LIHOP And MIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theories

There are two types of 9/11 conspiracy theories, LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) and MIHOP (made it happen on purpose).  In LIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories, Al-Queda actually did 9/11, but the government was aware that it was going to happen and intentionally decided not to do anything about it.  In MIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories the government actually did 9/11 such as by hijacking the planes themselves or putting explosives in the World Trade Center.  One thing I have noticed about the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is that it is starting to adopt the idea that the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings.  Potentially, this is will lead to a MIHOP conspiracy theory where the government will be accused of facilitating mass shootings by incel virgin men.

One example of the LIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is from feminist Laurie Penny.  She demands that the mass shooters be treated as “terrorists” and says that they only reason they’re not is because the government refuses to treat white men as terrorists.  Thus, according to Penny, the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings by refusing to treat them as terrorists.  In other words, the government is letting mass shootings by incel virgin men happen on purpose.  This is a lie for multiple reasons.  First, not all of the shooters are white.  For example, the most recent shooter in Oregon was mixed race.  Second, the government does go after white men they consider to be terrorists such as the KKK and and white supremacist terrorist groups.  (If you expand that to include white criminal organizations, you can add the mafia to that list.)

Other examples are much worse.  Here is an example from the GamerGhazi subreddit (which had to do with an alleged swatting from 8chan that probably never happened, but I’m sure this person believes in the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory).

The FBI has already had several chances to stop these guys, but Agent No Reply continues to be Agent No Show.

I know there are many fine officers of law enforcement, but how many MRAs are there in LEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security? How many white nationalists? Percentage higher than that of the general population? Any way to even know?

It’s not like these are particularly feminist agencies (Google the stats for female officers and agents. 80+% male is typical.).

Are women’s safety issues being downplayed or outright silently dismissed because the guys in charge of our safety are part of the problem?

Not only do these women believe in a fictitious Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization, they think it has infiltrated law enforcement and the national security establishment.  (Women think that incel virgin men, 4chan, 8chan, internet trolls, #GamerGate, the MRM, and so forth are all the same.)  What’s really happening is that the accusations against incel virgin men, MRAs, #GamerGate, etc. are false, so nothing is happening to them. What do women expect to be done about the non-existent problem of the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization?  Put guys who look like they haven’t gotten laid in a while into camps?  Arrest 4chan posters for trolling or making fake death threats against no one in particular (assuming that they have even done that)?  With the latter, to find those “death threats” you have to go to 4chan and search them out.  It’s not like they are calling in bomb threats to colleges.  In other words, that’s half way to a fishing expedition.  No court will take that seriously.

Also, there are actual criminal and terrorist organizations for law enforcement and national security to track whereas the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization does not exist.  Since it’s a safe bet that law enforcement and the national security establishment are going to concern themselves with actual terrorists and criminals, expect women’s LIHOP conspiracy theories to turn into MIHOP conspiracy theories out of frustration that law enforcement and the national security establishment are actually doing their jobs.



18 thoughts on “LIHOP And MIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theories

    • Or simply don’t go out at all with men who don’t hold women responsible for their action and are obsessed with “masculinity”.

      Reminds me – I wanted to see how 4chan is doing lately and browed r9k and pol a bit. Then read a thread about the migrants in Germany and found that gem:

      It’s just “natural” that men are expendable and treated like cattle and their lives don’t matter at all. This is what right-wingers really believe…

  1. Terrorists have demands. Al-Qaeda’s demand was “US Troops out of the holy land” (which America capitulated to by sending them to Iraq). The unabomber had a manifesto. School shooters and the like do not have demands – they are just dudes that have given up. Their acts are acts of nihilism, which is the opposite of terrorism: terrorists are trying to accomplish something.

    • True.

      If you want to understand school shooter you have to see them as what they are: NOT as a subgroup of terrorists but as a subgroup of men who commit suicide.

  2. feminists/liberals also tend to be the same people who believe we deserve terrorist attacks because we are a successful nation.

    would they ever look at themselves the same way?

    • Well, they try to turn it into a race thing and have turned Elliot Rodger and Chris Harper into white men.

      The “irony”(?) is that both of them seem to have struggled with being mix-raced – and have been turned into white men by the media after they commited their crimes.

    • “feminists/liberals also tend to be the same people who believe we deserve terrorist attacks because we are a successful nation.”

      Sorry that is a bit kooky, who says that?

  3. Incel or not, men these days have been put into a lose-lose position, in which they are either no “real men” anymore or are “toxic masculinity fuckboys”. In both cases, they need women who have the power to “forgive” them.

    It’s like in a cult in which every single thing you do is a sin and you need a priest to forgive you. Obviously, said priest will have a lot of power over you then.

    And the example from the Gamerghazi subreddit is like a priest who criticizes secularism, ie the idea that some branches of society are not under control of said cult.

  4. Something that scares me to death about all these school shootings is that so many now want to strengthen “mental health”…I see the “mental health” system as a definite threat to low status men because they so often get drugged, have their civil rights taken, and just generally get their brains and lives ruined by that school of clowns.

    • Good point. “Mental illness” is the modern form of xtian demonology, with an infinitesimally thin veneer of science. Almost any discussion of it eventually leads someone to use the term “inner demons”, and everyone knows what they’re talking about.

      After the Oregon shooting, the conservatardians and Rethuglicans were all over the media with their hair on fire going on about the need to hunt these heretics down and lock them away before it happens again. Dissent from groupthink will make you a thought crime in any totalitarian system, where authorized killing is good but unauthorized killing is bad.

      Society creates the wackadoodle, the wackadoodle creates the crime, and then the Wackadoodle Creation Industrial Complex uses that to strengthen itself and create ever more wackadoodles. It’s a form of protection racket.

      Society evolved to assist and benefit the lives and needs of individual human beings, not the other way around. When society ceases to benefit individual human beings it becomes a life-destroying cancer which consumes people in order to sustain itself. The wackadoodles are like white blood cells fighting the cancer, however futiley.

  5. OK so this is the video ad that’s been spammed throughout youtube. He’s connected to Real Social Dynamics and The Syndicate. How and why they put this scammer on TED I dunno.

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