66 comments on “The Manuresphere Is The Fat Acceptance Movement For Men

  1. The manuresphere says that any man no matter how ugly can bang the hottest chicks provided they act “alpha” enough and/or do game routines of women.
    And usually have a fat wallet. Which is why “Game” reads like nothing more than a combination of bs conversation routines and financial bribery.

    • Agreed! “Game” doesn’t work. You can’t trick women into liking you. When I was trying to be a “gamer,” unsurprisingly, I did WORSE with women. All the “routine stacks” and bad jokes were a turn off. “Magic Bullets” by Nick Savoy is a TERRIBLE book. I read a pirated copy online and it’s nothing but lame routines and mental masturbation!

    • When you think about it, the term dating coach is pure nonsense.

      The female either accepts you or she doesn’t end of story.

      Also a lot of dating advice is just enablement of women.

  2. haha, glad you liked the meme I made…

    If “game” worked, high T alpha’s like aurini should be able to go to lesbian bars and “convert” the man haters, but alas, he’d only get drinks thrown in his face and maybe even beat up (although it would probably give him a boner, he seems like a creeper 50 shades of gray.) Maybe that’s why JAck Don-0-van hangs around the manuresphere-he can “convert” “straight” guys—or maybe they weren’t straight to begin with.

  3. here’s “secret” infeild footage of some pua dudebroes’ like roosh and aurini…

    look how the feminist womyn mocks them…

    forney heard the nudie beach was pua paradise, he went and got the mostest female attention evar-they thought he was a beached whale and tried to push him back in the water…

  4. This is off topic, but I think this is an important thing to talk about.

    I have noticed conspiracy theorists on MGTOW youtube channels claiming to be MGTOW one minute, but when you call them out they go. “I am MGTOW going my own way. I am just doing my own thing!” then they go. “MGTOW is pyschops part of the depopulation agenda.” You call them out of their bullshit and then they claim they are leaving MGTOW, and then they still post MGTOW videos. They are parasites who hate MGTOW, but use the MGTOW name to get traffic.

    Also I have noticed conspiracy theory tards, use false accusations of pedophilia against you if you disagree with them.

    These people are mentally defective scum.

    I have screen prints of their bad behavior.

    • are you talking about when Deanie Weanie claimed “mgtow” made threats against him, then in the same video said that MGTOW has been infiltrated by feminist plants? If that is the case wouldn’t it mean that it was really feminist plants who made death threats against him????

        • Boy you should check out the comments section of Takimag.com. Even the most innocuous article for eg millenials and their fetish for Apple products will bring out the deranged conspiracy theorists who somehow would manage to sneak in the “evil Jews” in the comments board.

          Anyone who disagrees with you will term you a Jew or hasbara agent. Yours truly had that honor.
          I usually to post regularly on Steve Sailer’s blog as although his commenters had his fair share of anti Semites and other cranks, there were others were rather knowledgable and agreeable. But over the past year or so when he shifted his blog to the crackpot Unz.com site he started censoring comments defending Jews and indulged the most rabid anti Semitic posters. Probably these are the people who contribute the most during his frequent pledge drives and he shamelessly caters to their tastes.

          I mention the above sites as they are the most mainstream “respectable” outlets.

  5. I think you made a typo in your blog BP

    “Looks are absolutely everything either. Many incel and forever alone spaces are guilty of thinking this. ”

    Sentence doesn’t make sense to me, it is confusing.

      • haha, well since it appears that AVfM is a wife swapping club, well Aaron was her hubby for just long enough for the strap-on…

        –and yes my joke about AVfM being swingers probably has a good element of truth to it. Why does Esmay hate Diana Davison so much? My guess is she was gonna have a threesome with JtO and GWW and none of them wanted Esmay involved…

        trust me, I don’t like Diana Davison one bit and it’s absurd that she considers herself a MGTOW. And I wouldn’t sleep with her even if you paid me. But it’s just crazy how Esmay is obsessed with her…

  6. Any of you been getting those weird “motivational” infomercial ads on youtube before a video with some guy in a garage with a lamborghini and book shelves?

    Thought so!

    Something didn’t sit right with me about this guy who claims to be couch surfing in a mobile home in NC just a few years ago to “an investor” multi-millionaire “consultant” and “entreprenuer” now. He’s done a TED talk, supposedly hob-nobs with celebs and peddles what he calls “the good life” and wants to “coach”, or excuse me, “mentor'” you so you can live the good life too!

    He claims he started or owns 20 companies but never names what those companies are.

    I dug a little and what do ya know – he’s “friends” with Tyler of RSD and he’s the owner of ELITE GLOBAL DATING LLC which is an umbrella company for several dating scam sites that have been reported to BBB and other scam-busters for FRAUD.

    Interesting how all his dating sites are for finding rich dates. Doesn’t RSD teach that you don’t need money if you’ve got game?

    Anyway, this guy is blowing up the internet and sucking people in.

    More on the scam here;


    • Assuming that an incel committed this crime, it provides an opportunity to drop some Black Pills in the comment sections on stories.

      In a healthy patriarchal society, we wouldn’t see these kinds of shootings. Men like George Sodini, Elliot Rodger and this guy could find sexually inexperienced women to marry early in life, have sex with these women regularly and they could start families with them.

      Naturally today’s corrupted feminist women don’t find this appealing, even though our spiritual traditions teach that we don’t live for ourselves and for our personal hedonism, and especially not women. You don’t have to believe in a god to see that these traditions recognize a tragic fact of the human condition that doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

      • “In a healthy patriarchal society, we wouldn’t see these kinds of shootings. Men like George Sodini, Elliot Rodger and this guy could find sexually inexperienced women to marry early in life, have sex with these women regularly and they could start families with them.”

        Not necessarily. Not every man marries and reproduces under the Patriarchy. Even in arranged marriage cultures where a lot more men are guaranteed wives (equal or lower in status to them in the pecking order), than otherwise would be, there are still those who don’t even get that. Sodini and Rodgers, crazy as they were, would most likely be amongst those men. Even the Manu Samhita, perhaps the world’s oldest book on such matters, says “crazy” is a perfectly legit reason for a woman to leave her husband, virtually the only reason.

        • Seeing as how women define things such as “rape” (He didn’t call me back or I didn’t like the sex or I regretted the experience) or “violence” (he raised his voice at me or I want an excuse to kick him out of the house and put him in jail), a woman defining “crazy” could mean any sort of nonsense.

          “Crazy” to a woman could be regarded as “him not letting me buy whatever I want” or “Complaining when I go out and sleep with other men”.

          Frankly, women shouldn’t have any say on such matters at this point. They’ve proven they’re incapable of even attempting to be just or logical in any sort of decision making outside of manipulation for their own gain.

        • “Frankly, women shouldn’t have any say on such matters at this point. ”

          Women don’t have to have any say in your personal life. That’s what MGTWO is all about. Removing women from your personal life. That’s why the 4 Channers are wrong about these shootings. Sex and a girlfriend would not have stopped this. Only MGTOW can stop it. Men who have not been able to attract women need to accept it, go their own way and find other means of fulfillment.

  7. OT: I have to admire those ultra-orthodox Jewish men who refuse to sit next to women on airliners, though perhaps they have taken a valid principle a little too far. They understand that in a healthy patriarchal society, you have to police your womenfolk regarding contact with strange men, and these Jewish men show by example that they want to hold up their end of the deal.

  8. haha, this looks like futrelle wrote it but with much better grammar….


    what will NEVER be acknowledged is how society deems it acceptable to relentlessly bash low status men–and if they ask for help they will be bashed even further…

    just look how elam/esmay bash low status men-just the same as feminists–and they claim to be a voice for men-what a fucking lie…

      • hahaha….

        they do it to increase status…

        I’ve never met you, but somehow, I bet you are in better shape than Matt Forney. He would likely still call you a cheeto eating loser who compulsively masturbates. While you are not lower status than him, he tries to pull you down because he is too weak to pull himself up. Same as Elam/Esmay.

        Why don’t they attack really high status guys? They know they will get their asses kicked. Similar to how feminists hate on Nice Guys ™ but don’t call out real abusive “men” like Hugo Schwyzer and War Machine….

  9. I get the impression that it really freaks out most modern women when you bring up the idea that we need to restore traditional patriarchy where women can’t get sexual experience until marriage.

    Of course this idea might unsettle them because they just find most men sexually repulsive.

    But it might also alarm them because they know that women have collectively done something wrong by embracing feminism and sexual freedom, and they don’t want to face accountability – kind of a guilt reaction, in other words.

    These incel rampage killings certainly frighten women, but so far women refuse to connect the dots and they wind up blaming mental illness, guns, violent video games, “misogyny” and other distractions, instead of recognizing that we’ll see more of these guys as more and more young men face sexual eviction.

    • “I get the impression that it really freaks out most modern women when you bring up the idea that we need to restore traditional patriarchy where women can’t get sexual experience until marriage.”

      – The incels would still lose out because nobody would marry them.

      “Of course this idea might unsettle them because they just find most men sexually repulsive.”

      – If they find most men sexually repulsive then holding out until they find one they find sexually appealing and marrying him would not “unsettle” them, it would make them happy.

      Either way, the same men losing out on the pre-marital dating scene now would continue to lost out on the marriage scene.

  10. While I believe the majority of manosphere types are lazy gasbags, I would like to play devils advocate for a second. It is quite possible that those like Fatt Phony, Hawaiian fatty et al did take up weight lifting and that’s what made them fat.
    Let me explain. I have personal experience in this matter. I remember a few years ago when I was in the gym minding my own business doing the cardio and resistance machine routine trying to get to a 30 inch waist(I had a 34 at the time), a trainer came upto me and told me that in order to lose weight I needed to do serious weights. Squats, bench presses ,curls and the like. He seemed to know what he was talking about so I signed for a $500 session(more fool me I know) and while I did get stronger, I also noticed getting bulkier. Especially due to the squats , my thighs and butt got larger and unseemly. And I had to buy new pairs of pants to accomadate my growing proportion. NOw all this weight training made me rather hungry as well and before I knew it my waist size ballooned.
    Thanks to this new “fitness” routine cardio was all but eliminated and while previously I could do 3 8 minute miles continuously , now I struggled to finish 1 mile in 10 minutes.

    All in all, while weight training can be effective, it comes with many strings attached.
    I think most men who join a gym don’t wish to win any Ironman competitions but simply get a V shape so they look better and clothes fit nicely which is what the average prefer to muscle bound pot bellied guys.
    Also this weight training anti cardio mantra is tied in the paleo diet nonsense. Apparently running especially long distance is anathema because SWPLs do it or some such nonsense. I saw such nonsense propagated on Roissy and similar blogs.

    In fact, endurance rather than strength training was the corner stone of armies , from ancient Rome(whose rations rarely contained meat) to present day drills.

    When it comes to weight loss, there is a place for weight training but it is low weight high reps and compliments rather than replaces cardio.
    Of course it is possible to lose weight with soley weight training but you need a phenomenal amount of discipline and self control when it comes to routines and diets which novices seldom do.

    I mean over at PJ media , there is almost a cult centred about some dude called Mark Rippetoe who believes that squats will cure what ails ya. When I tried to point that the side effects include large thighs and ass with possible increase of your waistline, my comments were deleted.

    In conclusion, I will say that it is possible fat fuck Forney did work with weights but it backfired in the end due to poor guidance ala above.

    • simple way to get (some) of the v shape-pull ups….

      (the guys with exagerated v’s are likely juicing.)

      allot of pictures of elite special forces, from years ago, those guys were lean, only part of what they did was (heavy) lifting. They don’t want to be bulked for the same reason they don’t wear flak jackets-mobility is eevrything…

      probably more modern day SF’s are yolked-and, the military’s dirty secret, many are likely juicing….

      I believe you about getting hungry after heavy lifting, the same thing happened with long bike rides for me-though the cardio probably left me at a calorie deficit…

      however, Forney said (someone dig it up from wayback machine please) that he used to be a fat fuck, but he leaned out by only eating soup and walking a few miles a day. This was at IMF before his image was available…

      I have no idea about HFB, though, I only visited his page one or two times and saw Esmay pontificating in the comments and bailed…

      • By juicing do you mean steroids or juicing veggies? I’ve seen the term used for both on fitness training forums.

        “however, Forney said (someone dig it up from wayback machine please) that he used to be a fat fuck, but he leaned out by only eating soup and walking a few miles a day. This was at IMF before his image was available…”

        Forney is fat now but his pix do look like he was extremely obese in the past and had lost some weight.

        Super obese people need to lose some fat before they can start building major muscle and for them eating simply and doing cardio like walking is the way to go. After they lose a certain amount then they can focus on muscle building, but til then their muscle work should be light and their cardio heavy.

      • Thanks for this. Its what I suspected all along. All those claims of lifting weights burning more calories turned out to be junk all along.

        I wouldn’t say lifting weights is for lazy people but intense aerobic activity which gets your limbs in motion and heart rate pumping is a different ball game from sitting or standing pushing weights around. Fat people would be much more comfortable with the latter than former. Point is to get out of your comfort zone.

        Also the runners high and the glow you get from increased cardio is to die for. More women were attracted to me be the “aerobic glow” than any amount of muscle gained from strenuous weight lifting

        • oh, yeah, not to muddy the waters, but guys like Bruce Lee used to do circuit training, so while he would use weights and machines, it would be fast repititions with little rest. I imagine that would be better than the heavy lifting a powerlifter does for the average person–probably also less risk of injury also. So to add to the above, it’s not to say you can’t burn calories lifting and it doesn’t have to be either/or…

        • Circuit training is a different ball of wax. It mimics cardio activity and I believe its efficacy. The problem is in a crowded gym, it is often difficult to have the requisite timely access to the machines which such sets require.

        • Forgot to mention , I didn’t discount circuit training . When I mentioned weights, I had in mind free (heavy) weights. I do resistance weights as I mentioned

    • You are absolutely right about this. I had a short friend who had a hard time with the ladies and he wanted to build a better physique. I suggested he do yoga, cardio and light weights (yoga includes both especially power yoga, hot yoga and other forms that really give you a sweaty work out and many poses have you lifting your own body weight as well).

      Short guys look better with a lean, toned look.

      Anyway he went in for the gym weights and hooked up with online broscience and “aesthetics” and looks like a fat cow now.

      • Dudez, don’t ya know…weights are alpha, while cardio and yoga are for chicks,gays and omegas! ….. That’s what passes for fitness “Expertise” in the manosphere. The sorry results are there for all to see.

        Being short myself(5’6″) I can concur. I never wanted a really muscular look, at the most a Tom Cruise type physique which I had when I was younger.
        Short guys who are bulked up just look like try hards. I hate to say but yes they look insecure and are over compensating.

        Weight training gifted me with a 40 inch waist ,another 3 inches and I would’ve been officially obese. It took a hell of a lot of wrangling to get down back to 34.

        The main component of weight loss is diet, diet ,diet. Without a proper healthy(not starvation salads and water only) diet , there is really no point unless you are work in a farm or construction where you expend 10000+ calories.

        • Check out Durianrider and Freelee the Banana Girl on youtube. They recommend a very high calorie “raw til 4” diet. I mean Freelee claims to eat thousands of calories per day and she is super thin. The guy too.

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