credit from me for originating the scam Roosh is now trying to peddle: namely renaming a widespread phenomenon and claiming (laughably) to be its “founder”. That’s the impetus behind the “manifesto” which no one signed on to. When he was roundly laughed at, back around 2011-2012, he flipped out and started doxxing people in various places. In my case, he made a mistake, and doxxed a completely innocent professor of history at Simon Fraser University — encouraging people to call his employer and expose his history of misogyny on the internet as “Boxer”. I had never heard of the man and hope he didn’t come to any lasting harm.

    At the time, there was speculation that “Rob Fedders” was a feminist propagandist who appeared to sow discord and derail a nascent movement. Personally, I don’t think he was intelligent or stable enough to be working for government or some feminist think-tank. I believe that he was the typical misfit, who used tactics that are now common among “social justice warriors” who live online.

    If this is someone you look up to, I suppose that’s your business.



      • Fedders doxxed (the professor he thought was) me on a site called the spearhead. The author, one WF Price, was good enough to delete the personal info he was hosting, but then banned me for good measure along with Fedders. That site has since disappeared.

        Fedders has been discussed on dozens of sites. Here’s a thread where he socked up and tried to cause trouble, just as an example. I only know this one because I was participating in laughing at his kookiness. There are many others.


        • Say it ain’t so!

          The No Ma’am site had a couple of good pages, like the “Marriage Is Fraud” one, and the infamous “A Field Guide to Bird Watching in the Manosphere”.

          I think many here would agree w/him on how the whole “game” alpha/beta construct has things inverted and turned upside down (eg, “Omega Traits Are Not Alpha Traits”), but trying to `splain it to others probably got him in a lot of I-Net pissing matches.

    • hehe, creepy ole Deanie Weanie Esmay said that there are feminist plants within MGTOW, then goes on to say he received a “death threat” ™ from a supposed MGTOW. By his on logic, wouldn’t it likely be a feminist plant who issued the death threat? And why the fuck does he expect the men he called micropenised PigTOW to white knight for his obese butt?

      But in M(h)RM land, 1+1=3 and anyone who disagree’s is a PigTOW + with a micropenis…

      And, BTW, how the fuck do you instill “masculinity in men”-it sure as fuck sounds like a trad con ruse to me or some neo-masculinist Roosh bullshit where he tries to trick a guy into gay sex…

  6. OT: Today I went to get my first physical in years now that I have Obamacare, and during the interview with the nurse practitioner, when she got to the questions about my marital status and whether I have any children, I just went straight to the point about my adult virginity, along with providing some context about how I wasted my time “dating” earlier in life because I could never close the deal with a woman. Otherwise she might assume that I had gone to prison for 30 years or something ridiculous like that to explain what kept me away from women for so long. (A woman actually asked me one time if I had spent decades in prison to account for my lack of sexual experience.)

    And this nurse then started arguing with me about not giving up on finding sexual relationships – at my age (55). She sounded like the dating advice scolds Black Pill has written about. This pissed me off, and I may have to find a different health care provider.

    People with sexual experience really, really don’t understand the situation of guys like me, even ones with medical training.

    • While a doctor may, just may, be interested in a holistic, systemic (or what have you) approach to your health, the administrators and the nurses will not – they likely don’t have the training nor the motivation. You’ll have to just see if your doctor will do it. If not, they are there to patch you up like a mason or a plumber.

      I actually do have a doctor with a holistic approach who has to time to sit and chat. He’s OK. Keep looking for one of those.

    • If a woman asks you if you were in prison due to lacking sexual experience, you should tell her that if you were in prison you would have gotten lots of sexual experience…with other men. Then give her a lecture on prison rape.

      As for the nurse, next time don’t bother providing an explanation. Chances are that such questions were only for the purpose of filling out a form.

    • A lot of experienced men do understand, but they don’t give a shit, so they will not talk about the subject.

      The thing is females are hyper fussy, want the man to make the first move etc…. so female behavior deselects nice respectful guys. If you was a pig and was pushy, you would of gotten laid loads of times, but odds are you would of ended up in prison.

      Instead of empty platitudes, less attractive men should be told the truth about female nature and they can make their mind up.

      If I knew the truth at an early age, I would of chosen to be a male virgin.

      The truth is not politically correct though, men would resent women if they understand how sexual market place dynamics work.

      • Instead of empty platitudes, less attractive men should be told the truth about female nature and they can make their mind up.


        And a lot of us are often misunderstood. I admit I am bitter. But I’m only bitter because I was LIED TO.

        I wish I HAD THE CHOICE to make in my youth about what I want to invest in return for which outcomes.

        You know feminists often say you’re “acting as if you were entitled to sex in your 20s” to guys like us.

        IT IS true, that I feel was entitled! But not to sex. I feel I was fucking ENTITLED TO THE TRUTH, and not being lied to.

        • If you wasn’t bitter there would be something wrong with you.

          Or you lucked out by being a blissful natural.

        • *Blissfully ignorant natural

          – One who gets women without any seemingly conscious effort. Most often tall and/or good looking. To him female games are a lot less dramatic and if anything “cute”.

  7. have y’all seen this???

    this is another reason why gays and womyn shouldn’t speak for low status men. Creepers like Elama/Esmay will make up all kinds of lies….

    I have no desire to white knight for JtO’s common law wife. But I don’t believe a word Esmay says….

    • This whole thing is irrelevant. Youtube won’t ban MGTOW because a woman has sex with teenagers, and as long as no one has family fieldtrips to Diana’s house… who gives a fuck? There will necessarily be undesirable people around the fringes of MGTOW. I watch her videos (occasionally) because I liked her series discussing Ester Vilar’s book. If she comes out with more good content, I’ll watch that. I hope that she doesn’t molest children while she’s making her content, but there’s no evidence of these allegations (which would be irrelevant even if true).

      Why are we supposed to care about Dean Esmay’s opinions again? Has he ever actually backed up an argument? I haven’t seen it happen in the last week.

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  9. I found a cached copy I had of that mgtow manifesto on an old `puter.

    It’s dated early 2001, which was like about a century ago in I-Net years.

    There were no blogs then, no comm-boxes. Feedback to web pages was via private message (email) though few bothered. A site like Salon, an experiment only ~2 years old, had a separate forum area (Table Talk, derived from CompuServe’s “The Well”) for discussion, and they discouraged threads starting “So-and-so’s article on such-and-such…”. It was an entirely different world. You could surf practically the entire men’s movement on the web in not very much time, and it would hardly make a dent in the size of your bookmark file.

    One of the common and annoying gimmicks (particularly of ‘progressives’ and deconstructivists) is judging people of the past by the new, improved, and different standards of today. This is guaranteed to make the person doing it come across as being demonstrably superior to whoever is being dissed.

    What never seems to get taken into account is how the people of the future are going to do the exact same thing, and look back and point to them as being incomprehensibly evil or stupid or misguided or whatever.

    Why wait until then? lol

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