30 comments on “The Manuresphere’s Demon Obsession

  1. How much longer is Roosh going to last? He must be finished with all the bad publicity he has gotten the past 6 months.

    Or is he like a vampire that can’t be staked through the heart and just won’t go away?

      • oh and JtO is pretty nutty on this video-cultural marxism, blablabla…….. soldiers have been told to die for someone else’s goal for millenia……..

        the real way you know JtO is not a true MGTOW, he’s afraid to discuss male disposability. He has to talk about cultural marxism. Men have died for “freedom.” There is a movie and a book, Johnny Got His Gun, Metallica made a video for the song One. The father tells his son, any man would sacrifice his son for democracy. This shit has been going on forever….

        hahaha, heavy metal has done far more for elightyening men than any M(h)RA ever will….

        In fact I wouldn’t be suprised if creepster Warren Farrel stole “male disposability” from the Metallica song Disposable Heroes-that came out in 1986 before his bullshit book…..

        and the great thing, metal is under the radar from hateful feminists, they think that the guys who listen to metal like me are bigger degenerate losers than guys who watch tons of porno and we ain’t even worth of attention-but porno creeps and M(h)RA’s are worthy of femmanazi’s time. It’;s great being under the radar.

        • hahaha, a womyn calling herself a MGTOW….

          If I was a PUA, I’d say the reason she always talks about rape is because she wants some good dick, if I was a PUA, I’d say she hangs around MGTOW because she thinks they are better looking guys than M(h)RA’s-but I ain’t a PUA. I don’t trust that broad either…

          I bet the real reason Deanie Weenie hates her is because she didn’t want to be in a threesome with him…

        • oh, yeah and I don’t wanna go politically correct on you bt it is disrespectful calling quasi feminist womyn bitches-it is a slur to female dogs everywhere…

  2. French Catholic Charles Péguy once defined a “modernist” as someone who doesn’t believe what he believes.

    And the “Christians” you find in the alt-right, in “neomasculinity”, Alex Jones, Return of Kings, /pol, etc fit that defintion very well. They don’t really believe in God or demons or Christianity, they just use it for their own personal agenda. They believe in religion rather than in God. Ironically, that makes them exactly like the “modernists” they otherwise despise so much – who also don’t actually care about God and the Bible but just use it for their own (feminist) agenda.

    So yeah, I don’t believe that there are many who really believe in demons. They are just unable to get that conspiracy mindset away, where women are never responsible for their actions but there’s always a male boogeyman behind the curtain. And then clutch at any straw. So I guess Roosh will promote Orthodox Christianity soon. The Russian Orthodox Church to be precise.

    But only for a while. Eventually, they’ll find out that Russia under Putin isn’t simply on a mission to fight for “neomasculinity”, lol. And then they’ll finally merge with Alex Jones. Wouldn’t surprise me if he will be interviewed there soon. It will begin with that British guy who works for Alex Jones. Paul Joseph Watson. And then Alex Jones himself.

      • Not sure what that has to do with my post but…

        …come to think of it: Alex Jones would make an awesome death metal vocalist! All that long hair and the leather, beards and band-shirts give the imrpession of being costumes and therefore make everyone look harmless. Just a costume, just playing.

        But Alex Jones on a stage, growling around to death metal songs like “Hammer smashed face” … it would be like an average 9 to 5 joe who finally snaps after having sit in traffic for too long. Like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, haha.

    • didn’t get through the whole video, but he says something I’ve been saying for awhile-so called “libertarianism” is really traditionalism. I’ve been attacked by so-called MGTOW’s for pointing out this elephant in the room and these men are no more my brothers than Bernie Chapin or Captain Capitalism….

      also-this is why I consider myself much closer to an anarchist than a “libertarian.” Creepers like Stefffan Molly-knee-oooxxxcks get super happy when some black dude gets murdered by a cop and says he deserves it because he is “low class” but if he really hated big government, he would question ANY time someone is murdered by a cop. If guys like the Aurora shooter and Breivik could be brought in in one piece, than why can’t we question other times when guys get killed by cops. (I said question-I didn’t say cops NEVER use justifiable force, but it seems they use unjustifiable force way too often.) Of course so-called MGTOW would call me a crying lyberal fayyygot who needs to learn about “masculinity” from Jack Don-0-van….

      • Towards the end, there is a video clip of a male feminist mangina who is a libertarian, it made me want to puke.

        Focusing on the size of government means nothing, because human beings need to change socially, they are the engine that runs the state.

  3. “Women in particular … are feeble in mind, credulous, more carnal than men, and liars by nature; for what else is woman but a foe to friendship, an inescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, a domestic danger, a delectable detriment, an evil of nature, painted with fair colours!”
    – Heinrich Kramer & James Sprenger [from a medieval book about witches]

    Nothing in there about women and demons! lolllzzzz

    After Mercer went postal I was wondering if they could get that pimp pope pomp dude back, and have him do a real exorcism this time, like on the whole country. lol
    Just fixing things so Boehner and Biden could retire wasn’t doing much of us a favor.

    Welcome to Dark Ages Amerika, in case no one else has.

  4. Christians believe in demons. Literal, actual evil spirits that run around possessing people and doing bad things.

    Jesus plainly stated they exist, all the church fathers (catholoc and protestant) believed they exist, and The Devil and the third of the angles being tossed out of heaven is an important part of the cosmology. A “Christian” that doesn’t think that demons are real does not seriously believe the bible, has made a break with two thousand years of continuity, and is vulnerable to the question “So why do you believe the parts that you do believe?”

    The manosphere is full of conservative americans, and they tend to be christians 😦 .

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