95 comments on “Women Pretend Men Are Monsters To Avoid The Monster Within Themselves

  1. It is very odd, and more than a little telling, that despite statistics to the contrary, most women are convinced that there are monsters hiding in every shrub and shadow.

    • “The vast majority of white American males are not circumcised”.

      “In Europe, yes.”

      – Nope, in the USA. Check the latest stats, mate. Circumcision has been on the wane since the 60s.

      I’m sorry that you are not a whole, natural, intact man. But the majority of us American men currently ARE.

      Peace, brah.

      • I’ve checked the stats. Circumcision is on the wane. And the procedure is being questioned. But to say its the majority or out the door is disingenuous.

        You also tried to sidestep the issue when i bought up how people still circumcise infants for non-religious reasons. Only Jews and Muslims still do it, indeed.

  2. Hmm, maybe why zombie and vampire and werewolf movies have become standard fare for teen and young adults (and adult women who still want to be teens like their daughters).

  3. This is a facet of the psychological principle called “projection” (aka, “blame shifting”); this is usually done by people who are overly-emotional and tend to disregard logic and observation.
    Projection is greatly used by the female population of today’s society to demonize the men that they do not find ‘attractive’ or men who disagree with them or feminist beliefs. A classic overused example are women who try to ‘frighten’ men into relationships or marriage with the threat they “will be lonely” or “die alone”, when these same men have already lived alone (without female relationships) for a good portion of their young adult lives. Observation reveals that it is usually women who fear living alone.

      • Seconded – everything women say about “men” is a projection.

        It follows from their self-centeredness and various empathologies.

        That’s why no one needs ‘game’, you just have to capitalize on their perversions! lolllz

    • your not allowed to speak out against “men” like jack donovan in liberal amerikkka…

      too bad the horny badgers never talk about faggots raping boys–and then when the boys kill themselves the gay lobby talks about how many gay youths kill themselves when most those boys weren’t gay to begin with. But remember, you may never critique a man who assrapes men in prison or the military because all the liberals cry homophobia ™

      nice triggering headline you wrote troll lopez…

      • Yeah, Donovan’s a trip. He spoke at the AmRen conference. I’ve heard the argument made in the Manosphere that some men are just so masculine-identified that they can’t even be attracted to anything or anyone remotely feminine. So that’s how they’re spinning Donovan. As a real “man’s man”. And I believe it was someone in the awkwardly coined “Christosanglosphere” who said that. So Donovan has his fans on Dalrock’s blog too.

        • hahahaha, the manosphere is so-nawt-ghey the have to fuck men in the ass to stay “masculine.” Next they will say that Alexander the Great had a tight knit army because-buttsex. That’s how scammy these fuckers are. Roosh and Forney will make a “man” outta ya, just bend over and drop your pants…

          hahaha, but the lberals still love’em-funny that. It’s like a feminist ridiculing a shy, insecure man then bragging about her “warmachine” boyfriend and always making excuses fir his violence…

        • I found out what the NPI is;

          “Matt Forney and Roosh V: Looking for love in all the white places

          Pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh continues his attempts to woo the white supremacist crowd.

          This past weekend, he attended the annual conference of the white supremacist National Policy Institute with his longtime pal Matt Forney, the odious fat-shaming blogger who is himself a little big-boned, if one’s belly counts as a bone.

          Roosh tried to butter up the white power crowd with a bit of flattery:

          Today’s NPI conference was like the who’s who of the alt right. Smart, well-informed group of men. pic.twitter.com/3ShAEH53ht

          — Roosh (@rooshv) October 31, 2015

          But his attendance at the conference didn’t go over well with everyone on the racist right. When Forney Tweeted the pic above of him and Roosh at the conference, some suggested that Roosh wasn’t white enough to be a white supremacist.”

  4. Some of you will be happy to know that the prostitution industry is thriving in Portland. Mostly teens, some younger. Don’t worry, the girls don’t see a dime, the pimps keep all the money.

      • this pos male feminist doesn’t care about boys-he probably hopes that rad fems kill off 80 percent of men and keep him as a stud…

        troll be trolling, apparently he wasn’t man hating enough to be accepted by david fraudtrelle so he figured he’d try to pick a fight here…

        • I reckon he’s trying to sell some hippy dippy meditation bollocks so we can all have multiple mansions around the world, cos that shit’s like gold. But he’s got no idea about the issues round these parts. Blue pill or feminist…he could be either, or both.

          Maybe he’s bright enough to work out that there’s no cash or followers to be had??? Maybe

        • There’s no cash, prizes, mansions or followers to be had from Vipassana. Only self-awareness. Its not hippy dippy either but very solid traditionalist – thousands of years old in fact. Its how the ancient seers conquered their desires and fears and went their own way.

        • “But fear not! The only ones making bank are the men (pimps). You can rest easy at night. ;)”

          Never said I enjoyed seeing girls get hurt-I’m not some BD SM sadist who reads 50 shades and picks up broads at the local slut walk…

          Now stop lying you fucker…

        • False accusations of a pedophilia, including indirect false accusations like this one where you equate wanting to legalize prostitution with being a pedophile, is not allowed on this blog. Goodbye troll.

  5. Tai you have posted here before as a sock, the way you post and your pattern of strawmaning and putting words in our mouths is the same as other socks. I think you are female in fact.


      So the White Nationalists are courting the LGBTQ crowd. Very strategic. Very strategic, indeed.

      No doubt Donovan told them he could get the Manosphere on their side.

      Or could it be a conspiracy to end the white race? If WNs are LGBTQers, who will perpetuate the race?

      They have enough problems as it is attracting women to their ideology (and to them as individuals). Out of all the names mentioned in that link – only one woman.

      I guess 2015 is their last hurrah.


  6. “False accusations of a pedophilia, including indirect false accusations like this one where you equate wanting to legalize prostitution with being a pedophile, is not allowed on this blog. Goodbye troll.”

    that’s the rub off it all, if I mention legalizing prostitution, I am immediately labelled as a sexist pig. (Even though many scholars talk about “harm reduction.”) Legalized/decriminalized prostitution would actually help those who are coerced…

    If I also mention that I think female infanticide is horrible-I am told that I am a misogynist pig who just wants a submissive eastern woman and not a fat american women. Then I am told I am a misogynist for wanting to restrict abortion….

    If I also mention that expecting a man to pay for sex is degrading to male sexuality then I am KING MISOGYNIST. Yay, I don’t want to be reduced to a walking wallet-I am a sexist pig…

    These fuckers are total hypocrites….

    • Legalized/decriminalized prostitution would actually help those who are coerced…

      How those that oppose prostitution due to the legitimate problems of trafficking and coercion fail to realize this is just weird beyond words.

  7. “Blogger David Futrelle has launched a misogynistic smear campaign against me. He has waged unfounded and baseless attacks against my character and reputation, I believe in an effort to discredit myself and The Red Pill movie so that others – who have not been actively following the truths of this film and the Kickstarter campaign – will then write-off this film entirely, which will create roadblocks for us when we’re attempting to obtain distribution, festival screenings, and reviews from film critics who may have otherwise been supportive of this film. ”



    I’m not gonna see the movie, but it is sweet that futrelle is being called out for the bigoted liar he truly is…

    • that was so condescending I couldn’t even get through it…

      if you asked a real rock star like Dave Mustaine if he enjoyed drugs, he’d likely be honest enough to say “hell, yeah…”

      these guys are just middle aged cybabies, and roosh seems to want in on that club…

      at least Dave Mustaine wrote some goddamned good music, what did these condescending pricks ever do???

    • TRP, haven’t you ever run across GBFM going on about “Tucker Max rhymes with Goldman Sax…”? He’s been doing it for years.

      Max is only one of about a dozen or more prominent vagina worshipping Catholics (aka devout socialists) who are calling themselves conservatives that have taken over the Republican Party, Faux News, etc. in the last decade or two:

      Tucker Carlson
      Laura Ingram
      Ted Cruz
      Paul Ryan
      Rick Insanitorum
      JEB Bush

      -those are just the ones that come immediately to mind.

  8. Hey, I once read about a study that showed women suck at decoding other women’s attraction signals as much as men do. Does anyone remember seeing that? I think it was on Alek Novy’s blog.

  9. I figured out another angle on why women, especially, tell male virgins and incels to keep “developing’ themselves,” in other words, keep moving the goalposts into the indefinite future. These women secretly hope that these men will die early and spare women from the indignity of ever having sex with them.

      • Self improvement doesn’t actually lead to early death, Dick. AA was saying that the goalposts keep moving, but also that said women do not even want the men reaching the initial goals.

        • Yeah, the male virgin or incel might die early of a misadventure, go on a killing rampage or commit suicide like that Anglo-Chinese foodie awhile back.

          I saw a video on YouTube where Brian Gilmartin, the psychologist who wrote that flawed book about “love shy” men back in the 1980’s, says that parents shouldn’t treat their son’s incel state as a “passing phase” that will mysteriously resolve itself somehow. Life itself is a “passing phase,” and the incel could very well die before he can figure out how to get into sexual relationships according to our standard model of how a man’s life should go.

        • The problem is that parents can’t be trusted to have such a “sex talk”. The last time my mom tried such a thing with me was back in 2009, and it wasn’t even a sex talk as such, but an attempt to convince me to join The Reserves, and why I should get involved with a single mother. And that’s the problem with what you are suggesting, AA. Whether it’s the parents or the schools doing it, this will be just an excuse to indoctrinate sexless young men into The Reserves.

        • Just wondering, BP, how old were you then? My own mother…and father to a smaller extent since we don’t communicate much…are still after me to “give them grandkids”, even at my age.

        • Pfft. You know I’m 31…nearly past childbearing age, imo. Yet mom & I just had a talk a few weeks ago about me “finding a serious man”. Seems it doesn’t ever end, simply goes on hiatus.

        • Black Pill: “…convince me to join The Reserves, and why I should get involved with a single mother.”

          This gave me a thought: It is not only a problem of moving the goalposts, but also changing the incentives!! Classic Kafka-Trap nonsense.

          “I’m 19 and I want a virgin girlfriend.”
          “I’m sorry, honey, you have to wait until you’re 29 and have a good career, then you can get a virgin girlfriend.”
          Later: “I’m 29 now with a great career and I want a virgin girlfriend.”
          “I’m sorry, honey, you now have to take a single mom.”

        • Greatshebang,
          It’s terrible that one’s parents would give such bad advice.

          In a 2014 survey of heterosexual couples, it was found that the average age gap between the partners was only 2.3 years, and in 64% of those relationships the man was the older one. That means at age 29, it should theoretically be “easiest” to date a woman anywhere from age 26-32. However, it should be noted that if a guy is truly holding out for a virgin, the odds are not in his favor…another survey found that only approximately 12% of females and 14% of males were still virgins from age 20-24, and the numbers decrease from age 25 onwards. Also, the average age of males giving up their v-card in the US is 16.8, and females follow at 17.5. Getting a completely virgin woman at age 26-32 would not be easy unlike if you tried to find someone your age whilst being 19 when it’s far more likely.

          This is data that literally anyone with an Internet connection can obtain. It’s not hidden away or anything. So are parents truly that ignorant, or do they not want to see the problem?

        • First of all, thanks for the data.

          Second of all, you may have missed the point in my little story. The point isn’t virginity. Is that the incentive changing was not mentioned when the man was told to delay.

          Third, yes parents are that ignorant. And why wouldn’t they be ignorant? they can’t admit to themselves why they got married, so they have nothing to say to the kids.

          Fourth, I was 27 and I dated a 19 year old virgin. Didn’t last longer than a year, but it’s a true story. Yes, it would be hard to repeat.

        • First, you’re very welcome.
          Second, yes, I got that but have been trying to add more to conversations so as to not deal with those who’d question my every comment. Nothing against *you* though, greatshebang. I agree that the incentive changing is utter BS and not mentioned previously in said examples.
          Third, well…I agree with that too. I suppose it just seems like they should endeavor to be more honest with themselves and their children. That would likely mean more introspection than the typical person engages in though.
          Fourth, oh…yes! It absolutely can happen, larger age gaps aren’t impossible, just rare. I met my friend Seamus at a gaming group when I was 20, and we became FwB when I was 22 and he was 37. 9 years later, we’re still “friends plus”, so it is definitely within the realm of possibilities. I’m glad you beat the odds as well when you were 27.
          Honestly though, if my guy wanted to go back to being just friends, I’d be very hard pressed to repeat this occurance as well. Not for lack of good older men…there are plenty of those…but because I doubt it’d be simple to find another with the patience to wait out my haphephobia.

        • There’s a graphic novel called “Miss Don’t Touch Me” where the main character exhibits a type or degree of hapnophobia. Look it up. The character plays a virgin prostitute who plays a dom role in a Paris novel in the 1930’s. As a concept for a book it works. The character can demand a PREMIUM from older men to be in her presence and be dom treated by her. NO touching!! Even with no touching, women get what they want from men and no one blinks an eye.

        • I’ll have to look that up, greatshebang. I’m currently trying to find vol. 4 of Skydoll without much success, even in non-English languages, so maybe I shall just look for your recommendation instead. Thanks, btw.

          Did a double take at “virgin prostitute” there, lol. Certainly a unique premise for a book, wonder how it’d play out irl. Likely not nearly as well…or perhaps it would. Who the hell knows anymore, the world is a truly screwed up place as you are aware.

        • And while it is still possible to find a woman age 25+ who is both single *and* has no kids, it is proving to become more difficult as time goes on:

          In my own experience, out of the women who I went to high school with that have contacted me/randomly friended me on Facebook (about 30 or so women), I’m the only one who is single + not divorced, and childless. It is a scary world out there, gentlemen.

        • The number of women who are never married (aka not divorced), have no kids, have fewer than 5 ex-sex-partners, and don’t have an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, or food (obesity)…. yeah, astronimacally low numbers.

          It doesn’t matter if it is nobody’s business what these women do to themselves. It doesn’t matter if men also have those problems. What matters is if men have to pay hard cash and are the ones buying, well, there’s not much to buy, frankly.

        • This is truth, but I wonder if those of us females who are as you describe (N < 5, no addictions, never married, no kids/pregnancies) are not so much astronomically low, but are simply not in the dating world. Heck, I fulfill all those stipulations and am the one putting out the cash…but nobody would ever know, since I don't date or have an online profile. It's curious, to consider the possibility that the majority of people (both sexes) who have all their ducks in a row are precisely the same ones who are stepping out of the dating/marriage pool altogether. What do you think?

  10. Speaking of useless sex advice, I’ve seen some stories lately about the importance for parents to have the “sex talk” with their children early.

    What “sex talk” should parents have with their virginal sons when these young men reach their 20’s, and the parents can see that their boys can’t attract girlfriends?

    It just seems cruel to expose these boys to the ideology of sex positivity, when the boys crave sex biologically but they can’t access the experience no matter what they do. You might as well take handicapped boys in wheelchairs and make them watch videos of athletes in sporting events all day.

    • At what age are you speaking of? And are you saying that parents have a way to determine years ahead of time what age their sons with share their virginity?

      My parents never even had “the talk” with me, but our school began teaching us about sex and our reproductive systems in 7th grade Health class, so we’re talking about 12 year old boys and girls. Are there people who want to start earlier than that? It would be helpful to discuss puberty with one’s child by age 9 or 10 so they know what to expect and aren’t caught off guard by their own bodies, but sex itself? Seems like that could wait til 12 or 13…
      What age would you have them begin learning, AA?

      • I don’t like leaving important things to the haphazard. It seems to me that we have the statistical tools now to to study boys’ development longitudinally and come up with some good models for predicting which boys will grow up on into adult incels. Once we have this knowledge, we can calibrate the sex ed for these boys accordingly.

        • Do you really think there’s a legitimately scientific way to determine who would be a lifetime virgin vs someone who has sex for the first time at an “older” age, say 20+? It seems like the knowledge should be presented, even if there isn’t a high chance of it being used in the near future. To create an analogy, I made sure to learn how to change a tire when I was 17. I’m 31 now, and have never blown a tire so the knowledge is “wasted” thusfar…but at least I still have it if the need arises.

          I guess my agreement or disagreement with you would depend on what sort of specifics you’d eliminate or alter regarding incel/older virgin sex ed?

        • How good are you at changing a tire since you have never practiced it? That may not be a problem, but how good would you be at tire changing if you had to be part of the pit crew of the Indianapolis 500? Because as a man gets older, sex is more like the latter.

        • Social scientists have some powerful tools at their disposal now, and I think they should look into this.

          As for changes in sex ed, we should allow for teaching the likely adult incels the tragic nature of male sexuality instead of pretending that all the boys start out with equal prospects for sexual fulfillment. The incels will never have any use for knowing how to use a condom, for example, unless they visit prostitutes.

          I would also explain to these boys that prostitutes usually despise their johns and just pretend to feel attracted to them for the money. Prostitutes can’t teach male virgins how to get into relationships with regular women if these women won’t likely feel attracted to them any way.

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  12. “Tarnished says:
    November 10, 2015 at 5:32 pm
    Which other side would that be, BP? That female non-feminists exist?”

    Tranished, I am starting to turn against you a little bit. You can’t be that naive after all this time on here right?

    • It’s not like I’m trying to be naive, I’m just confused. I didn’t understand what was meant by “the other side” of the linked article. If you want to enlighten me, go ahead.

    • “Tarnished, I am starting to turn against you a little bit. You can’t be that naive after all this time on here right”?

      I knew I couldn’t have been the only one that noticed this.

      • She has played naive too many times.

        She is either really dense or she is being disingenuous.

        Tarnished you should know by now that there is now real difference between feminist and non-feminist women.

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