45 comments on “I’m Part Of The Fact Acceptance Movement

  1. TFH-isn’t that that game pedalling weido who gets in fights with advocatus diaboli because he is a “tall” indian who can get white womyn with “game” and advipoops is a “creeper” who pays white womyn?

    That’s why I think you mentioned PMAFT’s blog but I don’t like that place at all, he’s liked to nazi Jack Donovan. and he’s another game evangelist….

    • TFH-isn’t that that game pedalling weido who gets in fights with advocatus diaboli because he is a “tall” indian who can get white womyn with “game” and advipoops is a “creeper” who pays white womyn?

      I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      he’s liked to nazi Jack Donovan

      I’m fairly certain this isn’t the case with PMAFT.

      he’s another game evangelist….

      But Cheetos Eating Fatt Fuck Forney said PMAFT and I were the same person. I’m so confused now. LOL

    • I must say that the Advocate Diaobli is a very very very odd individual with really screwed up mind set.
      I remember I did a guest post for him a few years ago on similarities between Indians and Jews with emphasis on masculinity and sexuality or a similar topic in which I touched upon themes relating to Arabs.
      Before long a regular Arab/Arab American poster of his whose website consisted of him taking pictures of Beirut women without their consent turned up and started accusing me of spreading misinformation about Arabs. Long story short, it was simply a misunderstanding and a matter of semantics but this guy kept insisting that I was a paid Zionist agent or some such. And AD jumped in and claimed that I was a running dog of the “white imperialists” for daring to disagree with this poster.
      I was amazed at this behavior. It was AD who invited to me to post my views as guest blogger(after he liked the comments I left before regarding India and South Asia in general) and now he engaged in a cheap name calling contest just because I had a (civil-well from my side) disagreement with his regulars.

      It was then paid attention to the rest of his blog which consisted a great deal of MILF porn(all the while he was bashing older women) and he made some wild claims about anyone who earns more than $50k is a parasite and a theif.
      I suppose we can all guess his income LOL

      Was TFH the same guy who wrote The Misandry Bubble? Didn’t he predict that it would pop in a decade(he wrote it in 2009 I believe). Doesn’t look like its going to happen bro. Another failed prediction (unfortunately this time) from the manuresphere

      AD has a whole host of complexes which I think his habit of patronizing escorts only exacerbates.

  2. Esmay is seriously losing his shit and that Yorbaxes dudebro said Barbarossaa “looks like a domesitc abuser.” What a piece of shit, sounds like something a rad fem would say….

    fact acceptance….

    hahaha awesome…

  3. Good article.

    What I liked about this blog right away, ironically, is the fact that ACTUAL FACTS are taken into consideration. With the losersphere, it’s always based on some dillwad’s opinion. “Well, Roosh did shitty with women in country A. Country A is the worst place in the world to meet women.” Some people completely ignore the fact that the “masculine” men of the losersphere have no clue what they’re doing or even why they’re doing what they’re doing. Roosh is the perfect example of a guy “throwing darts.”

    I still can’t believe Forney makes fat jokes. He’s gotta be close to 300 lbs these days lol.

      • This might sound weird as a white guy, but I actually find black and Hispanic women HOTTER than white women. Some Hispanics have pretty amazing curves haha.

        Speaking of Forney, did he shave his eyebrows lol. This guy makes me laugh so hard just looking at him

        • I knew Fatt Phony was repulsive to women from when I first read inmalafide. He used to engage in Rooshesque complaints about how women of city x(be it Montreal , Toronto ,Chicago or NYC) are all stuck up bitches.

          Slightly OT:

          Similarly whatever vague illusions I had about Roissy nailing hot chicks were promptly shattered with this post


          He thought these women were hot…ugh..Honestly when I saw them, I threw up a little in my mouth.
          And the commenters concurred with my views. They mocked him for his trash tastes in broads and questioned his “alpha” status to which he could only throw out “nerd” and “pointy elbows” and insist they focus on the excercise (to open the three girls) as retorts

          Later on he sneakily added this to the text of the post( I remember all this as I read the day it was posted and it made quite an impression LOL)

          Ok, the specs.
          Three girls, from left to right: a 7.5, a 6 and a 4.5.”

          And he also edited out the bits where he claimed they were of high attractiveness.
          Even so, 7.5, 6 and 4.5 is way too generous.

          Are there any of these guys who bang quality chicks? I saw the facebook page of the most sensible PUA guy(even if he doesn’t consider himself that) Omari Warren(Assanova). Even his paramours were soso.

        • DR. Van

          Are there any of these guys who bang quality chicks?

          On a regular basis? No.

          Also, depends on what you define as “quality chicks” if a 7.5 doesn’t meet the criteria. The thing is, you can’t even meet a “9” or a “10” in real life. First they’re a statistical anomaly… Second, they move in higher circles… so you can’t just meet them all that often.

          For most mortals an “8” is the most top hottie you’ll see in real life. So a 7 or an 8 is an actual real world “top hottie”.

          But yah, most guys wake up from PUA bs, when they first see the “quality of chicks” a PUA bangs*. Which is a range of 4 to 7.

          For me personally it was like. Wait, so this guy spent 10 years “getting good at this” to get the same kind of 6.5 chick I had throwing themselves at me EVEN back when I was my geekiest, most akward self? Wait, so this guy needs this super-duper uber elite “skill” to get average girls? WTF?

          I mean when i first got into that cult (15 years ago now?) I got into it coz I wasn’t satisfied that only 6.5s and 7s were into me. That’s what they promised “hotter chicks”.

          *- Most PUA have zero lays. We’re talking the very few who do get laid, through sheer massive amount of playing the numbers.

        • @AlekNovy

          Yup the low quality of tail scored by PUA really opened my eyes. I never took Matt Forney seriously then or now. But thought there might be something to roissy/heartiste though I was vaguely skeptical. Those chicks in that post pretty much got me his number.
          It was then I discovered you, Aaron Sleazy, Black Pill et al.

          Being good looking and said to possess a certain je ne sais quoi, I had no problem with women as even 7 or 8 would approach me or (occasionally) ask me out (I had a dated a 9 a couple of times, kinda fizzled out). Enter my other good looking friend but with a somewhat offputting personality who discovered game from a bodybuilding.com forum and took me along for sarging excercises.(David DeAngelo was big back then, we are talking around 2005-2007) . He even made me watch DVDs of seminars including the one with the wheelchair bound dwarf Sean Stephenson.
          I never thought about how easy I had it with women and delved straight into this crap and it actually hurt my chances with women as I ended up alienating receptive women with negging and other bullshit.
          Fortunately I ditched it early on as it didn’t suit my personality. But I kept the faith on the system and admired those who got routinely humiliated and rejected. Admittedly I didn’t properly analyze their results.

          My friend was a true believer to the end and never dated a quality chick. Indeed he often ended up with not a few fat hags and then would unload on me about how much he hates fat chicks(suddenly Forney and other fattie bashers make a lot more sense as Black pill noted before). In the end he married a nice girl , not a great looker but not ugly either. But that was arranged. I guess it could’ve been worse.

          “Also, depends on what you define as “quality chicks” if a 7.5 doesn’t meet the criteria. The thing is, you can’t even meet a “9” or a “10” in real life. First they’re a statistical anomaly… Second, they move in higher circles… so you can’t just meet them all that often.”

          Sure but these dudes go around claiming that supermodels and actresses would fall for them if they follow their system. Isnt that what the expensive bootcamps and materials all about? How many of their marks I mean clients simply want a 6 or 7?

          Another reason I stopped because I frankly couldn’t memorise all that material. Jeez it felt like cramming for a test. Say this ,don’t say that, touch her like this at this time in the conversation…You know all this crap is designed for nerds cause its like an algorithm. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a flowchart somewhere.
          Experience is the best teacher. And not the Vince Kelvin type “Experience” LOL

        • Alek Novy said: “The thing is, you can’t even meet a “9” or a “10” in real life. First they’re a statistical anomaly…”

          I attest to this with an example.

          Recently, I was on a major university campus, very famous, with 45,000 undergraduates. This place had hundreds, literally, hundreds of attractive women walking around who were fit and well-dressed.

          Then the “10” walked by… Oh my. The comparison between her and the rest of the women was night and day…

          In all of the years I spent around young attractive women in bars and nightclubs, I’d say there are very few 9’s and 10’s, indeed.

        • @thegreatshebang

          Yep, and that’s the first thing that should set off people to PUA/manospherian scamminess.


          A) If you walk into a club, even a fancy, hard-to-get-into club… the hottest chicks you’ll see around you will be 7.5s, with an occasional 8 at best. (that’s being generous, as most only appear 8s in the dark light and the makeup, outside of the club, most of these “eights” are actually sixes…

          B) When a 9 or a 10 does go to a general club, she’ll be in the VIP section that’s guarded by a bouncer, and even as she walks into the club, she’ll have a huge group of people she walks in with, and goes straight to the VIP section with… she’s not going to be standing around on the general dancefloor. That’s assuming she even goes to a club ever… she’s more likely to be partying at private parties and yachts.

          C) PUAs/Manospherians sell the idea that there’s this magical thing called “being alpha” or “having game” or “whatever they call it now” that allows you magically get super hot nines and tens attracted to you.

          D) Yet, all they talk about is approaching random women. THERE ARE no random nines and tens walking about randomly on the streets or clubs or bars on a any reasonable basis (seeing one ever two weeks isn’t frequent enough for the conversion ratios they have, that would mean getting one every 15 years).

          SO EVEN IF there was a thing as jedi-powers that can make a “ten” horny for you… you’d have to actually even see her in the first place. So EVEN if they had such powers and could teach them, at least half of their material would have to be about HOW TO ENTER SUCH circles. At least half of their posts/products would have to be about “how do you infiltrate the modelling industry as a photographer” or “how to befriend millionaires so you get invited to the yachts and private parties.

          The very fact that they meet women in random locations that anyone can access, means they can’t get more than a cutie (superhot girls are on yachts, not in your local club).

  4. Black Pill wrote:
    For those of you who care “Toads” is one of the sock puppets of the manurespherian known as TFH

    If “Toads” is a sock puppet, then why did TFH mention on PMAFT’s blog that he had posted under that handle? My conclusion is that he’s not using “Toads” to sock puppet. BTW, he posts as “G.K.” at his own website.

    (Scroll down to #6).

    The url has changed slightly since it was posted; here’s what it should be now.
    Search for Toads – the post is on April 9, 2014.

  5. The complete change of Roissy’s blog came to mind when I read your post. Used to be 80% game 20% sociology musings. Now it’s the opposite.

    • And its all pretty much White nationalist/White vagina worshiping crap these days. He really went off the deep end with this shit. And also isnt Roissy/Heartiste Jewish? If so , shame on him(more so).

  6. @AlekNovy

    So…It looks like game is crap, and the guru’s are retarded. What’s up with Last Minute Resistance? A single friend of mine encounters this from time to time after he and the woman who picked him retire to one of their residences. Do you have any idea why this happens? I thought it was just another myth of the PUA’s, but my friend confirms he’s experienced whatever “Last Minute Resistance” is.

    • PUAs have also observed that going to the gym is useful, it doesn’t mean there’s no merit to the idea.

      The scam part is the “game” part. It doesn’t mean that everything PUAs have observed is 100% without merit.

      Its the core thing that’s a complete scam. And the core thing is called “creating attraction or “gaming women”… The idea that you can create interest.

    • I would like to add to what AlekNovy said in his reply.

      It seems to me that you asked, “why does LMR (Last Minute Resistance) happen?”

      First of all, women are erratic. And they are particularly erratic in their dealings with men.

      As an example, I’ve had women flirt with me openly in front of their husbands when they are attracted to me (I did not pursue such drama); yet on the other hand I’ve had single women turn every which way to hide their crush on me when they are attracted and almost act as if they hate me only to reveal their crush at a later time. I’ve seen a further wide range of behavior in between these extremes. This is erratic behavior that has so many variables that it is not possible to draw clear patterns.

      In another one of Black Pill’s posts, I mentioned that if women were NOT erratic with men, then men would figure out that they were being DIRECTLy manipulated by women quite quickly. It is the erratic nature that makes their INDIRECT and confusing manipulation so effective. It is so erratic that women themselves aren’t even aware of how much it is random behavior – they rationalize it after the act.

      At moments before having sex, the emotional excitement can be very intense. It is not surprising that under stress and tension, women would increase their erratic behavior, particularly because it is in a private setting. It is probably such a private setting that all the social rules are out the window. Any two lays with new women are hardly the same.

      “Game” is a fraud as Alek said, and is of no use here in the sexual bedroom than in any other context.

      And furthermore, just to make it clear, there is nothing “Last Minute” about it. The randomness is at all times. Just think of when a husband gets promised sex by his wife and then finds out she changes her mind. It might seem to be “Last Minute” because the emotional tension ramps up before the first sex act but the erratic behavior is a constant feature, not a bug.

      • Women do not clearly communicate with men, to keep them on edge. Women use all sorts of relationally aggressive obfuscation tactics with men.

        In war, the enemy do not clearly communicate with the other side, they try and confuse them to keep them on edge.

        Women are psychopaths and have no regard, men are just automatons designed to respond to female signalling as far as most females are concerned.

        Women collectively gaslight men by inventing enthusiastic consent, yet women do not go for enthusiastic consent anyway.

        • I am often reminded of one of Ester Vilar’s most penetrating insights in her book, “The Manipulated Man”.

          “Women feel anything but oppressed by men …that man hardly exists in a woman’s world: Man is not even powerful enough to revolt against.”

  7. Geez, what’s Forney’s beef with MGTOW?

    He just did another video about it.

    His obsession with it is as weird as Roosh’s obsession with fat shaming. I think Forney didn’t show his face on this one to cut down on the jokes about him lol.

    • Fatt Fuck Forney believes that MGTOW is in the way on him selling his books and other useless game crap. That’s somewhat true because a MGHOW won’t buy what Fatt Fuck Forney is selling., but his real problem is peak manuresphere. He can’t get more “customers” for his crap no matter what he does and he can’t accept that.

      • he was supposed to do a video a day, but he couldn’t–it interrupted his feeding schedule-nomnomnom…

        even manboobz futrelle has more discipline…

        he keeps mentioning bernie chapin-does that guy have a tighter mangina than deanie weanie esmay?????

        hahaha cockaroocha-I hang off of barbar’s every word, not because I’ma perma virgin 9close though) but because I have a micropenis….

        okay 2 minutes of hate-I can’t listen to the male feminist anymore…

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